Why Do All Lipsticks Turn Pink on Me?

Why Do All Lipsticks Turn Pink on Me
All Lipsticks Turn Pink on you because of your natural lip color. It occurs when the lips are naturally pink .

There has been so much speculation on why some lipsticks turn out differently for different skin tones. When you tend to swatch the color on your hand, it turns out just fine. But they give off a different color as soon as you put them on your lips. And mostly, this will happen to people who have some rosiness to their faces or deeper skin tones with slight pigmentation on the lips. So why do all lipsticks turn pink on me?

When you have pink lips or when the lips are very pink in general, the lipsticks might also change their original color and show up as a pink color. Even neutral and brown lipsticks tend to show the pink color of the lips. And the red from the very deep scarlet shade will turn to a Fuschia color. And it’s all because there is less melanin on the lips, and the blood vessels present on the lips turn them pink.

The pigmentation on the lips is something very common, but those who do not suffer from pigment but have less pigment on their lips also suffer to find their perfect lip color. When there is more blood vessel on the lips’ skin, and it has less melanin, the lips turn pink. Pink lips might look good on their own, but they might be a bit tricky to handle when you are doing a full face of makeup.

Melanocyte cells are the main source of melanin on the skin. And when you have less presence of those colors, the lips are more on the pink to the red side. These colored lips are flattering, but they can be a huge backward step when you are wearing a different color, which will end up changing the original tones.

Most people love pink lips, and when you have naturally pink lips, you should flatter them by wearing muted and glossy colors. But they might be a dream for some people, but they are not always a very wanted fact when you love to play with makeup. You might want to go for very pale lips, and the pinkness of the lips will just peak through and turn the whole lip shade mauve. Well, it might not seem like a big problem, but those who suffer know.

There have been so many ways to get rid of the color of pink lips. And this is not only for the ones with pink lips; people who suffer from unusual lip color might also try hacks to get the best shade out of their lipsticks. The best way to wear lipstick when you have bright pink or discolored lips is by wearing one with high pigmentation, and matte lipsticks are the perfect example of that.

They will not show up with the original lip color and will not even look blended with your original lips. And there will be fewer chances that your lipstick will turn pink. In this article, we are all about how to make sure that your lipstick stays its natural color instead of turning pink.

Why are lips naturally pink?

Why Are Lips Naturally Pink

Lips are the most important part of the human body and are used for talking, eating, and breathing. And the outermost part of the mouth would be the lips. The lips are highly sensitive, as there are more than one million nerve endings on them. Most people have some sort of pink tinge on their lips, even when the rest of their skin is deep. And the lips turn red or pink because you have several blood vessels on the lips. The outer layer of the lips is very thin, and thus the skin of the lips is thin, and you can see the blood vessels that turn them into pink shades.

The lips have a lot of nerve endings from the brain, and they are for the mucous membrane of the mouth. This turns the lips into a very sensitive place. The movement of the lips is controlled by five muscles for the elevation of the lips and the other four for the downward movement of the lips. There might also be other reasons why your lips are red, mostly due to your ethnicity.

With skin color, the melanocytes of the lips also change, and with lighter skin color, they have fewer melanocytes, leading to less melanin production. And thus, the blood vessels will appear more brightly, which is why the lips turn pink or red. A sweat gland or hair gland is in your lips, making them very smooth. But this might be the reason that they are highly sensitive and tend to react more to the weather. And that’s why the lips will get chapped easily and faster.

And these are the primary reasons why lips look pink or red.

How does lip color affect lipstick color?

How Does Lip Color Affect Lipstick Color

The tones and undertones of the skin will affect every product you use on the lips. This might be because the lip or skin color will peek through the makeup even when you use a full-coverage product. When you choose lipstick, you might be influenced by several factors, including your skin color, the color of your surroundings, and the color of your lips. And in this article, we are all about the color of the lips.

The warmth and coolness of the skin tones are supposed to influence the lipstick colors profoundly, and they tend to make the lips influence each other more and more. According to color theory, red and yellow are predominantly warm tones. But even when the reds have a higher percentage of blue or purple, they are considered to be on the cooler side. And when the same red is in between cool and warm or has the perfect balance of warm and cool colors, it tends to look neutral. For the lipsticks to work on your lips, they have to first contain certain undertones. And here, we are including an example with pink lipstick:

Cool-toned pink: these pinks have blueish undertones, and they can be described as muted and less vibrant.

Warm-toned pinks have orange or peachy undertones and are warmer and deeper compared to cool-toned pinks. They look almost like coral.

Neutral pink: If you have to think of the true pink color, then neutral pink would be the color that would be perfect for this sort of setting. They are muted pink but contain an equal amount of red or orange tinge.

When you have a deep or light skin tone, the color of the lips is mostly influenced by the skin tone. And with less melanin on the skin, you have a lower number on the lips, resulting in pink lips. And for lipstick to suit and vomit out as they are, first, you need to find your undertone. And then work on it:

  • Cool lipsticks will look fine on you if you have cool undertones.
  • If you have warm undertones, the warm-toned lipstick will look better on you, and they won’t go to war with your original lip color.
  • And lastly, when you have a neutral undertone, any lipstick might work just fine for your lips.

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How can I avoid having my lipstick turn pink?

When you are thinking about keeping the original shade of the lipstick, the first thing you need to consider is that the lipstick should be compatible with your lip colors. So when you have pink lips, all of your lipsticks should be pink. But this is not an absolute rule. There are several ways to mute the pink lips and make sure that the lipstick will bloom. Here are some tips that will stop the lipsticks from turning pink on your lips:

  1. Use foundation on the lips
  2. Use concealer on the lips
  3. Use contour on the lips
  4. Apply liquid matte lipstick

1. Use foundation on the lips

Use Foundation On The Lips

Well, this might sound like a very weird idea to put foundation on the lips, but it works. Most of the ingredients in the foundation are exactly the same color as your skin. And when you put the foundation on the lips, they will somehow mute the pink tones of the lips. They might not turn off the whole color, but they will do the work just fine. Here are some tips for putting foundation on the lips:

  • When you are done using your base makeup, use the same brush to put some leftover products on your lips.
  • Do not add any extra products; the foundation left on the brush should work. And blend them well.

2. Use concealer on the lips

Use Concealer On The Lips

When your lips are too vibrant, and the foundation trick doesn’t work, we need to go for something that has full coverage. And then you have your concealer. You can use the concealer directly on the lips, and it will get rid of any shine and natural color on the lips. If you have very dry skin, then try and use the hydrating concealers and apply them to the lips. Here are some tips for applying concealer to the lips:

  • Apply dots of concealer all over the lips and blend them well.
  • Choose a concealer that is similar to your natural shade and top it off with some loose powder.

3. Use contour on the lips

Use Contour On The Lips

Well, this might be out of the blue, but contouring the lips has been a new trend on social media. By contouring the lips, you get very sharp edges around the lips, and they look well-defined. As the contours are very cool-toned, there’s a good chance that they will cancel out the pink tones of the lips. You get very contoured lips and a muted tone with lipstick. Here are some tips:

  • Apply the lip contour all over the lips and blend it well inward or towards the lips.
  • Then blend the lips with the excess contour shade of the lips.

4. Apply liquid matte lipstick

Apply liquid matte lipstick

Well, another way you might be able to ignore any extra work from foundation to concealer and contouring would be to use highly pigmented liquid lipstick. They dry down on the lips, and they are not affected by the colors of the lips. This way, you can use any of the lip colors on your lips.

  • Use a lip brush on the applicator of the lips, and then put them around the lips. That way, you’ll have a perfect application.


1. Why does brown lipstick look pink on me?

If you have naturally pink and vibrant lips, then the brown lipstick might turn pink on you, and this is mostly because the lip color will be peeking through the lipstick.

2. Why does my lipstick look purple on me?

When you have uneven pigmentation on the lips, most of the lipstick will turn purple on you. And this might also be the effect of the color surrounding you.

3. Why does the color of my lipstick change on my lips?

When you have more or less melanin on your lips, the lipstick will change color.

4. Why does red lipstick look bad on me?

When you are using the wrong undertone of red lipstick, it might look bad on you.

Final Thoughts

Why do all lipsticks turn pink on me? Well, the answer is in your natural lip color. When the lips are naturally pink, most lip colors tend to pick up the color of the lips in their original shade, and the lipsticks end up changing their original shade. So nude shades will turn to mauve, brown shades will turn to peach, and red will turn to fuchsia.

 And for very deep colors, they might stay true to their color. To make sure that the lips stay in their color lane, first, you have to use a lip liner and other products on top and make sure that the lips have a neutral tone. And then top it off with lipstick. Applying different lipstick shades might also muffle the original lip color. But still, you should go for high pigment and shine with the lip colors.

Key Points

  1. When you have pink lips or your lips are particularly pink in general, lipsticks may modify their natural hue and seem pink.
  2. Because the lips contain over one million nerve endings, they are extremely sensitive. Even if the rest of their skin is dark, most people have a pink tinge on their lips.
  3. When you have a deep or light skin tone, the color of your lips is mostly determined by your skin tone. And because there is less melanin on the skin, there is less melanin on the lips, resulting in pink lips. And, in order for lipstick to suit and spit out as it is, you must first determine your undertone.

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