Why Does My Weave Itch So Bad at Night?

Weave hair helps to style your hair differently by adding volume, texture, and length. Weave itching became so common night among people with this hairstyle.

People are very fond of their hair and they want to style it in many ways. There are so many hairstyles available for different types of hair. It gets easier for people to choose their hair colors or hairstyles as different styles are available for all types of hair. People with all types of hair including straight, wavy, curly, or other types of hair are going to style their hair to make them look attractive. Weave hair is a popular hairstyle in which your hair gets a new look along with extensions.

So, why does my weave itch so bad at night? Weave itching is very commonly found among women. In this process of braiding when weaving, your hair is often pulled too tight that causes inflammation. You may experience your scalp drying out leaving an itchy and uncomfortable feeling. Weave itching feels so bad that you can’t think about anything else at that time. The common reasons for weave itching include tight braids, dry scalp, dandruff, allergic reaction, poor hygiene, and so on. Follow the necessary tips and precautions to prevent or get relief from an itchy weave.

How Weave Itching Feels Like?

How weave itching feels like

Weaves are an effective way to add volume, length, or texture to your hair. Weaves can be styled in a variety of ways and they can change up women’s hairstyles. A weave can cause some discomfort such as itching. This is a common problem that many women face and it disrupts your sleep. There are so many reasons behind the weave itching problems.

When you are experiencing weave itching, you will experience drying out your scalp leaving an itchy and uncomfortable feel. When you are experiencing scalp itches, it gets difficult for you to think about anything else. This happens because your weaves are pulled so tight during the process.  The inflammation of hair follicles creates a spread of that itchy feeling.

8 Reasons Why My Weave Itch So Bad at Night

The leave itching gets painful at night. There are some reasons why weave itching feels so bad at night.

Reasons why my weave itch so bad at night

1. Tight Braids

When weaves are done on your hair, they are braided tightly so that they can be secure. This is done to avoid slipping out or falling out of the braids but it causes itching and discomfort. Irritation and inflammation are the outcomes of tight braids. Tight braids are one of the most significant reasons why people face weave itching. If you are experiencing tight braids, you can loosen them and massage your scalp with soothing oil to avoid discomfort.

2. Dry Scalp

This is another big reason why the weaving itch is so bad at night. Dry skin needs special checkups following a routine. Since it easily gets irritated and itchy. Using harsh shampoos or not moisturizing your skin properly causes a dry scalp. Use a moisturizer shampoo, scalp moisturizer, coconut oil, or Aloe Vera to soothe the irritation.

3. Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most common reasons behind your itchy weave. When the hair and scalp get drier, it leads to dandruff. Jojoba or tea tree oil is one of the best solutions for treating dry hair and dandruff. Oiling your hair frequently may also help to treat dandruff and an itchy scalp.

4. Allergic Reactions

Your weave may also itch because of an allergic reaction. Many people are allergic to the chemicals used in the weaves. The allergic reactions may cause itching, redness, or even hair loss. If you are experiencing an allergy to your weaves, you should consult with your doctor to avoid serious conditions.

5. Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is another major cause of weave itching. It is very difficult to clean your scalp completely when your weaves are done in your hair. So, when you do not wash your hair and scalp, it can create buildup and dirt on your skin. As a result, it can lead to poor hygiene and you will experience itching and skin irritation.

6. Lack of Protection

You should have enough protection between your braids and weave. This may lead to tension in your hair such as itching. This will act as a tension between your weaves and braids and as a result, increase itching and scalp irritation.

7. Heat and Sweat

Heat and sweat can also cause itching at night. When you sleep, your body generates heat which can cause sweating. You can use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner or massage your scalp with soothing oils. This may allow you to enjoy your hairstyle without any discomfort or irritation.

8. Reaction to a Hair Care Product

Hair care products contain so many ingredients that cause skin irritation. So, hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, or other products cause skin rashes or irritations. So, your weave can itch so badly after that.

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How Do I Stop My Scalp From Itching With Weave?

The itching feels so bad and uncomfortable. Follow some tips and tricks to stop your scalp from itching with weave.

How do I stop my scalp from itching with weave
  1. Moisturize Your Scalp: If your scalp is dry, it can cause itching and some other problems. Apply moisturizing products like oil to the scalp before your appointment. Apply oils and moisturizing serums to treat your scalp and prevent itching or other skin irritations.
  2. Use Natural Hair Extensions: Use natural hair extensions instead of artificial hair. Synthetic fibers along with alkaline coating are used in artificial hair extensions. This can cause an allergic reaction while natural hair can help you avoid skin irritation.
  3. Loosen Your Braids: If your braids are done tightly, they can stretch your scalp and make your head itch. So, loosen your braids to avoid weave itching at night.
  4. Use Apple Cider Vinegar: When doing artificial hair extensions, use apple cider vinegar. This will remove the alkaline coating without any itching or skin irritation.
  5. Scalp Oils: Apply oils on your scalp to keep it nourished and moisturized. If you feel your weaves are itching at night, scalp oils can be a good solution.
  6. Enzyme Control: If your body produces too much histamine, this can be a reason for weave itching. So, you need to function the enzymes to control the histamine.
  7. Wash Your Sew In: It depends on the hair type that how often you will wash your hair. Wash your straight hair 2-3 times a week and your curly hair once a week. You should change out the sew-in regularly because it can cause itching or increase the risk of infection.
  8. Treat Underlying Skin Conditions: If you are suffering from skin conditions like dryness, dermatitis, or psoriasis, take effective treatments. Because these skin conditions are very prone to weave itching or skin irritation at night.

Six Helpful Tools That Can Relieve an Itchy Wave

Besides some tips and tricks, there are some tools you can use to get relief from itchy weaves.

  1. Scalp Massaging Brush: There are a variety of brushes you can use in many ways. These brushes can be used in many ways during shampooing or oiling.
  2. Rat Tail Combs: A rat tail is one of the most unique styling tools that can help soothe your scalp. For soothing the tangling or weaves, rat tail combs can be a good choice.
  3. Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo is a good way to get rid of excessive oils and dirt from hair. Before choosing your dry shampoo, make sure it is hydrating and can give cooling sensations.
  4. Scalp Soother: Scalp soother is similar to hair pick. This comes with three teeth and soothes the itch.
  5. Scalp Bliss Itch Calming Dipstix Set: This set is uniquely designed and it is completely different from the other tools. This dipstick set contains elements like oil and serum that help to soothe the scalp itching.
  6. Natural Remedies: Natural remedies like apple cider vinegar can be used to relieve an itchy weave.


1. How long does it take for a weave to stop itching?

If you have dandruff and extensions have not been installed properly, it can cause a sensitive scalp that may lead to itching. Itching is very common and it may take a few days to stop itching.

2. Does itching damage hair?

Yes, itchy scalp can affect the skin and hair follicles. This damage can further result in hair loss or bleeding. The hair will usually grow back when you stop scratching.

3. Does coconut oil stop an itchy scalp?

Coconut oil is an effective ingredient that helps to eliminate and prevent dandruff. It contains hydrating properties that can help reduce the itchiness and dryness of the skin.

4. Why do my braids itch so much at night?

Your braids may itch at night for several reasons. This may be because your braids are so tightened or your scalp has dead skin cells, dust, or sebum that make it so prone to itching and irritation.

5. What oil to use for braids?

Tea tree oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil can work best on the braids. This oil helps to style your hair and soothe the scalp.

Final Thoughts

Weave hair is a very popular hairstyle that is added to a person’s hair to make them longer and thicker. This is a unique hairstyle that women are especially fond of. But, weaved hair causes itching problems which are commonly found among the people who do this hair. The weave itching problems increase at night because of the inflammation of hair follicles. Reasons such as tight braids, dry scalp, dandruff, allergic reactions, poor hygiene, etc. are responsible for the weave itching at night. You can stop scalp itching by following some tips and tricks. Moreover, some tools work effectively to relieve an itchy weave.

Key Points

  • Weave hair is a great way to change up women’s hairstyles that add length, volume, or texture to your hair.
  • People with weaved hair commonly feel weave itching because of the inflammation of hair follicles.
  • The reasons why people face itching with weaved hair are dandruff, tight braids, dry scalp, allergic reactions, poor hygiene, lack of protection, heat, sweat, and so on.
  • You should follow tips like loosening your braids and moisturizing your scalps or scalp oils to prevent your scalp from the itchy weave.
  • Tools like scalp massaging brush, rat tail combs, or scalp soother are very significant to weave itch at night.

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