Orange and Teal Nails Guidelines: Latest Summer and Fall Manicures!

orange and teal nails guidelines

Orange and teal are more likely in the opposite part of the color wheel, so to combine both colors, you might need to have proper orange and teal nails guidelines in an instant. Most people consider that colors that are not in a complementary position will not look good. But there are many ways to put orange and teal in one space without looking too much.

The orange and teal nails guidelines are more fun, and if you have to represent fall, you might have a perfect time. The clear sky represents the blue tones of teal and orange, giving the fall breeze an orangish hue around the road. So if you’re thinking about teal and orange manicures, you’re in the right place.

Ways to incorporate orange and nail teal designs

Ways to incorporate orange and nail teal designs

Teal is a light green-blue color, and orange is a yellow-red color. If you look at the color wheel, the presence of orange and teal will be far from sight. But what makes these colors look flattering is how opposites attract. And for proper orange and teal nails guidelines, you should know how to do a proper manicure and get the best results. In this article, we’ll first go through an elaborated version of doing manicures with orange and teal.

Nail art is related to the drawing and assembling of different patterns on the nail in different colors and ways. There are several ways to do nail art, and with time and practice, you will get the best designs at home.

Nail art has always been a part of the trend, but in recent years, with different celebrities doing different nail arts, this has become one of the most trending and booming beauty businesses. With orange and teal nail art, you might want to get used to using a sponge, a brush, or even stickers. This part of the article will celebrate orange and teal nails differently.

1. Using a brush

This is the most basic way to do nail art as the facts align with doing nail painting with the brushes present with the nail polish itself. You will get a brush inside the packaging, and different brands have different styles.

Synthetic and flat brushes with a sharp edge have the best outcome when it comes to using nail paint. You can just use any nail paint with a brush, and you’ll be able to paint it properly. It requires minimal practice and guidelines. This is the most basic way to paint your nails, and it has been here for ages. But for a proper manicure and design, you might want to get different types of brushes:

  • Detail brush
  • Fan brush
  • Square brush
  • Angled brush
  • Round brush
  • Flat brush
  • Pointed brush
  • Dotting brushes or tools
  • Striper brushes, etc  

All of these brushes have different inputs, and you can use them differently.

2. Using sponges

Using a sponge might not sound like a good idea, but sponges are the key for ombre nails. For sponges, you can use one of your old beauty sponges or just use a regular sponge in your house. We recommend using gel polishes with sponges to get the best ombre nail effect. First, apply a base coat and let it dry completely.

Then use a different color on the sponge and dab it gently onto the other half of the nail. The sponges will make the nail paint look like it has been bespattered or sprinkled over. The sponge has to be positioned and moved swiftly, so the design remains intact. You can go over it with another coat with a sponge to make it more real.

For orange and teal nails guidelines with sponges, you might want to do an orange or teal base coat and then take up the sponge with the subsequent color. Dab the sponge over the base to get a gradient or achromatic nail design. The idea of including teal and orange in this way looks easy and flawless.

3. Stamping

Another great way of achieving a good manicure design is by using a stamp. There are so many different kinds of stamps available on the market. But the main theme of stamping is to get a design and press it on the nail. The process of using a nail stamper is the way that stamping really works.

For nail stamping, the design of the stamped image is already engraved on a plate. Then the design is transferred from the plate to the stamp and directly onto the nails. If you want a classic nail design or art, stamping is the best way to achieve that. The stamp is rolled onto the nails to direct the pattern.

With orange and teal nail guidelines with a stamp, you can just do a base coat of orange or teal and use the opposite color on the stamp. You can just go for a butterfly or a flower. Only some simple designs can be transferred with this sort of manicure technique. You might need to bring out the brushes if you want fine art. To finish the orange and teal nail design, you might want to seal it with a transparent top coat.

4. Using the tape

If you want the most straightforward design of stripes on your nails, then the kitchen tapes might be the easiest solution. With these orange and teal nails guidelines, the first thing you’ll need is tape. You need to cut the tape into squares and in tiny ways. Then place the tape on the already colored base. Apply another color on top of the tape, and there you have the perfect design.

With orange and teal nails guidelines with tape, you will need tiny tapes, and you can place them right on top of the orange or teal base coat. First, let the base coat dry completely. Then use the opposite of the base color, teal or orange, and paint them on top. Remove the tape while the paint is still wet. There you have the perfect striped nails with orange and teal. You can place the tape vertically or horizontally.

5. Using a stencil

In this case, a stencil or board is used instead of a stamp or the traditional transfer printing method. For this, a design is printed on thick paper, and the paper is placed on the nails. Then nail polish is used over the stencil, and paint is only transferred to the gaps of the stencil. This will create an even pattern, and there will be no streaks. The base coat is painted differently, so the stencil color will come through.

With orange and teal nails guidelines with a stencil, like every other method we have mentioned so far, you might want to choose a color for the base and the other to be applied by the stencil. Do not move the stencil when painting, and remove it when the paint is slightly tacky. The base coat needs to be completely dry in this case.

6. Stickers or decals

The very basic color of orange and teal might look boring on the nails, so to bring some excitement to the ground, you might consider the usage of stickers and decals to compliment the colors. All of these stickers are very common on the market, and you can even make them at home with personalized designs. There are different small machines to make stickers. You can input a design that goes well with your orange and teal nails guidelines and put it in one of the bases of orange or teal. This is one of the best ways to put artistry into nail art.

7. Splattering designs

This is, again, a prevalent way of doing nail art. For this, you might want to use a fan brush and stroke it as you want. Or just use a toothbrush to stamp another color on something else. Secure both designs with a transparent top coat, and all of them will look like modern art.

To follow the orange and teal nails guidelines, you might want to start with an orange or teal base. Splatter and dot over the base color. And dry it immediately. Apply a top coat and just call it a day. This is one of the best ways to get a very colorful and dramatic nail design.

Orange and teal nail designs

Orange with teal daisies

Now that we’ve mentioned different ways you can apply orange and teal together, Let us see how the nails’ designs look and which ones might actually look flattering. Orange and teal nail designs are hard to crack on the Internet. But here we’ve tried our best to put the prime orange and teal and also with the presence of other colors. Nail art is all about customizing your art, and different people do it differently. The ideas are just to serve as an inspiration, so one can take their own turn on the orange and teal nails guidelines.



In this design, you can use just simple primary colors and draw different waves on the hand. Start with a very precise brush while doing the waves. Use different shades of orange, start with the darkest tones, and go lighter as you proceed. You might not leave the lines if you can use a rough sketch. Add gold and silver accents to it. With teal on a finger, add the ideas of aquamarine and blue to accompany the colors. Add glittery accents. And for other nails, you can go with different colors or just stay the same for a chrome look.

2. Shades of orange and teal

In this design, you might want to use two different colors for two hands. One represents all the shades of orange, and the other goes with all the shades of blue. If you don’t have all the different shades of the colors, then just buy the darkest orange and teal. Begin by sprinkling a small amount of white, red, or yellow on them to lighten the color. Start with a precise brush and draw patterns on them. Do not go overboard with the patterns.

3. Retro design

If you want the presence of both orange and teal, it might bring you back to the 90s, when orange and shades of blue were in fashion. They even wore gummy bear earrings with blue and orange accents. For the perfect retro look, both colors should be present on the one hand. Start with orange and teal as a base on any two fingers, and just leave them alone. Use a thin brush and draw a rainbow made of orange and teal. You can use white as the olive branch. But this combination looks flawless and very retro.

4. Glitters


What’s more accentuating than adding glitter on the nails? You might want to go with a simple orange and teal nail polish. But the addition of glittery polish all over the plain design will elevate the entire look. For example, you can splatter a ton of glitter on the nails, which will look great. For this, apply a base of orange or teal and then put glitter on top. The color must be tacky, dry it, and top it off with a base coat. You can do this to one of the nails and apply two to three layers. Make sure to dry the nails before applying another coat.

5. French tip

This is the simplest of all the manicures. There are very simple stencils or tapes designed to do perfect French manicures. But instead of the conventional manicures with white nail paint, You can do it with orange and teal. And do you know that you can do a French ombre tip with orange and teal? Or just use the color on each finger without going overboard with the ideas. Top the nails with a transparent top coat.

6. Orange and teal swirls

Orange and teal swirls

This has to be my favorite of all the orange and teal nails guidelines on the list. The design is pretty easy, and almost anyone can do it. First, you will need to file your nails properly and apply a glossy and transparent base coat. You can even choose a pink one. Then use a sharp brush to swirl around the nails. We recommend going for orange on one and teal on the other hand.

Fill up the orange space and dry it properly. Then get a teal, and if it’s glittery, then the accents will be much more detailed. Use another tiny brush and just draw a line against the swirl line. The designs are very French-esque and cute.

7. Orange with teal daisies

For this nail paint, we recommend choosing bright and matte shades of teal and orange. You can just do a daisy with white paint and keep the details in teal. But we highly recommend using teal flowers as they will adequately show the orange and teal accents.

Start with the index, thumb, and little finger and paint them bright orange. Now for the middle and ring fingers, go with a very nude color as a base. Draw patterns of daisies with teal and blue, and white. Go with yellow and black details in the middle. The whole thing can be coated with a matte top coat.

8. Orange Nails with a Teal Heart

This design is pretty feminine, but, at the same time, it is very easy to do. We highly recommend using gel nail paint and a tiny brush for it. You can start with an orange manicure and draw the lines of the manicure around the nails. Keep the middle part empty. Variety the designs of each nail and use white or yellow to tone down the design. In the middle, use a teal-colored gel polish and draw small hearts. Don’t go overboard with the design, though.

Orange and teal nails guidelines: tangerine nails

This is the most common summer nail art with orange and teal. The presence of teal is pretty small, and we highly recommend using a light shade of teal. Here we’ll be including a detailed way of doing orange and teal tangerines on the nail. The designs are simple and sweet; you just need time and patience.

Step 1: Apply the base color

For the base, start with nude or white gel color. This color will help bring out the orange and teal in the design. An off-white gel color will also work just fine. After the first coat, wait for the nail paint to dry completely.

Step 2: Apply orange polish

Next, you have to choose an orange nail polish. You can go dark with the orange color, but we recommend staying on the brighter side. Find a dotting tool for the nails and drop some dots on the nude base color. Or you can just use a detailed paintbrush for the work. And an old pencil or pen might work as well. The idea is to get rounded orange dots on the nails to get the tangerine body. The dotting tool needs cleaning from time to time. They will get very sticky, and the dots won’t look good.

Step 3: Apply teal polish

After the dots, let the dots dry out completely. Use a tiny brush and draw leaves on top of the tangerine. The process is straightforward; you just have to do the work with precision and good eyesight. Finally, apply a transparent base coat on top of the design and let it dry completely. You can even add a glossy top coat to let the design shine.

Orange and teal nails guidelines: Ombre nails

Ombre nails are one of the biggest trends currently. The nails look opaque, and you can wear orange nails with any of the outfits in the fall. We’ll use orange, teal, and yellow in this design. For ombre nails, the color usually has a flow. So we’d start with teal as a cooler shade, then go for orange, and lastly, end with yellow.

Step 1: Create a yellow base

For ombre nails, go for a very bright yellow base. Top the base coat with a glossy finishing gel.

Step 2: Apply colors and a sponge

Next, grab the teal and orange shade on the sponge and dab the colors onto the nails. Teal can be placed on the end of the nails and orange in the middle, and there should still be some yellow tones peaking through.

Step 3: Complete

Finish the whole process with another dab of teal and orange. Finally, dry off the nails and finish their nails with a very glossy top coat.

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How to do a proper orange and teal manicure at home?

How to do a proper orange and teal manicure at home

Now that we’ve included several facts on orange and teal nails guidelines let us give a brief rule on how you can do the nail painting at home.

  1. Treat your nails with acetone to get off any extra stain.
  2. File the nails properly and get them to a particular shape.
  3. Use a hand cream and massage the hands properly. Use cuticle oil on the ends of the nails for optimum hydration.
  4. Push back the nails and add an OPI natural base coat to start with.
  5. Apply at least two coats of the base color for any color, in our case, orange and teal. Make sure that one coat is completely dry before applying another.
  6. Use a cue tip and acetone to clean the edges of the nail paint.
  7. Apply a top coat, and you can even select different sorts of finishes on them.


Why are orange and teal so popular?

The main reason why orange and teal look so good together is the combination and color contrast they create. Orange and teal are on the opposite parts of the color wheel, and thus they make a complimentary seat. And as orange and teal nails are popular, the nail paints scream “fall” with a very open sky and a golden breeze.


Orange is one of the most vibrant warm colors, behind red and yellow. The color can be warmed up with the addition of yellow. So the best way to complement the bright orange is by adding teal. Teal is not blue and not green, and it is merely the combination of both colors. So the color is prominently on the cooler side. What better way to represent fall than with orange and teal as manicures?

The orange and teal nails guidelines are ideal for transitioning from fall to Halloween season. And it’s also perfect when you’re still in summer and want to go into the fall so badly. Orange manicures are very romantic, whereas teal is cooler. So the perfect mix, or romantically cool, is the best way to describe the orange and teal nail guidelines.

Key Points

  • How to combine orange and teal in a manicure design?
  • Experimenting with designs with teal and orange.
  • Proper guidelines to do different sorts of orange-teal designs
  • Orange and teal nails guidelines: what to do and what not to do.

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