Why Do My Curtain Bangs Curl Inwards?

Why Do My Curtain Bangs Curl Inwards?

Depending on the natural curls and texture of your hair, hairstyles can turn out to be very different and appear with various difficulties. It’s no different for curtain bangs either. Although these bangs are super pretty and suit almost every face type, your hair type along with other factors can change the look of it by making the style difficult to carry.

The most common problem with curtain bangs is inward curling. Here you can notice your bangs facing inwards instead of outwards which gets in the nerve when you are merely trying to get your styling done. Curtain bangs are super popular because of their messy look and easy styling ways but when it starts curling inward without proper knowledge of why this happens and how to solve it, there is no coming back. After digging out all the reasons and solutions to inward curling we will definitely find your answer to the question “Why do my curtain bangs curl inwards?”.

5 Reasons Why Curtain Bangs Curl Inwards

Reasons Why Curtain Bangs Curl Inwards
Reasons Why Curtain Bangs Curl Inwards

Among various reasons for curtain bangs curling inwards 5 reasons are the most common which probably make your curtain bangs curl inwards. They are:

1. Natural Pulling of Curls

Human hair has a natural curling pattern especially when the hair is cut in a c shape. The hair follicles get attached to the skin at the bottom, so it gets curled inwards. Also, some people have natural curls that turn the ends to go inwards which causes curtain bangs to be curled that way.

2. Humidity

When your straight curtain bangs suddenly start curling inwards this may be because of the humidity in the environment. When your hair is dry and comes in contact with humidity unpredictable changes may occur with the pattern of the hair.

3. Incorrect Cutting of Bangs

If you have been struggling with your curtain bangs going inward problem even though your hair is not wavy or anything, it is likely that your hair was not cut perfectly. Curtain bangs need to be cut perfectly to sit on your face and it is very common to make a mistake in that. This kind of mistake occurs mostly because of cutting with dry hair. Here the bangs are not given needed layers and length needed making them go inward.

4. Not Styling

If you are not styling your curtain bangs, then it I only normal that they would not sit on your face like you want them. Bangs are usually either flat or go inward because of the natural hair structure. The curtain bangs need styling of some sort to fall on your face and give the volume you desire.

5. Wrong Heat Styling

When you are styling your curtain bang in the wrong way they will definitely go inwards. It is very important to know how to style your curtain bangs to avoid the inward problem. When you are styling your bangs inward for a long time there is a high possibility they will end up going inward permanently.

3 Ways to Stop Curtain Bangs from Curling Inwards

Ways to Stop Curtain Bangs from Curling Inwards
Ways to Stop Curtain Bangs from Curling Inwards

There are ways to stop your curtain bangs from going inwards. Let’s see some easy ways to stop curtain bangs from going inward:

1. Pinning your hair

To stop your bangs from going inward you need to start pinning them. It is a very easy and hair-friendly way to make your bangs go outward and look pretty.  After you have washed your hair you can apply some chair moisturizer and then by pulling your bangs roll them in hairpins. Let them stay there until you are ready to style them.

2. Getting a haircut right

You need to be very careful with curtain bangs and make sure that you get bangs from professionals rather than cutting your own. Curtain bangs need to be the right size to fall on your face without going inward. Certain things need to be considered before cutting curtain bangs so they do not go inward. Your hair needs to be wet before cutting curtain bangs, Make sure to create a perfect center part, you have to angle your parted bangs for cutting curtains.

3. Right heating style

Make sure to style your hair correctly with the right hearting tool. The curtain bangs are best styled with a big round brush and hairdryer. Flat irons can be used too but those can be difficult to handle. Styling with flash iron often leads toward the inward of curtain bangs. When styled with a blow dryer the possibility of curtain bangs going outward increases and you get the perfect curtain bangs ever.

Tips To Keep Curtain Bangs In Place: 6 Easy Ways

Tips To Keep Curtain Bangs In Place 6 Easy Ways
Tips To Keep Curtain Bangs In Place 6 Easy Ways

To keep your curtain bangs in place you need to take care of them, By following these 6 tips you can keep your curtain bangs in place.

1. Apply Moose On Your Hair

To keep your air in place for the rest of the day you can apply hair moose. You have to start with damp hair and apply a small amount of moose on your hair, especially on the bangs.  Moose trains air to fall on the right place and makes them soft to handle easily.

2. Blow Dry Your Hair As Soon As Possible

If you want your curtain bangs to stay in place for a long long time start blow-drying your hair when it is slightly wet. This kind of blow drying adds extra volume and sets the curtain bangs in place. Blow dry on wet hair gives the curtain bangs shape and trains the hair to fall in the right places over time.

3. Use Anti-Humidity Spray

Since humidity can bend your bang’s shape and texture you should always carry anti-humidity spray. They are great for curtain bangs. They can prevent frizz and damage making the curtain bangs sit in place.

4. Keep The Bangs Clean

To make your bangs stay in place there is no dirt and oil in them. You need to wash your bangs on a regular basis. If not, then use dry shampoo on the bangs to keep them clean. Keeping your curtain bangs clean will make them sit longer in place.

5. Protect Your Curtain Bangs

To make your curtain bangs fall on your face perfectly make sure to protect them with a cap or hat. Wearing a cap or hat will protect your bangs from heat humidity, rain, and any other weather conditions. When you are keeping your bangs protected you can simply run your fingers to make them look spectacular.

6. Schedule Trimming

Trim your curtain bangs on a daily basis to make them fall in place. Sometimes bangs can go inward because of growing and this needs to be trimmed. If you are looking for curtain bangs to sit in place you need to trim them after a specific amount of time.


1. Do I curl curtain bangs inward or outward?

Curtain Bangs going inward do not really suit the face and make you look like you have messy hair. For a sleek clean look try curling your bangs outward.

2. Do curtain bangs look good without styling?

Curtain bangs give you a messy hair look without styling. Yes, they are going to look good anyway, but it is better to style them with styling tools.

3. Do curtain bangs have to be centered?

No, there is no specific rule on how you want to wear curtain bangs. Since they are messy and have been cut in steps you can wear curtain bangs however you like, centered or parted curtain bangs will look good anyway.

4. Are curtain bangs hard to deal with?

Curtain bangs are the lowest maintenance bangs of all, so you do not have to put too much effort into making them sit in place, and top make them look good.

Final Thoughts

Curtain bangs are a very pretty way to style your hair and since they are suited for all of the face shapes they become an easy choice for everyone. Bang can be difficult to handle sometimes; curtain bangs are no different than that.

Bangs going inward are very common with curtain bangs, but by finding the reason and solutions you can easily overcome this. Your curtain bangs just need a simple touch of love to fall on your face and make you feel like a diva. Just run through the reasons and solutions of the bangs going inward problem and voila you are ready to carry your curtain bangs everywhere you go.

Key Takeaways

  • Curtain bangs going inward creates a desperate situation for everyone and it becomes important to understand the reasons and solutions behind that.
  • There are various reasons for your curtain bangs to go inward but 5 of them are very common which causes the inward problem.
  • You can easily fix the problem of your curtain bangs with the given solution. Just follow through with them.
  • Also it is possible to make your curtain bangs sit in place if appropriately taken care of. Follow the tips to take care of your curtain bangs.
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