Can You Put Lotion on Your Lips?

can you put lotion on your lips
If you are running out of Chapstick or lip balm, you might have thought about lotion as an alternative. Learn if you can put lotion on your lips or not here!

Dry lips are a pain to deal with, especially in the winter. Your chapped lips will start to hurt and cause skin irritation if there are cracked lips forming throughout the day. To help keep your lips from drying out, the easiest thing is to get chapstick or lip balm and apply them on your lips. But if you are out of those options, then you are left with dry lips that you can’t do anything about. Lotions could be an alternative as it helps moisturize skin.

But can you put lotion on your lips? While it might be good to keep your skin moisturized, skin moisturizing lotion on your lips might not be a good idea. It might be good for the skin, but it might not be good as a lip product alternative. So let’s see if can you put lotion on your lips or not!

Difference Between Lotion and Lip Products

Difference between lotion and lip products

Lotions are a type of moisturizer that is made of high water content with moisturizing ingredients in them such as shea butter, aloe vera gel, and glycerin, which hydrates the skin and reduces dryness. There are many types of body lotion that help create a protective barrier against the sun, including those with SPF ratings of 30 and above. Their moisturizing properties help keep your skin soft and free from dryness.

Lip products, on the other hand, help keep lips hydrated. The skin of the lips is much thinner than the rest of your body so they need more delicate ingredients targeted towards this thinner skin. Lip product helps keep the lips soft and also keep the lips moisturized much like lotion, but they are specifically made for the skin. Because there is a chance of ingestion, these are made so they are safe. Products such as petroleum jelly and lip balms are designed specifically for instances of chapped lips and prevent moisture loss.

These are two completely different products, which is why their use is different. One helps keep the moisture of your lips, while the other keeps the skin moisturized.

Does Body Lotion Help Dry Lips

When you apply body lotion on your lips, it might help keep your lips soft and prevent further dryness. These may include natural ingredients, but they are also made up of other substances that are not safe to be eaten. That is why they are not safe to be put on the lips.

There are ways to ensure that your body lotion can be put on your lips. So here are some of the indicators that lotion can help you heal chapped lips.

Safe for ingestion

Safe for ingestion

The ingredient list will help you to determine if you can use body lotion on your lips. If the lotion is made up of shea butter. coconut oil, almond oil, etc. you can be sure that they might be safe to put on your lips and the lip area. These are beneficial ingredients that will help keep a protective barrier on your skin and are good for sensitive skin, not to mention help with your dry lips.

But if they are made up of harsh ingredients, such as parabens, salicylic acid, and added fragrances, these are not suitable to be eaten. They can also cause clogged pores in the areas around your lips when you apply lotion there. So always make sure to check the ingredients of the lotion before putting them on your lips.

Ingredients for chapped lips

Ingredients for chapped lips

Another thing to watch out for in the ingredients list is to look for things that can help with your chapped lips. Ingredients such as petrolatum, essential oils, and jojoba oil can help with chapped and dry lips. Even body butter made of shea butter is ideal for dry lips, more than you would think! Just make sure when you are applying, you use only a bit and spread it into a thin layer.

Sun Protection

Sun protection

Many lotions have SPF ratings that can be used on your lips to prevent sun damage. They are great for a dry environment where the sun is always up and leaves your skin dry. Many people would not consider other sun-related damage to their lips but it can happen. So if the lotion has an SPF rating of 30 and higher, you can definitely help your lips not lose moisture. They are mainly made up of titanium or zinc oxide, which is safe for the area around the lips and on your lips.

Irritating ingredients

Irritating ingredients

The last thing you want with your lotion is allergic reactions. Make sure to check the lotion for anything that you might be allergic to so that you can prevent an allergic reaction. This is especially the case if you ingest the lotion. So read the ingredient list thoroughly to avoid the ones that might be irritating to the skin around your lips and on your lips when you apply lotion on your lips. Even something as safe as coconut oil might be dangerous if you are allergic to it!

Lotions Vs. Lip Balms

There’s a difference between lip balm and lotion because of their look and feel. So let’s look at some ways that they differ and if they are good for the lips or not.

Lotion vs. lip balm


Lip balm is made with hard waxes and natural oils. They come in tubes that are hard at room temperature. Lotion is made of water and glycerin, which are liquid at room temperature.

Application on skin

Lip balm is sticky and last for a few hours on the skin. When you apply lip balm, you expect it to stay there and create a protective barrier to help lock in the moisture This will help against cracked lips. Body lotions get readily absorbed into the skin, giving it hydration. They act as a moisturizer and keep sensitive areas of the skin from losing any moisture, eliminating dry skin.

Fragrance vs Flavor

Lotion comes with added fragrance in them which gives some lotion its distinctive smell. This fragrance is not good for the lip as it will dry them out. Also, the sensitive skin of the lips does not like the alcohol present in fragrance which makes it worse.

Lip balms have flavor instead of fragrance. These can be of many types but they have no alcohol to them. So along with acting as a moisturizer and other many benefits of lip balm, it also leaves a nice flavor on your lips that is safe.


The active ingredients in lip balms are natural and other oils. These don’t have any preservatives added to them. However, this does make lip balm go bad sooner than lotion. Lotion has preservatives added to it that keep it usable for longer, but it is not good for the lips or to be eaten.

The ultimate conclusion from this is the fact that lip balm is way better for the lips and much safer than lotion on your lips. When applying lotion, you will have to be careful. When you apply lip balm, all you have to worry about is if the lip is good and if it has past the expiry date or not.

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How to Use Lotion On The Lips?

How to use lotion on the lips

If you are still wondering can you put lotion on your lips, then I can say yes you can! You might be running low on Chapstick or petroleum jelly, or you want to keep the usage small enough so it last longer. Using hand lotions or a face lotion on your lips in combination with a lip product can be a great way to keep more moisture on your lips. Here we include a step-by-step guide to putting lotion on your lips.

  • Take a tiny bit of lotion.
  • Apply a thin layer on the lips and spread it over your lips and lip area
  • Rub the lotion on your lips and wait for it to absorb
  • Additionally, you can use a tissue to pat off any excess, but don’t use your lips to do this
  • Finally, apply a layer of Chapstick, lip balm, or petroleum jelly on top of the lotion to lock in the hydration.

Use lip balms every few hours to ensure hydration. And to get rid of the dead cells on the lips, use a gentle lip scrub. This combination of lip balm and lotion on your lips can act as a great moisturizer! Just make sure to not use too much lotion on your lip.


1. Can you put CeraVe moisturizing cream on your lips?

A little bit of the CeraVe cream will also work as a lip balm for the skin and are evidently effective.

2. Can you use face moisturizers on your lips?

Face moisturizers can be used on the lips, but they will only hydrate the lips partially. as they get absorbed quickly.

3. Can you use lip gloss as a lip moisturizer?

While lip gloss adds a nice shine to your lips, it can dry out your lips if you use it every day. Pair it with Chapstick or lip balm for the best effect.

4. Can you use Chapstick as lotion?

You can’t because they’re too thick and will not stick like lotion. You could Vaseline or other white petroleum jelly products over dried skin.

Final Thoughts

Whatever type of lotions you might use, whether it be face lotions, hand lotions, or body lotions, it is important to note the ingredients that are used in them. Most lotions have preservatives and fragrances that are not good for lips. The natural ingredients in lip balm help protect your lips against dry air and prevent chapped lips, even heal chapped lips. This is something that lotion might not be able to do, but in combination with lip balms, you can make sure that your lips have moisture and prevent moisture loss!

Key Points

  • There are differences between a lotion and a lip product, where one hydrates the skin and the other keeps the lips from losing moisture.
  • Body lotion can help with dry lips, but it will depend on the ingredients of the lotion and what benefits it can provide for the skin.
  • Lip balm and lotion are completely different, from how they look and how they benefit the part they are applied to.
  • You can use lotion on your lips in combination with Chapstick, petroleum jelly, or lip balm.

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