Hairstyles That Hide Extensions

You are probably facing problems with your hairstyle, and can’t find the right one. Here are some of the hairstyles that fit you most and hide your hair extensions.

We all know that good hairstyles determine our attractiveness and give us a good vibe. Having a perfect hairstyle that suits us not only makes us gorgeous to others but also increases our confidence. Pinning down on the best hairstyle, according to our shape, is not a piece of cake. We need to choose the finest one to make ourselves gorgeous and valuable.

Whether we are blessed with good hair or not, many times we tried to add extra length and volume to our hair to make ourselves more attractive, which we called hair extensions.  But the problem is some hairstyles can be the main hinder to having good hair extensions. So, we need to skip the worst one and try the best one. We get the question, what can be the right hairstyle for hair extensions to avoid making them look obvious? Whether the shape of your face is oval, round, heart-shaped, or long-square, we’ll try to recommend you the best hairstyle that suits you and also hide your hair extensions.

Top Hairstyles for Hiding Hair Extensions

Hair extensions with a perfect hairstyle diversify our looks. There are lots of hairstyles used to hide hair extensions. Among them, we will try to show you some amazing hairstyles to hide hair extensions.

Beach waves

Our first one is a timeless hairstyle. It looks great on every face shape. If you are looking for an effortless or natural look, then beach waves are perfect for you and your hair extension.

First, prep hair by spritzing a heat-protectant spray all over. Section off hair into the top and bottom, and separate stands into the left and right sides. Then, hold the curling iron with the clamp facing forward, place one to a two-inch section of hair into the clamp, leaving an inch or two of the ends out to create a beachy wave, then move the iron away from the face.

Beach waves are healthy for your scalp and hair extensions, with not that much pressure from pulling strands of hair. The longer you wear it, the more it looks gorgeous while also giving you a natural vibe and hiding your extensions effectively. Above all else, it is very easy to do without much effort!

Beach waves

Half- up Half- down

The half up half downs are the most versatile hairstyle. It merges two styles, leaving the hair loose and then pulling it up at the top of the head and away from the face. This is a great way to draw attention to the face and highlight your features.

At first, brush your hair out to detangle straight hair or finger-comb curly to remove any knots. Section off the top half of your hair by starting right above the ears then pull all of the hair up to the crown of your head and make both sides even- the tail end of a rat tail comb can assist you to get a straight part. Keep the half ponytail at the base with a clear hair elastic.

Half up half down is the easiest one to hide extensions. You can add more volume if you have thin hair, still, this one works best to hide extensions.

Half up half down

Two-Twist Updo

Skip this one, if you have thick hair. If you have natural, fine hair then you’d love it definitely. You need good extensions, hair elastics, and bobby pins to use them. Clip them in line with the tops of your ears under the outermost layer of hair.

Starting at the front of your, twist two sections of hair to their ends before twisting them together in a loose rope braid. Twist toward your head and add in sections of hair as you work your way down. Stop once you twisted half of your hair and secure it with elastic. Pin the two twists up. There’s no wrong way to do this, just have fun and pin your hair in all directions.

Twists are a style staple for many reasons. This one is cute, versatile, and effortless. This one hides your extension completely and makes sure that your hair extensions don’t look obvious.

Two twist updo

Modern French Twist

This one is quite easy to do and is very elegant. In France, this hairstyle is renowned and attractive to most. While most women find it attractive, there are some who think doing this is not so easy and that’s up to you.

Sweep hair all to one side. With 3-4 pins secure your hair. In the bottom of the hair create a tiny loop bun. Hold your hair out to the side that it is swept to and slowly roll all hair in towards the middle. When you get to the middle, with multiple bobby pins secure your hair. Add a scallop hair clip, then spray hair with a medium-hold hair spray.

Remember, you can do a French twist with almost any length of hair. If your hair is short or long, don’t worry the Modern French Twist will hide your extensions, just follow the instructions properly.

Modern french twist

Messy High Bun

If you don’t want to spend time creating complex hairstyles but still want to look cute and charismatic, then go for this one. With proper technique and a little effort, you can ace this hairstyle. You’ll need a hair tie and a few bobby pins to create your bun neatly. Use a brush and extensions to remove tangles and then tie a ponytail to have this gorgeous look. At the last level, try to make a partial bun by tying your hair halfway. Try to wrap up your ends around the hair tie and clip them rightly.

A messy high bun helps you to look gorgeous, and also hide your extension in a short time. A simple effort will be enough for getting this one.

Messy high bun

High Braided Ponytail

This one is similar to the regular high ponytail but with a braid added in for extra flair!

Normally gather your hair as you do into a high ponytail, then part it into three sections. Then braid each part, and secure the end of the braid with a tiny hair elastic. Gently tug at the sides of the braid to make full and thick hair. With long hair extensions, this hairstyle works perfectly.

Though, a little complex it is, it holds your extension long time without making your hair obvious.

High braided ponytail

Low Pony

This hairstyle can be great with extensions, if you want to get a sleek or messy look, for a fancier and professional look, have a sleek pony by slicking back your hair with a clean comb using water or good hairspray.

Finishing the look, you have the option to either straighten or curl the ponytail, it depends on the look you’re going for. A low pony holds your hair extension long time. Whether you are at home or office this one gives you an attractive look while also hiding the hair extensions below the low pony.

Low pony

The Hollywood Curl

How about getting a hairstyle like Margot Robbie’s? Whilst beachy waves are going to be more attractive, this year notices the return of these big Hollywood curls. Nothing looks glamour like huge, gorgeous curls and with all of that extra length and volume from your ABH extensions.

Use curling tongs to create the waves and then fix your hair in large rollers for more than an hour. Calmly release the rollers, to tousle the curl use your fingers, and to secure this bombshell style use some hair spray.

The Hollywood Curl initially takes little time, but once it is done it’ll make you classy and gorgeous. With the curls at the end of the hair, it will be very hard to identify if they are extensions or not, which is what makes this great for hiding hair extensions.

The hollywood curl


Another good hairstyle is braids, which can help you to hide your extensions properly way. You only need to braid your hair and then add your extensions the proper way.

Once your hair extensions are attached, Start brushing the hair and part it where you want the braids to place. Now tie up one section and then the other half. Take a three-clip weft and use them fully upside down, with hair facing upwards. Once clipped on, fold the hair back down carefully. Apply a two clip-in weft underneath, then replace your hair over the weft. Take a very small section from one side, split it into three, and begin to braid. It might feel uncomfortable at the beginning but over time you get used to it.

To make it more natural, you can also try changing the texture of the braid. For example, you can add some waves or curls to the braid. This will help make the extensions look more natural and can hide them effectively.


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Additional Tips & Advice for Hair Extensions

As we care about you and your hair, we are giving you some tips and advice. Hopefully, these will help you out.

  • Don’t go for too long: Having as much length as possible to your hair can be tempting to make a flowing, long look, but remember do go too long.  The better it will blend in, the shorter you go, and the results will be more natural.
  • Go for quality: Always remember that not all hair extensions are made equal. You get what you pay for, so invest a little more money and get quality looks. For 100% human Remy hair! try to give your extensions a good wash when they come so they blend even better with your actual hair.
  • Select the right color: There are many hair extension companies that offer color-matching services so you can easily find the extensions that are best suited for your healthy hair. They also have a color that you can purchase to hold up the samples to your natural hair to get your proper match.
  • One final look: Before heading out that door to show off your gorgeous hair, be sure to do one final check. Look at your mirror, and do a 360-degree turn to make sure your hair looks fabulous from each and every angle and there are no strands of hair giving away your secrets. Go outside, have your day, and show off your gorgeous, natural-looking hair.


1. What hairstyles can you not do with extensions?

Middle parting styles and Heat styling are not suitable for hair extensions. Experts found these hairstyles appropriate for hair extensions.

2. What hairstyle to sleep in with extensions?

Braiding one is a great way to keep your extensions from tangling while you sleep. A great way to have heatless waves, once you release your braid you’ll achieve soft waves.

3. How long do hair extensions last with a suitable hairstyle?

With a good hairstyle and by using extensions properly, human hair extensions last 12-13 months. If you don’t invest in quality things and don’t look after yourself rightly, they will last 2-4 months.

Final Thoughts

To hide hair extensions a proper hair hairstyle is mandatory. You cannot expect your extension will not be seen or shown without a good hairstyle. Making the hair extensions look more natural is not a difficult thing at all, all you need just try the above hairstyles properly.

For hiding thin hair, and improving the look of natural hair these above hairstyles will help you right we hope so. If you have any other confusion or difficulty regarding hairstyles or hair extensions, then we will be pleased by hearing and giving solutions to it.

Key Points

  • A good hairstyle gives you a good vibe and increases your confidence while a hair extension can add to your hair length and volume.
  • Having a suitable hairstyle perfectly hides your hair extensions while also making you look great!
  • Always invest in good hair extension, and take care of it properly unless you want to be disappointed by people.

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