How To Prevent Dip Nails From Lifting?

To prevent dip nails from lifting you have to prepare your nails before, then apply them step-by-step, maintain your regular activities, and eat a balanced diet.

To look more attractive, having good nails is a plus. Nails are essential body parts that make our fingers look beautiful. We make a lot of customizations, alterations, and experiment further to see what’s new is coming all the way. To make it look more beautiful, people love to do these with their nails even though some of them could be costly to remove and apply as well. Not only that, but people also get fake nails done to protect their natural nails as well! Among all the artificial nails, dip nails are one of the most popular ways to get natural-looking, attractive nails.

For dip nails, you just have to polish your nails with liquid monomer and then dip them into polymer powder. And you are ready to have perfectly done dip nails. It will transform your nails into attractive, luxurious beauties. But to get these beautiful nails, you must get them perfectly and take good care of them. Otherwise, you may lose your dip nails or see them lift from your natural nails. So how to prevent dip nails from lifting? In this article, I will talk about the reasons that can cause your dip nails problems like lifting, how to prevent this problem, and how to take good care of them so they won’t lift up.

The Reasons Behind Dip Nails Lifting

After getting dip nails if you are facing problems like your dip nails lifting from your natural nails, then there must be some reasons. And the reasons are:

The reasons behind dip nails lifting

1. Improper Nail Preparation

Before getting any type of artificial nail, it’s a must to prepare your nails because if you are not preparing your nails properly, nail lifting is a common issue. So, you have to prepare yourself before you get dip nails. You have to push your nail cuticles back, file your nails properly to remove all the shiny effects from your nails, and also clean the surface of your nails.

2. Incorrect Application

If you have gotten your dip nails using incorrect techniques, then getting lifting dip nails is a must. To get dip nails, you have to apply it to your nails properly. Otherwise, taking good care can’t make them stay longer. If the layers of your dip nails, adhesive base, and activator are not properly applied and the excess powder is still on your nails, then it will make your artificial nails lift.

3. Moisture Exposure

Moisture is the main enemy affecting your dip nails. It makes the adhesion of your nails weaken, making them lift. It should happen while you are dipping your hand in excessive water. Using oils, harsh chemicals, and warmth can cause your dip nails to lift. So, avoiding this will be good for your dip nails.

4. Unnecessary Nail Shape and Length

Unnecessary nail lengths and shapes can also be the reason for getting your nails lifted. If you have dip nails on excessively long nails, they can exert pressure on the dip powder you are using and cause lifting. If you get dip nails on your curved or sharp edges, it also increases the risk of lifting.

5. Poor-Quality Product

The quality of dip powder, liquid monomer, activator, base, and topcoats can also lift your dip nails. Because of its poor quality. Poor-quality dip nails don’t work as well as the best-quality dip nail products. Their adhesive quality is also poor, so it can’t hold your dip nails.

6. Natural Nails Health and Conditions

Your natural nails’ health and conditions also matter for your dip nails. If your nails are not healthy enough, then they can’t hold the solution of dip nails on them. So, you can get problems like nail lifting.

How To Prevent Dip Nails From Lifting?

After getting perfect-looking dip nails, no one wants to get lifting nails. To prevent problems like lifting, you have to know how to prevent them. To prevent dip nails from lifting, you have to:

Prepare Your Nails

  • Push The Cuticles: With the help of a cuticle pusher, push your cuticles back to make your nail plates visible.
  • Cut The Excessive Cuticles: Now, with the help of a cuticle cutter, cut all the excessive cuticles on your nails.
  • File Your Nail: It’s time to file your natural nails. You have to file it into the shape you want your nails to have and also file the shiny layer of your nails.
  • Clean Your Nails: After completing pushing, cutting, and filing your nails, now clean them with nail cleanser or polish remover to remove the dirt and oils from them and make them clean and ready for getting the dip nails.

These will help you attach the adhesive of that solution to your natural nails perfectly and will give them a long-lasting effect.

Prepare your nails

Follow the Process Properly to Avoid Lifting Nails

  • Basecoat: First, you have to apply a base coat to your nail. It will protect your natural nails from any kind of harm by creating a protective shield on your nails.
  • Liquid Monomer: Now take a clean nail brush or polish brush and dip it into the liquid monomer. Apply it to your nails properly.
  • Powder: Dip your nails into the powder, and with the help of a dry brush, brush off all the excess powder.
  • Remove The Cuticle Powder: Take the cuticle pusher and remove all the powder from your cuticle areas because powder on cuticles can make them lift up.
  • Repeat: Repeat the process until you don’t get your desired nails.
  • Activator: Apply an activator to your nails and wait until they develop and become dry.
  • Top Coat: After the total process, when you have gotten your desired nails, you have to apply a top coat to protect your dip nails. It will protect your dip nails from any kind of harm and also from lifting.

Note: Applying dip nails correctly reduces the risk of getting dip nails lifted. So, follow these step-by-step guidelines to prevent your dip nails from lifting.

Follow the process properly

4 Regular Activities To Avoid Nail Lifting

To avoid any kind of harm or problem, be sure of certain facts to get better result with your nail endeavor.

  1. Avoid Water: Water can weaken the solution of your dip nails and make them start lifting. So, if you are contacted with water while working, try to use water-resistance gloves to give them a long lifetime.
  2. Avoid Warmth: Warmth can make the solution of your nails weaken and make them fall off. So, avoid doing it while you are having your nails dipped to protect them from lifting up.
  3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Harsh chemicals have a high chance of making them fall off by reacting with the solutions of your dip nails and harming them. It can also cause nail lifting. So, always check the ingredients before applying anything to your nails to see if it has any harsh chemicals or not.
  4. Avoid Using Nails as Tools: After getting them, don’t use your dip nails as tools for pulling, pushing, lifting something up, or typing. It can make them lift your dip nails from your natural nails.
Maintain your regular activities

Use High-Quality Products

Using High-Quality products means the liquid and powdery products you are going to get have to be of good quality whether it is nail polish or the nail polish remover last a very long time.

  • Same Brand Products: Always try to use all the products that you will need to get dip nails from the same brands. Because these products are made with match reaction, they have the power to fulfill all the conditions for getting beautiful-looking long-lasting dip nails.
  • Best Base and Top Coat: Using the best-quality base coat will protect your natural nails and make the dip nails easy to cling to. While top coats will protect your dip nails from getting damaged by lifting and also give them a shiny-looking glow with attractive appearances.

If you are able to follow all the steps, from preparing your nails to maintaining your regular activities, then you are ready to prevent your dip nails from lifting.

Use high quality products

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How To Take Good Care of Your Natural Nails for Another Dip Nails Session?

How to take good care of your natural nails for another dip nails session

Taking good care of your natural nails is also important to keep them healthy for another nail session. To take good care of your natural nails for another dip nail session, you have to:

  • Keep Your Nails Clean and Dry: Always try to keep your nails clean and dry to avoid any kind of harm. It will remove all the germs and bacteria from your nails and keep them away. And soaking your nails or having wet nails has a high chance of breaking your nails. And also, if you are working with something that has a chance to be harsh on your nails, avoid it or wear gloves while working with it.
  • Keep Them Moisturized: Always try to apply moisturizer to your hands and nails to keep them moisturized. But if you want to take extra care of your nails, then apply cuticle oils to them. It will help to moisturize your nails plates and cuticles together. Make them grow faster and stronger. It will also help to keep your natural nails healthy and damage-free.
  • Be Gentle With Your Nails: Always, while working with your nails, try to be gentle with them. If you are polishing your nails, then be gentle and always trim them straight. Also, when filing files, do it in one direction. It will keep your nails beauty the same and also avoid the risk of nail damage.
  • Give Your Nails Breaks: Allow your natural nails to have some rest to grow on their own. Because if you always cover your natural nails with artificial ones, it won’t work well. It will make your nail’s growth stop and also weaken them. So, you can have different types of nail damage. So, make it a routine to give your nails a certain break while getting artificial nails.
  • Eat Proteins: Nails are the reflection of proteins. So nutrients are important for them. To make them more healthy and strong, always try to eat foods that are full of proteins and nutrients. They not only helps you to keep the nails in good conditions but also take care of your overall skin health. Eat foods like nuts, eggs, milk, meat, and fish to protect your nails from any kind of damage and keep them healthy.
  • Consult With A Nail Expert: If you are not feeling secure with your nails and they are getting more and more beautiful, then consult with the nail experts. After seeing your nail condition, they can help you by giving you all the important tips for your nails. Following the tips of the experts will help you get your expected nails to look beautiful and healthy without causing any harm.

By taking good care of your natural nails, you can get healthy and attractive nails, both natural and dipped.


1. Are dip nails safe?

Yes, dip nails are totally safe for your nails. But while removing dip nails, you need to use 100% acetone on your nails. And that’s not safe for your nails. So, avoid getting excessive dip nails.

2. How long are dip nails going to stay on my nails?

Dip nails are going to stay on you for at least four weeks. But depending on your regular activities, it may change. If you are searching for something that may stay longer on your nails, then dip nails will be the perfect choice for you.

3. Can you get dip nails on nail tips?

Yes, you can. You can get dip nails after attaching your nail tips to your natural nail. To get dip nails you just have to apply them as unusual you get dip nails on your natural nails.

Final Thoughts

Getting dip nails is an easy way to get natural-looking, beautiful nails. They might be daunting as well to since cleaning is not the only option because it requires to make dip nails shiny. However, to get dip nails, you must clean, buff them, and push the cuticles backward to make the nail plates visible. And then you have to start applying them to your nails: the base coat to protect natural nails, then the liquid monomer, and then the dip powder. Repeat this process until you get your expected nails. The last polish is the top coat. But sometimes, still doing this, you can get lifted nails. To avoid dip nails from lifting, you have to prepare your nails, apply them step-by-step, maintain your activities, and use high-quality products with a balanced diet. In this way, you can prevent your dip nails from lifting.

Key Points

  • For long-lasting, attractive-looking nails, getting dip nails can be your ideal choice.
  • To get dip nails, first, apply the base coat, then the liquid monomer, and then dip them in the powder. After getting your expected dip nail, apply the top coat.
  • To prevent dip nails from lifting, you have to prepare your nails first, then apply them step by step. Maintain your regular activities and eat a balanced diet.
  • To increase their longevity, you have to take good care of them and avoid things that can make your dip nails lift.

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