Does Grande Lash Expire?

Does grande lash expire

The trend of getting thicker and longer lashes has been there for ages to enhance natural beauty.  People have been using mascara for the effect of having beautiful long lashes for a very long time. But if you can have long lush lashes naturally without wearing mascara, it will be even better. Grande Lash has introduced us to the lash serum that promotes the natural growth of your lashes and makes them appear long and thick.

People tend to love using a lash serum but often forget to put it in the lash with regular skincare. The small bottle hides in the corner of the bulk of your skin care products. So, it is very natural to become confused and think “Does Grande Lash Expire?” if you suddenly find your bottle of Grande Las. In this article, I will talk about all the concerns you have about the expiration and shelf life of your favorite Grande Lash.

Does Grande Lash Expire?

Does grande lash expire
Does grande lash expire

Grande Lash is a lash-enhancing serum that helps to enhance your lash length and volume. It consists of multiple vitamins, amino acids, peptides, etc. Even though the ingredients are mostly vegan and naturally derived, it does not mean they will remain effective for an unlimited time. Some ingredients may take longer than others, but every one of them loses its efficacy after a certain period. Your Grande Lash also expires. There are certain factors about its expiration that you need to consider before using the serum. I have explained the shelf life of the Grande Lash for you to make the best use of it.

Shelf Life of Grande Lash

Shelf life of grande lash
Shelf life of grande lash

The shelf life of your Grande Lash is normally 12 months. After 12 months even though your product is not yet finished, you have to switch the bottle. But if you have not opened the bottle yet, the serum can last for 2 years. Exposure to air can drastically drop the shelf life of any product. If you already have a Grande Lash serum, finish that first then go for the next one. If you do not want to use that yet, do not open the bottle for having the maximum shelf life. You can also increase the shelf life of any product by storing your Grande Lash properly.

How Do You Know If Your Grande Lash Is Expired?

Look for the expiry date in the bottle. Normally, the Grande Lash is the most effective before 12 months. If you cannot find it, level the date when you opened the bottle and toss it after 1 year. But if you have not opened the bottle yet, and are also not sure if it has been 2 years or not, consider some other signs before using your Grande Lash. Such as-

  1. Color Test: Normally the eyelash serum does not contain any color. If you think that the color of your eyelash serum has become darker. Then it is obvious that the formulation of the serum has got changed and you should not use that serum in your eyelash.
  2. Sniff test: If you cannot tell if your Grande Lash is good or not by its color, go for the smell test. The Grande Lash does not contain any fragrance. If you think that the smell has become thinner or sharper, then your serum is not in the best condition to use.
  3. Consistency test: The consistency test is very trickier in that case. For eyelash serum, the consistency hardly changes.  But if your product is too old to use, the liquid formulas will get separated. That’s when you will know that your serum is not for use anymore.

These are the other ways if you do not have an expiry date or can not remember when you opened the bottle of your Grande Lash bottle. If you notice even one of them, never use that serum in your eyes.

Is Expired Grande Lash Safe to Use?

The eyes are the most sensitive organ in your body. It is better to not use any product around your eyes at all than to use an expired one. Any minor issue can become big when it comes to your eyes. Lashes help to protect our eyes from environmental harm. But if you put an expired serum in your lash, some products can surely go into your eyes and cause multiple problems like irritation, burning, etc. You should never take a chance with your eyes. So before using any product around your eyes, make sure the product is not expired.

Can Expired Grande Lash Make My Lashes Fall Out?

Can expired grande lash make my lashes fall out
Can expired grande lash make my lashes fall out

Your lashes normally have 3 phases to grow. They are:

  1. Anagen (The Growth Phase): In this phase, your hair will grow to its full length. A nourishing eyelash serum like Grande Lash can work best in this phase.
  2. Catagen (The Degradation phase): The hair stops growing and gets ready for the next phase to start and new lashes to grow in the Catagen phase.
  3. Telogen (The Resting Phase): The lashes start to shade in this period, so your eyelash serum cannot do much in this phase.

These phases are very normal for a healthy lash cycle. All the lashes of your eyes do not go through these phases at the same time. Your lashes can fall because of this reason. While an expired Grande Lash serum cannot completely make your lashes fall out, the chemicals and other ingredients can cause harm to your eyes.

Common Ingredients of Grande Lash

Common ingredients of grande lash
Common ingredients of grande lash

Grande Lash’s ingredients are mostly nature derived. Such as- they use Radish Root extract for its properties of peptide, Amino acids for building collagen, Grape Seed Extract for its anti-oxidant properties and Vitamin E essentials, Hyaluronic acid for hydration and holding moisture, aloe vera, and honey as the nourishing compound. All these ingredients might make you feel that you can use your Grande Lash serum even after the expiry date as they contain no harmful or toxic ingredients. But all of these ingredients become ineffective and some might cause allergies to you. As said before, your eyes are very sensitive. Never consider anything expiring for your eyes.

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How Can You Make Your Grande Lash Last Longer?

How can you make your grande lash last longer
How can you make your grande lash last longer

The ingredients of any skin care product will turn ineffective after a certain period. You can not change the fact.  But some factors can be the catalysts to ruin your product faster than the expiry date. To make your Grande Lash last longer, you can follow some storage solutions. Such as-

  1. Avoid Heat: Sun exposure or heat can easily ruin your eyelash serum. Direct heat or a very hot temperature can change the liquid formula, making it discolored or dense. So, keep your products away from heat or direct sunlight.
  2. Place in a cool and dark place: Place your Grande Lash in a cool or dark place to keep it effective for a long time. If your temperature is too hot to store anything, keep your eyelash serum in the refrigerator to keep it cool, but you should never freeze your Grande Lash serum.
  3. Avoid humidity: Contact with water can easily make a change in the liquid formula of any product. It can make your Grande Lash ineffective and getting a result out f it can take a long time. So do not place your bottle in the shower.
  4. Avoid Air exposure: Exposure to air can make some ingredients go bad faster in some cases. So, close the lid lightly after every use.


1. How long does Grande Lash take time to work?

You can see the result of your Grande Lash eyelash serum within 6 weeks to 3 months. Use your eyelash serum for 3 months regularly to see an effective result.

2. Does every eyelash serum expire?

Yes! Every eyelash serum expires after a specific period and confirm the expiry dates before you open up the bottle. Cause opening the lid can decrease its shelf life.

3. Is the expiration period the same for all eyelash serums?

No! The expiration of any product depends on the ingredients. Some eyelash serums only have a shelf life of 6 months while others have 12 months like the Grande Lash.

4. Does Grande Lash have any side effects?

If you are allergic to any specific ingredients, then you should always check the ingredient list first before buying any kind of skincare or hair care product. Expired Grande Lash also can cause side effects like itchiness, irritation, burning, redness, etc. Be careful of the product you are using.

Final Thoughts

Grande Lash is an award-winning serum for enhancing your lashes and making them long and beautiful with the most natural ingredients out there. But however good the product is, it can not do any good to you if it has become expired. Expired products will lose their efficacy and sometimes can cause itching, redness, or irritation. If you cannot find the expiry date, there are other ways that can help you to understand if the product is good or not. For example, you can check on their colors, smell, and consistency, and always store your eyelash serum in the proper way. Your Grande Lash serum will serve you well for 1 year, or 2 years if not opened at all. Do not consider using the product after the specific expiry period.

Key Points

  • Grande Lash serum has an expiry date.
  • It is best to use it within 12 months.
  • If not opened, the bottle can last up to two years.
  • Store the Grande Lash in a cool dry place and away from heat for maximum efficacy.

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