What Color Eyeshadow to Wear With a Purple Dress?

What Color Eyeshadow to Wear With a Purple Dress
When wearing a purple dress, what color eyeshadow should you wear? In our opinion, yellow silver gray is the best color for eyeshadow.

The purple dresses are the perfect outfit for every skin tone and occasion. And a purple dress is something to look forward to when you are going out; even a date in Purple is something of a statement. But do purple dresses need a little extra glam? They do.

Purple dresses are very hard to find. And when you really find the one you love, then it does deserve a good update. And besides shoes, the purple dresses might need a full dose of glam. And in this article, we’ll include a clear thought on which makeup does look good with a stunning purple dress. And what eyeshadow to choose?

While doing makeup, the eyeshadows are the most interesting part of the look. It is the only place you can shine. Creativity and eyeshadows are synonymous, which is why we stand a gal who can slay a perfect purple dress with good eyeshadow. But what color eyeshadow to wear with a purple dress?

When you are choosing an eyeshadow for a purple dress, first think of the color wheel. Yellow is on the opposite side of Purple. And thus, anything in the yellow category of eyeshadow will look perfect with a purple dress. Yellow and gold tones are the best colors for an eyeshadow with a purple dress. And if you’re going with lilac, then the best color would be the pale nude or pale gold color shadows.

And while doing QQ deep purple, try to go for a darker purple on the eyeshadow. For a purple dress, brown, silver, blue, and green eyeshadows will also look good. So you might want to go with a cool-toned color palette for the purple dress.

When you are choosing Purple as a dress, just use an eyeshadow that defines the eyes and doesn’t let the dress grab all the attention. Overall bare makeup is something that you can carry out with all the dresses. But some colors look too good with Purple. Yellow looks like the best eyeshadow color. But in general, the best eyeshadow color will be silver.

Silvery shadows and purple dresses feel like they are a match made in heaven. And then just jump to the grays; they also look good with Purple. And lastly, there’s green and blue. They also pair well with a purple dress. But the dress might have to carry any of the colors as well. The straps or even a belt of green or blue will work out the best.

A thumb rule with purple dresses is that the lighter color goes well with a lighter eyeshadow, and a darker purple will work with a dark eyeshadow. So when you are going for a deep purple shadow, you can choose a smokey purple look to define the eyes.

Purple eyeshadow look

When we think of the purple dress, the first color that pops up in my mind as an eyeshadow is purple. So here we’ll start with the purple eyeshadow looks to go with the purple dress.

Glittery purple shadows

Glittery Purple Shadows

Well, when you are very proud to wear purple eyeshadow with a purple dress, the true inspiration might be coming from Lady Gaga. She wore this glittery purple eye look with a glamorous little dress and nude lips. You can start with a purple base and pack the lid with a deep purple shadow. And then, use glitter on top of the lid; glitter glue will truly change the game. Take more deep shade and do the bottom lashes as well. Do a bold liner on the top and bottom lash lines.

Purple glitter on the bottom lashes

Purple Glitter On The Bottom Lashes

Now, this is the look you can get with just glitter and purple shadows. Start the top of the lid with a brown and nude shade and bring it up to the brow bone. Then add some nude glitter on top. For the bottom part, start packing a deep purple shade on the lower lash line and extend the line to create a wing. Add some glitter on top of the shadow. And for the inner corners, use glitter that is lighter than the bottom part. Blend everything together, and do not forget to add some false lashes.

Purple cut crease

Purple Cut Crease

And let’s jump into the matte eyeshadow looks now. Instead of going with purple glitters, we’ll now do a cut-crease purple shadow. You can start with deep Purple at first and pack them on your lid. And next, use a clean blending brush and smooth out the shadows. Use brown or deep navy on the outer part of the ears. Then take a flat brush and add some concealer to it. Apply the concealer on top of the top half of the lid and create a round shape. This is known as a “cut crease.” Now use a lavender shade and place it on top. Blend the two shadows. You can add a white wing to elevate the look.

Hint of Purple

Hint Of Purple

If you want something very simple that will look good with every purple dress you own; then this purple-shadow look will be perfect. Start with a smokey shadow on the outer corner of the eyes and leave it there. Create a wing shape with this shadow. Go with brown or gray shadows. Do a slight wing, and then use a bright purple eyeshadow for the inner corners.

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Purple shadow Palates to be used with a purple dress

Here we’ll be including a short list of purple Palates that can be used with the purple dress:

Brown eyeshadow look

Next up, we have the brown eyeshadow look with a purple dress. Brown and nude shades are one of the safest colors for any color palette, and they tend to look good with most of the fits. If you want to play it safe, then we say go for the brown colors on eyeshadow with a purple dress.

Brown smokey eyes

Brown Smokey Eyes

Let’s start with smoky brown eyes with a hint of glitter. Start with a nude shadow as the base, or just go with an orangish nude shadow. Then start building up brown shadows on top of that. Blend the two colors with a clean brush and add glitter on the shadows. State that the glitter only covers the middle part of the lids. Finish the eye look with black eyeshadow as a liner, and also use the same liner to do the bottom lash line. Add false lashes to make the eyes pop.

Cut crease brown smokey eyes

Cut Crease Brown Smokey Eyes

In this case, start with a neutral brown shade, take it to the brow bone, and blend. Then add the darker brown shade and pack it on the lid. Blend the two shadows well, and then go with the concealer. Do a cut crease until the middle half of the eyes, and use a light nude shade to paint the concealer part. Blend the deep brown and the nude shade well. Add a glittery liner on the crease mark. And then add false lashes. For the bottom lashes, use the same shadows and a white liner.

Brown shadows with a wing

Brown Shadows With A Wing

If you really want to go with a classic look in Purple, then just jump right in with a brown shadow and a wing. Start with a neutral shadow all over the lid, and then pack the brown shadows on the lid. Blend the naive and brown shadows. Next, you take a black liquid liner and draw a long wing. Add false lashes and keep the lips natural.

Brown shadow pants to be used with a purple dress

Here are  some of the brown shadow palettes that go perfectly with them:

  • Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes In Exaggerated.
  • Huda Beauty The Nude Eyeshadow Palettes.
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette.
  • Maybelline The City Mini Palette In Matte About Town.
  • Smash Box Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palate Matte.
  • Bobbi Brown Nude Drama Eyeshadow Palette.

Silver eyeshadow looks

Silver shadows and purple dresses are made in heaven. They look gorgeous and elegant at the same time. If your dress has any sort of shimmer to it, the silver in your eyes will pick it up nicely. So here we are, including some of the silver shadows looks to go with a purple dress.

Smokey silver eyes

Smokey Silver Eyes

This is a great start when we are praising the silver shadows. Start with a brown eyeshadow and take it up to the crease. Then use some darker colors, like grey or black, on the outer part of the eyes. Blend them well. And then, take a fresh cotton swab and clean up the bottom half of the lid with some micellar water. Apply some silver eyeshadow on that part. And to top it off, use silver glitter with glue on top. Blend the brown and silver parts. Add lashes to end the look.

All glitter

All Glitter

Well, this might not be everyone’s choice, but if you want to channel your inner Euphoria Star, then the purple dress will look good with the all-glitz look. For the base, you can start with a nude shadow all over the place, then take a deeper brown and define the crease. And then, put some glitter glue on the top part. Apply chunky silver glitters all over the lid. And for the bottom lash line, first smoke with a darker color and then add some glitter. End it with a false lash.

silver cat eye

Silver Cat Eye

There is nothing better in this world than silver car eyes. First, start with the silver shadow on the brow bone and blend it well. In this case, go for the deep matte silver shadow. And then add a very prominent wing. And extend the wing on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. To top it off, use a silver glitter liner on top of the black liner. End the look with a deep red lip.

Silver Shadow Palates to be used with a purple dress

Here are  some silver eyeshadow palettes to go with the purple dress:

  • Charlotte Tilbury Rock And Chick Luxury Palette
  • Urban Decay Naked 3 Mini Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Colorpop On A Whimsey Eyeshadow Palette
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Cyborg Palettes
  • Natasha Denona Glam 329 M Palettes
  • Pacifica Cosmic Reflect Hemp-infused Eyeshadow
  • BH Cosmetics Remix Dance 00s


1. What color eyeshadow goes with a gray dress?

Colors like red and burgundy eyeshadows look gray with the gray dress. You can add shimmer on top of matte shadows in this case.

2. How to choose eyeshadow color according to dress

When choosing the right color for a dress, just pick the color on your hand and swatch it. You can choose the swatches from an eyeshadow palette or any other cosmetic. And then, take another color and swatch it alongside the dress swatch. This way, you’ll be able to decide which color eyeshadow to choose according to a dress.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right eyeshadow to wear a dress might be a big challenge. And when you try on deep colors like Purple, the first question that pops up is: what color eyeshadow to wear with a purple dress? And we have the answer for you. If you don’t want to go bold with your eyeshadow, you can start with a classic wing. And for that, you can use purple shadows.

And add a glitter liner on top of the liner to make the eyes pop. This way, you have a perfectly smooth look with a gorgeous purple look. And a smokey eyeliner with the same tone of Purple might also look good. But whatever you do, choose one: the eyes or the lips. If you feature both, then the whole look might be a bad idea.

Key Points

  1. Anything in the yellow eyeshadow group will look great with a purple outfit. Eyeshadow in yellow and gold tones looks well with a purple outfit.
  2. Silvery shadows and purple garments appear to be a perfect complement.
  3. Brown, silver, blue, and green eyeshadows will also look beautiful with a purple outfit.

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