How To Hide Colored Hair For Work?

How to hide colored hair for work

Colored hair has become a vibrant trend that showcases the personality and creativity of people. Holding self-identity is essential while fitting smoothly into the corporate world is no less important. However, maintaining a unique personal style of hair and a professional look can be a little challenging for many. It creates more problems in conservative work environments. So, the dilemma of how to effectively hide colored hair for work increases.

The art of concealing colored hair while maintaining a polished and office-appropriate look demands attention. So, how to hide colored hair for work? Starting from some temporary color masking products and tools to subtle hairstyling techniques to fit the expectations of a corporate setting. This article leaves you with the proper knowledge to master the art of concealing colored hair for work!

Why Is It Necessary To Hide Colored Hair For Work?

The necessity to hide hair dye comes from the culture, norms, values, and area of the specific company. For creative modern or tech industries, colored hair might not be necessary to hide being a reflection of a creative personality. On the other hand, industries such as government, law, finance, etc. do not allow colored hair and perceive colored hair as unprofessional. If you belong to a company, it becomes evident that you follow the culture, norms, rules, and regulations of that particular company and present yourself in a way that goes with the company. As a result, the question of hiding colored hair arises.

8 Amazing Ways To Hide Colored Hair For Work

Since you cannot have colored hair for work, it is necessary to hide it either temporarily or permanently. You can try out these 9 amazing ways if you want to hide colored hair at work.

Hair wax
Hair wax

1. Hair Wax

The application of hair wax is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to hide colored hair. Although it is temporary, it can easily come off making a perfect option. The good side of using hair wax is that it gives a professional look quickly and does not cause any damage. While the downside of using hair wax is that it leaves hair a little stiff and water can easily alter the hair color from wax.

Here are the steps for using it correctly.

  1. First, give a thorough wash to your hair using shampoo or conditioner.
  2. Wear gloves to minimize the spread of germs and bacteria and give protection against infections.
  3. Apply hair wax to your wet hair. Focus on the colored parts of the hair.
  4. Then fold the hair.
  5. Dry out hair with the help of a blow dryer.
  6. Add extra wax in the parts where wax is required.
Hair color spray
Hair color spray

2. Hair Color Spray

A hair color spray is an excellent product that is formulated to change hair color which saves your job and comes in natural hair colors that can easily hide your colored hair. The color can last for a few days before fading away. It can wash away quickly when you make your hair wet and you may also use shampoo to remove it. The good side of using it is that it doesn’t need bleaching and is color-safe.

Here are the steps for using it correctly.

  1. First wash your hair.
  2. Make your hair completely dry.
  3. Hold the spray a few inches from your hair.
  4. Spray the color in quick bursts. Focus on the parts of hair color that you want to hide.
  5. Wait for the color to dry as it becomes vivid as it dries out.
  6. Apply in multiple layers to get your desired color.
Hair mascara
Hair mascara

3. Hair Mascara

Hair mascara is a versatile tool that can bring a temporary change to hair color. The application of this tool is a good solution to hide colored hair at your office. The good side of using this tool is that you can easily remove it with the use of shampoo. However, do not wet your hair immediately after its use as it is not waterproof.

Here are the steps for using it correctly.

  1. Brush your hair well to get rid of any tangles.
  2. Add a few strokes of hair mascara to the colored part of your hair.
  3. Before touching or creating any hairstyle to hair, let the mascara fully dry.
Changing hairstyle – updo and buns
Changing hairstyle – updo and buns

4. Changing hairstyle – Updo and Buns

Those who have long hair can easily hide their colored hair with updo styles. The hair color should be mostly hidden by a ponytail that is twisted to bring the colored strands underneath to the top and is then tied and pinned into a neat bun.

Hair wig
Hair wig

5. Hair Wig

Wearing hair wigs is a great way to hide colored hair during the office if you don’t prefer messy hands with color. It may be of different styles and colors and you just need to select the perfect wig for your skin tone. After getting your perfect hair wig, take proper care of it by regularly washing it with shampoo and conditioner. It causes damage to hair due to excessive brushing.


6. Hat

Hats may be of sizes, shapes, and colors. The hat should be of neutral color as you want to wear it in a professional setting although it is not any viable solution to hide colored hair. You can wear a hat to hide colored hair at work but it should match your outfit. Also, it is possible to remove the cap when you want.


7. Headscarf

Headscarves can be a classy way of hiding colored hair at work. Wearing a headscarf is the last option for you if you do not want to use any hair tools, products, or accessories. You just need to simply tie the headscarf around your head. Be sure to select headscarves that go well with your outfit and are perfect for a professional environment.

Here is the step for wearing it correctly.

  1. First, make your hair into a bun.
  2. Tie the headscarf behind the head at the neck or upwards.

8. Accessories

For very short hairs, an updo with twist and twirl would be tough. So, you can conceal your colored hair by technically wearing clips, slides, and bobby pins. While you have to ensure that your hair is pulled back from your face will automatically help you appear more professional. Other than these, there are some other ways to hide colored hair for work.

10 Work-Friendly Hair Colors For Work

Work-friendly hair colors for work
Work-friendly hair colors for work

As you have come to know colored hair is not something that the workplace prefers in general. While should that stop you from coloring hair? Definitely, not! Following are 12 work-friendly hair colors which I am explaining briefly.

1. Blonde

Blonde is a compatible hair color for almost every type of job. It is a lighter hair that has a hint of color but is not very strange. For a softer, more faded version of blonde hair, try lavender grey balayage or ashy grey blonde. Skip shocking highlights, contrasting lowlights, or bleach-blond hair color. Also, limit the color to your dipped ends if you’re going blonde for the first time or have confusion regarding the application of this hair color.

2. Black

Black is a natural hair color that is very standard for work. People with fair complexion and black-colored hair appear bolder, cooler, and less conservative in the office environment.

3. Mushroom Brown

Mushroom brown is an excellent low-maintenance hair color that looks very natural. It has been trending since the year 2018.

4. Gray

Gray hair often reflects independence. While men with gray hair are frequently seen as wiser, graying ladies are frequently seen as elderly. But a lot of strong ladies have gray hair which is appropriate for office.

5. Platinum Grey Balayage

Platinum gray balayage is a beautiful contrast to black hair color. Go for a fuller balayage hair look or a muted balayage hair look. The muter balayage can be easily concealed with a braid hairstyle making it perfect for your office.

6. Classic Balayage

Classic balayage focuses color near the end of the hair and sweeps the hair color towards the top of your head. It provides a soft, natural look that doesn’t seem too terrible when it grows out and becomes a good hair color option for work.

7. Smokey Grey Ombre with Shadow Roots

This hair color is a gorgeous one. Keep your roots dark or more similar to your natural color to make regrowth comparatively less visible while rocking grey hair with a lovely ombre or color melt.

8. Natural Red

Natural red hair color helps to give a bold, passionate, and sweet appearance at the same time. Your red hair color is a sign that you are goal-oriented which makes it office friendly hair color.

9. Pink and Purple Highlights

By introducing some colored highlights like pink and purple highlights, you can make your hair lively and go to your office. But you need to do it in a dark base color.

10. Blue and Black

Since the two colors blue and black complement each other. A head of black hair is finely highlighted by dark royal blue which does not break the office code.

Suggestions For Having Colored Hair At Work

Although some offices allow colored hair, maximum do not allow it. It is better to act professionally along with maintaining your uniqueness. Follow these suggestions if you are worried about having colored hair at work.

  1. Always try to maintain your hair well by giving a touch-up to the roots in a gap of 4 to 6 weeks.
  2. Minimal makeup can balance the overall look and won’t highlight the bright hair color much.
  3. If you wear a top professional dress, your hair color and your dress will bring a balance.
  4. Ensure that your hairstyle is very polished and appropriate for work.
  5. Always choose neutral colors which won’t draw too much attention.


1. How can I hide my hair color from my parents?

You must hide your hair color if you have done so. You can escape being detected by your parents, or at least postpone it, by hiding your new hair color.

2. Can I be denied a job because of my hair color?

Everything is based on the rules and regulations of that particular job. Some companies prefer employees to have a conservative look. A lot of companies do not want to allow unusual hair colors.

3. Should I dye my hair for a job interview?

It would be better to avoid dyeing your hair before the interview. You might inquire about the policy of the company regarding dyed hair during the interview.

4. What is the safest way to remove color from hair?

White vinegar can revive the health of your hair and shine by balancing the pH level due to its naturally acidic qualities. It is also one of the safest ways to remove hair color.

5. What is natural hair color for job?

There are natural hair colors including black, brown, blond, natural red, and grey if you must color your hair when you work in a more traditional office setting. Most jobs consider these hair colors to be acceptable.

Final Thoughts

Although unique personal expression empowers you a lot, it should be subject to your workplace. If your company discourages colored hair, it would be better to hide it. The hiding can be done with the help of color-masking products, tools, and hairstyling techniques. Some of the amazing ways include the use of hair wax, hair color spray, hair mascara, hair wigs, hats, headscarves, etc. The products might be temporary, but very effective for hair color concealing. Many people might think of stopping to do hair color, but it is not a good idea. Instead of that, go for 12 work-friendly hair colors that reflect professionalism and your personality in a single frame.

key Points

  • You need to hide hair color because of the culture, norms, values, and area of the company that you work in.
  • Try out the 9 amazing ways that include the use of hair wax, hair color spray, hair mascara, hair wigs, hats, headscarves, etc. if you want to hide colored hair at work.
  • Applying hair wax is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to hide colored hair. Its use gives a professional look within a short period without causing any damage.
  • Some of the work-friendly colors are blonde, black, mushroom brown, platinum grey balayage, classic balayage, natural red, pink and purple highlights, blue and black, etc.
  • Blonde is a compatible hair color for almost every type of job. It is a lighter hair that has a hint of color but is not very strange.
  • Minimal makeup can balance the overall look and won’t highlight the bright hair color much.
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