Can I Take a Nap After a Spray Tan?

Can I Take a Nap After a Spray Tan
Taking a nap after a spray tan is beneficial, but if you don’t have the proper idea about how you can get a nap after a spray tan then it can harm your tanning look.

Spray tans are one of the most popular fake tans that people are getting instead of suntans. To get a spray tan, you just have to spray a chemical mist all over your body and wait for it to develop. The DHA in the chemical solution will react with the amino acids of your skin’s first layer in the presence of oxygen and give you the dark shade effect.

Many people who have freshly tanned their skin wonder if they can take a nap after their spray tanning session. Generally, the answer is yes, but there is a certain amount of time that people have to wait to allow for the spray tan to absorb into the skin. And even then, the type of spray tan you got will determine that since not all spray tans are the same!

That is why in today’s article, I will discuss whether you can take a nap after a spray tan, how long you have to wait, whether it is a good idea, and how to prepare before taking a nap. And the benefits of taking a nap after a spray tan.

Can I Take a Nap after a Spray Tan?

Can I take a nap after a spray tan

As we know, it is a chemical mist that we have to spray all over our bodies to get tanned skin, so it’s obviously a liquid solution. After knowing this, it is common to wonder, “Can I take a nap after a spray tan?
The general answer is yes. You can take a nap after a spray tan. But there is a little problem you have to take care of before taking a nap. And the problem is that if you take a nap after a fresh spray tan, there is a chance of getting streaks or staining. So, if you want to take a nap after your spray tan, you have to give your skin some time to absorb the liquid solution. After your body absorbs the solution, you have a low risk of getting streaks or stains.

How Long After a Spray Tan Can You Take a Nap?

After getting a spray tan, how long you can take a nap is hard to explain because there are many types of spray tans you can get. So, it basically depends on which type of tan you are getting.

  • Airbrush Tanning: If you are getting airbrush tanning, then you have to wait around 1 hour.
  • Spray Tanning Booth: A mechanical booth spray tan takes around 40 minutes to absorb into the body.
  • HVLP and LVLP Tanning: High-volume low-pressure (HVLP) and Low-Volume Low-Pressure (LVLP) tans will take only 10 minutes to absorb.
  • Self-Tanner: A self-tanner takes only 15 minutes to absorb the tanning solution.

So, now we all know after how long we can take a nap, after completing our tanning session. To avoid any kind of damage to your tan, you must wait for the remaining tanning time to get the best result.

Is It Good to Take a Nap after a Spray Tan?

Getting a spray tan is safe, as we all know, because we don’t have to expose ourselves to the sun, and there is also no chance of getting any skin damage with a spray tan. But is it good to take a nap after a spray tan?

The answer is yes. It is good and safe to take a nap after a spray tan. Fake tans, like spray tans, take a little bit of time to develop; it’s not a solution that will give you a dark tan instantly. The DHA will react time by time to give you a dark shade. So, if you take a nap after your spray tan, your skin will have the perfect amount of time to process. I am telling you that because when you are awake, you will move from here to there, which can cause some wrinkle marks on your skin, and if you are sleeping, you will have less movement. So, there is also a low risk of getting tanned if you are sleeping. It is a good idea to take a nap after a spray tan.

As a result, if you are willing to take a nap after your tanning session, then do so without any hesitation.

Things to Know Before Taking a Nap after a Spray Tan

There are some things that you should know before taking a nap after a spray tanning session. Those are:

Before taking a nap things you should do

Wear Loose and dark Clothes

Before taking a nap always remember to wear a loose dark cloth because it has a lower risk of ruining your precious tanning look and clothes. Wearing tight clothes can create streaks or stain your clothes. So, to avoid this kind of situation, always try to wear loose and dark-colored clothes. Make sure the clothes you are wearing are comfy and not harsh on your skin. To make you feel at ease try to wear cotton or silk types clothes.

Select A Cool Room

Before taking a nap, always choose a cool room because if you choose a room where air can’t go in, it can make you sweat. And sweating can badly harm your tan. Experts suggest avoiding water for 8–12 hours in every tanning session while sweating is one kind of water exposure. So, selecting a cool room to avoid sweating is very important. If you still have a chance of sweating, then use baby powder on the sweat area before sleeping.

Spread A Dark Cloth Or Towel On Your Bed

After drying the solution, there is still a chance for it to get stained. So, before sleeping down on your bed, you have to spread a towel or dark cloth on your bed. It will avoid any kind of stain on your beautiful bed sheets. By any chance, if you stained your bed sheets then wash the stain area as quickly as possible. It is the only way to remove stain marks if you get one.

Sleeping Position

While getting a spray tan, it is common to wonder in which position I can sleep. And the answer is that you can sleep in any position you want. Like side to side or straight. But remember to avoid skin-to-skin interaction; it can make the tan fade quickly. Specialists don’t have any suggestions for your sleeping position, you can sleep in any way that makes you feel comfortable.

5 Important Benefits of Getting a Nap after a Spray Tan

There are several benefits to taking a nap after a spray tan. In this part, I will tell you the 5 most important benefits of getting a nap after a spray tan.

Benefits of taking a nap after a spray tan

1. Staying Dry

Taking a nap after a spray tan helps the solution dry quickly. Because absorbing the chemical solution doesn’t mean that the solution is completely dry, the drying process of the tanning solution generally takes 4–8 hours. And if you are taking a nap after your tanning session, it gives you enough time to develop.

2. Prevent Touch Up with Skin or avoid Transferring

After getting tanned, there is a high risk of getting stained from transferring the solution after a body-to-body connection. But if you are getting a tan, you can avoid any body-to-body connection to transfer your solution, and there is also a low risk of staining your clothes. So, taking a nap can prevent the transfer and staining of your tanning solution.

3. Improve The Development of Your Tanning Solution

I told you before that spray tan will take a little bit of time to develop its deep, dark color. So, while taking a nap, you will give it enough time to develop. After waking up, you can see that the development process of your tanning solution has already started. By any chance, if you get a long nap, it can also improve because some of the tans take less time to develop.

4. Avoid Sweating

Sweating can make streaks to your tanning body and make your attractive tanning look like a total disaster. To avoid this sweating you can also take a nap.  We all know while taking a nap our blood pressure becomes normal so it helps to prevent sweating. So, taking a nap is a good idea to avoid sweating.

5. Give You Relaxation

After going through a tanning session your body needs proper relaxation to respond quickly. Taking a nap will help you to get a relaxed body with a refreshed mind. It will also help to provide your body with energy and remove all of your stress. Without any stress and with a fresh mind your body’s tanning look will get an incredibly good look.
We can say that taking a nap after spray tanning is really beneficial for us to give us attractive-looking skin.

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Final Thoughts

After reading the whole article, it’s very easy to say that you can take a nap after a spray tan. You just have to know which time you are ready to take your nap. Because of many spray tans and their different absorb timing, you must wait for the preferable time before getting your nap. Taking a nap will help you by keeping you dry, avoiding skin touch and transferring, improving development, avoiding sweat, and keeping you relaxed. But before taking a nap you just have to wear a loose cloth, select a cool room, spread a dark cloth or towel on your sleeping place, and make yourself comfortable. If it is possible for you to maintain these, then you can take a nap after your spray tanning session with no hesitation.


1. How long are my spray tans going to last?

Generally, spray tans last on the skin for 7–10 days. But it depends on the type of tan you are getting. Because some spray tans can last 20-30 days on your skin. So, before getting a spray tan, you must know what type of tan you are getting and how long it is going to last.

2. After getting a spray tan, how long do I have to wait to take a shower?

After a spray tan, if you can wait 24 hours to give it time to develop, you can get the best result. But if you have any emergencies, you can take a shower after 8 hours.

3. What things should I avoid after getting a spray tan?

You have to avoid tight clothes, covered shoes, soaps, acidic skin care products, rubbing, shedding, peeling, waxing, sweating, and shaving. These can harm your tan and cause it to fade quickly.

4. Will my spray tan get darker if I put it on overnight?

If you choose a darker shade of tan for your skin, it will get darker with time. But if you choose the light one, then it won’t. It depends on the color of tan you choose for yourself.

Key Points

  • Taking a nap after a spray tan will help you develop the tanning solution on your body.
  • Before taking a nap, you have to wear something loose, dark, and comfortable for you. And also, cover your bed sheet with something dark or towels to prevent the tanning effect on it.
  • The nap you are taking after your spray tan will help in drying, prevent transferring and staining, improve development, avoid sweating, and also give you proper relaxation.
  • To maintain your desired look and longevity, you should take proper care of your spray tan.

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