Is It Bad To Curl Your Eyelashes Everyday?

Is it bad to curl your eyelashes everyday
While it is possible to curl your eyelashes every day to look beautiful, curling your eyelashes every day is not going to be a good idea to treat your eyelashes.

The little curls of hair that grow from the edges of your eyelids are called eyelashes. Eyelashes are an important body part that helps protect your eyes from any kind of dust. It also gives your eyes and faces a beautiful look. To make it look more beautiful, people often wear fake lashes or curl their eyelashes. They believe that by doing these things, they can achieve an attractive appearance. It’s true that by curling your eyelashes, you can look pretty darn gorgeous. But when it comes to curling your eyelashes, a common question is, isn’t it bad to curl your eyelashes every day?

Curling eyelashes every day is not a good idea to treat your eyelashes. If you are willing to curl your eyelashes, then you have to know more details about this. In this article, I’ll discuss why people curl their eyelashes, why it is bad to curl them every day, and how to take care of your curled lashes properly.

Why Do Some People Curl Their Eyelashes Everyday?

Curling your eyelashes has become a trend. By curling your eyelashes, you can get an open and enlarged look for your eyes. Applying eye makeup can be easier with curled lashes. Especially if your eyes have become droopy and make you look older, curling eyelashes can give you a younger, refreshed look for your eyes.

So, people who have droopy eyes and small eyes usually have curled lashes. But people who also love to get their makeup done and are willing to have an attractive appearance also get curled eyelashes.

If you are also willing to get an open-wide, attractive eye look, you can also get your eyelashes done. Getting eyelashes can help you get your expected eye look and make you look more beautiful.

Is It Bad to Curl Your Eyelashes Everyday?

When it comes to curling your eyelashes, a common question is, is it bad or is it good to curl eyelashes every day?

Eyelashes are as sensitive as the eyes. If you are willing to curl your sensitive lashes every day, then you can do it. But curling your eyelashes every day won’t be a good idea for your lashes unless you are going to take care of your eyelashes and also get your eyelash curler properly done. Using heated eyelash curlers is not an issue, if you do not heat it then how will it provide the curl you desire?

To curl your lashes, providing hits on your lashes is appropriate. But we all know that hair is made of protein, and by curling excessively, we can damage them. Excessive curling can make our lashes come out of our eyelids by making them weak, dry, and ruff. On top of that it can damage the hair follicles of our lashes as well.

So, if you want to protect your lashes, then avoid using eyelash curler every day and follow eyelash curler rules. It will be a good idea to protect your eyelashes from any kind of damage. Not to mention using quality eyelash curlers is a must no matter how rarely you curl your lashes. Using quality eyelash curlers regularly can reduce the risk of damaging your lashes.

Why it is Bad to Curl Your Eyelashes Everyday: 6 Reasons

Why it is bad to curl your eyelashes everyday: 6 reasons
Why it is bad to curl your eyelashes everyday: 6 reasons

By curing your eyelashes every day, you can avoid many kinds of skin-to-eye problems. So, before curling your eyelashes, knowing what kind of side effects you can expect is important. The side effects of curling eyelashes are:

Dry Eye

Curling your eyelashes every day can cause a breeze in your eyes. By breezing on your eyes, it can also evaporate your tears quickly, which can cause you to have dry hair. So, it’s common that by curling your lashes, you can get dry eyes.


Our eyes are a really sensitive organ, and all their belongings are also sensitive. So, you may get red eyes after proving curliness or using any chemical products to curl your eyelashes. It can also cause redness around your eyes if you have had a long lash session.

Lift Lash

A common problem that everyone may get after curling their hair is lift lashes. We know that to curl our hair, we have to get a curler or use many chemical products. But these can cause serious damage to our eyelashes and lead us to lift our lashes.

Allergic Reaction

If the curler you use to curl your eyelashes and the chemical product you choose to use are not suitable for your eyes, you may easily get an allergic reaction after using them. It can leave your lashes extremely sensitive.
A common reason for getting an allergic reaction after curling your eyelashes is that the ingredients that you are going to use contain nickel. In this situation, nickel can give you a serious allergic reaction in your eyelids and around your eyes.

Watery Eyes

After curling your eyelashes, sometimes you can get watery eyes for a very long time. It occurs because of the closeness of the curler provider or the chemical products to your eyes. Because if you mistakenly contact them with your eyes, the harsh ingredients can give you watery eyes.

Breakage Eye Lashes

Curling your lashes daily removes all the moisture from your eyelashes. Because of that, your lashes start to become weak and, at the last moment, break.

Appearing Shorter

If you keep curling your lashing on a daily basis then after some time the lashes will appear shorter. Trust me, lashes appearing shorter is not a pretty look.

Fall Over Time

Your lashes may fall over time you keep curling your lashes daily.

Depending on all of these eye problems, it’s easy to say why curling your eyelashes every day is bad for your eyes. To avoid all these problems, you have to curl your eyelashes properly and also avoid activities that can harm your eyelashes.

How Often You Can Curl Your Eyelashes?

How often you can curl your eyelashes
How often you can curl your eyelashes

If you are wondering if eyelash curlers are bad or not, then the answer is they are not bad as long as you use them while maintaining proper time length. So, how often can you curl your eyelashes?

Curling your eyelashes once a week is the best idea. But if you want to curl them every day, then you can also get them curled every day by following the proper technique. And when you are curling your eyelashes, you must remember to curl them only once a day and also curl them properly.

If you do not use eyelash curlers correctly, you may get damaged eyelashes. To avoid any harm to your eyelashes and also to have healthy-looking eyelashes, getting your eyelashes curled one day after one day is perfect. But if you are willing to curl your lashes every day, then by maintaining the rules, curl them every day.

How to Curl Your Eyelashes Properly?

To curl your eyelashes properly, there are possibly two methods. The methods are:

Method 1: Using The Eyelash Curler

Using the eyelash curler
Using the eyelash curler
  • Clean Your Eyelash Curler: With the help of a cotton ball and a cleanser, always clean your eyelash curler before curling your lashes. Other than that, the curler has the possibility of causing damage to your eyelashes.
  • Put The Curler at The Base of Your eyelashes. Now, open your eyelash curler and put it at the base of your eyelashes. Press the press button to start curling your eyelashes. But remember to keep your eyelashes clean and avoid eyeliner or mascara before curling your eyelashes. Because this can also make a total mess of your eyes while curling your lashes. While applying pressure, also make sure that all the eyelashes are getting the same pressure and that it won’t cause your lashes to fall out.
  • Hold The Curler in The Middle of Your eyelashes. After giving enough pressure to your eyelash base, now it’s time to curl the middle of your eyelashes. Now, put the curler in the middle of your eyelashes and squeeze the curler for a certain amount of time to give the middle of your lashes a curling effect. After spending enough time putting it on, take off the curler.
  • Curl The End of Your Lashes: This is the most problematic task while curling your eyelashes with the help of a curler. Because while curling the end of your lashes, you won’t be able to hold all of your lashes in the lash curler, and it can give your lashes the worst ending curl. To get perfectly curled lashes, you must make sure to hold all the eyelash ends in the curler and put pressure on your eyelashes. In this way, you will get perfectly curled, beautiful-looking eyelashes.

Method 2: Using The Mascara

Using the mascara
Using the mascara
  • Choose Your Preferable Mascara: The first thing you have to do while getting curled eyelashes by using mascara is to choose the perfect mascara for your eyes. Because if you are not able to get suitable mascara for your eyelashes, you may cause harm to them. So, before choosing mascara for curling your eyelashes, you must see the ingredients to avoid any harm to your eyes and eyelashes.
  • Apply The Mascara: Now, apply the mascara to your eyelashes. To apply mascara to your eyelashes, make sure that you have started applying it from the base of your eyelashes. So, you have to apply the mascara from the base to the ends. Follow this process until you get satisfactory eyelash curling. After that, wait until your lashes are dry. After drying your eyelashes, you are now ready to enjoy your curled eyelashes.
  • Apply mascara With a Spoon: To get the best result in curling eyelashes with mascara, you can also use a spoon. To use a spoon in your lash curling time, you have to put the spoon in the lukewarm water and then remove the extra water. Now you have to put the spoon on your eyelids, where the eyelashes grow, and apply mascara from there. The heat of the spoon will make the lashes curly, and the mascara will also help to hold them in the curly situation.

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How to Take Care of Your Eyelashes?

How to take care of your eyelashes
How to take care of your eyelashes

If you are wondering, are eyelash curlers bad? The answer is no, they are not. The condition of your eyelashes mainly depends on how you use the curler and how you take care of your lashes.

Remember, after curling your lashes, it’s important to take good care of them. To take good care of your lashes, make sure to follow the tips I have provided below. They can help you get thicker and healthier natural eyelashes.

  • Keep Lashes Moisturized: To make your eyelashes look more healthy and thick, always remember to keep your lashes moisturized. To keep lashes moisturized, apply oils, serums, petroleum jelly, or aloe vera gel to your lashes. These ingredients contain a high amount of moisture to keep your lashes moisturized and prevent any damage to them.
  • Use eyelash serum: You can use eyelash serum to ensure healthy lashes. Using them before curling your lashes can be a good idea.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Before using any chemical products on your lashes, always remember to have a close look at the products that you are going to use on your eyelashes. Because if you mistakenly apply any harsh chemicals to your eyelashes, then there is a chance of having damaged eyelashes. So, to avoid any damage to our lashes, avoiding harsh chemicals will be the best way to protect them.
  • Avoid using a dirty eyelash curler: Using a dirty curler may damage your lashes. Clean the curler correctly to avoid damaging your lashes. And choose a good eyelash curler. And using a clean mascara wand is also pivotal.
  • Prevent Excessively Curling: Always remember that excessively curling your lashes is going to make them break and damage them. So, while you’re curling your lashes, remember not to curl them excessively. To keep lashes safe, remember to curl them one day after another, and if necessary, only once a day. It will be enough to get curly, open-wide lashes to make yourself look beautiful.


1. Can I use a hair straightener to curl my eyelashes?

No, you can’t use a hair straightener to curl your eyelashes because hair is stronger than eyelashes, and it can’t take the heat of your straightener to make them curly. By using a straightener on your eyelashes, your lashes will get burned easily, and you will end up with damaged eyelashes.

2. How do I keep my eyelashes curly for a long time?

To keep your eyelashes curly for a long time, you have to first heat up your lash curler with the help of heat, and after that, you have to start your lash curling session. But while using a heat curler on your lashes, you must avoid making any contact with your eye or eye skin. Otherwise, you can burn the area.

3. How often should I get curly lashes after getting permanent curly lashes?

Permanent curly lashes mean getting curly lashes for a very long time by using chemical products. But these chemical products can be harsh on your eyelashes if you use them excessively, making your lashes so dry that they look very dry and weak. It can also make your lashes lift out and break easily. So, to get your curly lashes done after getting permanent curly lashes without any damage, you have to wait 4 weeks.

Final Thoughts

Curling eyelashes has become a trend to make the eye look more beautiful and attractive. But in the process of getting curled lashes, people are getting damaged and broken lashes. In this kind of situation, people are wondering whether they can curl their eyelashes every day.

While curling of eyelashes every day is possible, it won’t be a good idea to treat your eyelashes. Because curling your eyelashes every day can give you redness, rashes, allergic reactions, lifted lashes, inflammations, dry eyes, watery eyes, and mostly broken lashes. But if you are able to get perfectly done eyelashes and also take good care of your eyelashes, then you may curl your eyelashes every day. So, by maintaining the process of getting your eyelashes done and also taking good care of your eyelashes, you can enjoy your curly eyelash look. Applying mascara before curling can crack them, so it is better to apply them after curling your lashes.

Key Points

  • To get attractive-looking eyes, getting curled eyelashes has become a trend that helps you get open and enlarged eyelashes.
  • When it comes to curling your eyelashes every day, it is not a good idea to treat your eyelashes and get healthy, thick eyelashes.
  • To get curled eyelashes without any damage, you have to get them one day after another, but if you are willing to get them every day, then you must follow the proper process and take good care of them.
  • While it’s easy to look beautiful with curled eyelashes, it’s very important to take good care of your eyelashes and also avoid activities that can harm them.

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