How To Ask For Hailey Bieber Nails?

How to ask for hailey bieber nails
To get Hailey Bieber’s nails at a nail salon, show the nail artist a picture of her nails and ask them for trendy glazed donut nails in the color of your choice.

In this modern era, nail art is one of the most popular trends for giving your nails an attractive look. With nail arts, you can paint, enhance, decorate, and create a creative, unique look for your nails without harming your natural nails. There are many alternative ideas to give you your favorite size, shape, and color of nails. Getting artificial nails instead of natural nails is something people love so much.

Not only general people, but celebrities and models also love to get artificial nails. If you look closer at Instagram, magazines, and TikTok, you can see how obsessed they are with the artificial nails in their pictures. One of the most well-known celebrities, Hailey Bieber, is also obsessed with artificial nails. If you search by #haileybiebernails on Instagram and TikTok you can see the results by yourself. So, you may wonder how to ask for Hailey Bieber’s nails.

In this article, we will discuss what it looks like, the different types of it, the steps you should follow to get it, and things you should know about getting it.

What Do Hailey Bieber Nails Look Like?

How does hailey bieber nails look like

As a model, staying perfect is a must. Hailey Bieber is also one of them. She always keeps herself fit and gorgeous. Not only that but like other beauty influencers, she has a passion for her nails. One of her beautiful nail looks is on trend now and is called “Glazed Donut”. It almost immediately received 78 million views, and not only that, but some of the best parlors like Mellow Bar and Color Camp keep it on their menu. So we can say that Hailey’s nail art is really a success.

If you want to have Hailey Bieber’s nails done at a salon, show the specialist a picture of her nails or specify that you want “Glazed Donut Nails.” Do you know what Zola Ganzorigt, Hailey’s nail artist, said about the newest glazed donut nail trends? Ganzorigt is a well-known nail artist who has previously worked with stars like Kendall Jenner and Sydney Sweeney. She said that it was a totally unexpected look, but it came out so pretty that they kept it. When people saw the look at the Met Gala, it went viral.

If you are looking for a simple design with a shiny effect, then you can get these glazed donut nails.

6 Different Colored Hailey Bieber’s Glazed Donut Nails You Can Ask For

After going viral with the nail look, we saw her in many different colored glazed donut nails. You can choose your favorite among them. I will help you by describing all of the different colored glazed donut nails you can get. You just have to choose the color that can comfort you.

1. The Original Glazed Donut Nail

People love this nail for its simplicity and lovely shape and length. Its design is different from usual; its look is very unique, elegant, and natural. To get an original glazed donut nail, you just have to apply a very thin layer of a neutral color. After drying, apply chrome powder to your nails to get a shiny effect. Then finish your nail art by applying a gel cure or a shiny top coat. Now you’ve got your Hailey Bieber nails.

The original glazed donut nail

2. Press-On Color Camp Glazed Donut Nails

Press-on nails are easy to get. If you want to get these press-on color camp glazed donut nails, then you can get them by completing your filling and painting. This will give your nails a perfectly smooth look. Before getting press-on nails, remember to make sure that your artificial nails are fit and at the proper length. The plus point of getting this nail is that you can reuse it again by applying nail glue.

Press on color camp glazed donut nails

3. The Sour Lemon Drop Glazed Donut Nails

Hailey’s other signature glazed donut look was the sour lemon drop. This color design was spotted in July, while she was enjoying her pool time. You can get this look by using a shiny lemon-colored polish. If you don’t have this type of polish, you can choose the neon yellow holographic color instead. You can also use a softer, pastel-yellow color and chrome powder as an option. I personally suggest that people who don’t have a gel nail kit, use chrome effects to get a neutral lemon drop look.

the sour lemon drop glazed donut nails

4. The Chocolate Glazed Donut Nail

This nail look is a really gorgeous chocolaty color that really looks like a glazed chocolate donut. To achieve this color, you have to choose two brown shade colors, one is coffee bean, and the other is spice brown. Mix these two gel polishes together to get the best chocolate color. But if you want to change the shade, you can choose any of your brown shades and mix them together. One by one, you can get that bold chocolate look, just like Hailey Bieber. Set up your nails look by applying a pearlescent nail lacquer or chrome powder to get the shiny, shimmery look.

The chocolate glazed donut nail

5. The Grape Glazed Donut Nail

This is a unique color that Hailey has on her nails. This color shade is known as the grape-glazed donut nail. This color has a pleasant grape-and-lavender look. You have to choose purple polish with shiny blue-pink sparkles. Remember to always apply a base coat before getting a polish. It will help to remove your nail paint before your next nail art session. To make it enjoyable, you can also use your favorite shades, but to make it similar, also use a shiny top coat.

The grape glazed donut nail

6. The Cherry Glazed Donut Nails

This cherry-glazed donut nail is also one of Hailey’s iconic nail looks. With this nail look, she represents the old Hollywood-style red-almond nail look. To get this cherry-glazed donut nail, you have to file your nail in an almond shape. After that, apply a red nail lacquer to make it bold and a top coat with a high gloss effect. It will give you super fancy-looking nails in an easy process. But if you are not finding this easy, then use a red-colored press on your nails.

All of these Hailey-inspired nails are beautiful. Now choose your favorite one and get that to enhance your nail beauty and confidence.

The cherry glazed donut nails

5 Steps You Should Follow to Get Hailey Biebers Nails

We all know that celebrities maintain a strict routine to keep themselves perfect. So, if you are willing to get a nail look like hers, then you also have to take some steps to keep your nails perfect.

You should follow to get hailey biebers nails

1. Keep Them Clean

Always try to keep your nails clean. To get your nails done, it is very important to maintain them. And also, dirty nails can’t absorb the solution of the polish perfectly enough to cling to them. To keep them clean, you can use any good-quality nail cleanser, alcohol-based cleanser, or nail polish remover.

2. Keep Them Trim and File

If you want a nail that is the same length as Hailey Bieber’s, then you have to keep your nails trimmed and filed to the same length as hers.

3. Keep Your Nail Hydrated

To make your nails long-lasting always try to keep them hydrated. Because if your nails are not hydrated, it will be hard to make them as perfect as Hailey’s. To keep your nails hydrated, you can use cuticle oils on them. It helps to keep your nails hydrated and helps the artificial nails cling to them perfectly.

4. Maintain The Apply Procedure

Try to apply your polishes step by step. Before getting polish, first, apply the base coat to remove your polish easily before getting a new look, then apply two coats of polish to give it a bold look, then apply a chrome powder to make it shiny, and the last one is applying a top coat to your nail. If you can maintain this application procedure, then it’s sure that you can get a perfect glazed donut nail.

5. Keep Your Hand Moisturized

Keeping your nails hydrated is good, but you also have to keep your hands moisturized. Having good nails is not enough to be attractive; you also need healthy, moisturized hands with attractive nails to be attractive.

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Things to Know About Getting Hailey Bieber Nails

Before getting Hailey Bieber’s nails done, there are things you should know about:

  • Have a good manicure: Besides getting a perfect nail, you must also make your hand look beautiful. So, you have to get a good manicure to exfoliate your hand’s skin by removing all dead cells. With healthy-looking nails and hands, you will feel good and confident.
  • Avoid excessive polish: Using too much polish at the same time can cause your nail polish to break. If it is necessary to polish your nails again, wait some time to make your polishes dry, and after that, apply a coat again. It will help you by preventing breakage.
  • Avoid excessive water and oils: Also avoid water and oils as much as you can. Because these can weaken the solution of the gel polish and make it fade away quickly. If you have an emergency and need to use water or oils, you can put gloves on your hands before using them.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals: To keep your nails healthy, you have to keep in mind that any kind of harsh chemical is not good for your skin. So, if you want to have healthy hands and nails, then avoid using all kinds of harsh chemicals, like acetone.
  • Maintain your regular activities: Celebrities maintain a strict routine to keep their nails attractive and long-lasting. To keep your nails for a long time and give them a natural, glowing look, you also have to maintain your regular activities.


1. Can I do Hailey Bieber’s nails at home by myself?

Yes, you can. It’s very easy to get Hailey’s glazed donut nails with gel polishes. But if you are scared of gel polishes, you can do them with press-on nails instead of gel polishes.

2. How long are Hailey’s glazed donut nails going to last?

Gel polishes generally last two-three weeks on nails. But if you are able to take good care of them and maintain your regular activities, then they can last longer.

3. Can I get Hailey’s nails with dip powder?

Yes, you can. If you are comfortable with dip powder nails, then it’s okay to get glazed donut nails with dip powder. It will look the same as it did if you used gel polish or press-on nails.

Final Thoughts

It’s common to get your nails done in a celebrity’s or influencer’s style. And if the celebrity is Hailey Bieber, then there is nothing to say. Hailey Bieber’s fashion sense is so unique that we have all experienced it. So, it is obvious that people will ask for the same design as hers. And yes, one of her nail designs, “glazed donut nail,” is going viral now. It went viral because of its simple and unique look. You can get this design in different colors like red, neon green, purple, chocolate, and neutral. After getting your nails done, you must take proper care of them to keep them attractive, like Hailey. You must avoid any kind of activity that can harm your nails.

If you are willing to get Hailey Bieber’s nails, then go to any of your favorite nail salons near you and ask for Hailey’s glazed donut nails with one of her nail pictures.

Key Points

  • ⦁ Glazed donut nails are Hailey Bieber’s most famous nails, and they are currently trending online. It gained popularity due to its understated beauty.
  • ⦁ With the use of dip powder, press-on nails, or gel polish, you can achieve Hailey’s glazed donut nails. Don’t be hesitant to acquire them because they will all have the same appearance.
  • ⦁ Always apply the base coat before getting the polish, then polish your nails with gel polish in 2 coats. After drying the polish, apply a chrome powder, and in the last use, a top coat is a must.
  • ⦁ Maintain proper nail care by keeping them clean and hydrated and avoiding things that harm them to achieve a similar nail appearance to Hailey’s.

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