What is Hair Toner?

While doing new hair colors, the more prominent part would be applying the pigments to the hair. However, sometimes all you need is a little depth and elevation of the color. And in that part, the toners will come into play. What is a hair toner? Well, this has made headlines for ages. And most people think that a hair toner is a liquid form of the dye.

Well, there might be some pigments in a toner, but they are not really there to change the color of your hair; rather, they will change the way your hair looks and change the overall tonality of the hair. And that is how the toners are used. The use of toners is pretty versatile, and people tend to love the finish that a toner would eventually give out.

The most common thing that comes to mind when we think of toners is pre-lightened or bleached hair. And we’ll include our thoughts later on this topic. For now, let us ask: What is hair toner? Toners are Instagram’s filter for your hair. So when you have very bright yellow hair, adding toners to the hair would give you an ashy blonde look.

So here, the toners are removing the yellow-orange hue from the hair. And thus, essentially, the toners would work for the hair. Toners don’t only change the way the hair looks; they also change all the facts related to the hair. And the most impressive part about the toners is that they have very light pigmentation but are sufficient to change the overall tone of the hair.

So, hair toner is a product that will enhance, tone down, brighten, and color-correct your hair as you put it on. Toners are used as a corrector; most recently, they have been used instead of hair color to make hair healthy. Toners are used in bright or blonde hair and can also be used to lift the color of darker or brunette hair.

What is hair toner? 8 facts about hair toners

What is hair toner

The hair toner is a top coat on the hair, or you can say it is the final finishing for the would behave. The toners are used as the last step of a hair color routine. The hair will change the way the hair looks and will eventually tone or even out the hair. Toners would just change the brassiness or the yellowness of the hair. And it can even change the way it turns.

As a result, the toners are distinctive in the product. Well, unlike the regular color, the hair toners are permanent and wash out after a few washes. But the hair toners do change the hair color to yellow. Well, most of the hair color would come in a thick form, and then the activators are added to it. However, there are only a few options for hair toner. That is how hair toners differ from all other color implications.

Hair toners are used to add pigment and depth to the hair. And then the hair would actually change how they look. That is why hair toners are highly regarded. Here are some facts about hair toners to give you a general understanding of the toners.

  • The hair toners are used to change the tone of the hair. The underlying hair color will not change, and this will be more like the top coat on the hair.
  • The hair toner would change the overall shine and glossiness of the hair. This will also improve the shine of the hair.
  • Hair toners typically take the form of a gloss, gel, or shampoo.
  • The hair toners can be used to emphasize or de-emphasize the color of the hair, and they can be used for your overall hair color change or just to elevate the natural tones.
  • Toners come in a variety of forms, with the most common term for the hair being “toners,” which include demi-permanent hair colors, color-correcting shampoos and conditioners, and so on.
  • The toners come in different ways, and the most common term for the hair is “toner,” which includes demi-permanent hair colors, color-correcting shampoos, conditioners, glosses, etc.
  • The toners wouldn’t last as long as the permanent hair color, and they can last up to three to four weeks. They would also complement the overall hair color. The hair colors are used to deliver the pigments to the hair.
  • To notice the terms of the toners, you might want to do a double process for the hair. You must first bleach your hair before applying toners on top. The toner will work perfectly in a single-step process when your hair has already been dyed.

How does toner work?

How does toner work

Toners tend to work in different ways, but the main way for the toner to work would be to get a top layer on the hair. Toners tend to emphasize the overall color of the hair, so toners would be a great help when trying to get the perfect tone. There are mostly two kinds of pigments in the hair. The first would be melanin. This is the darker tone of the hair, which includes brown and black pigments. And another kind of melanin is pheomelanin.

 They are lighter pigments, and these are mostly yellow, orange, or red pigments. When you are doing a bleaching process, the darker pigments, or eumelanin, are completely removed, and the pheomelanin is not derived at all. And that is how the darker shades are removed to get a lighter base on the hair, apart from. When you get your hair bleached, an underlying pigment will show through. For example, with bleaching, you get the orangish-red undertone when you are getting the blue-black hair off. And then you get the orange undertone as the bleach removes the medium brown or light brown hair. And when you bleach medium blonde hair, you will get a yellow-orange undertone. And lastly, you get the yellow undertone for the light blonde hair.

Now it’s time for you to look at the color wheel. The opposite colors in the color wheel will destroy the colors, or these will cancel out each other. And that is how the toners work. The toners are used to correct the hair’s tones, which exactly happens with the overall hair. The toners will change the underlying color and give you the desired color. Here is a brief overview of the hair toners.

The purple toners are used to mask the light blonde in very light blonde hair. When someone has orange or brassy hair, blue toners are used to cover it up. Green would perfectly balance out red in red hair and allow for the creation of deeper colors. Orange or brassy toners are used to intensify the red, orange, or yellow color. Yellow toners are applied to the hair to intensify the blonde color.

Why is toner used?

Why is toner used

Hair toners are distinct but not the same as hair colors. The purpose of toners is to tone the hair to the shade you love. And that is exactly how the toners would work for the hair. Hair toners are one of a kind, and they are very mild on the hair. They will not alter the shade or undertone of the hair but add depth to the strands. And that is why the toners have such a high valuation. Toners can be of several kinds, including shampoos, tints, conditioners, and glosses. They can also be applied to several parts of the hair, including the roots and the tips. The toners also come in different colors; their purpose is to establish the color of your hair that you’ve wanted to achieve. The hair toners are unique, and they tend to look natural on the hair. And again, the hair toners have a good fade and make the hair look even.

Well, this might not be a very hard fact to understand: hair toners are used for the sake of the hair. Hair toners are mostly used for several different purposes, and the most common one is to change the hair’s overall look. That is why hair toners are highly regarded. But before that, hair toners had different aspects. Here are some of the most important facts about using a toner.

Color correction of the hair:

Toners are used to neutralize or lighten the hair. And when the hair has been bleached and is looking a little bit too red or orange, the purple would eventually cancel out the color, and then you have an overall blonde. Well, the toners are used mostly after bleaching the hair and also when you are getting your hair done. So the toner would be a midpart when you are coloring your hair. It is done after bleaching and before applying the color to the hair.

Restoring the color:

The hair colors are used to revive the color. The hair colors would bring the color back to life without destroying it. The hair color would be a permanent solution for the hair, and this would help with the overall regrowth of the hair. A hair toner will restore the color when hair colors fade due to bleaching.

Add shine to the hair:

Well, the hair tends to look dull after a hair color changed a while ago. And then, adding toners to the hair would eventually change the color and add shine and radiance to the hair. Hair colors are an excellent example when you want your hair to feel shiny while also adding gloss.

Color correction:

Mistakes are pretty common when you think about applying the hair color to the hair. And the most common mistake would be patchiness in the hair color. And to get it off, the best way to move forward would be to use the color correction toner on the hair.

Different shades:

If you want to show off your hair in some unusual colors, the best way to go is to use pastel shades on the hair. And what is the best way to achieve glossy pastel colors without staining the hair? Using toners on the hair Pastel toners are used all over or just on the lengths of the hair to achieve an overall gradient effect.


1. Is a hair toner the same as a hair dye?

No, hair toner is not the same as hair dye. The hair dyes have an elevated level of pigmentation that would help get a more saturated color coat.

2. When should I use toner on my hair?

Hair toners can be used on the hair on several occasions. And these are:
Before getting the hair dye.
Overbleached hair
Following hair dyeing
To add shine to the hair
Adding and revitalizing hair color

Final Thoughts

Hair toners are used on the hair for several purposes. And the most important thing about the toners is that they make the hair healthy. And again, you really don’t have to go to a salon to tone the hair. You can simply use products from your local store to do so. Purple shampoo is the most common regular-use toner, and it is mostly used on blonde hair. But when you want a lighter shade, this is the way to go. Toners will cancel out the orange in your hair. When choosing a tutor, make sure you understand the result and the overall assignment. You would want the toner to look natural. And then, you might want to decide what kind of outcome you’re looking for. When you want the hair to look very pigmented with the toner, the best way would be to use a toner that is ammonia-based. And then, put the toner on and keep it there for a while. Wash it off. And you might want to use a toner for two to three weeks.

Key Points

  • Toners alter all the details pertaining to the hair, not just the way it appears. The toners’ ability to affect the overall tone of the hair despite having very minimal pigmentation is perhaps their most astounding quality.
  • The toners, which can last up to three to four weeks, wouldn’t last as long as the permanent hair color. Additionally, they would go well with the overall hair color. The pigments are delivered to the hair via the hair colors.3.       In very light blonde hair, the light blonde is covered up with purple toners. Blue toners are used to hide orange or brassy hair color. In red hair, green would be the ideal counterbalance to red, allowing for the development of richer hues.

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