What Hairstyles Are Popular Right Now?

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Trying to find out what hairstyles are popular right now ? Delicate Touch,60s Volumes, Off Duty Curls are the most popular right now.

Hairstyles for women are always one of the universal terms that a woman can only define for herself. No matter where you live or your age, hairstyles are something that everyone has that one way that they love, which is their signature move.

This article discusses hairstyles for women of different ages, hair lengths, hair colors, and everything in between. You can even style the hair if you’re going for a particular look. We might also go for celebrity inspo with every hairstyle, so you’ll get a clear idea of how your hair looks. Hairstyles for women are very personal as a good hair day decides whether we are feeling good or bad at the time.

Hairstyles will always play a leading role in people’s lives as they tend to decide how the person feels about themselves. Hairstyles can be a trauma if you don’t like a specific haircut or hairstyle in an event, and this is why it is our most ardent duty to bring out the best hairstyles for women out there.

Trending hairstyles should not be followed because they can be a fad, and fads are not always practical. Thus, we recommend people stay in their fast lane unless they want to chop it all off. But that, too, can seem like a weird decision. So the best you can do is to change how your hair looks with colors and slight cuts.

In this article, we’ll explore what hairstyles are popular right now and how anyone can pull them off with just a hair spray and some bobby pins. So stay tuned till the end.

2022 is by far the most evolutionary year as there have been so many significant changes in the world right after they woke up from the sight of COVID. People are into a new perspective that they discovered during the pandemic, and the urge to work on that perspective gave birth to new haircuts. Without very brand-new haircuts, women’s hairstyles seem far apart. So here we are, including the haircuts for women you can try.

Wolf Cut, Power Bob, Octopus Cut, Butterfly Hair Cut

Wolf Cut

This haircut is also the middle ground between the mullet and the shag. The hair is shoulder length and has a lot of texture, including uneven bangs on the front. The haircut is perfect for those with fragile hair as it seems to give texture to the hair. And if you add bangs to the haircut, it will not need a style, and you can just keep it as it is.

Power Bob

If you’re a fan of Succession TV show, you already know what we are referring to. This is a neck-length bob cut parted in the middle, and the whole hair is sleek and tamed. The bob is perfect, even without any layers. The haircut will suit people with very round faces as it accentuates the features. But it is a very difficult commitment to have, and this is why this cut is known as the power bob.

Octopus Cut

The haircut has texture and layers. But the length of the hair has only a few strands, and it is more concentrated on the top of the head. The end of the cut looks like octopus tentacles. The hairstyle can be compared to both the shag and the mullet. Shag is making a comeback from the 90s and taking its place in hairstyles for women. If you’re getting your hair cut, ask your stylist for a lot of layers.

Butterfly Hair Cut

This is the reformed version of the front layer. With this haircut, you don’t have to shorten the length of your hair. You can start with some light fringes on the front and then put on some layers to match it up. Keep the distance of the rest at bay. Butterfly hair cut is getting popular as it is easy to keep up, and you can easily style only the front part of the hair without touching the rest.

Air Fringe, Mullet Haircut, Tapered Layers

Air Fringe

This Korean hairstyle for women has been made famous by K-pop bands. The long locks of dark hair are kept in check, and the front has wonderful and soft layers. The bangs, in this case, are on the finer side, and they’ll just layer on your forehead with a very slight touch. The new haircut is absolutely refreshing and easy to pull through.

Mullet Haircut

This haircut was made famous by Miley Sirus as she followed in the footsteps of her father in the trend from the 90s. Miley first appeared with the haircut at an event and made headlines for her take on the unconventional mullet or rock star look. The cut starts with face-framing layers in the front and a round layer around it. Most of the length is concentrated in the middle of the layer, and the length of the hair is slight from the start.

Tapered Layers

This is a signature look for Jennifer Aniston as she rocks a straight-laced look for her appearance. The hair looks straight and has tons of layers at the end of the length. But unlike the conventional layer cut, the length finishes off as a seamless look.

Long Layers, Blunt Bob, Long Layers, Loose Afro, Shoulder Length Lob

Blunt Bob

A bob haircut is never out of style as you can pull it off on a red carpet and in an office with tons of people, and you’ll still look separate. And this is what a blunt bob does. Apart from it being an obvious cool look, you can quickly go for a very straightforward cut on the back and the front. Most importantly, you can keep the hair at shoulder or chin length.

Long Layers

This is the perfect haircut if you want very long locks and want long hairstyles for women. The length of the hair has layers rather than the front part. You can keep the hair in a ponytail or just keep it open. Anything looks good with long layers. If you don’t like the weight of the locks, this haircut is perfect for putting some weight down.

Loose Afro

Creating very curly coils is not always about tying them down or braiding them. The loose afro haircut is all about accepting the natural hair texture. You just need to follow the steps to style your curly hair and use a very light hair gel to keep it all together. The loose afro cut is something out of a dream.

Shoulder Length Lob

This haircut is in between a shoulder-length lob and a bob. There is a hint of bob, but instead of the typical sleek bob look, you choose a haircut with layers beginning at the middle part. The haircut gives us very loose and free hairstyles for women worth every hype in 2022.

Curtain Bangs, Undercut, A-line Lob

Curtain Bangs

If you love your long locks and want to grow them but still want something new and fun, then these curtain bangs are the perfect way to enter the haircut trends for this year. Curtain bobs are perfect when you do an updo hairstyle or even a half updo hairstyle for women.


This is a very unconventional way of doing a haircut and still doing something daring. You can keep your long locks on the front and do whatever hairstyle you want on that part. But the half-back or lower back of the haircut will have a shaved and very slightly short haircut. This is a very fun cut without the guilt of a long hairstyle.

A-line Lob

This is one of the best haircuts out there, as the back of the layer is short, and the front is getting longer. The haircut is perfect with tons of layers. If you have a lot of layers in your hand and still want something more than your regular layer, then the A-line lob haircut is the perfect example.

Mohawk, Volume Layers, Hair Up-dos


This is one of the edgy haircuts a woman can pull off. The sides of the head are short-shaved, and there is an extended length in the middle of the head. The front part of the haircut had longer hair. You can style it by keeping it on the side or on top with some curls.

Volume Layers

This is one of the best ways to get a haircut if you have long locks, but you’re looking for volume. The volume layer has a lot of definitions and textures that are perfect to represent any look with any fit. And if you have wavy hair, then this is a must-try haircut in 2022.

There are more than thousands of hairstyles that you can do with your hair. But here, we’ll be adding some of the best hairstyles you can do on different hair types.

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If you want to start your hairstyle game, we suggest starting with very sleek and mid-century updos.

High Buns, High Ponytail, Curling and Pinning

High Buns

Let us first celebrate the look of well-done high buns that will go well with a clean makeup face and statement earring pieces. You just need to make a good hair bun and smooth it all out with sleek hair spray.

High Ponytail

The fuller ponytail look never goes out of style, and you can do it just like at home without using just a brush and a hair tie. First, pull all your hair into a very high ponytail, and then let the Natura hair texture be flowy or just use a curling iron to give some texture.

Curling and Pinning

This is an exquisite way to do a hair updo, and it looks good with every kind of hair out there. You can pull out a few hair strands to frame the face. The hair will need a lot of texturizing spray and bobby pins.

Root Lifing, Voluminous Updo, Messy Chignon

Root Lifting

It is a heavy hair-do, and you might want to go to a hairstylist for this look. Spritz lifting spray is the perfect way to lift the hair and pull it all into a large bun. Then, create a side part to frame your face for the rest of your hair.

Voluminous Updo

For this kind of look, the hair is in a backcombed style with a root lifted position. You can start the style by blow drying your hair, adding volume and texture to the hair. Using a gel and spray, add volume with pins and fluffs and smooth the hair.

Messy Chignon

For this kind of hairstyle, you will need hairpins and curling irons. First, you must do a precise blow dry and then take a curling iron to randomly section the hair. These chignon hairstyles for women are perfect for every season.

Flowy Hair, Straight and Shiny, Scrunched and Curls, Curly Bob

Flowy Hair

If you’re intimidated by the hair updos and want something to change, we recommend going for the flowy hairstyles with a bit of blow drying and curls.

Straight and Shiny

This is the easiest way to achieve a sleek but modern-day flowy look. The best look example will be Kim Kardashian, with her very minimalistic approach. You just need a hair straightener and a smoothing hair spray.

Scrunched and Curls

If you want something opposite to the sleek and smooth hairstyle, go for the scrunched hair look. This sort of look is perfect for shoulder-length hair, and you can get a lot of volumes. Use a curling iron and sea salt spray to give texture to the hair. The perfect look for a messy yet carefree day.

Curly Bob

We recommend curling your bob hair cut from the roots if you want something new with your hairstyle. This will give you volume and a lot of hair to play with. You can use a texturizing spray and a scrunching gel to hold the hair in place.

Layered Ends, Beach Waves, Blow-Out

Layered Ends

To get rid of the very flat and blunt tips, we recommend giving your layers texture and shape. The best way to do the trick is to use a blow dryer on your hair, dry your hair inwards and layer it so that it frames your face.

Beach Waves

Beach waves are good for every hair length, and this is an effortless hairstyle. You can use a one-inch curling iron to put the hair in place. You can rock a beachy wave on a sea beach or at a party; you will decide the rest.


These women’s hairstyles are a throwback to the 1990s, and you can achieve the look with a blow dryer and a round brush. You can take sections of your hair and blow it out in different directions. This will give you a very messy look, and you’ll be able to have a perfect blowout.

Half updos are the way to go if you want something in between the flowy and full-tied-up hair. These hairstyles for women are extremely simple and require only a few pieces of equipment.

Delicate Touch

Delicate Touch

Instead of going with a very tight half ponytail, delicate hair updos are the best way to answer. The length of your hair will not be a problem with this kind of hairstyle, and you can rock a delicate half-updo with a chin-length bob or very long locks.

60s Volumes

60s Volumes

Flipping and backcombing the hair into a half ponytail modernizes the 60s volume. You can even add different hair accessories to enhance the look of the hair. The clips on the back of the head have to hold the hair slightly higher than usual.

Half Updo With Bangs

Half Updo With Bangs

The perfect example of this kind of look would be Zooey Deschanel. The look was done to enhance the facial features of the New Girl actress, and it is one of the star’s signature looks. The fringes on her forehead shape her face and have a fun flair.



Putting all of the hair in a tight topknot on the center of the head is an edgy hairstyle for a woman. Let the rest of the hair flow straight. This will help create dimension in the hair and will let you control the volume of the entire hair. People who have kinky hair might wanna give it a try.

Super Sleek Pony

Super Sleek Pony

If anyone can pull off a super sleek look, it will be Kim Kardashian with her very nude looks. Her look on the mat with a half updo and a super long and sleek hai made headlines. These sorts of hairstyles for women are super structured and very easy to do.

Off Duty Curls

Off Duty Curls

If you have wavy hair, this is the perfect hairstyle. This is the perfect summer look. First, use a small curling iron and do a very messy beach wave. Put the front section of the hair up with a rubber band. Let some pieces out so they can frame the face.

Proper Pull Back

Proper Pull Back

This look is all about the texture at the root of the hair. Use small sections and put them on the back. Use clips and texturizing spray to pull the hair together. Use a flat iron to straighten the rest of the length. Tease the top of the strands to pull it all together. Curl the ends of the length to make it more accessible.

Elegant Updo

Elegant Updo

For this kind of look, you need a lot of sea salt spray and bobby pins. Take each section of the hair and give it some texture. Fluff the crown part, so the front section’s roots look slightly lifted. These are perfect if you want a half-up done office look.



A carefully messy wavy look is perfect for every occasion. This hair-do looks effortlessly elegant, and if you want an example, we suggest Jessica Chastain. You can use different hair accessories to bejewel the hair locks.

Swooping Strands

Swooping Strands

If you want a “zhuzh effect” on your hair, this is the perfect side-swept hair look. Drape the hair in front of you and make it a bit lose. The strands should be placed close up to the forehead and curl the rest of the hair.

Waterfall Waves

Waterfall Waves

If you want a half-updo and still want some flapper inspo, then we suggest the waterfall waves make it all work. Do a very elegant wave for the hair and tie one part of the hair to make it smart. Blake Lively is the perfect example of waterfall waves.


1. What is the most popular haircut for 2022?

The most popular haircut for 2022 will be the wold cut. This is a shoulder-length haircut with tons of layers, and it helps to frame the face. This cut was made famous by Tiktok and several other beauty influencers in the industry. This is the combination of a short bob and 90s mullet.

2. Are layers still in style for 2022?

Tapered layers are a big game changer for 2022. This haircut was inspired by the Rachel cut from the famous TV show FRIENDS and one of the lead characters, Rachel, played by Jennifer Anniston. The 2022 hairstyles for women with heavy layers are perfect for 2022 hairstyles for women.

3. What hairstyles make you look younger?

Asymmetrical bob and wavy layers are younger looking, and even when you have grey hair, they’ll perfectly complement your hair. The hairstyles have more texture and volume, making the hair look healthier and more accessible to style. If you want to look younger, chop your hair and do a bob, or add a lot of wavy layers.


Hairstyles for women have always been something of diversity, as most women like different styles at different ages. Some like it edgy, and some love their long locks. But no matter how you take it, women’s hairstyles will remain a confidence booster and a significant change if you’re up for it. In this article, we looked at women’s hairstyles and how to make them work for you. These are just some hairstyle inspos, nothing less serious. So we suggest bringing your own take on the hairstyles and giving a personality to the rest of the look.

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