Why Is My Micellar Water Separating?


Cleansers are an important part of our daily skincare routine. Micellar water is a unique cleanser that comes with a gentle formula and can effectively remove the oil, makeup, or dirt from the skin. The users are facing a common problem with the micellar water which is the separation of the micellar water. When the micellar water gets separated, you may experience two layers including one top layer that contains oil and the other that contains water.

So, why is my micellar water separating? There can be so many reasons for the separation of the micellar water. Different micellar waters are formulated in different ways. So, the ingredients of some micellar water may cause the water to separate easily. Some other factors like the type of surfactants used or the temperature can also separate the micellar water. In this article, we have shared the cause and effect of the separated micellar water and the tips to prevent it. This will help you know all about the separation of the micellar water and help you prevent the separation.

What Causes Micellar Water to Separate?

Micellar water contains water and tiny molecules that help to remove the dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin. This is an effective cleanser to remove makeup and dirt from the skin. However, a common problem that many users face is the separation of micellar water. When the water is separated, you may experience an oily layer floating on the top.

When micellar water separates, you may experience two layers. On the top, there is an oily layer, on the bottom there is a water layer. The instability of surfactant components is one of the major reasons why the micellar water separates. If your micellar water contains too high or too low a concentration of surfactants, the micellar water may lose the ability to dissolve in the water and separate out. Exposure to heat and cold can also cause the micellar water to separate.

7 Factors Affecting Micellar Water to Separate

Here are some common factors affecting the micellar water to separate:

Factors Affecting Micellar Water to Separate

1. The Role of Surfactants

Surfactants are very important ingredients that make micellar water effective. Surfactants help to attract dirt, oil, or makeup from the skin. The separation of the micellar water depends on the type of surfactants and the concentration used in that micellar water. If the concentration is too high or too low, it can cause the micellar water to separate.

2. Effects of Heat & Cold

Temperature can also affect the stability of micellar water. If the surfactants are exposed to heat or cold, it can affect the surfactants and they may get separated.

3. Storage

Another reason for the separation of your micellar water may be because you are not storing it properly. When it is exposed to open air, it will eventually separate. So, it is very important to store the micellar water in a cool and dark place so that the water doesn’t get separated.

4. Concentration

If you are using too much or too little amount of micellar water, it can float away and get separated. So, the concentration you are using is also important and can affect the water.

5. Too Old

When your micellar water is too old, you can experience separation. Just like the other products, the micellar water can break down and lose its efficacy over time.

6. Different Density

All micellar water does not contain the same ingredients. Some micellar water may contain ingredients having a different density that leads to separation. As a result, some components may settle at the bottom while others are on the top.

7. Ingredients

The ingredients used in the micellar water including the surfactants and emulsifier can also affect the micellar water formulation. Some micellar water may contain ingredients that make the water separate.

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How to Prevent Separation in Micellar Water?

To prevent the separation of micellar water, you may follow these tips:

How to Prevent Separation in Micellar Water?
  1. Shake the Bottle: It is very important to shake the bottle before using it. This will ensure that the surfactants are evenly distributed and prevent the separation.
  2. Use an Airtight Container: If your micellar water is getting separated, you can use a different container to prevent air from entering the container.
  3. Keep the Cap Closed: After each use, you must keep the cap closed to minimize exposure to air and contaminants.  This can prevent separation in the micellar water.
  4. Check Ingredients: Choose a micellar water with good ingredients. Look at the formulation of the micellar water and choose your one according to that.
  5. Replace Old Product: Like the other skincare products, micellar water has also a shelf life. So, be careful about the expiration date and replace your old product with a new one.

Can You Still Use Separated Micellar Water?

Can You Still Use Separated Micellar Water?

You can still use the separated micellar water but you may not get the expected result. Because the micellar water won’t be that effective once it is separated or expired. The oily layer on the top may cause skin irritation and leave a residue on the skin. For using separated micellar water, you need to shake the bottle very well. After that, take a small amount of micellar water into a cotton pad. Before applying it to the whole face, test it on a small area of your face. So, you can use the micellar water even after separation but you need to follow some safety measures as the separated water can cause skin problems and lead to inflammation. Also, you won’t get your desired results using the separated micellar water.

Should You Shake Micellar Water?

Should You Shake Micellar Water?

Micellar water is a popular and gentle cleansing option for people with all skin types. This is a good choice for people with sensitive skin. Micellar water contains micelles that are basically some tiny molecules. These tiny molecules help to attract dirt, makeup, or oil from the skin. Micellar water is not harmful like the other cleansers and it can be used with a cloth or cotton pad.

As micellar water contains tiny molecules. It should be shaken before use. Shaking the bottle can help the micelles and other ingredients to evenly distribute in the water. The even distribution will help to work more effectively at cleansing your skin. Shaking the bottle will also help to remove the sediment that is settled at the bottom of the bottle. This may also help to prevent the separation of the micellar water.

Final Thoughts

Micellar water is a popular cleanser with so many benefits. For removing makeup, oil, or dirt from the skin, micellar water is a good choice. Micellar water contains a gentle formula that makes it an effective alternative to other cleansers. A common problem that occurs with micellar water is its separation. Micellar water contains micelles and other tiny molecules and ingredients. The ingredients including the surfactants and emulsifiers can cause the micellar water to separate. Too much cold or heat can also cause the micellar water to separate. You can follow some tips and tricks to prevent the micellar water from separating. Some people may still use the separated micellar water. While using the separated micellar water, you must shake the bottle to get an even distribution on your face and get better results.


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