What to Wear to A Spray Tan?

What to Wear to A Spray Tan
A spray tan is a great alternative to sun tanning. But it is important to wear the right clothes for the session. Come learn what to wear for your next spray tan!

Spray tanning has emerged as a popular alternative for sun tanning, offering a safe and convenient way to achieve a bronzed complexion without the need to be exposed to UV rays. It has gained popularity due to its ability to provide a natural-looking tan very quickly and easily without needing to spend hours under the sun! The process typically takes place in a salon or spa, where a trained technician will expertly spray the solution onto your skin, giving you that coveted sun-kissed glow. To achieve the best results, proper clothing choices are essential. As you prepare for your spray tan session, you might wonder: what to wear to a spray tan?

Comfort is key, so choose clothing that allows for ease of movement during the session or after it. Your clothing selection can influence the outcome of your spray tan that you didn’t even think about! To ensure a flawless and natural-looking tan, it’s important to choose your attire wisely. Whether it’s what you wear during the spray tan session itself or what you put on afterward, your clothing decisions can make a significant difference in the end result. That is why we are here to explore the dos and don’ts of spray tan attire and provide you with the ultimate guide to dressing for success in your tanning journey!

4 Factors to Consider When Selecting Clothing for A Spray Tan

Since we have established that clothing is very important for your tanning session there are some factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing the clothing you want to wear to a spray tan. To ensure a seamless and natural-looking tan, here are some of the following factors you should keep in mind when selecting your spray tan attire:

Factors to consider when selecting clothing for a spray tan
  1. Tan-Friendly Clothing: Clothing that gives your skin room to breathe is very important for after the spray tan. That is why you should opt for clothing that won’t interfere with the application or development of the tanning solution. Avoid tight-fitting garments that can rub against the skin, as this can cause streaking or uneven color distribution. Instead, choose loose and comfortable clothing that allows the tanning solution to be applied smoothly.
  2. Colored Clothing: During the spray tan, you are sprayed with a colorless liquid that contains DHA. It might be colorless when going on your skin, but it will soon turn into the brown tan that you might be all too familiar with. That is why it is important to select clothing in darker shades, preferably black or dark brown, as they are less likely to show any potential color transfer or stains from the tanning solution. Light-colored clothing may absorb or reflect the tanning solution, resulting in an altered tan color. Dark-colored garments provide a more accurate representation of your desired tan shade.
  3. Clothing Quality: If you are looking to dress to the 9s for your spray tan, I want you to stop and think about your clothing! While most tanning solutions are non-staining, it is always a good idea to wear clothing that you don’t mind potentially getting stained. Older clothing or garments designated specifically for spray tanning can provide peace of mind and prevent any disappointment if staining does occur. It is not worth ruining your favorite clothes for the spray tan, but rather wear them to look good with the tan that you will eventually get!
  4. Tanning Accessories: Depending on your desired tan outcome, you may want to consider using tanning accessories. Sticky feet, disposable bras, and self-adhesive nipple covers are popular options to protect specific areas from getting tanned or to achieve a more controlled tan application. These accessories ensure that only the desired areas receive the tanning solution, minimizing the risk of unwanted tan lines.

What to Wear During a Spray Tan?

Choosing the right clothing to wear during your spray tan session is essential to achieving a flawless and even tan, while also not compromising the spray tan itself. The goal is to wear garments that allow for easy application of the tanning solution while minimizing the risk of color transfer or staining. So here is some clothing that you should opt for when you are going for a spray tan!

1. Disposable Undergarments

Many spray tan salons provide disposable undergarments, such as disposable panties or bras, for clients to wear during the session. These are specifically designed to be lightweight, breathable, and easy to discard after use. Using disposable undergarments ensures that your own undergarments stay free from any potential tanning solution and helps prevent stains on the clothes that you wore to the salon.

Disposable undergarments

2. Dark-Colored Swimsuit or Bikini

If disposable undergarments are not available or you prefer to wear your own, opt for a dark-colored swimsuit or bikini. Dark colors like black or dark brown are less likely to show any color transfer or stains from the tanning solution. Choose a swimsuit or bikini that fits comfortably and allows the technician easy access to apply the tanning solution evenly while covering all the important bits of your body.

Dark colored swimsuit or bikini

3. Strapless or Spaghetti-Strap Top

If you’re getting a full-body spray tan and want to minimize tan lines, wearing a strapless or spaghetti-strap top is a good option. These tops allow your arms and shoulders to be exposed, ensuring an even tan coverage all over your arms without having to take your clothes off for your hands specifically. With the spa Just make sure that the top is loose-fitting to avoid any friction that may cause streaking or uneven color distribution.

Strapless or spaghetti strap top

4. Loose-Fitting Dress or Skirt

While we have been discussing a lot about the top part of your body, let’s not forget your lower torso and legs! For the bottom half of your body, consider wearing a loose-fitting dress or skirt. These clothing items provide easy access for the technician to apply the tanning solution to your legs and ensure an even tan. A knee-length, maxi dress/skirt or camisole might be the way to go for your legs to be comfortably spray-tanned without any rubbing to occur!

Loose fitting dress or skirt

4. Loose-Fitting Dress or Skirt

While we have been discussing a lot about the top part of your body, let’s not forget your lower torso and legs! For the bottom half of your body, consider wearing a loose-fitting dress or skirt. These clothing items provide easy access for the technician to apply the tanning solution to your legs and ensure an even tan. A knee-length, maxi dress/skirt or camisole might be the way to go for your legs to be comfortably spray-tanned without any rubbing to occur!

Dark loose fitting clothing

5. Dark, Loose-Fitting Clothing

If you prefer more coverage during your spray tan session, choose dark-colored, loose-fitting clothing that covers your entire body. Loose-fitting garments help prevent any rubbing or smudging of the tanning solution, ensuring an even application. Dark colors help mask any color transfer or stains, allowing the tanning solution to develop properly without interference.

6. Nail Savers

If you have a gel manicure or acrylic nails on, then you might want to protect them from the spray tan! Even though your nails will be wiped down after the session, you will want to still keep them well-protected regardless if it is safe or not. That is where nail savers come in to save the day! These can be put over your acrylic nails and the soft skin around the nails so that they don’t get stained during the spray tan!

Nail savers

What to Wear After a Spray Tan?

Here is the catch with spray tans: it doesn’t finish once the spray tan session is done! This is because the spray tan solution that is used to give the tan takes a while to develop. It typically takes about 24 hours after the session to give you the desired tan that you are looking for. That is why after getting a spray tan, it’s important to wear clothing that allows the tan to fully develop and minimizes the risk of color transfer or smudging.

Here are some clothing options to consider for the period immediately after your spray tan:

1. Loose-Fitting and Dark-Colored Clothing

Opt for loose-fitting clothing made of breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Loose garments allow the tan to fully dry and develop without any rubbing or smudging. Dark-colored clothing, such as black or dark brown, helps mask any color transfer that may occur during the initial stages of tan development.

Loose fitting and dark colored clothing

2. Maxi Dress or Skirt

A maxi dress or skirt is a comfortable and stylish option to wear after your spray tan. These flowy garments provide ample coverage and prevent any rubbing against the skin, ensuring the tan remains intact. Look for options made of lightweight materials that won’t cling to the skin.

Maxi dress or skirt

3. Baggy T-Shirt or Oversized Shirt

Choose a baggy T-shirt or an oversized shirt to wear after your spray tan. These loose tops allow the skin to breathe and provide freedom of movement without disrupting the tan. Avoid tight-fitting shirts or tops with tight sleeves that may cause friction or leave marks on the tan.

Baggy t shirt or oversized shirt

4. Loose-Fitting Shorts or Pants

If you prefer wearing bottoms, opt for loose-fitting shorts or pants. Look for options made of soft and lightweight fabrics that won’t cause any discomfort or rub against freshly tanned skin. Avoid tight jeans or leggings that may smudge or disrupt the tan development.

Loose fitting shorts or pants

5. Open-Toe Shoes or Sandals

To avoid rubbing or smudging the tan on your feet, choose open-toe shoes or sandals instead of closed shoes. This allows the tan on your feet to dry properly without any pressure or friction. Flip flops, slides, or sandals with adjustable straps are great options. But shoes are a big no-no since the friction inside the shoes might rub away the tan on your feet over time!

Open toe shoes or sandals

What to Avoid to Wear During & After Spray Tan?

What you don’t want to happen to your spray tan is to ruin it by wearing the wrong clothing! This is especially the case for the first 24 to 48 hours when the tan is still developing on your skin. To maintain a spray tan for as long as possible, it’s crucial to know what types of clothing to avoid when you get the spray tan and after the spray tan itself! Certain clothing items can negatively impact the tan, leading to uneven color, streaks, or color transfer.

Here’s a list of clothing to avoid wearing during and after your spray tan:

What to avoid to wear during after spray tan

1. Tight-Fitting Clothing

Steer clear of tight-fitting clothing such as jeans, leggings, or tight tops. Tight garments can cause friction against the skin, leading to uneven tan development or potential rub-off. The pressure and tightness of the fabric can also leave marks on the tan, disrupting its appearance.

2. White or Light-Colored Clothing

While white and light-colored clothing may seem like a good choice to showcase your tan, they can be risky. The tanning solution may transfer onto light-colored garments, leaving visible stains or discoloration. It’s best to avoid wearing white or light-colored clothing until after your first shower following the spray tan.

3. Underwire Bras or Sports Bras with Straps

Underwire bras or sports bras with tight straps can rub against the skin, causing friction and potentially disturbing the tan. That is why you should go for strapless bras, bralettes, or bras with loose-fitting straps to avoid any marks or unevenness on the tan.

4. Socks and Closed-Toe Shoes

During the development of your spray tan, it’s best to avoid wearing socks and closed-toe shoes. These can create pressure and friction, which can lead to smudging or uneven color on the feet. Open-toe shoes or sandals are a better choice to allow the tan on your feet to dry and develop properly.

5. Accessories

Take caution when wearing accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, or watches that come into contact with the skin. These accessories can rub against the tan, causing it to fade or become patchy. It’s advisable to remove or minimize wearing accessories during the initial stages of the tan’s development.

6. Tight Waistbands or Belts

Avoid wearing clothing items with tight waistbands or belts that may create lines or marks on the tan. Elastic waistbands can also rub against the skin and disrupt the evenness of the tan. Opt for clothing with loose waistbands or drawstrings for a more comfortable and tan-friendly option.

Do You Fully Undress for A Spray Tan?

The level of undressing for a spray tan largely depends on personal preference and comfort. Not everyone is comfortable with someone else looking at their naked body. That is why it’s essential to prioritize comfort, individual preferences, and the desired outcome of the tan. Remember that your tanning technician will prefer you to be comfortable so that the spray tan can be easily applied to your skin. So open communication with them can help address any concerns and ensure a pleasant and satisfying spray tan experience.

If the answer is yes, fully undressing for a spray tan provides several advantages. Firstly, it allows for an even and seamless tan application. Without any clothing barriers, the tanning solution can be evenly sprayed onto the entire body, resulting in a more uniform tan. Additionally, undressing completely ensures that no tan lines or uneven coloration will occur due to clothing coverage. This is particularly beneficial for those aiming for an all-over bronzed look.

If the answer is no, leaving some undergarments on is also a common choice. Many individuals feel more comfortable and at ease with some level of coverage during the spray tan process. Undergarments can provide a sense of modesty and privacy, making the experience more comfortable for those who may feel self-conscious. It’s important to note that wearing minimal or strategically chosen undergarments allows the technician to access the necessary areas for an even tan application.

Privacy is an important consideration when it comes to the level of undressing for a spray tan. Professional tanning technicians are well-trained and experienced in handling client privacy. They will ensure that only the areas requiring tanning are exposed while respecting personal boundaries and maintaining a comfortable environment. If privacy concerns persist, it’s recommended to communicate with the technician beforehand to address any worries or requests.

Ultimately, the choice to fully undress or leave some undergarments on during a spray tan is a personal decision.

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Personal Experience with Spray Tan

As someone who rarely indulges in spray tans, my recent experience left a lasting impression. Having known the tanning technician for a long time, I felt a sense of trust and comfort in her expertise. With this assurance, I decided to fully undress for the spray tan, allowing for a seamless application and an all-over glow.

The familiarity I had with the technician played a significant role in my decision to go completely nude during the session. Knowing that she was professional and respectful of my privacy made me feel at ease. It eliminated any concerns I may have had about exposing my skin and allowed me to fully embrace the spray tanning process.

There have been occasions when I chose to wear disposable undergarments. These occasions typically arose when I felt the need for a bit more coverage or modesty. The disposable undergarments provided a sense of comfort and security, while still allowing the technician access to the necessary areas for an even tan application.

Overall, my personal experience with spray tans has been positive, whether I choose to be completely nude or use disposable undergarments during the session. Each choice offers its own set of benefits, depending on personal preference and level of comfort. The key takeaway is that communication and trusts with the tanning technician are crucial in ensuring a pleasant and satisfying experience, regardless of the chosen attire.


1. When can I wear normal clothes after a spray tan?

You can’t wear normal clothes after the second you get your spray tan. You have to give yourself some time to develop the tanning effect and also for its longevity. On average, we have to wait 24 hours to get the best result but if you have some urgent you have to wait at least 8 hours.

2. When can I shower after a spray tan?

You have to wait until the solution of the spray tan is not developed fulfill. And to develop the solution you must have to wait at least 8 hours. And after getting tanned always shower by using only lukewarm water, and oil-free body wash.

3. What to wear after a spray tan in winter?

If you are planning for getting a spray tan in the winter season then choose to wear some loose or baggy clothes that can cover your whole body without contacting your skin. Because skin tight one can give your tan color a hard time to transfer.

Final Thoughts

So let’s go over everything one more time! We have explored the factors to consider when selecting clothing for a spray tan, what to wear during and after the session, what to avoid, and the option of fully undressing. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a flawless and natural-looking tan that enhances your overall appearance.

Remember, loose-fitting, dark-colored clothing made of breathable fabrics is generally the best choice during the spray tan session. This allows the tanning solution to develop properly without any unnecessary friction or marks. After the spray tan, opt for loose clothing that won’t rub against your skin, ensuring that the tan sets evenly.

Proper clothing choices before, during, and after a spray tan can help make a difference in your tan. So, dress wisely, communicate with your tanning technician, and embrace the confidence that comes with a flawless, radiant spray tan.

Key Points

  • Choosing the right attire for a spray tan is essential to achieve the best possible results and maintain the longevity of your tan.
  • Loose-fitting, dark-colored clothing made of breathable fabrics is generally the best choice during the spray tan session.
  • After the spray tan, opt for loose clothing that won’t rub against your skin, ensuring that the tan sets evenly.
  • Avoid tight-fitting, light-colored clothing that can cause friction or color transfer, as well as accessories that may disrupt the tan’s appearance.
  • The decision to fully undress or wear minimal undergarments during the spray tan session is a personal choice.

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