Simple Eye Makeup | A Proper Guideline

Simple Eye Makeup
Do you have trouble applying simple eye makeup ? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

In this busy world, we don’t have enough time to spend on creating a tricky or highly glittering makeup look. Most of the girls who work outside use makeup regularly, and that’s why they cannot do their makeup for long hours. They usually need such makeup on their eyes or on their face, which they can apply only in a few minutes. It is true that if you spend lots of time doing eye makeup, then you’ll be able to achieve an extraordinary look. But, as we don’t have enough time, less time-consuming makeup is a perfect option for almost all of us.

But at the same time, we have to keep in mind we always want to present ourselves nicely, and beautifying is also a common need for all of us. That’s why today’s girls look for simple eye makeup, which will ensure a smarter and more beautiful appearance. And most importantly, the makeup application procedure needs to be so easy that newbies can apply that makeup perfectly. In this article, I am going to show you how to do simple eye makeup at home, step by step.

What is a cute simple eye makeup and is it enough?

Actually, simple eye makeup indicates the eye makeup process, which doesn’t contain any complex parts, and any girl who doesn’t usually do makeup can apply such eye makeup easily. But through some simple steps in other words with simple eye makeup, you may create a cute and natural look. And this type of eye makeup is getting more and more popular day by day due to our busy schedules of all of us.

It may sound a bit odd, but it’s true that you don’t need to do so many tasks to ensure a cute and natural look with simple eye makeup. You just need to know some easy tricks first and do some research work to determine your skin undertone and choose the right makeup products depending on that. If you can do these tasks correctly first, then doing cute simple eye makeup will be a matter of some minutes.

How to do simple eye makeup at home?

To beautify the overall eye look, simple eye makeup is the most popular option these days, and you may do it at your home every day before going out for work. You can be sure the steps are very simple but your look will be stunning. Now I am going to show you what steps you have to follow to do simple eye makeup at home.

1. Choose the tools first (for easily applying makeup)

Choose the tools first (for easily applying makeup)

For simple makeup, you should know first what tools you need to have. It’s important because if you choose the right tools, then it will be easier for you to perfectly apply eye makeup.

First, you should choose a smudger brush or a simple eyeshadow brush. You need to have this brush for applying eyeshadow on your lash line. Besides these brushes, you have to buy a blending brush. The job of blending brush is to buff out harsh lines. And for simple eye makeup, you may need to create, from shade to shade, smooth transition, and blending brush works better for that. To apply eyeliner perfectly, you have to arrange an angled brush.

Now come to the point of what type of brush will be perfect for simple eye makeup. Usually, a large eyeshadow brush is better for applying makeup comprehensively on your eyelids. And applying eyeliner with a flat eyeliner brush is a perfect choice. To apply eyeshadow on the lash line, you should choose a pencil brush. If you want to create depth in your eye crease, then a tapered blending brush will be a good option for you. For blending makeup in your crease area, you may choose a rounded blending brush.

2. Choose the right makeup products.

Nesessary product

For simple eye makeup, you need to have eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, or something like that, but different eyeshadow shades will be needed for you.

To ensure a natural look, you may choose a shimmery neutral eyeshadow shade that should be close to your skin tone. For example, the champagne color will be great for light skin tone, but for dark skin tone, that’s not perfect. For dark skin tones, you should choose gold, shimmery beige, pink, or something like that. If you look for light colors in an eyeshadow palette, you may look for light beige, ivory, bisque, or so. And, when you look for a dark shade in an eyeshadow palette, then you may choose warm brown. As eyeshadow plays the most important role in eye makeup, you must choose it perfectly. And besides the right eyeshadow, you have to choose the eyeliner, mascara, primer, foundation, or so.

3. Start applying simple eye makeup by priming

Start applying simple eye makeup by priming

When you have all the necessary makeup products, and you have cleaned your face for applying eye makeup, then you may start applying makeup on your eyes. The first stage of applying simple eye makeup is to prime your eyelids. You should apply primer on both your eyelids and then blend it upward (toward your brow bone). You have to apply primer in your lash line if you want to apply eyeshadow there.

But if you don’t want to apply primer, then you may use concealer and foundation. Concealer is the right option for hiding imperfections, if there are any, on your eye skin. But keep in mind you should use translucent powder after foundation and concealer. No matter what you apply- primer or foundation & concealer, you should wait for some seconds to dry it.

4. Add different shades

Add different shades

Now you have to apply eyeshadow across your eyelids, and for that, you may use any basic eyeshadow brush. But, you have to use different shades of eyeshadow as it’s important for ensuring a deep look. Suppose you apply a shimmery neutral shade at first, and then you may apply a dark brown shade. If you’re new and can’t understand how to use different shades perfectly, then divide your eyelid area into 3 parts (from outer corner to inner corner). And then, start applying shadow from your eye’s outer corner, and then step towards the inner corner and use different shades there.

If you apply warm brown on your outer corner, then use different shades of the same color on the rest of your eyelids, as you need to blend well. Circularly blending is better, and in this way, you should blend three parts of your eyelid perfectly and then check again and again. If you do anything wrong, then wipe it using any dry towel or tissue. Even you may use different blending brushes. Apply eyeshadow in a gentle tapping motion, using a small makeup brush which is good for blending. Actually, what type of eyeshadow you should use is entirely dependent on your skin tone. This is how to do simple natural eye makeup.

5. Do some tasks on your crease area.

If you can perfectly apply eyeshadow rightly on both your eyelids, then you should do some simple tasks on your crease area. Softly applying a makeup brush, you may do these tasks. If you choose warm brown on your eyelids then you should choose a matte shade (light) on your crease. You have to start applying the matte shade from right above the crease and it will do it right under your brow. Choosing eyeshadows like light beige, ivory, or something like that might be some good options for you in this regard.

Don’t avoid any minor mistakes. If you can detect something wrong, then wipe it using a tissue or towel. When you finish the necessary tasks on your crease area, then you have to blend the makeup on your crease area with the makeup you have applied on your eyelids. Check again and again whether you can soften the eyeshadow edges of different shades or not.

6. Tasks on upper lash line

Tasks on upper lash line

After finishing the tasks on your crease area, you have to do the necessary tasks for simple eye makeup on your upper lash line. You should put a thin layer on your lash line (upper) by using an eyeliner pencil. If you don’t want to use eyeliner pencils, then you may opt for a liner brush or cream. You may use an angled or flat brush, whatever seems comfortable for you. You should start putting the thin layer near the root of your eyelashes. But when you reach the outer section, then the line should be a bit thick. But keep in mind the layer should be slightly thick near the outer part, but not too thick.

7. Needful on your bottom part

Needful on your bottom part

In this stage, you have to apply a neutral shimmer immediately below your lash line (lower). For that purpose, you should use a smudger brush, shader brush, or something like that. Like the upper part, you should apply different shades on the lower part too. Suppose you may apply warm brown on the outer corner of the lower part. And, if you apply warm brown on your outer part, then you should apply shimmery neutral on the inner corner of your lower eye part.

But in every case- both in the upper and lower part you have to keep in mind one thing: perfectly blending is mandatory. If you need to diffuse the brown shadow along with your eye’s outer edge, then you may use any clean smudger brush. Another thing you should importantly consider is the blending of the upper and lower part. You have to blend perfectly the outer corner of both your lower and upper eye parts. Because usually, we use something deep on the outer part and something light on the inner part. So if you can’t blend parts where you have applied something deep, that imperfection will be easily conspicuous.

8. Apply mascara

Apply mascara

When you apply eyeshadow on your lower eye part after applying eyeshadow on your upper eye part, and it blends perfectly, then only one step is left, that is applying mascara. Before applying mascara on your lashes, you should curl your eyelashes. After curling your eyelashes of both eyes, you may apply mascara. This is how to do simple eye makeup at home. But, when you have completed all the steps, then you should check at least twice whether all the things are okay or not. So before packing your makeup box, stand before a mirror and take a repeated look at both your eyes. You may do some additional tasks if you want to ensure different looks. But for ordinary eye makeup for everyday events, following these steps are more than enough.

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How to make a black eye with everyday makeup simple?

How to make a black eye with everyday makeup simple

Black eye makeup is the favorite of many girls around the world, and it’s so simple what you can do in just minutes. For black eye makeup, you should choose dark eyeshadow, and as usual, you should start applying it from the outer corner of both your eyelids. Then put a light shade of dark eyeshadow on the middle of both eyelids, and then the lightest shade at the inner corner of both your eyes.

After that, blend different shades that you have applied on your eyelids, and then you may apply eyeshadow on the lower part (below your lower lash line). After that, blend the makeup of both parts- upper and lower, it’s mandatory. If your blending is perfect, then you may apply volumizing mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes. This is how to make a black eye with everyday makeup simple, and it will take only a few minutes if you’re good at applying eye makeup.

Simple eye makeup: real-life story

When I ended my college life and entered my first job, I had to start my journey from home to the office in the morning. I had to enter my office before 10:00 a.m. I had to leave home before 9 o’clock. Even sometimes earlier. And for that reason, I didn’t have enough time to prepare myself with eye makeup and face makeup, but I tried my best to prepare myself nicely. Actually, I applied my eye makeup as best as I could. I didn’t have enough time to blend perfectly and that created a huge negative impact on my overall eye look.

Another thing is that I tried different colors and different shades for ensuring a smart look but those things didn’t work better. Though these things didn’t work better, I didn’t stop using eye makeup regularly. I searched for the solution to the problem- How to do simple natural eye makeup or how to make a black eye with everyday makeup simple. How can I do my eye makeup everyday perfectly in a very short time was the main objective behind the search. After searching for almost 2 or 3 weeks I came to a solution. During this time, I read so many articles, but those didn’t seem useful to me. After researching a good many things, I came to the decision that I should not use different colors. Rather I should choose different shades of the same color everyday, but I have to choose the makeup color depending on my skin tone, that’s all.

Considering all these things, I went to a nearby super shop on holiday to buy the necessary makeup products for my eyes, and I bought black eyeshadow and 3 different shades of that. The next morning, I applied the black eyeshadow on my upper eyelid first to my upper eyelid. I used three shades on the outer corner of both eyes. I used a deep shape of black eyeshadow there. On the contrary, I used light shade on my eye’s inner corner. And I had done the same thing on my lower eye part too. After that, I blended the different shades on both parts of my eyes. I applied mascara on my eyelashes, and then I checked whether all the things were okay or not. When I took a look at my eyes first in the mirror, I could understand I had been able to apply the simple eye makeup perfectly. It took almost 10 minutes the first time, but after that, when I used the same makeup for almost a week, then it became easier for me. And after a week, I could do my eye makeup in only 3 minutes, and the simple eye makeup look was so attractive to me.

Alyce Holstein


1. What is a cute simple eye makeup?

Cute simple eye makeup means ensuring a pretty look with some ordinary steps of eye makeup. In these eye makeup processes, there will be no complex procedures, and these will require less time.

2. How to make a black eye with everyday makeup simple, in the perfect way?

Actually, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary for black eye makeup. Ordinary makeup steps are enough. You just need to use black eyeshadow on both parts of your eyes, and you should use volumizing mascara with black eyeshadow.

3. Which type of eyeshadow is good for ensuring cat eye look through simple black eye makeup?

To ensure a cat eye look, you have to use nude or light eyeshadow, and with that, black eyeliner is a perfect choice. With black eyeshadow and eyeliner, you should use lightning mascara which also should be black, and the makeup application procedure is also a matter here.

4. Which type of shade is good for the outer part, for simple eye makeup?

You should use different shades of the same color eyeshadow, and deep shade is mainly for the outer part of your eyes. And for the inner corner, light shade works better, but you need to blend all the shades well.

5. How to do simple natural eye makeup?

Actually, the natural look is dependent on choosing the right eyeshadow depending on your eye color and skin tone. If you choose the color matching with your eye look and skin tone, then obviously, you’ll be able to ensure a natural look.

6. Which type of makeup brush is perfect for full eyelid application?

Usually a larger makeup brush is good for applying eyeshadow all over the eyelids. But you may choose the one which you are comfortable with because it varies from person to person.

7. Are the simple makeup remover wipes safe for eyes?

If you’re new to doing eye makeup, then you should not use ordinary makeup remover for removing eye makeup. If you feel that the simple makeup remover may cause harm to your eyes, then you may use a dual-phase cotton pad because this type of pad can wipe eye makeup perfectly.

8. How can I use eyeshadow under my eyes, perfectly?

You may do it by simply using your fingertips if you’re good at it. If you want to use any tool then you may choose a pencil brush because it’s good for the under-eye area.

9. What makeup brush is good for blending the eye crease area?

Blending the eye crease area well is mandatory for a perfect look with simple eye makeup. You may choose a rounded blending brush because it is better on that crease area.

10. What is the last part of using simple eye makeup?

If you have finished the blending process of both your eye parts, then you have to apply mascara, and it is the last part of applying simple eye makeup.

Final thoughts

If you don’t have enough time to do so many things, then simple eye makeup might be the perfect solution for you. You just need to choose the right eye makeup products and the right shades first. If you apply simple eye makeup only for a few days, it may seem time-consuming to you but when you are good at applying this eye makeup, then you will have to spend only a few minutes and your look will be amazing too.

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