Porcelain vs Ivory Foundation

Porcelain vs Ivory Foundation

Having clear skin is a blessing. But it’s rare to have clear, soothing skin because of the spots, fine lines, and wrinkles on our skin. To cover these problems and get better-finished skin with a natural look, people usually use a common makeup product on their skin called foundation. The foundation is basically a beauty product that helps cover up the damage and gives you natural-looking, smooth skin by matching your skin tone. So, matching the shade of your foundation with your skin is important.

In talking about foundation shades, there are two common shades that people usually use: porcelain and ivory. Porcelain is a light-pink beige shade, while ivory is a light shade of foundation. Before using or choosing a foundation, you have to know the exact shade of your skin. Otherwise, you can’t expect to get the exact look you are willing to get. In this article, I‘ll talk about what porcelain and ivory foundations are, what the differences are between them, and which one you have to choose to apply to your skin.

Understanding Porcelain VS Ivory Foundation

Before choosing any shade of foundation to apply, we first have to know about the shade of the foundation. Because if a mistake happens while choosing a foundation shade, you may not be able to get your desired look with that foundation.



Porcelain foundation is known for its cool, pale, and fair complexion. Porcelain foundations are made for people with very fair skin to give them a natural-looking beauty effect on their skin. It helps in making all of your skin damage invisible, and it also helps to give you an ethical beauty look on your skin. So, if you are fair-skinned and willing to get a natural-looking, simple, flawless appearance on your skin, then using a porcelain foundation is going to be the best choice for your skin. And if you have burned or tanned skin and want to get a white look, you can choose a porcelain foundation for your skin. But not only people with pale skin shades, but people with light-dark skin shades can also use porcelain foundation as a concealer on their skin because of its light shade. So, porcelain foundation is for people with porcelain skin to give them a natural beauty look, and it can also be used as a concealer for people with light-dark skin.



Ivory is a darker shade of foundation. It can be known as a one-shade darker than porcelain foundation and often has warm undertones. Ivory Foundation is one kind of flexible shade that you can apply to your light to medium skin tone. You can find this shade of foundation in warm to cool shades. The Ivory Foundation will help you get a glowing, healthy, natural-looking, balanced finish on your skin. From pale white to light skin tones, everyone can use Ivory foundation on their skin. So, People with a light skin tone can use Ivory foundation to get a finished skin tone, and people with a white skin tone can get a tan-effect skin tone on their skin by applying Ivory foundation.

5 Common Differences Between Porcelain and Ivory Foundation

5 common differences between porcelain and ivory foundation
5 common differences between porcelain and ivory foundation

Knowing about the differences between porcelain and ivory foundation will help you choose the perfect shade of foundation for your skin.

1. Shade

The first difference that porcelain and ivory foundations have is their difference in shades. Porcelain foundations are commonly used for people with pale skin types, while Ivory foundations are for people with light-dark skin types. But if they want, they can also use porcelain and ivory foundation on their skin to add extra beauty.

If you want to conceal your skin perfectly, then choosing a porcelain-tone foundation can be a good idea. It will help you conceal the darker areas of your skin and give you beautiful, smooth skin. And if you want to get a tan shade of skin, then you can apply Ivory foundation to your skin to get a darker shade of attractive skin. You can find any shade in these two types of foundations. Ivory foundations have nine shades; on the other hand, porcelain foundations have 20 shades.

2. Undertone

Choosing the right undertoned foundation is also important. Otherwise, the undertone you are going to get can’t match your expectations and will give you an unsatisfied look. When it comes to ivory and porcelain foundation undertones, the porcelain one is going to give your skin a pink undertone, while the ivory foundation is going to give your skin a yellowish undertone. So, if you want a pinkish undertone, you have to choose a porcelain foundation, and if you want a yellowish undertone, you have to choose an Ivory foundation.

3. Tone

There is also a difference between ivory and porcelain foundation tones. Porcelain foundation is known as a cool-toned foundation, while Ivory foundation comes in all types of tones, from warm to cool. If you want a cool-toned foundation, then you can choose porcelain or Ivory foundation, but if you want a warm-toned foundation, then Ivory is the perfect choice for you.

4. Coverage

The coverage depends on the type and quality of brand foundations you choose for yourself. If you choose a full-coverage foundation look, then you must choose the best-quality full-coverage foundation for your skin. But depending on the shade, it’s tricky to get a full-coverage foundation look. But it can give you a medium-coverage foundation look easily.

5. Skin Type

Porcelain and Ivory foundation ingredients are general foundation ingredients. It just has a different shade. So, generally, they can be used on the same skin types. But after some study, I found that there is a very low amount of ingredients they contain for sensitive skin. So, the answer is that you can use them on normal to oily skin. You can use them on your sensitive skin too, but it may cause some damage. Avoiding applying these foundations without taking a look at the ingredients for your sensitive skin will be an ideal choice to protect your skin.

Porcelain vs Ivory Foundation: At A Glance

At a glance, see the differences between Porcelain and Ivory Foundation.

Shade40 Shades09 Shades
Skin TypeNormal-OilyNormal-Oily

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Porcelain or Ivory Foundation: Which One To Choose

Choosing a shade between porcelain and ivory shades of foundation totally depends on you. If you have white skin and want a natural look and beauty on your skin, then you can apply the porcelain shade found on your skin. On the other side, if you have light-dark skin and are willing to get natural-looking beauty, then you can use Ivory Foundation. Porcelain foundation can also work as a concealer on your light-dark skin to give it a flawless beauty and help make the spots on your skin invisible. And if you want a tanned skin tone, then you may use Ivory foundation on your white skin. The warm shade of ivory foundation can help you get natural-looking tanned skin. So, based on your skin type and shades, you can choose any of them to apply to your skin.


1. What Is Porcelain skin tone?

The porcelain skin tone is a pale, white-looking skin tone. This skin tone is also referred to as smooth, clear, and blemish-free skin, which is often described as having a pink or yellow undertone. People who have porcelain skin tones are blessed with very white skin without any spots on their faces.

2. What is an ivory skin tone?

Ivory skin tone is a light-dark skin tone that comes with a yellowish undertone. Basically, Ivory foundation is known as the darkest shade among all light-shade skin tones. It is a shade darker than the porcelain skin tone.

3. Can I use a porcelain-colored foundation to conceal my skin?

Yes, you can use a porcelain-colored foundation on your skin as a concealer. But you can’t use it as a concealer on your porcelain-shaded skin tone. You have to use it as a concealer for dark skin tones. It will help manage the dark shades of your skin and make them invisible.

4. Can the Ivory Foundation give you tanned skin?

Yes, it can. If you use Ivory foundation on your white skin, then it’s common that the foundation is not going to blend properly on your skin. So, it will give you a tanned skin tone.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect shade of foundation based on your expected look and skin type is really hard. While the shades are similar to each other, it also becomes a really hard decision to make. Choosing porcelain between ivory foundations is also a hard decision. Because their shades are one shade up and one shade down. So, people get puzzled while choosing what to get for their skin. A common and easy way to choose them is willing on your desired look.

If you want a warming natural look, then you can go for an Ivory foundation, and if you want a cooling natural look, then you can go for a Porcelain foundation. You can also use them for other purposes, like using your ivory foundation to get tanned skin or using your porcelain foundation as a concealer to remove dark areas of your skin. So, based on your personal needs, you can choose any of the foundations between porcelain and ivory.

Key Points

  • If you want a natural-looking finish on your skin, then you must choose the perfect shade of foundation based on your skin.
  • Porcelain foundation is a pale white shade of foundation with a pink undertone, while Ivory foundation is a dark-light shade of foundation with a yellow undertone.
  • For white-toned skin, you have to choose the porcelain foundation, and for the light-dark shade, you have to choose the Ivory foundation.
  • Based on your skin type and the desired look you want to cover, you have to choose the Porcelain and Ivory foundation for your skin.

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