Why Did My Purple Hair Dye Turn Blue?

Why did my purple hair dye turn blue

Who doesn’t love to do something interesting with their boring hair color and make it fun even once in their life? I love it, and I bet you do too. A few days back I wanted to have a change and decided to dye my hair color purple. I had very high hopes that my hair color will turn out to be a super cute pinkish purple, but somehow it turned out super blue and I was highly disappointed. YES! You are not the only one out there whose purple hair has turned into a blue one.

But there is nothing to be mad about yet. You can fix this with simple but cautious steps so that you don’t have to repeat the same mistake. I have done some research to know why did my purple hair dye turn blue and found the reasons behind it as well as the solution to fix it and explained all of these in this article for your help.

Why Did My Purple Hair Dye Turn Blue?

You might already know that the color purple consists of two primary colors which are red and blue.

The main reason your purple hair can turn blue is because the amount of blue pigment is more than that of red pigment. Between these two, the molecules of red color can wash off quickly whereas the molecules of blue colors can take longer to rinse off because the blue color can hold strongly to your hair follicles.

Sometimes, we also choose the wrong shades of purple. Some shades of purple are more on a blue side or I might say the shades of violet. Violet has a bluer undertone; after washing, you might think your hair has turned blue.

Another reason can be the type of shampoo that you are using for cleaning your hair. Sometimes the shampoo can strip off the pigments very fast. If the pigments were to remove, the red will strip away faster which can leave your hair blue.

3 Things to Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair

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Things to consider before dyeing your hair

Choose a purple color that has an equal amount of red and blue molecules in it. If the color has a more red tone, it can leave your hair pink, and a more blue undertone in your purple dye will make it blue.

  1. Avoid choosing shades of violet or indigo. The color will more likely look like a lavender shade with a red undertone.
  2. When you bleach your hair before applying the dye, make sure there are no yellow or orange-toned patches left in your hair.
  3. Do not mix hair colors of different brands. Different formulas together can have a reaction that will damage your hair. You cannot have the color you want either.

How To Fix the Blue Hair?

How to fix the blue hair
How to fix the blue hair

If you really want to fix the blue hair and make It purple again, there are several techniques that you can consider.

You can buy a box of purple dye which has a more red tone in it. Mix it with conditioner and leave it in your hair for 4-6 hours. Even though the box will say to leave it in your hair for half an hour, it always works best if you let your hair soak the color more. But if your hair is more on the thinner side, then leave the color for 1 hour. But before doing that take your blue hair a little bit of time to heal from all the bleaching and dying. Change the brand that you have used before.

A color-depositing shampoo or conditioner also works sometimes.  You can use red shampoo to wash off your hair every time. It can infuse some red molecules into your hair to make it a little bit more purply. But it is not just a short time solution. If you do not want your hair to lose all the red pigments before the blue ones from your purple hair color, consider using a color-friendly shampoo and conditioner which is sulfate free.

Or you can just bleach all the hair and dye your hair from the beginning. It is a very lengthy process and you can damage your hair on the way. So, this will be the last thing I would recommend if you really want your hair to be purple.

Things To Consider Before Re-Applying Hair Dye

Things to consider before re-applying hair dye
Things to consider before re-applying hair dye

If you decide to start all over again and bleach your hair again, be careful of bleaching your hair if you are doing it yourself. Overdoing it will completely burn your hair or make your hair fall out, underdoing will leave the hair color green. You can use a yellow or orange tone color to tone down the blue from the hair first.

If your almost bleached hair still has some yellow or orange tone left in it, the purple will get combined with these tones and can again create darker and uneven shades of blue and purple. Bleach must be properly done, but not overly done. Do not bleach your hair yourself if you are not an expert. For bleaching, you should always go to a hair specialist.

Take some time before replying to your color. The chemicals in the dye can leave your hair rough. If you do heat styling more often, then you should give your hair some time before bleaching. Cause bleaching can be extremely harmful to your hair if you are not careful.

How To Maintain Your Hair to Remain Purple Longer?

How to maintain your hair to remain purple longer
How to maintain your hair to remain purple longer

After you have dyed your hair purple, you need to be strict with your hair care routine to maintain the purple color for a long time. I have explained all the ways you can take care of your hair.

  1. Use sulfate-free and color-friendly products: You should always pick shampoos and conditioners which are sulfate-free and made for color-treated hair. Color shampoos help to balance the PH level of your hair. Sulfates are like harsh detergents which can wash off the colors and make your hair harsh.
  2. Wash the hair less frequently: The less you wash your hair, the better it would be. Every wash strips away the natural oils as well as the colors from your hair. You should wash your hair once or twice a week to maintain healthy and shiny hair. If you need a wash in between, use a dry shampoo instead.
  3. Use a heat protectant: Always use a heat protectant before going out to the sun or using any heat tools. Sun exposure can make your hair dye faster and heat tools will make them rough and harsh even more. If you do not have a heat protectant spray, avoid using heat tools more often and go out with a scarf on your head.
  4. Use a hair toner: A toner can correct your hair color at the same time protecting it from fading out. The dye pigment in the toner can make your color stable for a long time in your hair.
  5. Use a color-toning shampoo: There are many colors of toning shampoos in the market, you can use purple shampoo or red shampoo in your hair to give your purple color a boost, although it is not mandatory.


1. Can I use box dye to dye my blue hair purple again?

Yes, you can use box dye to make your blue hair purple again. You should choose purple which has more red tones and mix the dye with conditioner to apply. Leave the dye for 4-6 hours to have extra purple pigment on your blue hair.

2. What happens if you leave purple hair dye in your hair for too long?

Normally, the packages of the dye suggest leaving the dye for half an hour in your hair. But I have always left the dyes in my hair for more than 4-6 hours and it always has given me a better pigment and a deeper shade. If your hair is more of a thinner side, consult a specialist. If you do not want to do it, make your hair color a lighter shade with a neutralizer, then apply your dye and leave it in for an hour.

3. How can I tone down the blue from my hair?

You can tone down the blue in your hair by applying baking soda or vitamin C powder. Sometimes vinegar and water also work. If you want to neutralize colors, use orange and yellow toners in your hair. You can also add some pigment with your conditioner and apply that daily for a faster result.

Final Thoughts

Dyeing our hair with a fun and bold color is never a bad idea. Different colors can boost your confidence and change the way you feel about yourself. I have done many experiments with my hair dye and never regretted it. Every color will make you feel like a new you. Some will make you feel happy, some will not but do not compromise the health of your hair. Colored or not, your first priority should always be healthy hair. So before going out to bleach your hair, again and again, to make your blue hair purple, give yourself and your hair a little time to deal with that. Consider the facts I have mentioned above to maintain beautiful, healthy, and shiny purple hair.

Key Points

  • Purple hair turns blue if there is less red pigment than blue.
  • Red washes off faster than blue from purple, which also leaves the hair blue.
  • You can dye before the previous dye, use a color-depositing shampoo or start all over with bleaching again to fix it.
  • Be careful if you bleach the hair, overdoing it can burn your hair down.
  • Wash once or twice a week and use sulfate-free and color-friendly shampoo and conditioner, use heat protectant before going out or using heat tools, and use a toner or toning shampoo to maintain the purple in your hair.
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