Smile Now, Cry Later Makeup: the Latest Tiktok Trend

Smile Now, Cry Later Makeup
With the rise of social media platforms like TikTok, we have seen an increase in beauty trends like smile now cry later makeup.

There have been so many makeup trends on different social media platforms that it is tough to track them. And now, as Halloween is here, people are trying to come up with their own versions of trends. It’s just to be seen, really. And what is the “smile now, cry later” makeup trend? Well, this is just another version of the clown core makeup. But there are some noticeable differences, and later we’ll go with every one of them, so it will be easy to crack on.

Most of the “smile now, cry later” makeup tutorials have been via TikTok and YouTube, and people are perplexed about whether it is an original makeup trend or something with the same aesthetic, or just with some elevated terms and captions. Well, in this article, we’ll go through the terms and possibly describe how to do the makeup look in general. So what is this “smile now, cry later” makeup trend? The trend started on social media and is more like face painting.

The “smile now, cry later” makeup trend has been inspired by clown core makeup, as it goes with extensive eye makeup and with a very bold lip. People primarily focus on their eyes rather than anything else. Even when different makeup shots have been done, there has been an extended black teardrop shape with a circle at the bottom to get the whole look. The entire makeup is mainly done with black face paint and a plumped-up red lip.

But there have been other versions of the makeup. The smile Now, Cry Later makeup trend is the new one to start with, and they have been changed. If you’re familiar with clown makeup on Halloween, then you’d be okay with the whole concept of this. Again, different artists had different opinions on makeup, but the main focus remains on eye makeup.

In this article, we’ll explain some of the makeup tutorials and also include how to do the makeup with some easy steps. And for the purpose of the smile now, cry later makeup, we ask you to use your imagination. But we might include some of the makeup products that will be perfect with this sort of makeup look.

What is the clown core makeup?

What Is The Clown Core Makeup

Clown makeup is not a typical Halloween costume, but it is mainly used to mock the human face, which has been used in circuses and is primarily seen as a profession. Clown makeup starts with a white base, a red lip, a red cheek, and a black nose. Add mustaches, beards, freckles, warts, and even strange haircuts were added. Most of the clown makeup is supposed to make people laugh, but with the later portrayal of the clown, it was elevated to something new.

For the clown makeup, it was later considered as the villainous character. For example, the best way to present a clown is with makeup. It was seen as a villain in the DC comics and later in movies. The Joker characters have to be one of the most iconic characters out there, and they present the perfect mixture of inhuman characters mixed with all the basic human emotions. The joker doesn’t die, and it just lives on. Apart from this reference, there were also other movies, and the IT movie franchise would be the best depiction of clown-core makeup.

The Pennywise characters were the perfect way that the clown’s core makeup turned into a Halloween trend. And they have been seen on almost every street with a red balloon on Halloween night. So where does the “smile now, cry later” makeup inspiration come from? Well, clown makeup might be the ultimate inspiration for this sort of makeup, as everything is somehow related to that.

When you look at the smile now, cry latex makeup, it’s clear that it was inspired by clown makeup. But the main difference would be the teardrop on the bottom of the whole eye makeup. And that is what makes the “smile now, cry later” makeup different from the rest of the trends. This is a perfect and short makeup tutorial, and you can really pull it off with this Halloween trend.

What are the basics of the “smile now, cry later” trend?

The Basics Of The “Smile Now, Cry Later” Trend

When you think about words like “smile now, cry later,” the first thing that comes to mind is the consequences of that particular work. A person might enjoy something for now, but with time the results will come and grind him down. Mostly, this has to do with the evil you do now, and then you’ll be charged for it. And that is how the whole concept of fun and karma works. Pay later for everything you are doing now. And that is the central theme of the “smile now, cry later” part. And the makeup.

When you really think about it, what inspired this makeup look would be art, which is one of the most common template tattoos where the person, or a mask with two faces, is given. At one, the mask is laughing with its mouth wide open, and at the other, the mask is crying ridiculously. But most likely, it represents regret. The whole concept of makeup is to present oneself with tears in the eyes and still have a big laugh. This is to present the duality of human life.

The basic concepts of a smile now, cry later makeup are:

  • Deep red or black lipstick Or even if the lipstick is outlined with a black liner.
  • Out line on the bottom of the lip with black paint, and the whole thing looks like a triangle.
  • The triangle will eventually form a circle. This represents the teardrop from the eyes.
  • Clean makeup with heavy contouring.
  • The black triangle of the eyes can also be extended to the brow bone to the forehead.

Products that can be used to do the “smile now cry later” makeup

Products That Can Be Used To Do The

If you are to do a makeup look, then it is impossible to do with the regular makeup you use. You’ll need products that are going to be viable, and that are customizable. Here we’ll be including some of the best makeup products that can be used to complete the entire makeup look.

  1. Makeup forever flash color palette
  2. Mehron Makeup Paradise Makeup AQ Face and Body Paint
  3. Haus Labs Hy-Power eye, cheek, and lip pigment
  4. Ben Nye Stage Blood
  5. Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage Foundation
  6. Denessa Myricks Beauty Balm Contour

1. Makeup forever flash color palette

If you’re into cosplay, then you must already own this palette. And even if you are not and still looking for a way to do so, then this will be the perfect one to start with. This product has twelve different vibrant shades, and you can get any two shades with mix and match.

2. Mehron Makeup Paradise Makeup AQ Face and Body Paint

These are one of the most affordable body paints, and when you apply the product to your face and body, it doesn’t look much different than the accurate body color. They come in a variety of shades, and they are super easy to pack on. You can create your own avatar or Dinasaur with these looks.

3. Haus Labs Hy-Power eye, cheek, and lip pigment

When you know Lady Gaga, you know how much she loves dressing up. She even makes the regular red carpet look like a fashion house in one. And if her brand didn’t come up with its own pigments for the face, then it would be a complete waste. The products contain several skin-care ingredients, and they have tons of options to choose from.

4. Ben Nye Stage Blood

Well, we did mention that the smile now, cry later makeup looks have a very red-lip look. Well, the whole thing is all about making it look natural. And even when your darkest lipstick can’t do something, why not try the stage blood that is safe for the mouth and will not stain the cloth? This will give you that red and dark lip for the Halloween party.

5. Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage Foundation

The “smile now, cry later” makeup look is about a clean base. And for that, you will need a long-lasting, full-coverage foundation. And what’s better than the Maybelline Super Stay foundation? They are full coverage, and they give you a matte finish. So even when it is 50 degrees outside, you still have the whole face of makeup. The foundation feels very smooth and satiny, and it’ll be easy to draw over it.

6. Denessa Myricks Beauty Balm Contour

Though you might focus on the eyes, you need very defined cheeks and contours, and the Denessa Myricks contour balm will melt into your face. And for the smile now, cry later makeup look, you’ll surely need a cool-toned contour, and this contour balm will be the perfect thing to look for.

Smile now, cry later, makeup inspo

Now that we have included all the things about our most trendy topic of Halloween this year, let’s just jump into the ways that you can do the whole look in just a few moments. Here is some “smile now, cry later” makeup ideas.

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The classic “smile now, cry later” makeup look

The Classic Smile Nowcry Later Makeup Look

For this makeup look, the artist hasn’t focused on anything else other than the eyes. And you can just keep a nude brown lip. But here, we’ll be including a red and deep lip to go with it. Here are the steps to doing a classic look:

  • Start with a very clean base. Use a full coverage foundation and make the base flawless. And if there is too much humidity, then go for a matte foundation.
  • Moving on to the cheeks, you should do a heavy contour. And for that, the heavy contour can be done with a balm or a stick. Avoid using any blush or highlighter.
  • You can skip the concealer as the under eyes will be covered in black paint.
  • But an arched and thin brow would be more suitable for the brows. Use a concealer to define the browsing.
  • Then use black face paint and draw a lean triangle on the bottom of the eyes.
  • Draw a dot at the end of the triangle. Make the whole thing lol like a crying eye.
  • Use the same face paint and draw a heart shape on the nose. Cover almost all parts of the nose for this reason.
  • Now it’s time for the lips but first, start with eyeliner. Start with the black one and fill up the lips halfway. And once you are done, use a deep crimson red lip and apply it in the middle. Use a gloss on top of the lipstick, so everything blends in together.

These are just the basic techniques for creating the smile now, cry later makeup look, and with some practice, you can add some other variations, such as the white parts on the makeup, which were different in other tutorials. This way, you’ll have the perfect “smile now, cry later” makeup look for Halloween.


1. What is the meaning of “smile now, cry later”?

It basically means that karma will catch up with you. It can also be translated to “as you sow, so you reap.”

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve gone over how to create the perfect smile-now-cry-later makeup look let’s review some makeup tips. The best thing about Halloween makeup is that you don’t have to be perfect but rather a mess. So, even if you’re just getting started with your Halloween makeup, the best thing you can do is stick to the steps. To elevate the whole look, it will be better if you add some props to it. A good costume and some headpieces will be the best way to feature the look. And like the clown makeup, there doesn’t have to be a perfect variation of red; instead, black has to be the central color theme of the look.

Key Points

  1. The craze began on social media and is similar to face painting. Clown core makeup inspired the “smile now, cry later” beauty trend, which goes with excessive eye makeup and a very dramatic lip.
  2. The first thing that springs to mind when you hear the phrase “smile now, grieve later” is the repercussions of that particular task.
  3. The makeup begins with dark crimson or black lipstick. Alternatively, if the lipstick is highlighted in black liner, outline the underside of the lip with black paint to make it seem like a triangle.

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