Can You Use Lash Serums With Lash Extensions?

Can you use lash serums with lash extensions

People with thin and small lashes contemplate getting eyelash extensions to give the eyes a fuller look overall. However, you will know that eventually, those have to come off because they are hurting the natural growth of your actual lashes and causing them to fall off! That is why people go for lash serums instead since they help take care of your natural eyelashes instead but take a really long time to do so. So the question often pops up, “Can you use lash serums with lash extensions?”.

If you were skeptical if you should or shouldn’t use a lash serum with eyelash extensions, then I’ll be glad to tell you that you absolutely can use them together! Not only that, but you can get a lot of benefits from using lash serums with lash extensions! So let’s dive into the world of eyelash improvement and see which lash serum you should avoid using with lash extensions and how you need to apply them!

Understanding Lash Serums and Lash Extensions

Understanding lash serums and lash extensions
Understanding lash serums and lash extensions

Before diving straight into the questions, let’s first explore what are lash serums and lash extensions. A lash serum is a liquid that is either water or oil-based that contains ingredients that help to boost natural eyelash growth. They contain hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamins like panthenol to help provide the condition to help extend the growth period of the lashes which helps to let them grow fuller.

On the complete opposite spectrum, you have lash extensions. Instead of relying on your natural lashes, lash extensions are semi-permanent fake eyelashes that are attached to the base of your natural eyelashes. Fake lashes are attached to a fiber made from synthetic, mink, faux mink, or silk fibers which are then placed on your existing eyelashes.

Both of them do the same thing and how long they are on. With both, if you stop using them then you will eventually return back to your natural eyelash appearance. It is more instant with eyelash extensions since you remove them to return back to your actual eyelashes. But with serums, if you stop using them you eventually return back to your normal eyelash appearance over the next few weeks.

Where they differ is that lash extensions impede the natural growth of eyelashes and can cause them to break or fall off completely. The fibers are added to the natural lashes which will become damaged over time because it is unable to hold the weight of the extensions. Lash serums were created to help keep the eyelashes nice and healthy, reducing damage and uneven fallout of the lashes.

Why Using Lash Serum With Lash Extensions Is Important?

Why using lash serum with lash extensions is important
Why using lash serum with lash extensions is important

Lash serum and lash extension both can enhance the appearance of your eyes but in different ways. One promotes natural growth and another sits on top of the natural lash. As the lash extension sits on top of the natural lashes this is why some people are confused about using lash serum when they have lash extensions. But the bright side is you can safely use lash serums while you have lash extensions. But the catch is you have to use the right formula for your lash extension. When using the right one in your lash extension it can actually help your lash extensions. 4 benefits you can get using lash serum while you have lash extensions on.

1. Strengthening and nourishing

Putting lash serums with lash extensions can provide nourishment and strength to the natural lashes so the natural lashes will hold the lash extensions better. Since lash serums are meant to provide nourishment and bind the protein well this gives the lash extensions a strong base.

2. Filling in Sparse Areas

Lash extensions are applied on top of the natural lashes and cannot be placed without having a natural lash base. If you have spars or gaps in your lashes then the extension will not look as much fuller as you want them to. Lash serums can help you fill in the gaps after you have put on lash extensions and help to fill in the gaps.

3. Prolonging the Lash Extension Lifespan

Lash extensions need maintenance and a strong base. Lash serums can actually help the lash extension stay in your eyes longer. When the base of your lash extension the weight gets distributed and the possibility of falling out lowers. Lash serum can actually make the rots stronger resulting in prolonged lash extension life. Also, using the lash serum on a daily basis will lessen your touch-up sessions and save you time and money.

4. Enhancing Overall Lash Appearance

Lash serums not only make the lashes longer stronger and thicker but also have the ability to make the lashes conditioned and healthy looking. The ingredients available in lash serum like vitamins, peptides, and agents can actually make the lashes look shiny and very eye catchy. When lash serums are applied on lash extensions they look more dramatic and conditioned. As the lash serum would make the lash more thicker the lash extensions’ overall look will improve.

Lash Serum with Lash Extensions: 5 Things You Need to Know

I may have answered your question about using lash serums and lash extensions together but there are some things that you must know before using them together. The last thing you want to happen is harm both your extensions and your natural lashes. So here are some of the things that you need to watch out for and need to know:

Lash serum with lash extensions 5 things you need to know
Lash serum with lash extensions 5 things you need to know

1. Avoiding lash serums with oil, sulfate, and parabens

Some lash serums use castor oil and other hydrating oil to help moisturize the lashes. But this is a big no-no for lash extensions! The semi-permanent glue used to hold the extensions on your eyes will become damaged if you were to use lash serums with oil in them. So make sure to avoid those types of serums if you have lash extensions on. The same thing goes for parabens and sulfate since they will interact with the glue and decrease its effectiveness over time.

2. Applying lash serum right after the appointment

Applying the lash serum is great but timing is key to keep your natural and lash extensions intact. The glue used to hold the lash extensions together needs a bit of time to cure and set on your eyelids. This can be anywhere from 4 to 6 hours depending on how much glue was used so make sure to wait the appropriate time before applying them.

3. Lash serum with vitamins

If oil is something that you need to avoid, then vitamins are something you need to have in your lash serums, especially biotin! These vitamins are what help extend the growth period of the lashes and help keep them looking good.

4. Applying on the lash line not extensions

The thing that wants the serum is your natural lashes and not your extensions. That is why you should be avoiding using lash serums that come with an eyeliner applicator since those are meant for natural lashes. Instead, only apply the lash serum on the lash line so that the roots of your lashes get all the nourishing benefits! The last thing you want is for the lash extensions to clump together and fall off.

5. Consistent habit

The only way that your eyelash extension will benefit from the lash serum is when you are applying it consistently. This is because once you stop using the lash serum, your natural lashes will revert back to how they used to be. So make sure you are applying it with a consistent habit as per the instructions of the lash serum.

6 Best Lash Serums for Lash Extension

Using lash serum on lash extensions come down to the formula and you have to find the right one that would work well with the lash extensions. To make the finding a little easier for you we have come up with 6 eyelash serum recommendations that can work well and can be paired with lash extensions.

1. Vegamour

Vegamour lash serum is a very good option to use on your lash extensions. Being an oil-free very lightweight lash serum gives this brand an extra edge. Users who have been using this continuously have seen changes and have been growing their lashes. This serum comes with a straight last brush that can be very handy and perfect for serum application.


2. LashLuxury Daily eyelash serum

This is a Canadian brand that is focused on clean beauty. Generally, their lash serums do wonders for the lashes. You can see results within one week of daily application. This serum helps to grow the lashes stronger and longer. This brand is totally safe for use with lash extensions. They are not harsh and do not harm the glue of lash extensions either.

 Lashluxury daily eyelash serum
Lashluxury daily eyelash serum

3. Envious Lashes Lash Conditioning Serum

This brand’s lash serum has the ability to protect your natural hair and also will protect the extension from tearing or falling off. The only negative point can be the mascara wand-like applicator but you can use a separate brush for better results.

Envious lashes lash conditioning serum
Envious lashes lash conditioning serum

4. Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer

This lash serum is made with totally nature-based products. And it is often prescribed as homeopathic medicine. It contains natures very strong ingredients. This is totally safe to use on lash extensions. This serum helps the lashes to grow longer and stronger.

 Phyto-medic eyelash enhancer
Phyto-medic eyelash enhancer

5. Grande Cosmetics GrandeLash MD

This lash serum is made with hydrating ingredients like amino acids, peptides, and different types of vitamins. Visible changes can be seen within 4 months of application. You can use tissue on your lash extension without worrying much.

Grande cosmetics grandelash md
Grande cosmetics grandelash md

6. NeuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum

This serum is another great one that can show results within 30 days of daily application. This serum is made with a complex blend of amino acids and peptides. You can use this serum on lash extensions without having any trouble.

Neulash lash enhancing serum
Neulash lash enhancing serum

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10 Tips For Using Lash Serum with Lash Extensions

When you want to use a lash serum with your lash extensions, here are some helpful tips to make the experience better:

  1. Don’t apply too much serum, it can clog the pores of your lash roots.
  2. Apply in the morning to reduce the chances of irritation.
  3. Wash your face properly before applying the lash serum.
  4. Don’t use a mascara wand to apply lash serum.
  5. Brush your lash extensions regularly and avoid pulling on them.
  6. Don’t use mascara on your extensions.
  7. Keep your extensions as clean and dry as possible.
  8. Use a water-based cleanser to gently clean your lash extension (oil-based would ruin the adhesive).
  9. Every couple of months remove your lash extensions for a couple of weeks to allow your natural lashes to heal (keep using lash serum during this time).
  10. If you feel continuous irritation, go see a doctor before it becomes worse.


1. What eyelash serums are not good with lash extensions?

e.l.f, Sweed, and Rapidlash have been considered to be not so good for lash extensions by many beauticians because they contain ingredients like oil.

2. Do natural lashes fall out with extensions?

Falling out of some lashes while having a lash extension on is completely normal! This happens due to the natural lashes not being to hold the weight of the lash extensions properly.

3. Is it OK to use lash serum every day?

Yes, you can lash serum every day. However, you have to make sure that you are only using it once a day in the morning to stop potential damage to your lashes and eyes.

4. Does lash serum cause eye discoloration?

In rare cases, there are lash serums that contain prostaglandin analogues that can cause the color of your iris to change due to the ingredients in the serum. This is however a very rare case and the change is possibly permanent.

5. Can you apply lash serum with contact lenses?

You must remove contact lenses before applying lash serum because the preservative in the serum can cause damage to the contact lenses. You should also let the serum dry after use for 15 to 20 minutes before putting your contact lenses back on.

Final Thoughts

Lash serums are a godsend for those that don’t have long fluttery eyelashes since it helps your natural eyelashes to grow. That is why it is important to use a lash serum with your lash extensions to strengthen your natural lashes underneath. While there are some lash serums that you should not be using, it is equally important to make sure that you apply them correctly as well. With the tips I mentioned, both your natural eyelashes and lash extensions will be benefitted from the lash serums!

Key Points

  • It is perfectly fine to lash serum with lash extensions. It is in fact good to use it so that your natural lashes are strengthened and properly nourished.
  • Both lash serums and lash extensions help give you fuller eyelashes. However, lash extensions are fake and lash serums help natural lashes grow to become fuller.
  • There are some things that you need to know when you are going to apply lash serum with lash extensions on.
  • There are certain lash serums that are very good to use with lash extensions that will keep both your natural lashes and lash extensions safe.
  • Some helpful tips to follow when you are applying lash serum with lash extensions on to make the experience better.

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