Can You Do Microneedling After Botox?

Can you do microneedling after botox
Getting microneedling after Botox is possible if you give the Botox solution enough time—at least two weeks—to develop and then get your microneedling treatment.

Having beautiful, smooth, and healthy skin is a blessing. It gives people confidence about their appearance. But after a certain age, a delay in taking care of your skin causes skin damage and gives your skin fine lines, wrinkles, spots, and thin skin. To fix these kinds of issues, people choose to use chemical fixers for their skin. Among them, two common fixers are Microneedling and Botox.

Botox is an injection therapy that uses a toxin to prevent the movement of our muscles for a limited time. On the other hand, microneedling is a process where you have to use thin needles to increase the collagen in your skin cells. To get healthy skin, people wonder if they can get microneedling after Botox. Getting Microneedling after Botox is possible, but if you can’t get it properly, it can affect your skin dangerously. In this article, I’ll discuss whether you can get Microneedling after Botox, what will happen if you do so, the process of getting it, and tips to follow after having it.

Can You Do Microneedling After Botox?

Can you do microneedling after botox
Can you do Microneedling after Botox

Getting microneedling after Botox is possible. But to get microneedling after getting Botox, you have to wait a long time. Microneedling and Botox are two chemical solutions for your skin to fix its problems. If you get these two together, you will get super-damaged skin. Because these two chemicals will react with each other and cause damage to your skin. It’s a must that you have to wait a long time to get another chemical treatment for your skin to achieve your expected look.

Right Time for Microneedling After Botox

You must wait 2 weeks to get your microneedling treatment after getting Botox. The Botox solution needs two weeks to develop in your skin. So, if you did your Microneedling after recently doing your Botox, then the chance of getting damaged skin is very high. To avoid any kind of harm to your skin and also to achieve your expected look, you have to wait for two weeks or more to get your Microneedling done.

What Will Happen If You Get Microneedling After Botox?

What will happen if you get microneedling after botox
What will happen if you get microneedling after botox

If you get your Microneedling treatment after Botox, you can get serious damage to your skin. In this part of the article, I am going to tell you about what can happen if you get Microneedling after Botox.

  • Pain: After getting freshly done Botox, if you get Microneedling on your skin, you can feel serious pain in your skin. Because the Botox pain is not going to go away so fast and you are already getting another needless treatment for your skin.
  • Redness: Redness is common after Botox. But if you get microneedling on your red skin, then this is going to stay for a very long time on your skin. It can change the look of your skin because of its reddish effects on it.
  • Swelling: getting swollen skin after Botox is also natural. The solution of Botox toxins will take some time to absorb into your skin, and you have to give it that time. After that, you will get the result and get rid of the swelling skin. But if you get Microneedling treatment on your swelling skin, then the solution is not going to get the chance to absorb, and you can get permanent swelling skin.
  • Bleeding or Bruising: Bleeding or bruising of the skin can be caused by blood extravasation. You can also get excessive blood leakage from the blood vessels in your injected areas. While getting Microneedling with Botox, the blood vessels of your skin might get big and damaged, which is why they can’t control bleeding and cause excessive bleeding.
  • Infection: You can get infected after getting Microneedling with Botox. The solution for Botox contains many powerful ingredients. It’s not appropriate that every ingredient is going to work on your skin and be suitable. Same for the Microneedling solutions, too. So, after getting freshly done Botox, if you get microneedling without giving it proper time, you may get an infection of your skin.
  • Allergic Reaction: By getting these chemical solutions, it’s common to get allergic reactions to your sensitive skin. The allergic reaction on your face is going to stay until your skin does not develop the solution of Botox treatments. If you get Microneedling solutions on your allergic skin, then it’s going to be a big issue for your skin.
  • Unsatisfied Result: After getting done with your Botox and microneedling, you may also feel that you are not getting the result you were expecting to get. You can get an unsatisfactory result after getting them on your skin because you get one-after-one solutions and don’t give them proper time to develop. When they can’t develop properly, they also can’t give you the best result that you are looking for. That’s why you can get an unsatisfactory result after getting Microneedling on your skin.

8 Tips for Getting Properly Done Botox and Microneedling

Tips for getting properly done botox and microneedling
Tips for getting properly done botox and microneedling

To get proper Botox and microneedling done on your skin, you may have to follow some tips. These tips will help you avoid any damage to your skin and can also give you the best result:

  1. Choose A Specialist: Microneedling and Botox are chemical treatments that can’t be gotten by anyone. To provide Botox and Microneedling, you have to know the chemicals and the process perfectly. So, choose a certified, best-reviewed specialist for you to get these done. They can provide you with the best treatment based on the condition of your skin and are also experienced, so there won’t be any chance of getting hurt after getting Microneedling and Botox.
  2. Get Your Skin Prepared: Before getting Botox or Microneedling on your skin, you have to prepare your skin before getting them. Prepared skin can absorb the most solution to give you the best result, and you can follow the preparation suggestions from the specialist you have consulted based on your skin type. In this way, you can get the best look by getting perfectly done Botox and Microneedling treatments.
  3. Follow The Instructions: You have to follow the instructions that you have received after these treatments, like the waiting time. You must follow the waiting time that has been provided by your chemical treatment specialist. Otherwise, you may get damaged skin if you get them after giving them proper time to develop. So, always be sincere about waiting and developing time.
  4. Take Good Care: After getting Botox and Microneedling, treat your skin properly. Taking good care of your skin is really necessary. Always be gentle with your chemically treated skin; don’t go harsh with it. It will help you get the best result after getting them without causing any kind of damage to your skin.
  5. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Harsh chemicals can damage or weaken the solutions of your Botox and Microneedling treatments. So after getting these treatments, avoid harsh chemicals like acid, alcohol, and other chemicals that have a chance of damaging your skin. You have to avoid it only until the development process is not developed properly. After the solution’s development, you can use it again on your skin.
  6. Follow Your Skin Care Routine: To keep your skin the same as it was after development, you must follow your regular skincare routine. This will help you keep your skin the same as ever. After following a skincare routine properly, you can keep your skin attractive for a very long time, which you were not expecting.
  7. Avoid the Sun: The most important thing is to avoid the UVA and UVB rays of the sun properly to protect your skin from any damage. Because after getting Botox and Microneedling solutions for your skin, it is going to be sensitive, and sensitive skin can absorb sun rays easily. That’s the reason that you can get damaged skin after getting Botox and microneedling on your skin. To avoid any damage, avoid the sun as much as you can, always choose the shade side, and apply SPF 30+ to your skin while going out.
  8. Consult WIth Your Dermatologist: If you have any other questions or confusion about getting Botox and microneedling, then consult with your dermatologist and get the best suggestions about how to prepare your skin, how to get them, and what to do after getting them. You can also get tips about healing your skin after getting them if you have faced any skin damage like allergic reactions, infections, and many others.

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1. How long does a Botox treatment take to heal?

Botox treatment solution is included with a chemical solution called Botulinum Toxin. It takes a long time to develop properly in your skin, like 14 to 20 days. After waiting for 14 to 20 days, you can get a properly done botox treatment with an attractive look on your skin.

2. How long do Microneedling treatments take to heal?

Microneedling treatments take only 24 hours to heal. After waiting 24 hours, you can go back to your regular routines for skin care, but it will take 2-3 days to develop properly. It will help you increase the collagen in your skin to prevent damaged skin.

3. What to avoid after getting microneedling?

After getting freshly done microneedling, you have to avoid ingredients like acid, alcohol, makeup products, and harsh chemicals. Because absorbing these ingredients while getting microneedling can damage your skin dangerously.

4. Is mixing Microneedling and Botox effective?

No, mixing microneedling and Botox is not effective. Mixing them together can weaken the solution and prevent the expected result. Mixing them can also harm your skin by damaging it and reacting to it.

5. Can I get Microneedling and Botox by myself?

While getting Microneedling and Botox by yourself, you may get microneedling with the help of a derma ruler but not the Botox solution. These two are sensitive chemical anti-aging treatments. So, getting them by yourself is risky, and I’ll not suggest you do that.

Final Thoughts

Getting microneedling after getting Botox is Possible. But to get Microneedling, you have to follow some tips. Because getting microneedling after getting your freshly done Botox can give your skin a hard time and also cause skin damage, you can get irritation, pain, itchiness, infection, bleeding, swollen skin, and redness on your skin. To avoid getting all these problems on your skin, you must get Microneedling after Botox treatments properly and also give your skin the proper time to avoid any damage.

To get Microneedling after Botox, you have to wait at least two weeks to give your Botox solutions enough time to develop properly. After developing the Botox solution, you can apply microneedling to your skin and get the best result. To avoid any kind of damage to the skin and also to get the expected result after getting them, you must take good care of your skin and also avoid ingredients that can harm it.

Key Points

  • Microneedling after Botox is possible, but getting them on the same day is impossible.
  • To get microneedling after Botox, you have to wait at least two weeks to avoid any harm and give enough time for the solution to develop.
  • If you get Microneedling after your freshly done Botox treatments, then you may get problems like pain, redness, itchiness, irritation, rashes, infections, and bleeding to your skin.
  • To get the best result after getting Microneedling and Botox, you must take good care of your skin and avoid activities or ingredients that can harm it.

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