Can You Shower With Sterling Silver?

Can You Shower With Sterling Silver
Copper makes sterling silver easy to tarnish although the amount of copper is very less in jewelry. To shower with it is the only way to keep it with you all the time!

Jewelry is an object that enhances our beauty and makes us feel confident. For women, it is a sign of femininity and a bold appearance. There are different types of jewelry including gold, silver, diamond, platinum, and so on. Gold and silver are the most used jewelry among others. There are many types of them as well, but the one that often catches the eyes of people is sterling silver.

Sterling silver is an elegant metal that works perfectly for jewelry! They are also durable which makes them all the more popular. But while it might be durable, the question that often comes up is whether you can shower with sterling silver or not. A weird question, one that you might have as well but you have come to the right place. In short, it is possible but it could lead to problems that you might have not even considered. So read on to find out more about sterling silver and its interaction in the shower!

Is it Okay to Wear Sterling Silver in the Shower?

Is it okay to wear sterling silver in the shower
Is it okay to wear sterling silver in the shower

To sum it up briefly, it is not okay to shower with sterling silver in the shower! Sterling silver is a mixture of pure silver and copper at 92.5% and 7.5% respectively. This is durable, elegant, and beautiful and has gained popularity over time. Silver is a natural metal and therefore reacts with certain things. It is recommended not to shower with sterling silver because the water can oxidize the silver and it will gradually start to tarnish.

Tarnishing of sterling silver in the shower

When it is exposed to oxygen or moisture, a brown or black patina forms on the surface of silver which is known as tarnishing. There are also risks of losing or dropping the jewelry in water. But, if anyone wants to shower with sterling silver, this won’t necessarily harm the metal, just the top layer which makes up the appearance of the jewelry.

Products used during a shower

However, showering does not mean it will only be water involved. The product you use when showering can contain harsh chemicals or salt that will tarnish the jewelry even further. The humidity in the shower can also cause damage to the sterling silver.  If you use a gentle soap and dry the sterling silver jewelry with a towel, it is okay to shower. A combination of all things will make your jewelry appear less shiny.

Elements in shower water

Chlorine and fluoride are commonly found in tap water, and they can react with the silver in your jewelry, causing it to tarnish or even corrode over time. They may strip away the protective layer of rhodium or gold used to enhance the appearance of the jewelry, leaving it dull and discolored. So if there are any added chemicals to the water that you shower with, it will adversely affect your sterling jewelry when you shower with it!

Jewelries are meant to shine, but showering with them, be it sterling silver or some other metal, can tarnish it. That is why it is not okay to shower with them on.

3 Things to Consider Before Showering with Sterling Silver

Though wearing sterling silver is not recommended when showering, you can still shower while maintaining some safety precautions. When showering, you need to consider some of the factors:

3 things to consider before showering with sterling silver
3 things to consider before showering with sterling silver

1. Harsh Chemicals, Salts & Chlorine

Some water may contain chlorine or harsh chemicals that can damage the silver. Chlorine, salts, and harsh chemicals can affect the look of silver. So, keep these things in mind before showering.

2. Soaps and Shampoos

Another thing you need to consider is the chemicals in the soaps, shampoos, or shower gels that you are using when showering with this jewelry.  Because some products are so harsh or fragranced that they can affect the sterling silver when showering.

3. Dropping Jewelry in the Shower

You should also be aware of the fact about dropping the jewelry accidentally in the shower. The Small jewelry including rings has a risk of dropping into the water. So, you may lose it that time.

Potential Risks of Showering with Sterling Silver

Showering with sterling silver can be a great way to keep your jewelry looking its best. But there are a few risks associated with this. Here are a few potential risks to keep in mind:

Potential risks of showering with sterling silver
Potential risks of showering with sterling silver

1. Tarnishing

When your sterling silver is exposed to soap and water, it can tarnish because silver is very prone to tarnish. If you regularly wear sterling silver in the shower, you may experience that it has started to lose its shine over time.

2. Corrosion

If the sterling silver contains gemstones or other non-metal components, there are chances that it can cause corrosion of these materials.

3. Allergic Reactions

When sterling silver is exposed to water and chemicals, it can develop allergic reactions in some people. This may not happen with all but people with sensitive skin can face this issue.

4. Damage

Your jewelry may be more prone to damage in the water. There may be chemicals that can cause damage or discoloration when exposed to water.

How You Can Take Care of Sterling Silver Jewelry in 9 Ways?

How you can take care of sterling silver jewelry in 9 ways
How you can take care of sterling silver jewelry in 9 ways

Taking care of sterling silver is very easy and you may not require any special equipment. Here are some tips that you can follow to take care of your sterling silver jewelry:

  1. Store in a dark room: It is very important to store it in a dry, cool, dark, and airtight location. This will protect it from humidity and airborne contaminants.
  2. Away from moisture and humidity: You can purchase a jewelry box and store it safely. Store it away from moisture. So, do not leave it in the bathroom.
  3. Container with no air: You can also put the sterling silver jewelry in individual plastic boxes. Remove all the air from the inside so that no oxidization takes place.
  4. Proper cleaning: It is very important to remember that sterling silver should never be cleaned with cleaners containing harsh chemicals.
  5. Gentle products: Do not shower wear sterling silver. If you must wear it, use gentle soap or shampoos while taking a shower.
  6. Wearing them regularly: Wear your sterling silver jewelry every day because it keeps it shiny and prevents it from tarnishing.
  7. Chores and other activities: When doing household chores, remove the jewelry because cleaners, perspiration, and rubber can speed up the tarnishing process.
  8. Direct sunlight danger: When you are going outside wearing sterling silver, avoid direct sunlight because sunlight can increase the risk of tarnishing.
  9. Makeup precautions: Wear your makeup first and then put the jewelry because lotions, makeup, or hair sprays can damage the sterling silver.

Safe Jewelry to Shower With and Ones You Should Avoid

Safe jewelry to shower with and ones you should avoid
Safe jewelry to shower with and ones you should avoid

So, we can come to the conclusion that sterling silver is a no-go for showering, but what about other pieces of jewelry? Here is a table that will be able to tell which jewelry is safe to wear and which ones you should avoid while in the shower!

Safe in the showerAvoid in the shower
18-carat gold or higher jewelryGold-plated or gold-filled jewelry
PlatinumPearl jewelry
Stainless steel jewelryRhodium jewelry
Titanium jewelryCubic zirconia jewelry
Glass jewelryWooden jewelry
Tungsten-carbide jewelryPlastic jewelry
Brass jewelryAluminum jewelry


1. Is sterling silver safe for the skin?

Sterling silver is made with different metals and this is hypoallergenic. Plated silver on the other hand is often created using nickel which can irritate skin easily, coated by a layer of pure silver.  Sterling silver is made in a way that makes it a perfect choice for rings and earrings.

2. Is oil bad for sterling silver?

Essential oils do not damage the sterling silver. Rather, the oils can be a good tool to clean the jewelry. Lemon oil is often used to restore the shine of your sterling silver jewelry.

3. Does sterling silver lose its shine?

Sterling silver is made up of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent of other metals. Some of those other metals, primarily copper, can cause sterling silver to tarnish over time when they interact with moisture that’s in the air. As a result, sterling silver can lose its shine.

4. Does all sterling silver turn black?

If you are wearing your sterling silver for a long time, it will gradually turn black. The chemical compound you use wearing sterling silver can also turn it black. So, your sterling silver may get tarnished and turn black over time if they are not cared for properly.

5. Can toothpaste clean silver?

There is a common myth that toothpaste is a good way to clean your jewelry. This is not true, rather it can damage your diamonds, gemstones, gold, and silver. Toothpaste is abrasive and will damage the silver or other jewelry.

Final Thoughts

Showering with jewelry on might not be a thing that first comes to your mind, but when you think about it, it is possible that someone does this with a ring, bracelet, or necklace. Sterling silver should be on the high-priority list of jewelry that you should definitely avoid wearing while showering! It tarnishes very easily and can that will ultimately ruin the purpose of the jewelry which is to make you shine. Thus, open your sterling silvers and then jump into the shower. Also, make sure that you are taking good care of your sterling jewelry. And remember, there are other pieces of jewelry that you can wear while in the shower that will not react with water at all!

Key Points

  • Sterling silver contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The combination of copper and silver makes it a popular choice for jewelry.
  • Prolonged exposure may tarnish the silver and make it look dull over time.
  • It is generally recommended not to use sterling silver when showering because it can oxidize and tarnish the sterling silver.
  • If anyone decides to wear their silver during showering, they need to consider factors like harsh chemicals, soaps, or others.
  • Consider the risks like tarnishing, allergic reactions, damage, corrosion, or others to decide whether you are going to wear the sterling silver during showering or not.
  • If you are to wear jewelry, there is a list of jewelry that you can wear and should avoid wearing while showering.

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