Get Taller by Stretching- 12 Best Exercises

get taller by stretching
Are you looking for ways to increase your height without surgery or pills? Then read on!

Getting taller is dreamy to many of us, but it’s true that it depends significantly on genetics- how taller you will be. So, to grow taller by stretching, many people follow different methods, and there’s no gainsaying that at least some of these are effective. Genetics can play a vital role in this regard, but that doesn’t mean other factors are just valueless. If you do regular and effective exercise and eat a healthy diet every day, that will certainly have a great impact on your bone growth, resulting in your growing taller. Today, I am here to show you how you can get taller by stretching, and be sure this will amazingly work for you.

Before anything else, try to understand- what causes us to stop growing anyway?

We grow taller because our bones are growing, and we are taller or shorter due to different scales of bone growth. But, when we reach puberty, growth plates in our bones start to get fused day by day. And at a time, bone growth doesn’t happen, and that’s why our growing process is stopped for eternity. This is the factor that causes us to stop growing anyway, and it happens naturally inside our body, so we cannot understand it.

For that reason, we don’t become taller after a certain period, usually after 18 years, but it doesn’t happen at the same time in all cases. In some cases, growth is seen even after 18 years. In the case of some people, growth may take up to 25 years, more or less. Generally, after this age, growth is stopped, but through proper diet and exercise (at an early age), you may make growth stoppage delayed, and you can get healthy, tall bones.

Know the secret truth- does stretching actually make you taller?

Can you get taller by stretching or how to get taller by stretching are some common queries nowadays because people are confused about this issue. When bone growth is stopped, stretching will do almost nothing. From this viewpoint, some people say stretching is ineffective for getting taller, and I am not so crazy to deny the fact. Their version is true, but not for all; stretching exercises have an essential role if you can do these exercises at an early age. If you can exercise properly and eat a bone-friendly diet, growth plate fusing will be delayed in your body.

It is true that growth plate fusing doesn’t happen at the same time in the case of all people. Another important point is that bone growth is dependent on different nutrient items and exercises. The reason is that without proper exercise, you’ll not be able to reach necessary nutrient items in the proper places of your body. That’s why I would like to say continue stretching exercises and eat a bone-friendly diet, and these two will significantly impact your bone growth, making you tall. Now I’m going to share what stretching exercises and foods can help you in this regard, so take a repeated look at those.

12 stretching exercises that can be helpful for growing taller

So many exercises can help the bone growth process, but you should do these exercises regularly at an early age. If you start any of these exercises before stopping your bone growth, that will not be helpful for you.

  • Alternate kick
  • Bending forward
  • Hanging on something
  • Both sides stretching
  • Cobra pose
  • Wall stretching exercise
  • Rollover in Pilates
  • Pelvic shifting
  • Low lunge pose
  • Spine stretching
  • Bird dog exercise
  • Downward facing dog

1. Alternate kick

Alternate kick

Getting taller by stretching exercises is one of the best ways because it has amazing effects on most of our body organs. It is mimicking the swimming in your home or any dry place, with both your legs and hands. For this exercise, you need to have a round-shaped cane chair or something like that (with a soft cushion at the top). Now place your upper part- chest, and abdomen on the cane chair, and just like swimming, move both hands and legs. Do this exercise for 20 seconds and take a break of a few seconds and do the same thing again. Do this exercise several times a day; indeed, it will be great for your growth cells.

2. Bending forward

Bending forward

This is a well-known exercise for getting taller, and it has some other physical benefits too. To do this exercise, you have to stand upright, straightening up both your hands. Then gently bring your hand down and touch your toes or ground, and remember you have to do it without bending your knees. After touching your toes or ground, stay in that position for at least 30 seconds and then take a few seconds break by getting back to standing upright. And then do the same exercise at least 10 to 12 times a day, and don’t avoid it even for just one day.

3. Hanging on something

This exercise is surprisingly effective for stretching your lower torso, and at the same time, it is also effective for pulling on your vertebrates. To do this exercise, you have to find a bar at least some feet above your head, and this exercise is just hanging on it with both hands. As you’ll hang on the bar, the bar must be strong enough to bear your full body weight. To do this exercise effectively, after holding the bar with both hands, try to lift up your full body and keep your body in such a lifted situation for 20 seconds or a few seconds more. Then get down from there, and after a few seconds, break do the exercise in the same way, for at least 4 times.

4. Both sides stretching

Both sides stretching

From the name of this exercise is clear that it will impact on both of your sides and that’s why it’s surprisingly fruitful. To grow taller by stretching, many people do this exercise as it’s one of the easy exercises. Its process is very simple- stand upright anywhere, keep your legs apart, incline your right side, touch your right knee with your right hand, and keep your left hand straight over your head. You have to remain in this position for as long as possible and then do the same thing, inclining your left side, and touching your left knee with your left hand.

5. Cobra pose

Cobra pose

To get taller by stretching exercise, this is one of the super ways that you can follow. To ensure the vertebrae cartilage growth, the cobra pose is an amazingly effective exercise. This exercise requires keeping your legs stretched out at first, and then you have to get down on the stomach in a flat position. In this position, you breathe for a while, and after that, with the help of both your hands, lift up your upper area- abdomen & chest. After staying in such a position for at least 30 seconds, get back to your previous position and do this exercise 5 times a day or more. But, keep in mind, if you have the first injury, then you should not try this exercise; choose the alternative one.

6. Wall stretching exercise

Wall Stretching Exercise

To do wall stretching exercises, first, stand in front of a concrete wall. While standing in front of the wall, you have to keep your right leg (with bending to some extent) at the front and your left leg behind. And then press on the wall with both of your hands, hold pressing for nearly 30 seconds and then change the position. That means now to keep your left leg forward and right leg behind and then press the wall similarly. Do wall stretching exercises every day 5 to 6 times; surely it will be useful for you. To get better results from this exercise, you may try keeping both your legs on tiptoes.

7. Rollover in pilates

Rollover in pilates

It’s a bit difficult, but it has many amazing effects, besides its role in making you taller. For this exercise, lay straight on the floor at first and keep your two hands straight at both sides. Now, with the help of your hand, lift up both your legs, and bring them over the head. Keep this position for at least 10 seconds and then get back to normal lying, and do this again. Without any interval, do this exercise everyday to grow taller by stretching. You may use a yoga mat and lay on that to do rollover in pilates exercise comfortably.

8. Pelvic shifting

Pelvic shifting

To improve your body cells at the back part, this exercise is surprisingly effective. You should do pelvic shifting on a yoga mat because preventing slippage is necessary here. Firstly, you have to lay on the floor (on a yoga mat), bending both of your knees, and your hands will be in a straight position. Now with the help of both of your hands and legs, lift your back part keeping your head and leg on the mat, and stay in such a position for at least 20 seconds at a time. Then respite for a few seconds and do this exercise again (5 to 6 times a day).

9. Low lunge pose

Low lunge pose

It’s not so hard to do, but it’s an effective exercise to tone the upper part of your body. The process of doing this exercise is very simple- stand straight, place both your hands straight over your head, place your right leg forward, bending your right knee, touch the ground with your left knee, and stay for a few minutes; that’s all. Keep in mind that you have to do this exercise on both your legs- that means you have to place the right leg forward once and then the left leg.

10. Spine stretching

Spine stretching

To articulate your spine, this is a very effective exercise and useful for increasing your height too. To do this exercise effectively, sit on the ground at first, keeping both your legs forward and straight. Now, bend forward your spine, keeping both your hands straight in the front direction. Then touch your toe fingers with your hand and hold onto this position for at least 10 seconds. After that, sit normally for a few moments and then practice spine stretching again- 5 times a day or more.

11. Bird dog exercise

Bird dog exercise

It’s one of the effective stretching exercises to get taller, and this exercise makes your lower back strong. To do the bird dog exercise, go to a push-up position, but ensure that your knees don’t touch the ground. And, keep enough space between your two legs. Now lift up your right leg above and extend as long as you can, and at the same time, gently lift your left hand from the ground, extending the left arm at the front side. Stay in this position for 5 to 10 seconds and then do it again by changing the position- lift up the left leg and right hand, and arm. That’s all you need to do, and this exercise is surprisingly effective as it can create an impact on your head to thigh.

12. Downward facing dog

Downward facing dog

This stretching exercise is a bit difficult to do, but the effect of this exercise is so amazing. For your entire back strength and for growing taller faster, downward-facing dog is rightly efficacious. For this exercise, stand up firmly at first, and then bend over in such a position that your head is above some inches of the ground. And, your both hands will touch the ground to keep balance. Now slightly lift up your ankle and bear the weight of your body on your tiptoe. Hold onto this position for at least 20 seconds and take a break, then do the exercise again. Every day, you should do it for at least 8 to 10 times.

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When should you do stretching exercises to get taller?

Actually, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to do these stretching exercises in a certain period a day, but you should take some food before exercises. The reason is that stretching exercises are a bit difficult, so doing these exercises on an empty stomach can cause harm. Another important thing is that you should make your muscles warm because such warm muscles can stretch perfectly compared to cold muscles. For that reason, you should walk or run for 5 to 10 minutes and then start stretching exercises. This will surely provide you with better results. But these are not the things that you have to maintain compulsorily. If you’re familiar with exercising in a different way, you may try it in that way. It matters a little.

Get taller by stretching: real life story

When I was in high school, some of my family members were shorter, and I can remember their depression for their height till now. And they usually did so many things to grow taller by stretching exercises, and even they ate so many foods to get taller, but those were not effective. And most of them were about to enter the job market, nearly 23 or 24 years of age. Seeing them, one of my cousins, whose father was a medical practitioner, started to exercise to get taller. From him, I came to know the real cause- what causes us to stop growing anyway, and why my family members couldn’t get a fruitful result even after doing lots of stretching exercises a day.

Then I decided I had to start doing necessary things for getting taller at an early age- not like my shorter family members at the age of 23 or more. My cousin, who was already exercising, suggested two exercises– alternate kick and hanging on a bar. According to his suggestion, I started these two and started eating a bone-friendly diet when I was at the end of my high school. At that time, I was almost 15 years old and 5 feet 3 inches or more. Actually I can’t remember my exact height. More than 10 years have already passed, but I still remember those days as it’s a bit of a sweet memory to me. And most importantly, I got fruitful results from those two exercises and the diet that I determined for my bone health. Now I am almost 6 feets tall, and still I don’t face any mentionable bone-related complexities.

James Foster


1. How do we naturally get tall with our ages?

Our body contains bones, and these bones determine how taller we will be. On the impact of different bone-friendly nutrients, with the increase of our age, normally, these bones increase, and that’s why we get taller with age.

2. What causes us to stop growing anyway after a certain age?

Our bones increase with our ages, but this increase doesn’t happen after a certain age, usually after 22 to 25 years. The reason is that there are growth plates in our bones, and they start to get fused after such age, so we can’t grow taller by stretching after such age.

3. Can you get taller by stretching?

Getting taller by stretching exercises is possible, but you have to do exercises at an early age- when your bones are getting taller. If your bone growth is stopped due to your age, then you’ll not get any fruitful results from stretching or by any other means.

4. How long does it take to get taller by stretching?

Actually, it’s a lengthy process, and it significantly depends on your body condition. If everything inside your body is okay, then it will take almost one year or some more. But you have to perform stretching exercises everyday and eat foods regularly that can create a huge impact on your bone health.

 5. How to get taller by stretching?

Here, stretching doesn’t indicate bare stretching. Rather it indicates doing some exercises which involve stretching. If you search online with keywords like get taller by stretching, or grow taller by stretching, you’ll see so many exercises, just you need to do two or three of them every day.

6. Does stretching actually make you taller?

There are some people online who, from their personal experience, suggest avoiding stretching exercises, considering these ineffective. But the truth is that they started exercises after stopping their growing process naturally. There are many instances that people who started stretching exercises at an early age get desired results.

7. Can you get taller by stretching your spine?

Spine stretching is a good method of growing taller as it can boost your bone health. Stretching exercises are effective for getting taller as they can ensure bone growth through reaching proper nutrient items.

8. Is it possible to get taller in a week through exercise or foods?

Getting taller includes a lengthy process- reaching necessary nutrients in proper places, boosting bone growth, resulting in getting taller. So, exercise and proper diet have to be maintained for a long time. It’s not possible at all in a week or so.

9. Is it possible at all to get taller after 18 years?

Stopping getting taller is dependent on the growth plate fusing period, and this period varies man to man. But with necessary bone-friendly foods and proper exercise, you may slow the growth plate fusing process.

10. Do any preconditions have to be fulfilled for starting stretching exercises?

No preconditions are necessary to be fulfilled for stretching exercises. But, remember, some stretching exercises are not for all, suppose, cobra pose is not for the people who have fist injury.

In a nutshell

Don’t be confused with questions like can u get taller by stretching, because stretching exercises will surely be helpful for you if you’re at your early age. If you’re a bit aged, then these exercises might not be helpful for you to get taller, but at a young age, these exercises are superbly effective. And these exercises are also good for your overall health improvement, and you’ll be able to lead a healthy and sound life. So, try to eat a healthy diet that will affect your bone health positively and do some exercise for you every day. You’ll get so many amazing benefits in the future.

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