When Can I Wear Eyeliner After Cataract Surgery?

When can i wear eyeliner after cataract surgery?

With age, the lens of your eyes can start to wear out. This can cause blurred vision and a host of other problems. That is why cataract surgery was founded, where the lens is replaced with a new one to improve eyesight. However, this can greatly impact your makeup routine because now, your eyes might be in danger if you were to apply makeup.

So, When Can I Wear Eyeliner After Cataract Surgery? Since you need to allow your eyes to heal after the surgery, you cannot put anything on the eyes in the meantime. But when it heals, you get to return to your normal routine. Different eye makeups can be used at different times. some you can use days after surgery while others you need to wait weeks after surgery! So let’s explore all these conditions and see why you should wait for the appropriate time!

Wearing Eye Eyeliner Right After Cataract Surgery: Why Is It Bad?

Wearing eye eyeliner right after cataract surgery why is it bad
Wearing eye eyeliner right after cataract surgery why is it bad

Cataract surgery is a common procedure to improve your vision and eyesight. This is a process that involves removing the lens of your eye and replacing it with an artificial lens. This is a very common and safe procedure. Cataract surgery is performed by an eye doctor on an outpatient basis. So, you don’t need to stay in the hospital after surgery.

It is recommended not to use eye products at least for the first few weeks after surgery. You can still use makeup products in other areas of your face but make sure that the cosmetics are well away from your eyes. You should check with your surgeon to resume your makeup or beauty routine.

If you are wearing fake eyelashes, you need to remove them before your surgery and avoid using them for at least two months after surgery. The doctors always advise the patients to throw away their old eye makeup and applicators and buy new eye makeup products to use after cataract surgery. The patients are asked to remove their eye makeup at least 24 hours before the cataract surgery.

Wearing makeup immediately after the cataract operation will increase the risk of the tiny makeup particles interfering with the healing process. It can also increase the risk of infection. You may not know when your eyes are healed. So, do not assume and just start following your regular life routine. It is best to ask your doctor about when you can start your minimal eye makeup including eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc.

How Long After Cataract Surgery Can I Wear Eyeliner?

How long after cataract surgery can I wear eyeliner

In all cases, you will need to wait until your eyes are healed from the cataract surgery before you put any makeup on your eyes! What is more important is that you need to keep your brushes and other makeup tools clean so that there is no chance of infection. This can ensure that your eyes recover without any complications.

The patients are generally advised not to wear any mascara, eye cream, or eye makeup, under eye concealer for at least one week after cataract surgery. This is also the same for the eyeliners. You should not apply eyeliner in the first immediate week after your cataract surgery. It is also very important to avoid using makeup applicators including brushes or sponges near your eyes as they can contain harmful bacteria and cause infection on your eyes. So, if you are planning for cataract surgery, you need to maintain a natural look without makeup for a while after your procedure. That is why you should plan the surgery with ample time for recovery so that the healing is not disrupted.

Precautions to Follow While Wearing Eyeliner After Cataract Surgery

Precautions to follow while wearing eyeliner after cataract surgery
Precautions to follow while wearing eyeliner after cataract surgery

If you have decided to wear eyeliner after the given period of your cataract surgery, follow some safety measures:

  1. Take suggestions from your doctor to ensure that your eyes have healed significantly and you can apply eyeliner.
  2. Wash your hands to reduce the risks of germs or bacterial infections around your eyes.
  3. Use a gentle and safe makeup remover to clean the areas around your eyes.
  4. Choose a water-based, hypoallergenic, and safe eyeliner to reduce the risk of skin irritation.
  5. Avoid the colorants and choose soft colors to reduce irritation in your eyes.
  6. Avoid putting pressure or rubbing your eyes because it may cause irritated eyes.
  7. Ensure that the brushes and applicators are soft, sanitized, and clean.
  8. Use a sharpened and soft eyeliner pencil for precise application.

Do’s and Don’ts About Eye Makeup After Cataract

When wearing makeup after cataract surgery, you should follow some instructions to get effective results:


  • Use clean and sanitized makeup brushes and products.
  • Post-surgery safe makeup products.
  • Use products that contain safe and clean ingredients.
  • Choose products that won’t irritate your skin or cause inflammation.


  • Don’t apply makeup until the surgical area has completely healed.
  • Don’t share makeup with other people as it can increase the risk of infection.
  • Don’t use old makeup or old brushes. Replace them with new products after your surgery.
  • Don’t use powder-based makeup products for at least one week.
  • Don’t rub your eyes or put any pressure while wearing or removing your eye makeup because this increases the risk of infection and inflammation.

Can I wear makeup on my face after cataract surgery?

It is recommended not to use eye makeup for a couple of weeks after cataract surgery. You may wear makeup on other areas of your face but it is a bit risky because the makeup particles can go near the eye areas and can cause eye infection.

When can I wash my hair after cataract surgery?

You should wait at least one day after your surgery. You may take a bath or wash your hair the day after your surgery. Do not rub your eyes or put pressure while washing your hair. Make sure to keep soapy products like shampoo and cleanser away from your eyes as much as possible.

How do I know if my lens has moved after cataract surgery?

You may experience a decrease or change in vision, diplopia, or glare. Many patients also have reported headaches from intermittent angle closure or inflammation.

What is the best exercise after cataract surgery?

There are some light and safe exercises to do within a few days after cataract surgery. You may go for a walk the day after your cataract surgery. After one week of the cataract surgery, you may go cycling.

What foods should you avoid after cataract surgery?

After cataract surgery, a person should focus on eating healthy and nutritious food. Foods like refined carbohydrates, sugar, salt, processed foods, etc. should be included. After this surgery, avoid tobacco, and alcohol because these can slow the healing process.

Final Thoughts

Cataract surgery is a quick and painless surgery to remove and replace your lens with an artificial one but the healing will take time. So, it is advised not to use eye products for a couple of weeks after surgery. If you still need to wear eyeliner or other eye products, you must wait at least one week immediately with limited options as only powder eye makeup can be used. If you must wear eyeliner after your surgery, you must follow some instructions and safety measures for better results. Above all, it is very important to take suggestions from your doctor about when you can wear eyeliner after cataract surgery.

Key Points

  • Cataract surgery helps remove the lens of your eye and replace it with an artificial lens.
  • The doctors suggested not to use eyeliner or any other eye products for a couple of weeks after cataract surgery.
  • After 3-4 weeks of your cataract surgery, you can go back to your regular makeup routine and can use eyeliner too.
  • You should not wear eyeliner immediately after the surgery because this increases the risk of infection and interrupts the healing process.
  • Follow all the instructions of your surgeon before wearing eyeliner and do not put extra pressure while removing your eyeliner.
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