What is a Full Set of Nails?

What is a full set of nails
A full set of nails refers to the application of artificial nail enhancements to all fingers to give them a luxurious appearance without causing harm to their nails.

In today’s fashion-conscious era, attention to detail is key. People are conscious of every little fact about their body parts to get an attractive look. Nails are also one of those places where our styles shine. Some people want to keep the simplicity of natural nails with a healthy look, while others desire extra glamour and versatility on their nails. They use fake nails as an alternative to natural nails.

With fake nails, you can get any shape, size, or color of nails at any time you want. You don’t have to wait too long to get your expected nails. You can get many types of fake nails; some of the most common, popular, and trendy are acrylic nails, gel nails, dip nails, and nail wraps with full-set nails. So, we know that the full set is one of them.

In this article, we will talk about what it is, tips to do before getting it, how to get it, how to protect it, and what the alternatives are.

What is a Full Set of Nails?

What is a full set of nails

Applying artificial nail enhancements to all fingers is known as having a full set of nails. With the help of this method, people can get the nail length, shape, and style they want. Applying artificial enhancements can be done in several ways, including by attaching fake nail tips or adding acrylic or gel extensions.

To get a complete set of nails, you will find two types available, depending on your requirements and preferences. Among two of them, one is the French tip style, where the tips will be white and the rest will be nude-colored, and the other is something more glitzy and striking that is considered a design covered in jewels or glitter.

4 Different Types of Full Set of Nails

There are four ways to get a full set of nails. As a result, you can easily select the easiest and quickest option for you. The four different ways to get a full set of nails include:

1. Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails include a new application and a layer on your natural nails. And with acrylic nails, you can choose the size of your nails. The color coat you will use on your nails is a mix of monomer liquid and powder. The paste of these two can be shaped or molded on your nails. It is much quicker than using gel polish because it doesn’t need curing. It can take 75-120 minutes to be completed, and it is typically affordable.

Acrylic nails

2. Gel Nails

Gel nails are the main thing you are using to get fake nails. If you are getting gel nails from a salon and they use only some of the brands, always ask them which brands they will use. To get a full set of gel nails, you have to wait some time because the gel overlays require a base coat, a color coat, and a top coat that will stay under UV light after each layer of coating. Gel nails generally take 90-180 minutes, but depending on the colors and nail specialist, it can take a bit less or more.

gel nails

3. Dip Nails

Dip nails are one of the toughest to get, but they are also one of the most popular. To get dip nails, you just have to dip your nails into colored powder. But before dipping, you have to apply a liquid activator to your nails to make the powder harden. It can last for over four weeks on your nails. With this powder, you can give your nails a colored and glittered look that is unique. Dip nails are less likely to harm your nails and also have more longevity than acrylic and gel nails.

Dip nails

4. Wrap Nails

Nail wraps are known as one of the easiest ways to get a full set of nails. To get a wrap nail, you first have to clean your nails, and if you have any nail polish on your nail, peel it or remove it with nail polish remover. Now trim and polish your nails to your desired size. Choose your favorite wraps and match them with your finger size. With the help of a hair dryer, heat the wrap slightly. Apply it to your nails and shape them beautifully. Now again, heat the wrap and cut the excessive areas. Now fix the edges. And your nail wraps are completely ready.

wrap nails

Preparation for a Full Set of Nails

If you are willing to get a smooth finish on a full nail set, then you must follow some before-care tips. These tips will help you get a gorgeous-looking nail that gives you an attractive look. Those tips are:

Preparation for a full set of nails
  • Take care of your cuticles: You have to apply oil to your cuticles to pull them back and make sure that your nail plates are more clearly visible.
  • Cut the dead skin around your nails: Remove any dead skin around your nails to ensure it looks good and is fresh.
  • Trim your nails: To make sure your nail plates are ideal for an application, trim or file your nails as much as you want.
  • Develop your nails: This step is only for those who want to increase their nails; by getting an extension, they can easily get lengthy and shaped nails.
  • Choose your application process: Before getting a full set of nails, you have to choose the overlay you want to apply among gel, acrylic, or powder.
  • Give your hand a massage: Apply moisturizer, then gently massage your hand before getting a full set of nails.

These will not only help make it easier to get a full set of nails but also help to make them last longer and look pretty on your fingers!

How to Protect Your Full Set of Nails?

After putting in so much effort, everyone wants to protect it. Now, I will help you by giving you information about how you can protect your full set of nails.

How to protect your full set of nails

Avoid Water

After getting your full nails done, you must start avoiding water. Avoid using water as much as possible. To prevent water from harming your nails, you must use waterproof gloves whenever you must use water. Because water can weaken the solution and make your nails fall off.

Avoid Oils

You have to avoid oils to protect your full set of nails from any kind of harm. Because oils can loosen the nail’s adjustment. So avoid oils as much as you can. But here’s one thing you can use on your nails: cuticle oil. It will create a solid bond between your natural nails and your acrylic nails.

Use High-Quality Products

Always try to use high-quality products. These types of products have more pigmentation and last longer. Using high-quality products can keep your full set of nails perfect for a very long time. 

Follow a Proper Care Routine

  • Keep your nails clean.
  • Properly trim or file them.
  • Keep your cuticles moisturized.
  • Avoid biting your nails.
  • Always have a balanced diet.
  • Monitor every day to avoid any kind of infection.

Avoid Excessive Chemical

Using any kind of chemical regularly has a risk of damage. It can cause many kinds of reactions and also create some dangerous infections. So, before using it, consider it and ensure the chemical is used properly.

Avoid Activities that Can Harm Your Nails

You must take proper care to keep your full set of nails. You have to avoid activities that can break or hurt your nails. After getting a full set of nails, you must avoid physical activities like climbing and weightlifting, which can break your nail extensions.

If you can follow these steps, then you can protect your full set of nails.

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Benefits of Getting A Full Set of Nails

While you might have not thought about it, there are some benefits to having a full set of nails. So here are some of the benefits that you can consider if you were on the fence about getting a full set of nails!

  1. Enhance your nails’ appearance: After getting a full set of nails, you can see practically that it already changes the appearance of your nails and gives them a gorgeous, attractive look.
  2. Create a protective shield for your natural nails: If anything bad happens, the fake one can cover it. Because fake nails are stronger and have more longevity, you can use them frequently, while natural nails can break easily.
  3. Gives you a long-lasting effect: A full set of nails that provide you with a long-lasting effect and a flawless finish is the ultimate luxury for your hands due to their resistance to chipping!
  4. Increase your confidence level: Having lovely nails that look lovely is also regarded as practicing self-love and can benefit mental health. And the process of getting a full set of nails is also very relaxing, which can help to remove stress and boost your wellness.


1. Are artificial nails safe?

Yes, artificial nails are considered safe. But avoid getting excessive artificial nails; they can thin, parch, and brittle your natural nails and also have the potential to damage your nails around certain areas.

2. Which nails have more longevity?

Among all kinds of fake nails, acrylic nails will last two to three weeks, while gel nails can last more than two to three weeks. But dip nails can last up to four weeks. So, dip nails have more longevity.

3. Which shape of nails should you choose to avoid breaking off your nails?

To avoid breaking off your nails, you should choose squoval and round shapes because they don’t have any sharp edges. So there won’t be any chance to create weak points in the nails.

4. How can you remove your full set of nails naturally?

To remove your full set of nails, you should soak your hand in lukewarm water or water with soap. It will help break the bond between natural and artificial nails and make the nails cling off. Instead of these, you can also use oils, which also help to remove artificial nails.

Final Thoughts

A full set of nails is an artificial nail set that can be worn instead of natural nails and gives you stunning, luxurious beauty on your nails. To get a perfect set of nails, you have to take proper care of them. So, before getting your nails done, you must take care of your cuticles, cut off dead skin around your nails, and trim and clean your nails. After that, you can get any kind of full set of nails, including acrylic nails, gel nails, dip nails, and wrap nails. If you want to keep them for a long time, then you should avoid water, oils, and excessive chemicals, as well as those activities that can harm you.

After all, a full set of nails will help you to enhance your nails’ appearance, create a protective shield on your natural nails, give you a long-lasting effect, and increase your confidence level. So, if you are willing to get a full set of nails, you can get them today.

Key Points

  • A full set of nails is known as artificial nails, which give your nails a luxurious beauty in a short period.
  • To get a full set of nails, you can choose any of the artificial nails that make you feel more comfortable, among acrylic, gel, wrap, and powder. If you want a longer one, you can choose dip powder nails.
  • Before getting your nails done, you must take proper care of your nails to make them healthy and give them a perfect finished look.
  • Always choose high-quality products to get a full set of nails, then take proper care and avoid activities that can harm your nails’ appearance.

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