Toner Turned My Blonde Hair Brown : Why and How To Fixed It?

Hair toners make the hair look dark when proper measurements are not taken, and thus they make blonde hair brown.

Toners are one of the most widely used products for coloring hair and they are mostly responsible for the change in depth of color. Toners are mostly used on different hair colors to get a different effect. They may not struggle as much as regular dyes and have less color payoff, but they are certainly unique in that they will eventually change the facts that the hair would turn to.

There are different colors for toners; some would get rid of the darker tones while others would help with the overall color, which is why professionals so highly regard toners. What about the toners changing the blonde hair and turning it brown in the process? Hair toners are one of a kind, and they surely help while transitioning from darker to lighter hair. And for mostly blondes with darker hair, toners would help by removing the undertones of the hair.

But there have been some cases where the toner turned my blonde hair brown. There are different toners available on the market, and all of them have different color payoffs. And when the toner tends to make the blonde hair brown, the main reason would be that you used a toner that is on the darker side. The toners really don’t change the color of your hair. Well, the toners will only cancel out the color a bit.

When bleaching very dark hair, the chances of toners removing the orange and red undertones from the hair are greater with a specific toner. But when the toner removed too much of the undertones, the blonde hair would turn brown. The main theme behind blonde hair turning brown is that the toner will end up canceling out too much of the red or orange undertones. The main reason toners turn hair brown is when they are used for too long or in too high a concentration.

Why do toners turn blonde hair brown?

Why do toners turn blonde hair brown

When we think about the literal change of hair color, the first thing that will pop up is that the toners might change the blonde hair to brown. There are several factors to consider when it comes to hair color changes. And the main reason is that we don’t have enough idea about the color change of the toners. In this article, we’ll go through the points that stand out when you think about the toners’ color change.

1. Wrong developer:

With toners, only a 20-volume developer is asked to be used. And these developers are only used for permanent toners. When you use a high volume of developers, the chances of the tone being active are very high. And, because the toner is active, it will work more on the cuticles and may even darken the hair during the process. and thus, the blonde hair will turn brown.

2. Toners used as dyes:

The application of toners differs from that of dyes. With a dye, you tend to keep it long and completely saturate the hair. As a result, the toner would become active, and instead of removing the blonde undertones, they would become part of the color and turn the hair brown. Purple toners are mostly used with blonde hair, as purple would cancel out orange. And when you discard the orange and walk further, you will see a left-over yellow tone on the hair. And then the results would come up as brown,


3. Longer time:

Another thing that would be the reason for the brown hair instead of blonde is that you are keeping the toner for a long time. Toners are typically kept for 10 to 15 minutes. And when that toner is left on for more than half an hour, the chances of the hair turning brown are also high.

4. Developer and toner disproportion:

In general, the proportion of the toner and the developer is 1:20. And when you add more toner solution, the approximate concentration of the toner is high. The purple color will start to act as a pigment, and it’ll end up making the hair brown.

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How to prevent toners from turning blonde hair brown?

How to prevent toners from turning blonde hair brown

Toners are typically game-changers for the hair. Toners would change the eventual term for the hair, and when the hair acts out, the chances of the toners acting weary are very common. When you see toners betraying, you may first notice that the toners turn the blonde hair brown, despite the fact that the same toner is supposed to remove the underlying dark brown or black hair color.

The toners have a proportion that they come in with; otherwise, the toners would not really work and would end up backfiring. Toners have a lot of facts to be aware of, and here we’ll be including them all. Most of the toners would come with instructions on how to use them. And they might also mention how much to mix to get the color you want. Well, when you are DIYing the whole process at home, you might want to consider all of these facts and follow through. Otherwise, the toners would not produce a result. These are the reasons why it’s best to choose a professional to do your hair.

When we think about all the possible ways a toner makes blonde hair brown, the main remedy is to prevent it. And here we are including some ways to make sure that the toners do not turn the blonde hair brown.

Using the correct developer

There are many developments that are utilized while bleaching hair. Developers are paid at the highest rate of 40. These sorts are often avoided since they harm hair greatly. To erase color, the 30 creators frequently utilized hair. And the best course of action when bleaching hair is to use a small number of developers. We advise the level 20 developer for it. The hue will be improved without suffering too much harm. The toner you are using on top won’t feel too harsh on the skin as a result. Use the 20 developers and a precise 20:1 toner to developer ratio.

Avoid over-processing the hair

The likelihood of totally removing the colors is low when bleaching virgin hair for the very first time or if your hair is darker. Therefore, there is a good likelihood that the hair may turn out yellow or orange. Therefore, bleaching your hair frequently runs the danger of burning it and harming the scalp. Therefore, the hair can really give up and burn the scalp when you apply toners on top of it. In order to prevent the hair from turning brown, just leave the toner on for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Avoid utilizing inexpensive toners

Well, it makes sense to avoid using harsh or inexpensive products on your scalp when putting things straight to it. The market’s low-cost toners could include harsh chemicals like ammonia, which can damage the scalp and hair. Applying a toner on top of the severely damaging hair-lightening process will only make the hair worse.


1. How to get brown toner out of blonde hair?

The best way to remove the brown toner from blonde hair is to use a clarifying shampoo. A few washes on the hair would really get the brown out of the blonde hair.

2. Can toner turn my blonde hair brown?

Yes, toner can definitely turn blonde hair brown when an inappropriate concentration is used and when the toner is kept for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Hair toners are a complicated fact. There are different things to think about while you are talking about toners. Besides all that, most of the usual toners are used for blonde hair. And the main reason would be to lighten the hair. So, if you want blonde hair from a very dark base, the stylists will first bleach your hair before proceeding with the other process. When they want to stay on the blonde side, they are more likely to use a toner rather than a color. So how has toner turned my blonde hair brown? There might be a lot of reasons behind that. But the main reason that stands out is that you used the wrong timing and concentration for the toner. And thus, the toner would just make the hair brown and dark instead of making it light. Hair toners would be ideal for a few trial-and-error processes before proceeding with the actual hair. And always do a patch test on the hair before going with a toner.

Key Points

  1. Only little will the toners wipe out the color. When bleaching really dark hair, a particular toner has a better possibility of eradicating the orange and red undertones from the hair. However, the blonde hair would become brown if the toner eliminated too many of the undertones.
  2. Because they have a tendency to draw attention to the general hair color, toners may be quite beneficial when striving to get the appropriate tones. There are mainly two sorts of pigments on the hair. Initially, melanin would appear. The darker tones that make up this color include the brown and black pigments found in hair.
  3. Toner application is different from dye application. When using color, you usually leave it long and cover the hair thoroughly. The toner would become active as a result, and rather than erasing the blonde undertones; they would become a permanent part of the color, turning the hair brown. With blonde hair, purple toners are typically utilized since purple would balance out orange.

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How to Properly Use Hair Toner?

To use hair toners properly, first, you might want to learn about different types of hair toners and then follow the instructions.

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