What Skin Care Routine is Best for Dry Skin?

what skin care routine is best for dry skin
Dry skin can be very uncomfortable and irritating. It can also lead to cracked lips, chapped hands, and other problems. But there are ways to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Read on to discover them!

Among some common skin complexities, dry skin is one of the potentially harmful complexities which can cause so many problems relating to our skin.Even the look of dry skin is not attractive, so people all around the world try to get rid of dry skin. But people with dry skin know very well that getting rid of dry skin perfectly is not so easy.

And if you have dry skin for a long time, then it is very hard for you. In that case, you have to maintain so many things regularly, and if you can do all these necessary things, then you’ll certainly be able to improve your skin condition. For this reason, dermatologists suggest different skincare routines for people with dry skin. In this article, I am going to show you the best skincare routine for people with dry skin. No matter what your skin type is or what type of dry skin it is, you will find this skincare routine surprisingly effective.

Dry skin: what are the causes behind and what do you have to check for treating dry skin?

Actually, dry skin means skin that doesn’t contain enough moisture. Mainly dry skin is the result of genetics, using of hard water, washing excessively, long-time exposure to irritants, etc. Even some medical conditions, such as diabetes and hypothyroidism, or so may cause dry skin. As enough moisture does not exist in dry skin, people with dry skin face so many complexities like itching, cracking, scaling, or something like that. For that reason treating dry skin is so important to all of us.

To treat dry skin, you have to keep your skin perfectly hydrated and check all the conditions that cause dry skin. To keep your skin perfectly hydrated, you have to do so many things, and that’s why a skincare routine is so important. If you follow a perfect skincare routine for dry skin for a long period, then certainly you will get rid of dry skin.

What skin care routine is best for dry skin

If you have dry skin, then you should do some routine tasks, and these tasks are designed to improve your skin condition, which is applicable to other people who don’t have dry skin. In this article, we’ll explore the best skin care routine for dry skin.

1. Start your day with cleansing

Start Your Day With Cleansing

You should cleanse your skin for a fresh start a day before anything else. So bathing may be your first step, and then you may use moisturizing creams, oils, or something like that. Cleansing is important because, otherwise, whatever you use on your skin will not work perfectly.

If you have a habit of using oil on different parts of your body, then you should use soap or oil cleanser during your bath. If you want to bathe in the afternoon or after returning to your home, then you should use at least face wash after getting up, which contains some hydrating ingredients.

To choose cleansing products, you should look for hydrating ingredients. Hydrating ingredients are important for our skin health, especially for treating dry skin. After using face wash, you may use any cream or other things on your face skin.

2. Applying sunscreen

Applying Sunscreen

When you go out in the summer season or you have to stay long hours under direct sunlight, then using sunscreen is a must. You will see sunscreen in most of the skincare products because it is really useful for boosting our skin health.

You just have to ordinarily apply sunscreen on parts of your body that will remain revealed. If you have to stay under direct sunlight for long hours, then you should reapply the sunscreen after every 2 hours.

SPF is the main consideration when choosing the right sunscreen. To say about the right sunscreen, you choose one which has at least 30 SPF.

3. Use toner at morning and night

Use Toner At Morning And Night

Using a toner is a must for you if you have dry skin because toner can pump up hydration and balance the level of PH in your skin, so using a toner is really important.

You have to use a toner with a cotton pad, or you may use it with your hand. You should consider it like a finishing touch of face wash you use in the morning. That means toner will make your skin prepared for using all the other useful ingredients which will act against your dry skin.

To treat your dry skin, select any hydrating and alcohol-free toner because this type of toner works best for locking your skin in moisture. Keep in mind ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerine are good for getting rid of dry skin soon, so choose your toner considering all these things.

4. Using hydrating serum- the most important part

Using Hydrating Serum The Most Important Part

Using a serum is good for the improvement of your skin condition, and if you have dry skin, then you should use hydrating serum compulsorily. Because it will keep your skin hydrated and protect your skin from different types of environmental pollution.

Due to these things, if you have dry skin, then you may use a hydrating serum in the morning and at night. You just need to massage the serum with your hand in an upward direction.

To choose the right serum for dry skin, you should look for squalane, ceramides, plant oil, vitamin C, or something like that. Squalane is the most important ingredient because it can retain skin hydration for long hours. Plant oil or other things are also important to have in serum because these things are really helpful for locking your skin in moisture.

5. Apply different moisturizers at different times

Apply Different Moisturizers At Different Times

Moisturizer is helpful, like a hydrating serum, to treat the condition of dry skin. You should use moisturizers routinely in the morning and at night if you have dry skin.

Any light moisturizer works better during the daytime, and during the night, a light moisturizer is not a good choice. During the nighttime, you should use any heavy cream that has enough power as a moisturizer. Like other types of skin care products, you may use a moisturizer on your skin.

In the time of selecting the ideal moisturizer for your dry skin, you should look for glycerine, ceramides, B vitamins, or something like that. These ingredients are helpful for balancing the texture of your skin and also for treating dry skin. Actually, there should be fortifying ingredients that can penetrate your skin barrier.

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6. Facial oil

Facial Oil

Besides serum and moisturizer, you may use facial oil because face skin is the most important to all of us. You know, some facial oils are surprisingly helpful for treating dry face skin.

In the case of facial oil, you should opt for a lighter option in the daytime and a heavier option at night time. Like other skin care products, you may apply facial oil on your face skin after cleaning your face.

To get rid of dry skin, you should look for a facial oil that has some antioxidant ingredients. If your facial oil contains vitamin C or vitamin E that will be great for your face skin. These types of ingredients act against dry skin and work effectively to improve skin conditions.

7. Use eye cream on skin around your eye

Use Eye Cream

Taking our eye area into consideration is really important if you want to get rid of dry skin comprehensively. When your skin becomes dry, it will also affect the skin around your eye, and that’s why using eye cream is so important. Another reason for using eye cream is that the skin around your eye is not like the skin of our other body parts. Due to this sensitivity, eye cream might be the best option.

Like any other cream or oil, you just have to massage the cream on the skin around both your eyes. You should apply the cream on the skin around your eye area two times a day- morning and night. If you have a habit of washing your face more often, then you may apply eye cream on your area more than two times; it’s not problematic. The best way is to apply other hydrating creams all over your face keeping your eye area empty at first. Then you may apply eye cream on your eyelids up to your eyebrow and below your both eyes.

Now come to the point- what type of eye cream will be good for preventing dry skin? Usually, lightweight eye cream is good for our eye skin because our eye skin is the most sensitive. While choosing eye cream for dry skin, you should consider one thing most importantly- the eye cream should contain necessary nourishing ingredients. Suppose your eye cream should contain collagen, vitamin B, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, or something like that because these ingredients are surprisingly effective for retaining moisture on sensitive skin. And these are also helpful for restoring your previous skin condition, preventing dryness, roughness, or so.

8. Using skin mask at least once a day

Using Skin Mask At Least Once A Day

Just keeping different hydrating ingredients on your skin is not enough. You should use a skin mask, too, to provide an extra punch against your skin dryness by providing an extra boost to your skin moisturization. For that reason, you should use a face mask beside all the other skin care products to get rid of dry skin as soon as possible. Common skin masks contain some powerful ingredients which can affect the skin condition in such a way that is not possible by cream or oil.

Skin mask is for applying on the skin and for keeping it for 10 to 15 minutes. Usually, people use masks only on their facial skin, but you may use them on your other parts, too, if you want to. No matter whatever mask you use, you should use it just once a day. But to get an early result, some health bloggers suggest keeping a skin mask, especially a face mask, for the whole night. That means applying the mask before going to bed and rinsing off after getting up. It is true that in this case, you will get some extra benefits, like you will get rid of dry skin soon. But at the same time, keep in mind you should use only those ingredients for making your skin mask that is safe to keep on the skin for a long time.

To treat dry skin, you should use a skin mask made from different natural things like fruits and vegetables. Because these are safe and perfectly effective for acting against dry skin. So you may think of using a natural skin mask made from honey, avocado, apple, aloe vera, coconut, olive, or something like that. Even to get a better result, you may mix 2 or 3 natural things to make your skin mask. You don’t have to go anywhere; rather, you may make these skin masks at your home.

9. End your day with cleaning and using moisturizer

End Your Day With Cleaning And Using Moisturizer

Usually, we do so many things in a day so cleaning our skin, especially which part of our skin is revealed, is so important. So when all your tasks are finished, and you’re about to go to bed, you should clean your face and other body parts, which remain revealed with any mild cleanser, and then you should use moisturizer. This will be helpful for you to fight against your dry skin during the whole night.

So, after cleansing your face skin or other parts of your skin, wipe with any tissue or soft cloth and then apply moisturizer. During the night time heavier moisturizer is recommended, so try to use something like that.

While choosing the moisturizer for the night time keep in mind one thing: the moisturizer must contain glycerine and shea butter. The reason is that glycerine is surprisingly effective for hydrating our skin which is a must for treating dry skin. And shea butter is good for our skin health when it is applied with glycerine.

Skin care routine for dry skin: real life story

When I ended my school life and entered college, I became busy with so many activities, and I didn’t have enough time to take care of my skin. For this reason, I didn’t apply anything on my skin then, and I had to stay under direct sunlight for a good many hours almost every day as I was practicing cricket then. After leading this life for almost one year, I experienced some skin complexity, like my skin was rough, and I also faced itching sometimes.

So I started searching for the solution to this problem online, and then I understood these things are signs of dry skin. And I also understood one thing it may cause so many further complexities because I experienced that my skin condition was deteriorating day by day. In some skin health blogs, I found some suggested using some skin care products, using moisturizers, or something like that. I also used those products for some days, but the result was not desirable. After that, I started searching for a permanent solution for my dry skin, and then I found a writing of an experienced skin health blogger who suggested maintaining a skincare routine for at least one month. From the next day, I started maintaining my skincare routine. My routine started my day by cleansing my face skin with face wash, applying hydrating serum, and then I started my day’s work. I bathe every day with gentle soap, and I apply moisturizer to different parts of my skin. And before my bath, I used a face mask made from honey and lemon. I also used facial oil and eye cream, which worked better for hydrating my skin, and I feel that. Besides all these things, I cleaned my face skin at least two times a day, even when I stayed at my home for the whole day. I did all the things routinely, and after maintaining the routine for almost one month, I experienced the changes. And after almost one and a half months, I finally got rid of dry skin.

Kristy Spiller


1. Is it harmful to spend lots of time under direct sunlight for dry skin?

Of course, it is harmful because ultraviolet rays are bad for our skin health. If you have to stay under direct sunlight for a long time, then you should use sunscreen on your skin and a hat on your head.

2. Why is drinking plenty of water an issue for treating dry skin?

Actually, drinking a sufficient amount of water is important for our proper body function, including maintaining our skin health. If you drink plenty of water, then it will boost the hydration process, which is important for treating dry skin soon.

3. What should I consider before choosing eye cream, if my skin is dry?

Eye cream contains vitamin c, shea butter, vitamin B, collagen, or something like that, which are good for acting against dry skin. In any case, you should use the same hydrating product on your face and the skin around your eyes.

4. Why ordinary moisturizers or hydrating products are not good for the skin around our eyes?

Actually, skincare products are made for certain purposes. Not all products are good for meeting the same purpose. Our eye skin is sensitive, and it’s not like the skin of other body parts. For this reason, eye skin requires some other things like eye cream.

5. What are the main attributes of skin care products for dry skin?

Actually, to choose products for dry skin, you should consider mainly one thing whether it is effective in maintaining skin hydration or not. Considering this issue, skin care products for dry skin are made.

6. How often is it better to exfoliate the skin if I have dry skin?

Using an exfoliator is good for treating dry skin because it can maintain balance without destroying skin moisture. If you have dry skin, then just exfoliating once a week is enough for you.

7. How many times should I cleanse my face a day?

 Actually, it depends on your way of life, but it is mandatory to clean your facial skin when you get up from bed and when you go to your bed at night. And when you return to your home from outside, then you should cleanse your face because there may be germs then.

8. Why should I use a skin mask besides moisturizer, hydrating serum, or other things?

Actually, ordinary skin care products are for keeping on your skin for long hours. The main function of those is to maintain better skin conditions. But skin masks contain some powerful ingredients, and that’s why these can do some extra acts which ordinary skin care products cannot.

9. What can I do if my dry skin is the result of any genetic problem or internal complexity?

If you think that your skin dryness is the result of genetics or a sign of internal complexity, then you should go for medical treatment because ordinary skin care tips and tricks are not effective in this case.

10. How many days do I have to maintain my skincare routine properly to treat my dry skin perfectly?

This issue actually depends on your dryness condition and how perfectly you maintain the skincare routine. If you can maintain the skincare routine perfectly, then only one month is enough to start the changes.

Finishing Up

There are so many skin complexities which are mainly the consequences of having dry skin for a long time. So treating dry skin is a must, and you should do that as early as possible. Don’t go for high-cost medical treatment at the beginning because these may cause some other side effects. Try to maintain the perfect skincare routine for dry skin .It is safe, and certainly, you will find it surprisingly effective.

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