What is a Deluxe Manicure?

What is a deluxe manicure
A deluxe manicure is an exclusive manicure that adds treatments like massage or paraffin wax. It is designed to maintain healthy-looking nails and look exclusive.

Nowadays, people are so focused on their beauty and health. As a result, they are taking different effective steps like using cosmetics or taking treatments. Nails are an important part of our body that protects our skin from dangers. Besides taking care of the face and body, people especially women became so concerned about their nails. As nails are not that much noticeable at the very first look, they are trying to make them noticeable and exclusive. As a result, they are going for manicures and pedicures. Deluxe manicure is also one of them.

So, what is a deluxe manicure? A deluxe manicure is a unique and exclusive nail treatment that involves exfoliation, soaking, nail clipping, filing, cuticle pushing, nourishment, and so on. A deluxe manicure can provide smooth and soft nails with a natural look. This not only provides healthy and natural nails rather adds an extra touch with different designs and patterns. The preparation of nails is very important to get a deluxe manicure. When you are done with the preparation, go for the next steps to get exclusive and healthy nails.

Deluxe Manicure: A Luxurious Experience

A Luxurious Experience

A deluxe manicure is a luxurious treatment that includes exfoliation, soaking, nail clipping, filing, cuticle pushing, and moisturizing. There are different nail colors available in a deluxe manicure. It is a bit costlier than other manicures as it is different from other regular manicures. This manicure involves nail shaping and buffing and a massage that will relax you.

You may choose a gel polish or traditional nail polish for this manicure. Your manicure may differ depending on where you get your deluxe manicure. Generally, this, manicure lasts longer and eventually costs more than the others. Usually, it lasts about three weeks if nothing goes wrong. This manicure consists of nail shaping, cuticle removal, massage, exfoliation, buffing, etc. A deluxe manicure may look like these-

  • Black polish on all nails
  • Red polish on the thumb and middle finger
  • White polish on the ring finger and pinky finger
  • Blue polish on the index finger and little finger

This is the common structure of nail polish in a deluxe manicure. But, there might be some changes in the nail colors. For example- this manicure may also include glitter or shimmering effects. It depends on you whether you want shiny additions to your nails or you want a manicure with regular nail polishes. You can also get your nails painted with just one beautiful natural shade like dark purple or light pastels.

Why You Need to Get a Deluxe Manicure?

Why you need to get a deluxe manicure

Deluxe manicure refers to the extension of the nail that focuses on beautifying the nails with nail polishes. This manicure is significant because it adds treatments like massage or paraffin wax.

A deluxe manicure can be a great addition to our beauty routine. This manicure makes the nails smooth and soft without damaging the natural look. Besides beautifying, the nails create a protective layer for your nails against rough surfaces or hot water. Deluxe manicure also provides healthy nails to people who don’t have enough time to look after them.

If you want to improve your appearance, you may go for a deluxe manicure. Because this adds an extra touch to your nails. This manicure can help you relax for some days as it will provide you with stable and unique nails. Your nails will look good and fantastic. Besides doing nail art and designs, a deluxe manicure will help you to get healthy and refreshed nails.  So, whoever needs exclusive and strong nails can go for a deluxe manicure.

Tools You’ll Need to Do a Deluxe Manicure

For a deluxe manicure, you’ll need some of the tools. You may buy them separately or get all the tools in a gel kit online. The significant tools needed for a deluxe manicure are-

  • Nail files
  • Nail clippers
  • A base coat
  • A top coat
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle oil
  • A gel nail polish
  • Nail polish remover

5 Steps to Follow in a Deluxe Manicure

A deluxe manicure is special because it combines all the treatments of a manicure into one. A deluxe manicure involves a soothing hand mask, moisturizing treatment, and nail polish application. While doing a deluxe manicure, you will need some important products such as a good moisturizer, nourishing oil for skin and nails, hand cream, some polish, etc.

Following the steps properly is very significant for a deluxe manicure. There are some steps to follow for getting a perfect deluxe manicure.

1. Prepare the Nails

Nail preparation is the most significant thing to do before starting any manicure. For preparing your nails, you can fill, prepare your cuticles, and do a hand massage. Cleanse your hands with soap and water and dry them off with a towel. Proper preparation of your nails will ensure clean and perfectly shaped gel nails.

Prepare the nails

2. Filing & Shaping

When your nails are finally prepared, file and shape your nails. Take a nail file and shape your nails according to your need and desire. File and shape the nails in a way so that they have symmetry. Shaping your nails will create a smooth surface that will help you to better nail polish application. If the nails maintain symmetry and have the same length and shape look so attractive and polished. So, file and shape your nails correctly to get an effective result.

Filing shaping

3. Trimming

In this step of a deluxe manicure, your nail technician will trim your nails with a focus on the imperfections like cuticles and other areas. Those imperfections are gently removed and then your hand and nails will get a neat and clean appearance.


4. Polish Your Nails

After you’re done shaping your nails, choose a shade or color that matches your skin tone. Choosing a neutral color will give you an effective result because you need to add other colors further on top of it. Dry up your nails properly before going to the next step. When you’re finished polishing your nails, your nails will get a flawless appearance.

Polish your nails

5. Finishing Touches

Finally, the excess gel polish or impurities are removed from the nails. Apply nourishing nail oil to keep your nails healthy and hydrated. The finishing touches will help you to provide a soft and shiny finish to your nails.

The exfoliation process is very significant for a deluxe manicure. When the nail technician will be done with all the steps, he will massage a soothing moisturizer into your skin. This moisturizer will make your nails soft and smooth. As a result, you will get a healthy and young appearance on your nails and hands.

Finishing touches

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Deluxe Manicure

A deluxe manicure has both benefits and drawbacks. The benefits and drawbacks of this manicure are as follows-


  • A deluxe manicure will improve the health of your nails. The dead skin cells will be removed through the exfoliation process. The nail shaping and nourishment will lead to healthier and stronger nails.
  • This manicure can provide you with polished and well-groomed nails that can boost your confidence and help you tackle challenges.
  •  The gentle massage of the manicure and the whole process can reduce the stress level and help you get to relax.
  • The relaxing massage of a deluxe manicure will increase blood circulation and improve your overall nail health.
  • You can keep your nails and hand smooth and soft. You may have scars or dry and cracked skin. This manicure will treat all these and give you soft and smooth nails.
  • A deluxe manicure improves your appearance of you by changing the nail’s look. This appearance will present you as a different and unique person compared to others.
  • The dead skin cells can cause an irritant reaction or infection to your skin. A deluxe manicure removes dead skin cells and helps you save from infections or unwanted circumstances.


  • Deluxe manicure is quite expensive compared to other manicures. So, this may not be a fruitful choice for all.
  • Deluxe manicure is time-consuming. Starting from the appointment to the completion of the process, it takes a good amount of time.
  • People with sensitive skin may face allergic reactions or irritation on their skin.
  • This manicure involves so many steps that are time-consuming. As a result, the deluxe manicure requires high maintenance.

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How Long Does a Deluxe Manicure Take?

A deluxe manicure will take about one hour to complete the whole process. It depends on so many factors such as nail technician, nail condition, overall services, etc.

Generally, it takes about one hour. But depending on the speed of the technician and your nail condition, this may vary a bit. If the health or nail condition is not that well and it needs more services, then the process will take longer time. If your cuticles are okay and it doesn’t need any push or moisturizing, this will take less time than people with critical nail conditions.


1. What is the most popular manicure type?

Gel and acrylic manicures are the last longer and most popular manicure types. These manicures can help you provide healthy and nourished nails.

2. Which manicure looks most natural?

French manicure is the most natural colored nail that can be used with regular nail polish, gel nail polish, or acrylic nails. A French manicure provides a classic and natural look with the best formulation.

3. What is the difference between a manicure and a deluxe manicure?

The American Academy of Dermatology states that a manicure refers to the extension of nails with nail polishes while a deluxe manicure adds massage and paraffin wax to its treatment.

Final Thoughts

A deluxe manicure is an expensive and exclusive manicure that involves exfoliation, nail clipping, nail filing, and moisturizing. A deluxe manicure adds nail health care with exclusive shades or polishes. This manicure adds a protective layer on your nails against rough surfaces. This manicure adds an extra touch to your nails with strong formulas. Preparing the nails is very important for any manicure. After you are done with it, go for the next steps like filing, shaping, trimming, polishing, etc. The most significant benefits of a deluxe manicure include the improvement of nail health while the drawbacks include the time-consuming and expensive procedure. This can be a good choice for people who want strong and healthy nails.

Key Points

  • A deluxe manicure includes exfoliation, soaking, nail clipping, filing, cuticle pushing, and moisturizing.
  • This manicure costs more and lasts longer than other traditional manicures.
  • You’ll need a nail file, nail clipper, base coat, top coat, cuticle oil, and so on.
  • Prepare your nails, file and shape them, trim them, polish them, and give a finishing touch.
  • A deluxe manicure changes your appearance and can help you save from unwanted skin infections or irritations.

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