Top 10 Benefits Of Getting a Spray Tan

Benefits of Spray Tan
The spray tan works by spraying a chemical solution that reacts on the skin which is able to provide many benefits for your looks, style, and confidence!

Tanning is a very traditional beauty hack that gives you a very beautiful sun-kissed glow with attractive looks. People have been tanning their skin for a long ago, especially during the summer to get that perfect look. While most people are able to naturally tan under the sun, there are many risks and dangers associated with it. For those who love tanning, one great alternative is to get a spray tan!

Spray tan ensures that you get that tanned look without having to even step out in the sun! It is a quick and easy process that requires little effort from you. Along with that, there are many benefits that you are able to get from a spray tan that can be a boost of confidence for you! So let’s see what these benefits are and how you are able to prep for a spray tan session and care for your spray tan afterward!

How Does Spray Tans Work?

How does spray tans work

Spray tan also has the same principle as fake tan or self-tanner. The spray tans mainly work because of their active ingredients dihydroxyacetone or DHA in short. It is mainly a glycerin and fatty acid derivative which when combined with the amino acid present on the top of your skin produces the brown pigments that you come to know as a tan! This reaction is painless and works in the presence of oxygen to give you the brown pigment on your skin. In fact, DHA itself is a colorless solution but the reaction is what causes the change of color!

Now, the more spray tan solution you put on your skin, the darker the tan will be. While you could do a bit of spray tanning at home, you are better off doing it at a tanning salon where professionals are able to do it for you. They know how to apply the correct amount of solution on your skin so that you get the preferred tan that you are looking for. The quality of the DHA and spray tan also matters but it is how it is applied that makes sure that your tan is able to give you all the benefits you are looking for!

Top 10 Benefits Of Getting a Spray Tan

There are so many benefits that a spray tan is able to provide for you that I could go on and on about them. That is why I have chosen what I consider to be the 10 best benefits that a spray tan is able to provide for you!

Spray tanning is a fake tan so there are no UV rays like a traditional sun tan. There are many reasons why UV rays are bad for your skin. From burning your skin and causing sunburns, forming wrinkles on your face, making permanent marks on your body to even skin cancer! So instead of sun tanning, spray tanning is much safer for your skin. With this, you can easily get a natural-looking glowing tan on your skin without any damage. It is a life-saving benefit of spray tan.

1.No UV rays

Spray tanning is a fake tan so there are no UV rays like a traditional sun tan. There are many reasons why UV rays are bad for your skin. From burning your skin and causing sunburns, forming wrinkles on your face, making permanent marks on your body to even skin cancer! So instead of sun tanning, spray tanning is much safer for your skin. With this, you can easily get a natural-looking glowing tan on your skin without any damage. It is a life-saving benefit of spray tan.

No uv rays

2.Get a slimmer and toned look

While it might not be apparent at first, a good spray tan is able to give you a slimmer and toned look. The actual spray tan process won’t be making you slimmer, but it is how the tan will look on your skin that will give you a more toned look instead. This is mainly because of the darker skin color which along with the shadows on the contour of your body makes you appear slimmer and toned!

Get a slimmer and toned look

3.Even tan

There are a lot of stories online and some personal stories I have heard from others about the unevenness and inconsistency of tanning under the sun. From having two different shades of tan to having a streaky or patchy tan on them. If you are to get a spray tan with a professional, you wouldn’t even have to worry about all of that! The consistency of an even tan is what you get with a spray tan that is quite difficult to get with a sun tan! Not only that, but the gradual fade of your existing tan will be even too! That makes sure that the tan in not patchy and fades back to your skin color evenly!

Even tan

4.Hydration and nourishment

A spray tan solution is not just made with DHA and other skin-darkening pigments, but it is made of other more hydrating ingredients like glycerin that is able to give your skin the nourishment to make your tan look even better! Out in the sun, your skin will lose a lot of its moisture due to the heat of the sun and UV rays dehydrating your skin. That is a benefit that you won’t be able to get with a sun tan!

Hydration and nourishment

5.Time saver

On average, a sun tan could take anywhere between 10 minutes to up to 2 hours of constant tanning to get the desired tan that you are looking for. That is a lot of time under the sun and you are risking your skin with a tremendous amount of damage in the meantime. But with a spray tan, you can get it as quickly as 15 minutes without any UV rays hitting your body! This is one of the most overlooked benefits that a spray tan is able to offer as opposed to a sun tan!

Time saver

6.Customizing tan formula

There are many ready-to-use solutions available for tanning but you can also get ones that give you the tan that you are looking for! When you are buying spray tan solutions you can choose the color shade that you are wanting to have. From a dark tan to a slight tan look, you are able to get whatever tan you want! All it takes is the concentration of the solution and applying it properly. With a sun tan, you will have to wait hours to get the desired result which puts you in a lot of danger!

Customizing tan formula

7.Long-lasting tan

If you have ever tanned under the sun, then you might have faced peeling and drying skin. The problem with this is that the tan that you get on the surface of the skin can be easily removed through natural exfoliation of the skin. This will give you an uneven tan afterward which definitely does not look good at all! But with a spray tan, you won’t have to worry about that and have a long-lasting tan that you can enjoy for up to 12 days with the right aftercare!

Long lasting tan

8.Boost confidence in appearance

Sometimes, what we are looking for is a change in how we look. Most people are not confident in how they look and would prefer to be a slightly darker shade of color that might be what they are looking for. With a spray tan, this is done very easily! A completely new look not only brings you relief but will also help boost your confidence and give you the appearance that you might have lacked because you don’t tan easily!

Boost confidence in appearance

9.Hiding scars

Scars like stretch marks or ones you get through injuries are something that you don’t necessarily want others to see. With the help of tanning, you are able to darken the scars and make them look more natural and clearer than before! This can give you a massive boost in confidence that you might not have due to the scars.

Hiding scars

10.No mess

Spray tans are less messy than using self-tanners or self-tanning products on yourself. There is less chance of getting the product on your skin and the tan solution is directly sprayed on your body. With that, you also get less hassle afterward because the spray tan quickly dries on your skin and is not transferable to your clothes!

And there are many more benefits too! Most of the other benefits are personal preferences that others might not be what you are looking for but I feel these are the best ones that everyone one will enjoy!

No mess

The Before and After Care Suggestions of Spray Tan

While there are many benefits to a spray tan, the only way you are getting these benefits is if you do the proper preparation for it! That is why I want to discuss some things that you need to be aware of before and after a spray tan!

Getting ready for a spray tan

There are some steps that might not seem important but it will help enhance your look if you were to follow. So here are the things that I can suggest you do before you head off to your spray tan session.

  • Before getting a spray tan, moisturize and exfoliate your skin at least 24 hours ago. Pay deep attention by scrubbing your heels, knees, and elbows with a non-oil scrub.
  • If you are willing to shave, do so 4 hours before the spray tan.
  • Or if you want to wax your skin, then make sure to do that 24 hours before the time that you get the spray tan.
  • Make sure that you do not have any skincare products like, makeup, lotions, or moisturizers on your skin to ensure that the spray tan is applied directly to your skin.
  • Don’t bring with you a bag with a strap or any jewelry to the spray tan session. These can affect how the tan will look afterward by taking it away from your skin. 
  • Take a bath a couple of hours before your spray tan to make sure that you have no dirt and oil on your body to interfere with the spray tan.
  • Cover your nails and hair before getting spray tans because the spray can stain your nails and hair for a long time. A shower cap or nail polish will be a good way to protect these areas.
Getting ready for a spray tan

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Spray tan aftercare tips

The DHA from spray tan will remain on your skin for at least the first 24 hours on your skin, where it will slowly be absorbed into the skin. That is why it is important to under the spray tan aftercare and what you should and shouldn’t do after a spray tan. So here are my spray tan aftercare tips that I want to share with you!

  • After getting spray tans, wear loose clothes as much as you can. Wearing comfy clothes will make you feel at ease and not interfere with the spray tan while it is developing on your skin.
  • If you want to shower after getting spray tanned, wait at least 8 hours for the sake of the development and longevity of your tanning.
  • Sweat and water are the worst enemies of your tan. So stay away from sweating, water exposure, or any kind of exercise because it can impact the longevity of your tan.
  • Use an oil-free moisturizer to keep your spray tan longer because oil can strip away the tan from your skin!
  • Don’t take hot showers! Always choose to shower in cool water.
  • Don’t rub your skin with a towel after a shower. Pat dry yourself so that you don’t take away the tan from your skin while it is developing on your skin.
  • Avoid leather clothes as they are made to be tight.
  • After getting a tan, avoid waxing, exfoliating, or shaving your body as it can remove the layer of your tan and make the tan fade away.
Spray tan aftercare tips

Hopefully with these useful tips, you are able to enjoy your tan to the fullest and look your best for the rest of the world!

Final Thoughts

Tanning has been done for so many years but there are so many problems with sun tanning that an alternative had to be created. That godsend is spray tans! It is quick and easy, doesn’t cause a mess, and is able to provide your skin with nourishment too! But the most important part of a spray tan is that you are able to get the tan itself without ever having to interact with the UV rays that are needed for a natural tan! Overall, a spray tan is able to provide you with numerous benefits but you can enhance it even further by knowing what to do before and after the spray tan session! So get that tan that you are looking for and stay classy this summer!

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