Why Makeup Important?

Why Makeup Important
Makeup is an effective form of self-expression and personal style. It can enhance one’s natural beauty and bring out their unique features.

The existence of makeup has been around from the ancient Egyptian era to the modern age. Today, it holds a significant value in our life as it shows off beauty and femininity, much like in ancient times. Wearing makeup has been so normalized that we often see people wearing makeup when they are having indoor events and also for outdoor events. It holds an undeniable impact on people’s day-to-day life. When something caught our attention we tend to follow it. They also try to perfect it or do something unique.

The most talked about topic in this generation is new makeup ideas, shortcuts, and brands. It is difficult to keep up with the number of new makeup brands. These brands provide similar products. The question is, why there are so many brands selling the same products? The answer is everyday people are trying to perfect their work or do better than others. Even though they may have similar benefits, still they have differences in quality, quantity, price, and packaging. Now we can realize the importance of makeup, and how our daily is connected with makeup products.

The Importance of Makeup

Makeup products have psychological & physical benefits in our life. Every day people are getting more dependent on makeup products. Here are some reasons why makeup holds an important place in our life.

1. Creates an Illusion

Creates an illusion

The perfect way of creating an illusion is through the art of makeup. Artists can make art by using the knowledge of depth and lighting. It takes a great deal of patience and creativity. People used to apply oil paint on their skin. As we know oil paint is harmful to our skin. It consists of incredible toxins such as heavy metals.

Makeup today is much different from paint used before, and much safer for the skin. This is why it is not causing us any serious damage. By using makeup, we can express ourselves and still prevent ourselves from causing any harm to our skin. So that we can create this beautiful realistic illusion without any worry.

2. Boosting Up Mood

Boosting up mood

We may have noticed that applying makeup can change our mood. Whenever we feel sad most of the time we apply makeup. It instantly boosts our mood. While going out it doesn’t matter how gloomy we feel, when we’re at our best selves we feel refreshed. Applying makeup is a great way of distracting ourselves. We have seen how makeup can lift our moods.

3. Enhance Face Structure

Enhance face structure

Using contour and highlighting products, you can hide your double chin and round face. You can also change the puffiness of the eye bag, make your eyes appear bigger, make your forehead appear smaller, and make the collarbone more prominent.

If you ever feel insecure about your face or body parts, you can simply hide them using makeup. With proper makeup tools, you can make yourself a completely different person. Sometimes people try to look like celebrities by applying makeup.

4. Conceal Blemishes

Conceal blemishes

With proper makeup tools, you can hide away stubborn spots, scars, dark circles, and puffy eye bags. It basically hides your spots and gives you a smooth, even, and flawless finish. To conceal any spots, redness, or dark circles, you can apply concealer on those spots. There are different types of concealer for different spots.  Primer helps the makeup to set in your face so that it can have a long-lasting effect.

Foundation gives the skin an even tone and vibrant look. Some foundation has hydrating formula so that your face does not lose its moisturizer after a long day at work. Some foundation has SPF so that it blocks UV radiation from absorbing into your skin. Not only it protects your skin but also helps reduce hyperpigmentation.

5. Brighten Up Skin

Brighten up skin

Staying under the sun for a long time can damage your skin. It can affect your skin by building dull pigmentations on them. Simply by using makeup products we can brighten up our skin. We can also use certain skin care products to brighten up our skin for the longest time.

You can use an exfoliator, face roller, and moisturizer to revive your skin from dull pigmentation. It can remove dead cells and bring out healthy cells underneath the skin. These dead cells are harmful to our skin as they can cause tissue damage and inflammation.  You can scrub away these dead cells from your skin so that your skin can have a healthy glow.

6. Improving Appearance

People of different ages use makeup for different purposes. Using makeup, they can elevate their appearance and self-confidence.

Improving appearance


Teens aged 11 to 17 tend to wear makeup to make themselves more confident about themselves. A person goes through a tough time in their teen years, dealing with insecurities with their skin due to hormonal changes. They are getting used to their body as things are changing around them. Some kids show their creativity through makeup.


Adults aged before the age of 40 wear makeup to hide their insecurity and blemishes.  Adults use makeup for different reasons, some want to brighten their skin, and some want to a hide double chin. Different adult has different needs.


People over 40 use makeup to make themselves look younger and hide wrinkles or spots. As we grow older, our skin starts to shrink and fails to keep up glowing and healthy skin. Here makeup comes and serves us. There are various products in the markets to lessen wrinkles, uplift skin, and bring a natural glow.

7. Level Up Self Esteem

Level up self esteem

Makeup hides our imperfections and gives us confidence. Normally when we look in the mirror all we see is imperfection and we will do everything to hide it. By using makeup, we feel attractive and gain more confidence. When we see ourselves the way we want to look, it makes us feel more sociable, and self-expressive.

8. Skincare


The skin can produce strong collagen and elastin. After some years it starts to decrease. Doing proper skin care can help your skin to regenerate skin cells. Get rid of dead skin cells, black head and white head, and breakouts. If you do not clean your skin daily, it causes breakouts. Breakouts lead to skin damage and dull pigmentations. You also need to keep your bed sheets clean as it can also cause pimples.

Only cleaning your face with water is not enough. You need to start deep cleansing. To have healthy skin, you need to exfoliate your skin to reduce the dead skin cells. Good skincare can make your skin appear refreshed and young.

You need to use a cleanser or face wash to clean your face. Gently tapping the face with cleanser or face wash and leaving it for a few seconds will activate the products. Wash your face with lukewarm water and dry it with a clean towel. You can use moisturizer if your skin feels dry. Moisturizer helps to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.

9. Provides Skin Protection

Provides skin protection

Makeup protects our skin from direct sunlight and dirt as sunlight consists of UV radiation which is harmful to the skin. Sunblock or foundation keeps our skin from direct contact with it and keeps skin hydrated all day long.

These UV radiations cause sunburn, premature aging, skin damage, and skin cancer. Products that consist of SPF 15 protect the sun rays from having direct contact with our skin. SPF 30 or 50 gives complete protection. Products that consist of SPF also reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

10. The Impact of Social Media

The impact on social media

Social media plays an undeniable role in makeup trends. In the modern age, everybody has access to social media. People know about new brands, products, and makeup hacks through social media. We get to know how certain makeup products affect our skin. When a product goes viral, we feel the pressure to buy it as soon as possible. When an influencer gives a positive review we tend to believe them.

Brands are now attracting consumers through social media. This is a quick and easy way to get in touch with the latest makeup trends. There were many times people purchased a viral product that don’t fulfill their expectations. When a product goes viral, they sell out within minutes, so it becomes harder for people to purchase those products.

The effect of perfection has clouded our minds that we will do anything to look better and more attractive. Social media is a window to our daily life. Celebrities often Photoshop their pictures to appear more alluring. The only bad thing about this is that they deny Photoshopping their pictures. This can be especially harmful to children and young teens who are easily influenced.

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Choosing the Right Makeup Products

Choosing right makeup products

The only time we give attention to our skin is when we choose makeup. Purchasing proper makeup that complements your skin is a difficult task. If you have good knowledge about your skin types and tones, you can easily pick the right products.

Not all products are good for your skin. If you apply a product that is not for your skin type, it can cause some serious damage to your skin. For example, people with oily skin should use a powder foundation because if they apply a liquid foundation, it can make their skin oilier. People with combinational skin who has acne, cannot use vitamin c products. Vitamin c products cause more breakouts and dryness in their skin. They should stop using face washes that have an exfoliating brush. These brushes can cause irritation or skin damage.

Health and Safety Consideration

Before using any product, you need to know what the product consists of. This gives you a good knowledge of what to use on your skin. A product that hurts your skin is definitely toxic. Toxic products can also cause internal damage such as skin cancer and fertility issues. This is why you need to research or talk to an expert before purchasing any makeup products.

The main reason behind using makeup products is to hide our insecurity and lessen dark spots. It is not supposed to hamper our health or cause harm in any way.

The Future of Makeup Industry

The makeup industry is evolving every year. The makeup products were different 100 years ago than the present products. A long time ago, kohl was used for eye makeup and colorful plants were used for lipstick. Now eyeliner consists of charcoal, beeswax, and coconut oil. In the present day, some lipstick has an applicator attached to it, some eyeliner has different shapes for easier application. Every makeup product has different shades so that people with different colors can use them.

Different country symbolizes their beauty in different ways. In Egypt, people used to apply red clay to as a blush and lipstick. Boot polish was used as a mascara. In China, people tend to color their faces white and paint their nails to represent their status in society. In Japan, safflower was crushed and added to their lips and eyebrows. They used to apply rice powder on their face. In ancient times, people were using honey, and olive oil to prevent wrinkles. Now anti-aging products are doing the same work.

Eco-Friendly Makeup Products

Eco friendly makeup products

We should focus more on using eco-friendly makeup products. Some makeup products consist of harmful materials and heavy metals. We can get rid of these harsh materials by using eco-friendlier products. Everybody’s skin type varies from one and another. Just because you are using natural ingredients that do not mean it cannot affect you. Before using any eco-friendly product, you must try samples and make sure you are not allergic to that product.

Eco-friendly products are both good for the skin and less expensive. You do not need to use a huge amount of product on your skin. It will also save money. Perfume or scented products pollute the air around us and also they are harder to recycle. Ingredients in sunscreen can harm coral reefs and sea creatures. We can start using eco-friendly makeup products to protect our skin as well as the ecosystem.

Career Opportunity in Makeup Industry

Every child has a dream when they grow up. Some want to be a doctor, some fashion designers, and some makeup artists. When you have proper knowledge and skills for makeup, you can build a career around it. The beauty industry is an exciting and creative career choice for anyone interested in beauty trends.

If you do not have the opportunity to work in a big company, you can start your journey by creating blogs, and using makeup channels on YouTube. A lot of people get thousands of views and earn money by making makeup tutorials on YouTube.


1. Why makeup is necessary for film actors?

Film is all about describing an event. If a scene is about fighting, the actors will need proper makeup to visualize and give life to the scene. While shooting a scene powerful stage light is used. This will remove colors from the actors’ faces. Makeup helps to restore color and a natural appearance.

2. How you can achieve a glass skin?

You can achieve glass skin by doing proper skincare. You can double cleanse your skin, exfoliate, use a toner, and moisturize your skin daily.

3. Is makeup a talent?

Yes, you need to have in-depth knowledge about makeup products, skin types, tones, creativity, and passion to be a makeup artist. You can enhance your skill by practicing makeup daily.

Final Thoughts

Makeup has become part of our daily life. The way makeup has changed our appearances, made us confident, and hide our imperfections is amazing. Putting on makeup serves as therapy, which helps us to express ourselves and improve our mood.

Over time, the impact makeup has on our lives has changed. Some cannot go a single day without applying makeup. The world is changing and so is the makeup industry. They are producing eco-friendlier products so that these products do not affect our world. Skincare has also become an important part. Removing makeup keeps the blood flow of our skin normal, remove dead cells, and keeps the natural glow. We need to embrace the art of makeup.

Key Points

  • Makeup has a significant impact on our mood, helps uplift us, and being confident. There are many other reasons that makeup is important for us.
  • Just because a product is eco-friendly, it does not mean it is a good product. For makeup, you need to match it with your skin tone to reduce harming your skin.
  • The future of beauty products is through eco-friendly products that can help our skin and the environment as well.

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