Do Bath Bombs Make Bubbles?

Do Bath Bombs Make Bubbles
Bath bombs might make bathwater have a wonderful color and a great aroma for your bath but do they form bubbles? Find out all about bath bomb bubbles right here!

Bathing is very important to make ourselves refreshed and delightful. Initially, bathing was only done to clean ourselves. With time, the dimension and types of bathing have changed. There are so many bathing elements available and people are going for those to enjoy a unique and different bath. As a result, bathing adds some extra benefits such as preventing skin problems or nourishing your skin. There are so many baths available with different fragrances, shapes, or ingredients. A bath bomb is also a special type of bath that helps to provide a refreshing bath with different fragrances.

So, do bath bombs make bubbles? The bath bomb contains ingredients like essential oils, fragrances, sodium bicarbonate, colorants, citric acid, salts, dyes, lavender oil, rose oil, coconut oil, and so on. Unfortunately, it does not have any ingredients that help to make enough bubbles and foam. The composition, ingredients, and chemical reaction are responsible for this. You can enjoy the same benefits of taking a bath with a bath bomb with or without bubbles. Still, some people desire bubbles in their baths and can go for alternatives like bubble bars or Epsom salts.

What Are Bath Bombs?

What are bath bombs

A bath bomb is a bath cosmetic that is found in different colors, sizes, and fragrances. The main ingredients of bath bombs are citric acid and baking soda. The bath bombs have a fizzing nature because of these two ingredients. There are some other essential ingredients such as bath salts, dyes, fragrances, lavender oil, rose oil, coconut oil, and so on.

Mostly, a bath bomb is found in a ball-shaped structure that gets dissolves with the bathtub water. Some bath bombs are of different colors and add colors to the water while others leave a stain in the bathtub. The ingredients like essential oils, fragrances, sodium bicarbonate, colorants, and citric acid soothe our skin and relax our minds. After a long hectic day, a bath bomb will improve your bath experience and can provide you with a refreshing and delightful body and mind.

A bath bomb dissolves in water and releases the ingredients in the water. The ingredients also have so many skincare benefits for our skin. Besides giving you refreshments, this helps to prevent some skin problems and adds extra nourishing formula to it. As bath bombs come in different shapes, sizes, and fragrances, it becomes easier for people to choose their preferred bath bombs.

Do Bath Bombs Make Bubbles?

Do bath bombs make bubbles

While bathing, the bath bomb creates a little patch of foam but this doesn’t make actual bubbles. The ingredients are the main indicator of making bubbles. Bath bombs do not contain any ingredients that make bubbles. If you want bubbles, you can go for a bubble bar or bubble bath.

When a bath bomb comes into contact with water, some little patches of foam are seen which are not actual bubbles. A bath bomb only swirls and colors the water. You can’t expect that kind of bubbles that happens with another bathing formula. The bath bomb contains ingredients like baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, and citric acid that creates a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with water. This is why the bath bombs often fizz, dissipating the chemicals inside when it reacts with water. People who are looking for extra bubbles should go for other bathing products.

How Many Bubble Does a Bath Bomb Create?

How many bubble does a bath bomb create

Bath bombs do not contain bubble-making ingredients. As a result, bath bombs of no brand create true bubbles.

Bath bombs look so good and smell excellent. The wonderful smells of bath bombs provide a good bathing experience. When the bath bomb dissolves with water, it may create some very small bubbles but not the bigger and actual ones. So, the number of bubbles a bath bomb creates can’t be examined as they are too small and not the actual ones.

However, there are ways that you can create bubbles with bath bombs! If you were to add bath soaps to your bath bomb, you might be able to create bubbles due to the foaming action of the ingredients in the soap and its reaction to the water. However, if you were thinking of creating bath bomb color bubbles, that most likely won’t happen. The ingredients won’t form bubbles even with the soap’s foams. If it does, it won’t stay there for too long either, popping almost immediately due to how weak the bubbles that are formed. So you could create some bubbles, but it won’t last for too long.

Why Don’t Bath Bombs Create Bubbles

Bath bombs do not create bubbles. There are some reasons behind this-

Why don’t bath bombs create bubbles
  • Composition: The composition of any product determines the characteristics of it. The composition of the bath bomb is different from the other bath products that create bubbles. Bath bombs are formulated in a way that they don’t contain the characteristics in which bubbles are created.
  • Ingredients: Ingredients are very significant to determine whether that product will make bubbles or not. Bath bombs contain ingredients like essential oils, fragrances, sodium bicarbonate, colorants, and citric acid. None of these ingredients contain those elements that help to create actual bubbles. So, this is also a significant reason why bath bombs don’t create bubbles.
  • Chemical Reaction: When the bath bomb is dissolved in water, a chemical reaction happens between baking soda and citric acid. This chemical reaction can only create tiny bubbles. The tiny bubbles dissolve very soon and finally, no bubbles are left. This chemical reaction of these ingredients can only make this bubble-like thing and not the bigger and actual bubbles.

Does It Matter When the Bath Bombs Do Not Create Bubbles?

Bubble bombs are nothing important that can affect the benefits of a bath bomb. So, initially, it doesn’t matter if the bath bombs do not create bubbles.

The bath bomb contains so many essential oils that will help to improve your bathing experience. At the same time, it will lighten your mood and promote your night’s rest. You can get a colorful, relaxing, and aromatic bath with or without bubbles. The sweet, almond, Shea butter, or other ingredients used in this product can keep your skin smooth, soft, and healthy. Dry-skin people can enjoy the benefits of the moisturizing and nourishing formula of bath bombs. So, bubbles won’t make any difference in enjoying your bath benefits. It can only add an exciting formula to your bath that makes your bath more enjoyable.

Pros & Cons of Bath Bombs

The bath bomb has so many benefits along with some disadvantages. The pros and cons of a bath bomb are as follows-



  • Most bath bombs contain ingredients that are natural and very eco-friendly. The ingredients are also cruelty-free which adds an extra benefit to its formulation. The eco-friendly and cruelty-free formula doesn’t cause any discomfort or irritate the skin.
  • Bath bomb contains beneficial ingredients like bath salt that help you to make your skin soft, silky, and supple.
  • When a bath bomb is dissolved in water, it releases delightful fragrances. You can have the best experience or have fun when you will watch the bath bomb floating or sinking or dissolving into the water in the tub.
  • A bath bomb can help you relax and enjoy the moments that will boost your mood and improve your mental health.
  • The packaging of the bath bomb is too much eco-friendly and environment-friendly. The packaging makes the bath bombs convenient for people.


  • People with sensitive skin can face some issues with bath bombs. They may face redness, irritation, or itching. So, people with allergies or sensitive skin should be careful while picking a bath bomb.
  • Bath bombs can make your bathtub messy. So, you must be ready to clean and rinse out your bathtub thoroughly.
  • After opening a bath bomb, you should use it within six months. As bath bombs do not have a long shelf life, this can be considered a disadvantage of bath bombs.

Alternatives to Bath Bombs in Creating Bigger Bubbles

Bath bombs do not create actual or bigger bubbles. So, if you desire the actual bubbles, there are some alternatives-

Alternatives to bath bombs in creating bigger bubbles
  • Bubble Bars: Bubble bars come in different bright colors and different sizes. For enjoying a bubbly bath, cut off a mall piece of the bath bomb and through into your bathtub. Bubble bars contain foaming ingredients. As a result, when this is added to water, it creates so many bubbles in the tub. If you want to create bigger bubbles, you can run your hands through the liquid. The bubble bars come in liquid form which makes it more easy to spread and create bubbles.
  • Epsom Salts: Instead of the bath bomb, you can also use Epsom salts to achieve more bubbles. Epsom salt works as a body exfoliator. This salt helps to treat your muscles and can provide you with relaxation. Epsom salt contains ingredients that help to create foam and good bubbles. So, this can be a good alternative to the bath bomb.


1. Are bath bombs better than bubble baths?

If you prefer bathing yourself surrounded by bubbles, then you should go for a bubble bath. On the other hand, if you prefer a bath with small fizzes and different colorants, then you must go for bath bombs.

2. What makes the most bubble in a bath?

First of all, your bath must contain the ingredients that help to create foam and bubbles. Water is the most significant ingredient that can help you to get the most bubble in a bath. The stronger the water pressure will be; the more bubbles you will get.

3. How do you make a natural bubble bath?

Mix water with glycerin, coconut oil, and Castile. Add some drops of essential oil and mix them. This can help you get a natural bubble bath with so many bubbles.

4. Is bubble bath good for kids?

Bubble baths can be a good and effective way to clean your babies. But experts recommend that babies under three years old should not take this bath. Because there is a tendency for those babies to face irritation or urinary infections.

5. Should you wash after a bath bomb?

You don’t necessarily need to take a shower after the bath bomb. A bath bomb contains so many healthy ingredients and essential oils that are good for your skin. So, you don’t need to wash yourself after a bath bomb.

Final Thoughts

A bath bomb is a product designed for taking a bath with a variety of benefits. A bath bomb contains ingredients like essential oils, fragrances, sodium bicarbonate, colorants, Citric acid, and so on. The ingredients used in bath bombs are so eco-friendly and environment-friendly. The ingredients contain so many benefits for the skin besides providing a refreshing bath. Unfortunately, bath bombs do not make bubbles. It only creates some fizzes or small bubbles. The composition and ingredients of the bath bomb show that it does not contain any formulation that helps to create bigger bubbles. But, this won’t make any difference in enjoying a good bath. Bath bombs can help you get a refreshing and relaxing bath with or without bubbles.

Key Points

  • A bubble bath is a bathing cosmetic that helps to provide you with a refreshing and delightful bath with so many skin benefits.
  • The bath bomb contains ingredients like salts, dyes, fragrances, lavender oil, rose oil, coconut oil, and so on.
  • Besides enjoying a good bath, the bath bombs help to prevent skin problems and add extra nourishing formula to it.
  • Bath bombs don’t create bubbles because the ingredients, composition, and chemical reaction are different from the ones that create bubbles.
  • Some people desire for bubbly bath and more bubbles, they can go for bubble bars or Epsom salts instead of bath bombs.
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