How Long Does Fairy Hair Last?:Tips for Prolonging Its Lifespan

The shining colors of fairy hair create an image of bright-colored extensions or temporary highlights to give a magical appearance to your hair but lack long-lasting transition.

Fairy hair, also known as hair tinsel, is a popular hair trend that adds a touch of sparkle to your locks. It’s a great way to add some glamor to your hair for special events or just for fun. But how long does fairy hair last? This is a common question that many people ask before trying out this trendy hairstyle.

Typically, you can expect fairy hair to last for 2 to 8 weeks or even more.! However, there are some factors like the type of hair that could make it last a longer or shorter duration. It is amazing to see fairy hair on some trending social media platforms. So come find out everything to do with fairy hair and how long it will last!

Fairy Hair

Fairy hair is an attachment of some tiny, colorful, and glittery strands of tinsel to the base of your hair. The finest threads of tinsel are well fixed to your hair. It is done to your hair part by part. The shining colors will create an image of bright-colored extensions or temporary highlights which give a magical appearance to your hair. While it doesn’t give any long-lasting transition.

The material is viable polyester of supreme quality. Though their glittery and shiny highlights and extensions make it appear like silk. Fairy hair will take the shape of your hair type. So, your hair can be both straight and curly. It also works on both long and short hair. You can wash and comb your fairy hair regularly.

It is named fairy hair as it gradually changes its color. Fairy hair is also known as tinsel hair, shimmers, bling strands, glitter hair, mermaid hair, or fairy hair.

4 Factors That Affect Fairy Hair Lasting

Although there is a certain time up to which fairy hair lasts. There are some factors why fairy hair can last longer.

Four factors that affect fairy hair lasting
  1. Age: Age is a factor behind why fairy hair lasts longer. Children tend to lose their hair comparatively more. They will lose fairy hair faster than adults. So, for adults, fairy hair may last for a few months.
  2. Hair Type: Although the glittery strands suit every hair type, it is necessary to find the perfect one according to hair type. Metallic hair tinsel strands go well with thin or fine hair, while both metallic and non-metallic go with thick or coarse hair.
  3. Hair Texture: people have variations in their hair texture. The rate at which hair falls is different too. So, how long fairy hair will last can depend upon the texture of the hair too.
  4. Hair wash: The longevity of fairy hair is dependent on how often you wash your hair. Excessive hair wash will decrease its long-lastingness.

How Long Does Fairy Hair Last?

How Long Does Fairy Hair Last?

Fairy hair is not permanent since you can take it away as soon as you want. Broadly, the lastingness of fairy hair can be for a day, weeks, months, or up to a year.

The lastingness of fairy hair mainly depends on how often your hall falls. It usually falls with your natural hair. The tinsel strands get attached to each of the strands of your natural hair. So, the tinsel strands stay on your head as long as your natural hair does. While in the first week, some hairs will typically shed. You should take care of your fairy hair just like your natural hair. It is necessary to brush it, wash it, and go blow dry or curl it. While brushing your hair, the knot may get caught in the brush and take the fairy hair out with it.

You should wear strands of tinsel for a period between six to eight weeks. It is because your hair strands may be damaged from having a connection to the tinsel for a long period. So, the nature of the application is important here. If you are rough in your daily hair styling, then your hair won’t last very long but rather become prone to damage. Also, there are seasons of the year when hair loss is greater than at other times. Therefore, your hair will fall too along with the fairy hair.

So, fairy hair usually lasts for a longer time in thicker hair types. It can last from 2 to 8 weeks or even more. Fairy hair can last longer depending on how well you take care of it. With proper care and maintenance, you can increase the durability of fairy hair.

Tips For Long-Lasting Fairy Hair

Here are some tips following which you can get long-lasting fairy hair.

  1. Brush Your Hair Regularly: Brush your hair gently by pulling the extensions from the roots so that hair tinsel does not fall out.
  2. Use The Comb Correctly: Using the large comb, loosen up your fairy hair. You should start combing from the bottom.
  3. Buy More Tinsel Strands: You may buy more strands to have long-lasting fairy hair.
  4. Put Eyelash Glue: Put eyelash glue on the knot of your hair so that it stays in place.
  5. Consider Heat Restrictions: Consider the heat restrictions for your hair tinsel’s brand. Do not use hot hairstyling tools since they can damage your fairy hair. Still, if you want to use it, then use the minimum heat to the fairy hair through flat irons, blow dryers, etc.
  6. Check Out the Strands: If you check the fallen hair strands, you will get to know if the hair is still in the knot.
  7. Avoid Extra Twists: Avoid extra twists on your hair strands.

Removal and Reapplication of Fairy Hair

When it comes to removing fairy hair, it is important to be gentle to prevent any damage to your natural hair. One way to remove fairy hair is to simply cut the strands at the root using a pair of scissors. Another option is to use a hair extension removal tool, which can help to safely and easily remove the fairy hair without causing any damage.

Once the fairy hair has been removed, you can choose to reapply it if you wish. The length of time between removal and reapplication will depend on how long the fairy hair lasted before removal. 

If you decide to reapply the fairy hair, you will need to purchase new strands and have them professionally attached. It is important to choose a reputable salon or stylist who has experience with fairy hair to ensure that the fairy hair is attached correctly and safely.

Final Thoughts

Fairy hair can enhance your look into creativity giving you a feeling like highlights. It is a unique way to add glaze to your look. It goes with all hair types and textures. Since you only need a few strands to perfectly design your hair, it is also cost-effective.

So, fairy hair can last for a day, weeks, months, or up to a year in general while it will last for a longer time if you have thicker hair. Fairy hair stays on your head as long as your natural hair does and falls when natural hair falls down. It can last from 2 to 8 weeks or even more. Although there are other methods for getting fairy hair, go through the micro ring extension method for getting long-lasting fairy hair.

Though the lastingness of fairy hair depends on some factors, proper care, and maintenance will give excellent results for longevity.

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