Why Does My Makeup Come Off Even With Setting Spray?

Why Does My Makeup Come Off Even With Setting Spray
Setting spray is recommended to make makeup last all day. Despite setting spray, many people’s face makeup does not stay on their faces.

People always try to beautify themselves in many ways. Wearing makeup is one of them that is very popular, especially among girls. People have been doing makeup for many years. For doing makeup, they are using so many makeup items such as foundation, blush, concealer, primer, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, setting powder, etc. Setting spray is a makeup item that helps to make makeup long-lasting and smooth. But even still, makeup has the chance to come off!

So, why does makeup come off even with setting spray? Setting spray helps to prevent the makeup from melting or fading away throughout the day. But your makeup can still come off even with setting spray for some reasons such as lack of good skincare, using the wrong moisturizer, applying extra foundation, touching your face frequently, skipping primer, etc. So, proper methods should be followed to avoid makeup separation.

How Does Setting Spray Work?

How does setting spray work

Setting spray is a product that is used to set makeup and help it last longer. After applying makeup, setting spray is sprayed over the face to provide a protective barrier. The water-based formula of setting spray helps to lock the makeup fresh. While doing makeup, you are missing out if you don’t use a setting spray. Setting spray helps to make your makeup long-lasting. Besides extending the wear of your makeup, it also helps to provide a fresh, shiny, and glowing look.

Setting sprays are found in different formulations from matte to dewy finishes. It can be used on any skin type. Many of the setting sprays also contain ingredients such as moisturizers or antioxidants that give additional benefits to your skin. Using setting spray at the end of your beauty routine will give you a good finish and effective result. You may also use a small amount of setting spray after primer or between each layer of your makeup. When doing this, make sure your face is dry for further steps.

There are varieties of setting sprays such as matte finish setting spray, plump finish setting spray, radiant finish setting spray, dewy finish setting spray, multi-tasking setting spray, etc. All have different formulas and are used for different purposes or finishes.  It depends on you which finish you want for your makeup look.

13 Reasons Why Makeup Comes Off Even with Setting Spray

Makeup can come off even after setting the spray. And there can be so many reasons behind it. Among them, one of the most common reasons is touching or rubbing your face frequently. There are some other reasons why makeup comes off even with setting spray. The reasons are as follows-

1. Lack of Good Skincare Routine

Healthy skin is the first and foremost condition to make your makeup long-lasting. Proper maintenance of your skin can make your makeup look more excellent and natural. Cleansing is one of the most important elements to make your skin healthy and fresh. To make your skin stay hydrated and prevent other skin problems, you must use appropriate skincare products such as moisturizers, serums, toners, sunscreen, etc.  If you don’t follow a good skincare routine, your makeup will eventually come off even with setting spray.

Lack of good skincare routine

2. Not Choosing Oil-free Moisturizer

Using an oil-free moisturizer is the key to durable makeup. Choosing an oily moisturizer will make your makeup come off easily. So, it is very important to choose an oil-free moisturizer. Wait at least 10-15 minutes before applying your foundation to allow the moisturizer to dry and set in. Keep in mind that the oilier your foundation base is, the more possibility it has to fall off.

Not choosing oil free moisturizer

3. Using Sweat Prone Foundation & Concealer

If your makeup is coming off even with setting spray, it may be because the foundation or concealer you’ve chosen is not suitable for your skin. If you have oily skin, you must be aware of choosing your concealer or foundation. Moreover, any water-based foundation or concealer is more prone to sweat, making your makeup come off! So, to make your makeup long-lasting, use a good foundation and concealer that is suited to your skin.

Using sweat prone foundation concealer

4. Your Skin is Oily

Some people’s skin is too oily. This cause problem while doing makeup base. After applying makeup items for every base, their skin started to melt and looks cakey. As a result, their makeup eventually comes off even with setting spray. So, people with oily skin have to carefully choose their products for avoiding such issues. Water-based products or oil-free formulas can be a good choice for people with oily skin.

Your skin is oily

5. Using a Less Long-Lasting Foundation

Choosing a long-lasting foundation should be the priority for avoiding your makeup to come off, even if you are to use a good setting spray. It will also help to avoid a cakey look which happens after some hours. A long-lasting foundation is nicely absorbed into the skin providing a smooth and shiny finish. Besides choosing a long-lasting foundation, you must choose a foundation that is best suited to your skin. If you don’t use a long-lasting foundation, your makeup can come off.

Using a less long lasting foundation

6. Applying Incorrectly

Application of the items such as foundation, and concealer also matters. If you don’t apply all layers correctly, your makeup can come off even with setting spray. Most significantly, if you apply your foundation or concealer with your fingers instead of using a beauty blender or foundation brush, it will enhance the possibility of your makeup falling off. You should also use makeup products to get perfect and long-lasting results.

Applying incorrectly

7. Check Makeup Expiry Date

One of the main reasons makeup comes off even with setting spray is because the date of the products you are using has expired. There is a reason for makeup having a shelf life of about 2 years after opening it because it will become less effective the longer it is used. Make sure your product has not crossed expire date to avoid makeup falling off even with spray.

Check makeup expiry date

8. Using Extra Foundation

Applying a minimal foundation is one of the best techniques to avoid your makeup from coming off. Extra foundation won’t provide good coverage, rather it will come off easily even with setting spray. If you apply just the right amount of foundation on your skin, it will be easily absorbed and will decrease the possibility to come off. So, it is always best to right amount to avoid such situations.

Using extra foundation

9. Touching Your Face Frequently

Consciously or unconsciously, we have a tendency of touching our faces. Our hands carry different sweat which can make the makeup come off easier. If you frequently touch your face after makeup, you may experience your makeup falling off even with setting spray.  Along with the sweat on your hands, the warmth from it can melt and break down the makeup on your face.

Touching your face frequently

10. Skipping Primer

An overlooked aspect of makeup is the primer, which people often skip it to hasten their makeup routine. Primer is not a must for creating a makeup look but using it can bring better results. Besides applying concealer and foundation, primer is also needed to create a good makeup base. Primer helps the foundation to last longer which in turn gives it a stronger grip on the makeup. Choose a primer based on your skin type to make your makeup base strong. If you skip primer, you may experience your makeup coming off even with setting spray.

Skipping primer

11. Applying More Products & Blending Improperly

You should not use a greater number of products such as primer, foundation, or concealer on your face. Because, if you use more products than needed, it will be difficult for you to blend easily. Blending is more important than simply applying the products. Therefore, improper blending will make the makeup look cakey and will come off easily.

Applying more products blending improperly

12. Use the right Tools

While doing makeup, we all must use the right tools when needed. Use makeup brushes and a beauty blender when needed. Also, these brushes and puffs have different sizes and shapes. So, use the proper tools and the proper shape of tools to make your base perfect.  This can also have an impact on your makeup’s fall. So, only using setting spray can’t stop your makeup to come off. Rather, using the right tools is needed to avoid this situation.

Use the right tools

13. Keep Your Tools Sanitized

It is very important to keep your tools clean and sanitized. Otherwise, you may face problems in which your makeup comes off even with setting spray. The more you use the tools, the more they will accumulate product buildup, oil, dirt, and even germs!  This will affect the makeup blending or durability of your makeup sponge. So, make sure your tools are clean and sanitized each time you use them. Especially in the case of sponges or beauty blenders, they should be cleaned after a week’s use as it easily gets contact with water, buildup, or dirt.

Keep your tools sanitized

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Ways of Fixing Separated Makeup on the Face

For several reasons, your makeup may come off. There are some ways of fixing the makeup that comes off your face. The ways are as follows-

Ways of fixing separated makeup on the face
  1. Sometimes makeup comes off because of excess oil on the skin. In that case, you may use blotting paper that helps to absorb the excess oil and help your makeup to adhere to your skin. Press the blotting paper gently on your face a couple of times until the oil is absorbed.
  2. In case of a dry face, if you are experiencing your makeup falling, you can use a clean tissue to remove excess makeup from your skin without pressing too hard. Applying a hydrating mist may help you in extra moisture.
  3. If your foundation or concealer has separated or come off, you may use a beauty blender and blend it. This may help to blend the product more evenly and make it smooth.
  4. You may also apply a small amount of setting powder or powder foundation with a powder puff to give it a good finish and remove the patchy look.
  5. If your makeup is coming off even with setting spray, you may try doing a thin coat or layer that will help your makeup to be more durable and smooth than before.

How to Use Setting Spray Correctly

Using setting spray incorrectly can also be a reason behind makeup’s fall. To avoid separated makeup or makeup coming off, you must apply the setting spray correctly. You can follow the following methods to apply the setting spray correctly:

  1. Choose the Right Spray for Your Skin Type: First of all, you need to choose the right spray for your skin type. If you have dry skin, try to avoid sprays that contain alcohol because it can dry out your skin more. In case of oily skin, choose an oil-free spray that gives a matte finish.
  2. Shake the Bottle: Before applying the setting spray on your face, make sure to give your bottle a few gentle shakes. Because spry contains different ingredients that can settle to the bottom of the bottle. So, make sure you make a proper mixture before applying.
  3. Spray Your Entire Face: Don’t spray too closely, rather spray from six to eight inches away to have full coverage on age on your entire face. Apply your setting spray in an “X” shape over your face. Then apply it in a “T” shape to ensure full coverage.


1. Does setting spray ruin makeup?

No, setting spray doesn’t ruin makeup. It is designed to help your makeup last longer and stay throughout the day. Setting spray works by creating a fine mist that helps to seal your makeup in place.

2. Why is my foundation not absorbing into my skin?

The most probable reason is the lack of moisturizer. You might not choose the right type of moisturizer for you based on your skin type. Wait for 5-10 minutes for everything to absorb into the skin.

3. What can I use instead of setting spray?

If you don’t have a setting spray, you may use face mists, makeup setting powder, mineral oil sprays or oil-free moisturizers, etc. These can be great options to set your makeup without setting spray.

4. Is rosewater a good setting spray?

Rosewater can be a good natural alternative to setting spray. It has hydrating and soothing properties and can help to set your makeup in place. But it may not have the same long-lasting effects as a traditional setting spray.

5. What’s the difference between setting spray and finishing spray?

There are differences between setting spray and finishing spray. Finishing sprays help to make your makeup natural look. On the other hand, setting spray help to make your makeup long-lasting and protect it from rain, sweat, or others.

Final Thoughts

Setting spray is a very important makeup item to give a good finish to your makeup. It provides a protective barrier to your face with a matte, shiny and glowing look. But sometimes your makeup can even come off even with setting spray. There are several reasons behind this. For example-lack of good skincare, choosing the wrong foundation, applying incorrectly, touching the face frequently, etc. Regardless, there are some ways to fix your separated makeup in some cases but you may not fix it every time. So, be conscious about choosing the right steps while applying makeup or setting spray.

Key Points

  • Setting spray is one of the makeup items that help to make makeup long-lasting and smooth.
  • Your makeup can still come off even with setting spray for reasons such as lack of good skincare, using the wrong moisturizer, applying extra foundation, touching your face frequently, skipping primer, etc.
  • For avoiding separated makeup, you must also apply the setting spray correctly.
  • You must follow proper precautions while and after doing makeup so that your makeup doesn’t come off.

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