Do Guys Like Long Nails?

Do guys like long nails

Although nails seem like a very minor part of our body, they can add up to make our appearance a lot more attractive. We can always give many attractive designs, colors, and shapes to our nails to bring out their beauty and make them look pretty. However, long nails have become a very popular and trendy style among people nowadays and you might want to give it a try.

But do guys like long nails? Well, you are not the first one to have these questions about a guy’s preference. Just like we girls have many turnoffs, guys might have some as well! In this article, I am going to reveal all of your confusion about the guy’s preference for your nails, and how can you make your nails more attractive and appealing before a guy.

Long Nails – Do Guys Like Them or Not?

Whether guys like long nails or not does not have any direct answer since it is completely based on individual preferences. But there are some that do like long nails so let’s see some of the reasons why that is the case.

Long nails – do guys like them or not
Long nails – do guys like them or not

1. Ability to take care of yourself

If you have your nails done nice and long, and you are maintaining the nails, it shows how you can take care of yourself. Most of the guys get attracted to the fact that you pay attention to detail while taking care of your appearance.

2. Reflects as a hygienic person

Many men can get attracted because it can demonstrate your cleanliness and your personal hygiene. Both of these qualities can be very much appreciated by men and considered desirable qualities.

3. Sign of femininity

Long nails are sometimes attractive because they represent their feminine characteristics. Many people also think that it shows the effort they put into making them more stylish and attractive. Long nails also show a sign of delicacy and sophistication at the same time which makes them attractive to men.

4. Sign of confidence

Long nails also show how confident you are as a person. If you can carry bold and long nails with no problem at all, it reflects your confidence as an independent being. It shows that you are very comfortable with your own personal style and appearance.

5. Sensuality and sexual attractiveness

Many guys find long nails sensual or sexually attractive. Although it is not a common scenario, in some cases, it is also one of the reasons for guys liking long nails.

6. Creative and artistic ability

Nails nowadays are not confined to specific colors and lengths. There are a lot of styles, colors, or designs you can go with the nails. Whether you do your nails yourself or not, the designs you choose will represent your choice and the artistic mind you have. And if you are doing the designs yourself, it can also show how creative of a person you are.

7. Trendy and fashionable

Some men really like women who are really fashionable and go with the trend. If you manicure your nails regularly and do more trendy and nice designs on your nails, it can make guys attracted to you.

What Nail Length Do Guys Like The Most?

What nail length do guys like the most
What nail length do guys like the most

Obviously, the opinion will vary widely when it comes to choosing the ideal length that guys like the most. Mostly, guys prefer the natural look of their nails rather than anything extra. In fact, many men think that excessively long nails are unhygienic and impractical as well.

Try not to go more than one centimeter above your fingertips to get elegant, but easily maintainable long nails. You can also add some extra centimeters for a bold look. But those nails will take more careful maintenance.

Although there is no straightforward answer on how long or short you should keep your nails, make sure that you can easily maintain your nails and keep them clean and hygienic. Your personal care is the most important thing. You can easily turn off guys easily if you are not comfortable with your own appearance and do not stay clean and hygienic.

Which Nail Colors Attract Men?

Which nail colors attract men
Which nail colors attract men

Generally, men do not really care about color as long as they look nice on you. The shades or the colors will vary depending on your preference, your skin tone, or the look you want to create.

Usually, softer shades look very natural on your nails. If you want to give a feminine touch to your nails, you can give the shades of nudes a try. They give a very natural and casual look that perfectly sits on every skin tone. You can also wear soft pink to give your feminine aura a little lift.

To give your nails a bit extra sophistication, you can go for deep colors like magenta, green, blue, classic red, or purple. And if you want to leave a sensual impact with your nail paint, you can go with a hot red with a mix of gold and silver glitter mixed to it.

As long as the nail color will look flattering on your skin tone and will not feel like an extra color on your skin, you can choose any color you want.

Which Nail Shapes Are More Attractive To Men?

Which nail shapes are more attractive to men
Which nail shapes are more attractive to men

There are several nail shapes that you can go for when getting your nails done. The most common is the natural or round shape. Since the nail shape appears to be your natural shape, guys tend to like it more.

Then comes the oval-shaped nails. It is pretty close to the round shape. It gives your natural nails more of a manicured look. But most men will not even understand the difference between the oval shape and the rounded shape, they will look the same to them.

Next, comes the almond shape. it is almost like an oval shape, but this shape has more of a pointy end. It is very popular among women, but it does not look as natural as the round or oval shape.

Although the square shape is not natural, I prefer this shape the most. It gives our nails an appearance of a neat and clean finish. Whether your length is shorter or longer, the square shape will give a classy but trendy manicured look to your nails. Guys also tend to like this shape as well.

Lastly, comes the stiletto nail shape. This style is very unnatural since it gives a very sharp and pointy shape to your nails. Guys also tend to not like this shape due to this reason. This shape is often considered scary to many people.

How Can You Make Your Nails More Appealing To Men? – 9 Easy Ways

How can you make your nails more appealing to men
How can you make your nails more appealing to men

Even though men like long nails, not necessarily they will like nails that are dirty, uneven, or not maintained well. If you want to make your nails more appealing to men, here are certain ways that you can follow.

  1. Keep Your Nails Clean: Maintaining your hygiene is the most important point that you should consider while having long nails. Scrub your hands and brush your nails regularly to keep them nice, clean, and hygienic.
  2. Do Not Bite Nails: biting your nails can be a really unattractive habit for some men. Nail biting also changes the shape of your nails and makes them look unattractive.
  3. Choose A Suitable Color: Sometimes even the nail color can determine whether your long nails are attractive or not to a man. Although the color choice completely depends on you, you should go for a color that compliments your skin tone.
  4. Manicure Regularly: Manicure is great for maintaining your nail’s health along with keeping your hands soft and beautiful. Regular manicures will help to keep your nails clean, trimmed, and fabulous which is very much appealing to men.
  5. Avoid Cheap Acrylic Nails: Cheap acrylic or fake nails can easily break off from your hand and this scenario is not attractive to men at all.
  6. Moisturization: Try to moisturize your hands every time you need to wash your hands. Dry and cracked skin and nails are not attractive to anyone. So, keep them hydrated and moisturized.
  7. Oil Application: The cuticles of your nails are equally important to maintain healthy nails. Try to apply oil to your cuticles every night to stay free from bacteria and infections.
  8. Trim And Shape Regularly: For growing your nails with a beautiful and nice appearance, you should regularly trim and shape your nails. It will help to always maintain good shape.
  9. Do Not Soak In Water For Longer: Soaking your nails for too long in the water can make your nails weak and soft.


1. Do guys notice girls’ nails?

It might seem a bit unrealistic since guys do not talk about this, but the truth is guys actually do notice girls’ nails. They definitely notice and admire this fact if you take care of yourself and maintain your personal hygiene by having prim and clean nails.

2. Do guys like short nails?

Guys generally admire you more if you can take good care of yourself and maintain your personal hygiene appropriately. It does not matter for most men if you have short or long nails as long as you can wear them with comfort and confidence.

3. What kind of nails do boys like?

Most boys like healthy natural nails with their natural shape. They merely like any artificial or fake things and appreciate the raw and real elements in you. As long as your nails are nicely groomed and manicured, you are good to go.

Final Thoughts

Men may have hundreds of opinions or preferences about your appearance, but you should never compromise on how you want your nails to look and feel. You can express yourself, your personality, or your individuality however you want. Just be comfortable and confident with whatever you wear. Do not add any elements to your body following the fashion trend that you cannot carry. Always take good care of yourself, and maintain your personal hygiene and cleanliness. This alone can make you more attractive than others.

Key Points

  • Whether guys like long nails or shorts are completely based on individual preferences.
  • Most of them tend to like the shape of your natural length.
  • Along with visual attractiveness, the thought behind having and taking care of long nails can make guys attracted to it.
  • Long nails can reflect your personal hygiene, how you take care of yourself, how you carry yourself with confidence, how feminine you are, etc.
  • All nail colors and shapes are good to go if they match your skin tone, and do not feel excessive or over the board.
  • Take good care of yourself and your nails to make yourself more attractive to anybody.
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