What Is a No Chip Manicure?

What is a no chip manicure
A no-chip manicure refers to a gel-based or shellac manicure that involves applying two coats of gel polish with a base coat and sealer. It is considered a long-lasting and time-saving manicure.

Every part of our body is related to our beauty. Nails are also an important part of our body that helps to protect our fingers and hands. In this century, people became very conscious about their beauty and health. Besides taking care of faces and bodies, they are now focusing on nails too. As a result, they are going for different nail treatments such as manicures and pedicures. Manicures help to beautify their nails and make them more noticeable to others. No-chip manicure is also a type of those nail treatment.

So, what is a no-chip manicure? A no-chip manicure is a gel-based unique manicure that requires a top coat, a base coat, and some color coats. This manicure is hardened under a UV lamp. As a result, this sealing and application process makes it more long-lasting. Using all the required tools and following steps like nail preparation and application of the coats can help you get an effective result of a no-chip manicure. Moreover, you must be aware of the drawbacks or bad sides of this manicure to take your final decision when choosing this manicure.

About No Chip Manicure

A no-chip manicure is a gel-based manicure that involves a base coat, a sealer, and two coats of gel polish. A no-chip manicure is ultra-durable as it is hardened under UV lights. The popularity of no-chip manicures has increased in the past decade. This manicure is durable, shiny, and long-lasting.

A no-chip manicure involves a base coat, color polish, and top coat. For hardening and setting the polish, a LED lamp is used. The curing process gives it a durable and long-lasting finish. A no-chip manicure gives a high gloss shine and generally lasts longer than other manicures. This manicure should only be done in the salon and can only be removed with acetone.

Tools you’ll Need to Do a No Chip Manicure

A no-chip manicure is a gel-based nail polish that involves applying several layers of nail polish to the nails. This manicure involves a base coat, two coats of polish, and a sealer. After applying these coats, the nails are cured under ultraviolet lights.

A no-chip manicure is a hybrid gel polish that can last up to two weeks.  The application procedure made it ultra-durable which means no chipping happens here. You’ll need the following tools to do a no-chip manicure-

Tools you’ll need to do a no chip manicure
  • A base coat
  • A color coat
  • A top coat
  • LED light
  • Clippers
  • File block
  • Acetone
  • Cotton Ball

5 Easy Steps to Follow in a No-Chip Manicure

A no-chip manicure involves a base coat, top coat, and sealer. There are some easy steps to follow in a no-chip manicure. The steps are as follows-

1. Nail Preparation

Nail preparation is the first and foremost step before doing any manicure. To prepare your nails, shape them, clip them, push back your cuticles, and buff them. The nail preparation helps to create a smooth surface that helps to adhere to the nail polish.

Easy steps to follow in a no chip manicure

2. Apply a Base Coat

After nail preparation, a gel base coat is applied to your nails. This base coat works as a foundation for your nails. As it is cured under UV light, this also helps to protect your natural nails from damage.

3. Apply the Color Coats

Choose your desired color to apply the gel nail polish in a thin layer. Then, place your hands under the LED for curing. After applying one layer of color coat, apply a second layer of color coat to cover the entire nail. Cure again under light for two minutes. Then apply an even layer of top coat and cure it again. The UV lights will harden the gel and create a durable and long-lasting finish.

4. Applying a Top Coat

After applying the base coat and color coat, apply the top coat and seal the color. This top coat provides extra shine and a solid finish to the nails. The op coat is finally cured under a UV or LED lamp.

5. Finishing Touches

Finally, the excess gel polish or impurities are removed from the nails. Apply nourishing nail oil to keep your nails healthy and hydrated. The finishing touches will help you to provide a soft and shiny finish to your nails.

Benefits & Drawbacks of a No Chip Manicure

Besides the benefits of a no-chip manicure, there are so many drawbacks too. The benefits and drawbacks of a no-chip manicure are as follows-


  • A no-chip manicure is shiny and durable. It lasts up to two to three weeks without peeling or chipping.
  • This manicure does not require extra polish, touch-ups, or backfills.
  • The shield of a no-chip manicure can protect your natural nails from chemicals or other elements.
  • If you carefully remove your manicure by soaking your nails in acetone, it won’t damage or break your nails.
  • A no-chip manicure is perfect for people who don’t have enough time to go to the salon frequently or who don’t want to worry about their nails on vacation.
  • This no-chip manicure is so stable and hardening that it does not require that much maintenance for two weeks.
  • A no-chip manicure contains long-lasting nail color. So, you can save time and money by doing this.
  • You can style your nails with a variety of designs and colors in a no-chip manicure. There are endless possibilities to design your nails in a no-chip manicure.


  • A no-chip manicure is more expensive than other traditional manicures.
  • If you frequently do no-chip manicures, it can break or damage your natural nails and cause fungal infections.
  • The UV light used in this manicure can infect your skin and cause skin cancer. The UV rays can also damage the DNA and collagen which may lead to premature ageing.
  • If you do not remove your manicure as it Is instructed, it can damage your nails.

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How to Remove a No-Chip Manicure?

How to remove a no chip manicure

If you want to remove your manicure, you must go to the salon or an expert. These are the following instructions to remove a no-chip manicure-

Step 1: Use a nail file to remove the shiny top layer of nail polish. Be gentle while removing your manicure so that it doesn’t damage your nails.

Step 2: You may need 10 pieces of aluminum foil and 10 small pieces of cotton in this step. Soak the pieces of cotton in acetone and apply them to your nails. Wrap the cotton piece and nail it with aluminum foil and cover your nails.

Step 3: After 15 or 20 minutes, remove all the cotton pieces and foil from your nails. Use a nail file to scrape off your nail polish. After this time, you may easily remove the no-chip polishes. But still, if any nails look stubborn, soak it again into more acetone and file it.

Step 4: After removing your chip nail polishes, use any soap to remove the leftover of your nails. If you still face some spots, you may use nail buffer until your nails are completely polished and smooth.

Step 5: Applying cuticle oil is very significant in this phase. Take this oil and gently massage it on each finger. This will help your nails and fingers to get moisturized and hydrated.

How Long Does a No Chip Manicure Last?

A no-chip manicure is very popular for its long-lasting formula. This can last up to two to three weeks. The application procedure makes it more strong and durable.

A no-chip manicure consists of so many layers of color coat, base coat, and top coat. These coats are sealed under a UV lamp which makes it a strong and stable manicure. The application process also made it tough and prevent it from chipping. If you follow the rules such as not taking long baths or using cleansing agents, your chip manicure will be long-lasting.

 If you want your manicure to last long, you must avoid soaking your hands in warm water. Because warm water may cause chipping or nail damage. Besides, you must avoid cleaners or harsh chemicals to avoid discoloration and breakage. If you follow the general rules of any manicure, a no-chip manicure will last longer as it is a low-maintenance manicure. But you must remember, no matter how many tips you follow, a no-chip manicure won’t last more than three weeks.


1. Does no chip mean gel?

A no-chip manicure refers to a regular-wear shellac gel. The difference is that it is cured with led light which makes it more durable and long-lasting than gel nails.

2. Are no chip nails fake nails?

No chip nails are not fake nails rather this is a gel-based manicure. The no-chip nails are cured under UV light.

3. Is powder better than gel?

Gel polish is healthy and feels very natural on nails. But if your nails are more damaged or weak, dip powder is preferable to gel polishes.

4. Is a regular manicure better than no chip?

A no-chip manicure is better than a regular manicure. Because a no-chip manicure involves so many layers of coat that are hardened under UV lamps. So, it looks more stable and shiny in nails.

5. Are gel manicures safe?

Gel manicure is beautiful, natural, and long-lasting. But the repeated use of gel nail polishes can increase the risk of premature skin aging and skin cancers.

Final Thoughts

A no-chip manicure is a gel-based and long-lasting manicure that involves a base coat, two coats of gel polish, and a sealer. The application process for a no-chip manicure is very strong and that’s why it is very long-lasting than other manicures. You need to have some necessary tools for this manicure. Following the steps like nail preparation, applying the base coat, color coats, and top coat is very significant to get an effective no-chip manicure. Besides so many benefits, there are also some drawbacks. So, keep the benefits and drawbacks in mind before choosing your manicure. If you want to remove your manicure, you need to go to a salon or an expert. Overall, the no-chip manicure is very durable, skin-friendly, and effective.

Key Points

  • The popularity of gel manicures has increased because of their durable, shiny exclusive finish.
  • For doing a no-chip manicure, you’ll need a base coat, color coat, top coat, acetone, cotton balls, etc.
  • Prepare your nails and follow the further steps like applying the base coat, top coat, and color coat.
  • The most significant benefit of a no-chip manicure is it is available in many colors with a long-lasting formula while the drawbacks include skin cancer or nail damage.
  • Removing a no-chip manicure requires acetone and a nail expert.

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