How Much Does Sisterlocks Cost?

How much does sisterlocks cost

Sisterlocks are completely different from all the other traditional locks out there based on their unique installation process. It is one of the most versatile hair locks as you can do any hairstyle in your hair with sisterlocks in it. But, sisterlocks are a lifetime commitment and cannot be reversed. This technique is so long that it takes hours and days to complete the whole process and that is with a professional stylist! If you are wondering how much does Sisterlocks cost, then these are some things that you need to know.

Usually, Sisterlocks can cost anywhere from $500 all the way to $2,000! The wide range of costs has its own reason that we will go through in this article. So if you have been meaning to get Sisterlocks done on your hair, then you should know how much it might cost and why it might cost that much as well! So read on to find out all about the cost of Sisterlocks and create your own budget for it!

What Are Sisterlocks?

What are sisterlocks
What are sisterlocks

A natural hair care expert, Dr. JoAnne Cornwell introduced the method of sisterlocks to let the natural hair of black women be accepted and appreciated. The size of sisterlocks is much thinner than most other traditional locks out there. The thickest and most dense kind of natural hair is most appropriate for doing sisterlocks. Mostly, 4c and 4d/4z hair types are more eligible for sisterlocks, for their very dense and thick texture. Sisterlocks can give a fuss-free appearance to your beautiful natural hair. They also need the most amount of time and effort to install. Your hair might need 250 to 400 locs based on your preference, hair type, or density. But, before that, you might need to consider your budget because the cost of installing the sisterlocks can be very high.

How Much Do Sisterlocks Cost?

How much do sisterlocks cost
How much do sisterlocks cost

Installing sisterlocks can be pretty costly sometimes. The cost of sisterlocks can vary depending on various factors like location, hair type, length, thickness, your requirement, or an experienced consultant. If your hair is very thick and dense, it will require more locks to install. Similarly, if your hair is long or you want thinner sisterlocks, the price range can increase. The range of doing sisterlocks can be between $500 to $2000.

Normally, there is a fixed price in every salon to do sisterlocks up to 4 inches. But if your hair is more than that, every additional inch will charge you more depending on the salon you are going. There is also a consultancy cost which is not included in the total cost of installing your sisterlocks. the consultation with an expert can cost you anywhere between $30 to $95.

You already know that sisterlocks is a lifelong commitment. You either keep it or cut it, but you cannot reverse it. If you chose to keep your sisterlocks and healthily grow them, you need to retighten them every 6 to 8 weeks. If you are an expert at the grid pattern of sisterlocks, you can opt for doing it yourself. But retightening your sisterlocks in the salon can cost you an additional $50 to 250$.

Sisterlocks cost way more than traditional dreadlocks. But if you embrace your natural hair into your lifestyle, this high price tag will seem to you to be worth it. Sisterlocks are permanent, but after being installed, they are very low maintenance. They become more versatile after they’ve grown out as you can do any hairstyles on them. So, consider all of these aspects before you decide to install sisterlocks on your hair.

What Affects the Cost of Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks are the thinnest among all the other locks, so the locks take hours to put on. Also, sisterlocks is a special locking technique that needs an expert loctician. The locks can be very small and a lot of time and patience are required. Doing 400 sisterlocks on your hair is not a small task. However, there are other factors that are responsible for costing more while installing your sisterlocks. which are-

  1. Hair Length: The cost of installing sisterlocks increases with every additional inch of your hair. every salon has a fixed amount for doing the sisterlocks up to 4 inches. More than that will put additional costs anywhere between $50 to $100 dollars per inch.
  2. Hair Density: Your hair density can be also responsible for costing more. If you have denser hair, then your hair will require more locks to install. This also puts on additional charges along with the fixed costs.
  3. Customized Lock Size: If you want to customize your lock size, then the cost will increase depending on how large or thin the locks you want. If you want to have much thinner locks, then there will be needed more locks which will need extra time, work, and money.
  4. Consultancy Fee: The consultancy fee is not added to the overall cost of installing sisterlocks. an expert consultant is needed to evaluate your hair, density, and length with the pros and cons and the estimated budget for that. Whether you decide to do the sisterlocks or not, you need to pay the consultancy fee.
  5. Extra Service Cost: If you need an extra hair wash or haircut, you will need to pay an additional charge for that. Also, if you want to tip the loctician for their service, that will cost you extra.
  6. Maintenance Cost: You need to retighten your hair every 6 to 8 weeks once your hair grows out. You need additional cost to retighten your hair as well. Also, if you want to do any additional hairstyling to your sisterlocks, it will have an extra charge.

Why Installing Sisterlocks So Costly?

Why installing sisterlocks so costly
Why installing sisterlocks so costly

The sisterlocks require an expert to install. Every loctician is not capable of doing sisterlocks as sisterlocks require special techniques and locking tools to install. The process of installing sisterlocks can be very draining since it takes hours to perform. An expert hair stylist can take 24 to 36 hours to install sisterlocks completely in your hair.

Now imagine, if you are standing in one position for 8 to 10 hours every day, doing the same work again and again how would you feel? It will be pretty daunting right? It needs so much patience and effort to do those tiny locks all over your head. And if your hair is longer, do not even ask how long it is going to take. Also, if an expert consultant deals with one customer per hour, they might earn more in the period that the sisterlocks would take.

Whether you do not have the budget or you think that it costs too much money to just get locks, the investment you are doing here is really justified. This is maybe a lot of money, but the amount of time and expertise you are getting here to do your sisterlocks makes it really worth the money.

Can You Do Sisterlocks on Your Own?

Can you do sisterlocks on your own
Can you do sisterlocks on your own

 If you want to do sisterlocks, you have to do it with an expert. Seeing the amount, you need to put in, you might think of installing the sisterlocks yourself. But it is not feasible if you are not an expert.

To do sisterlocks, you need to divide and subdivide your hair numerous amounts of times and clip them, and keep them in place. Only one lock can take more than 10 minutes if you have longer hair.

While rotating the locks, the hair strands need to tighten up in between them. If you do not tighten up the hair properly, the locks will not form properly. Also, you cannot see the back part of your hair at all. So, locking those parts can be a great hassle.

If you merge the locks in between, it can irritate your hair and scalp a lot.  It will also create a messed-up appearance. As sisterlocks are permanent and cannot be undone, if something is not right, there is no way you can fix it unless you cut that lock.

That’s why, I would not recommend doing the sisterlocks yourself at all. It might cost a lot of money than any other locks out there, but if you want your locks to embrace your natural hair texture, sisterlocks are going to be the best option for you.

Considering the amount of work and time it takes, sisterlocks are worth at least a shot.

Can Sisterlocks Damage Your Hair?

Can sisterlocks damage your hair
Can sisterlocks damage your hair

Sisterlocks do not damage your hair since it maintains the natural hair texture. But, if it is not done properly, it can surely damage your hair. The locking process needs constant re-tightening. If it is not retightened properly, the lock will not be formed nicely. It can create split ends and breakage. Also, if the lock is done too tightly, it will create tension in your hair roots and can cause constant headaches and hair loss.

If you do not hydrate your hair, it will make your hair very dry and frizzy. Also, if you do not use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, it can create buildups and make your hair rough. Sulfate works like detergent and it strips away all the natural oils of yours. You need to wash your hair once a week with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to maintain healthy and clean locks.

Sisterlocks alone will not damage your hair at all. But not installing and maintaining it properly can cause damage to your hair. That’s why, you always need an expert to do the sisterlocks for you even though it costs more. Do not forget to ask for tips from your hairstylist on how you can maintain your sisterlocks better.

Which Hair Type Can Get Sisterlocks?

Which hair type can get sisterlocks
Which hair type can get sisterlocks

Sisterlocks are best suited to naturally curly hair. The hair needs to be curly, coiled, or kinky. The afro-textured hair is best suited for this styling as they have very coarse and dense hair of type 4c or type 4d/4z. Type 4a or 4b can also install sisterlocks, but in this case, the locks will appear much thinner. Type 3 hairs are not suited for doing sisterlocks as the locks are thinner, most of the scalp will be exposed, and you might not like how the look turns out.

However, if your hair is relaxed or chemically treated, you need to take a consultation first with an expert to ensure that your hair is suitable to install sisterlocks in it. If your hair is already damaged, this extra pressure can make your hair more vulnerable, prone to breakage, and lead to falling out. You must wait until your hair is not healthy again.


1. Are sisterlocks high maintenance?

Sisterlocks are really low maintenance and can be taken care of just like any other locs. However, the real pain of maintenance is retightening them again if they come lose, which can happen from time to time.

2. Are sisterlocks permanent?

Sisterlocks are permanent in the sense that they can not be reversed. Once you install the sisterlocks, you can either maintain it or cut it when your hair grows out. you need to retighten them after 6-8 weeks to set the grown hair.

3. What is the alternative to sisterlocks?

The alternative to sisterlocks can be microlocks. Microlocks are done as traditional locks by rolling, coiling, twisting, etc., but look like sisterlocks as they are tiny and much thinner.

Final Thoughts

The cost of installing your sisterlocks can be pretty expensive, but all the work and effort that goes towards it makes it worth the money. Sisterlocks are not like every other lock that can be installed within 2 to 3 hours. It takes an expert a lot of patience and hard work and you need to appreciate that. The cost can depend on various factors like the location you are in, your hair density, the length, and size of your sisterlocks, etc. Different salons in the same area also can charge different amounts sometimes. Try to do a little research on their service and cost beforehand to get the best deal. But if you decide to do sisterlocks, the investment is really worth it.

Key points

  • The cost of getting Sisterlocks done varies depending on various factors and can range between $500-$2000.
  • Sisterlocks cost more than any other type of dreadlocks mainly because you need a certified expert to install them.
  • Sisterlocks do not necessarily damage your hair. However, if you don’t have it done properly, then you might end up with a lot of hair problems like breakage and split ends.
  • Sisterlocks are quite unique which makes them hard to get for hair types that are type 3 and below.
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