11 Best Makeup Tutorial That Makes You a Professional

We have compiled a list of the top 11 best makeup tutorial so that you can learn how to apply makeup like an expert.

Makeup tutorials, vlogs, posts, IG reels, and stories are very common. If you ask people interested in Makeup, the first thing they’ll be talking about is their Makeup tutorial knowledge from YouTube and Instagram.

It is prevalent that how you do a makeup look is directed by a makeup tutorial you just watched. And this is why the YouTube makeup gurus have so many strings attached to their Makeup. But even with the best makeup tutorials on earth, they might not legitimately work for you. And this is why you require to find the tutorials and videos that will work for you.

The best makeup tutorials are like the 5-minute hack but with makeup products. You can work with a makeup product in so many ways, and the best makeup tutorials will make the best use of it. Another thing to consider with makeup tutorials is how the vloggers will do the work and which tools they will use. You can also get brand and product recommendations and reviews from makeup tutorials. So, this is a lot to put on with makeup tutorials.

In this article, we’ll explore everything there is about the best makeup tutorials out there. These tutorials will start from the very basic and later go on to detailed versions of makeup gurus’ doing and showing their work. We want to make your task easier by enlisting the best makeup tutorials in this article. We’ll also include the steps for doing Makeup from the videos we’ve got so far. So buckle up to find the best way forward with the collection of the best makeup tutorials.

Youtube’s best makeup tutorials

Youtube’s Best Makeup Tutorials

Here we’ve included some of the best makeup tutorials to look at and find the one that suits you. These are just our recommendations and what we thought the artists did their best on. But if the makeup tutorials go with you or not is entirely up to you.

  1. How to do a Winged Eyeline?
  2. How to apply foundation?
  3. How to apply concealer?
  4. How to do bronzer?
  5. How to apply blush?
  6. How to put on your highlighter?
  7. How to contour?
  8. How to ‘bake’ your face?
  9. Glass Skin Makeup Look
  10. No makeup, makeup look!
  11. Shimmery Eyes Makeup Look

How to do winged eyeliner?

How To Do Winged Eyeliner

If you’re a beginner at Makeup and want to begin with the eyes, correcting how you apply your eyeliner is the best way to start. Make sure the method and way you use your liner go with the shape of your eyes and that it looks flattering. Ali Andreea, a renowned French makeup artist, has a video makeup tutorial titled “eyeliner mistakes and how to correct them.”

We’ve enlisted the makeup tutorial as our best one, as we understand that winged liner is something everyone has their take on. But if you understand how to apply your liner and it is the opposite way the artist recommends, then why not try her way?

Winged eyeliner is all about elongating your natural eyelids, which is why the videos are on our best makeup tutorials list for winged eyeliner. The artist only uses one-liner, and you can choose any preferred product.

Product preference:

  • Make Up For Every Artist Pencil In Whatever Black

How to apply foundation?

How To Apply Foundation

Next up, we have the most important part of any makeup: how to apply foundation. Foundation is the foundation of all makeup looks, and you can always substitute it for concealer, tinted moisturizer, or another product. But in most cases, people always use a foundation. Wayne Goss, a professional makeup artist and a YouTuber, had a video titled “How to Apply Foundation Like a Pro.” It includes all how you can apply your foundation for a natural finish.

The beauty guru has listed ways to get a flawless finish within seconds and how to avoid cakey foundations. The artist only used two products: a foundation and a brush. Hos’s makeup tutorials are very realistic and will tell you how you can get your glow up rather than how you can begin. The best makeup tutorials aren’t about thousands of brands but hacks for creating a look without hundreds of products. And thus, this is one of our top lists of the best makeup tutorials for applying foundation.

Product recommendations:

  • Brush 13 By Wayne Goss

How to apply concealer?

How To Apply Concealer

After foundation, the best way to go is by using a concealer. Concealers will hide your dark spots and make the under eyes pop. Another thing with concealer is that you can use it to brighten the parts of your skin. For example, your T-zone. And this is why our best makeup tutorials for applying foundation go with Robert Welsh, a very famous twin who is really into the makeup industry. Here, the artist recommends a very clear tutorial on how to apply concealer on bare skin.

Concealer is an alternative way of getting coverage without using a foundation. And you can get fuller coverage with a bit of product. And this is why this video tutorial is one of our top-listed best makeup tutorials for concealer application. The artist starts with a bit of liquid concealer and uses only a shade lighter than his actual skin tone. And it brightens up the inner and outer corners of the eyes rather than making a triangle at the eyes. This concealer hack is easy, and you can check it out.

Products Used :

  • Nature Republic- California Aloe Ver 74 Eye Serum
  • Laneige- Real Cover Cushions Concealer
  • Peripera-ink Concealer

How to do bronzer?

How To Do Bronzer

Bronzer is something that you can do to warm up your face. Most people avoid contouring and just does a quick bronzer look to avoid mistakes. Bronzer is something very common if you have very pale skin, and it’ll just lift your face. Generally, bronzer is applied where the sun will hit and create a shadow, mostly on the hollows of your cheeks. And this is why as our best makeup tutorials with bronzer, we’ve included a video of Haley Kim titled “how to apply bronzer.” Haley has recommended tips and tricks on the ways you can apply your bronzer.

The makeup artist starts her video by recommending what kind of product you should use as a bronzer, as the wrong color will make the skin look patchy. And the best thing about this video is how the artist explains products that will be perfect for a beginner. There is a step-by-step guide on applying products and which ones to use depending on the skin type.

Product Preferences :

  • L’oréal Paris Bonjour Sunshine Liquid Bronzer
  • L’oréal Paris Glow Mon Amour Liquid Highlight
  • Sun Stalker Instant Warmth Bronzer By Fenty Beauty
  • Benefit Hoola
  • Abbbamart Fed Tan Bronzer Tanning Powder
  • Kumo Shading-brush C01
  • Zoeva 127-luxe Sheer Cheek
  • Board-203 Real Techniques Reveal Edge

How to apply blush?

How To Apply Blush

If you’re in the next phase of your Makeup, we recommend doing some blush to lift the mood. There is something very essential that you can do to cheer yourself up. People often think that blush is all about rosy cheeks. You can skip the tutorial if you’re someone who blushes when you can just skip the tutorial.

And if you want to blush with slight color tints on your cheeks, then you should check out our recommendation for the best makeup tutorials on blush. We highly recommend a video by Alexandra Anelle titled “dude blush placement changes your whole face.”

The video tutorial is about the artist using blush in different places on her face to give you a good idea of how blush can change your entire life. You can easily learn a detailed trick for using a blush to make your cheeks look more fluttery without looking strange. So, here in this tutorial, you can learn about blush placement and what not to do with your makeup products.

Product References :

  • Fenty Beauty Petal Poppin Cream Blush

How to put on your highlighter?

How To Put On Your Highlighter

If you want a glow on your face, we recommend using a highlighter. This is the thing that will give you a glow on your face without making it cakey and greasy. Highlighters are often the best part of Makeup for some people. Here we recommend using a highlighter by Susan Yara on her famous YouTube channel Mixed Makeup.

The video is titled “Highlighter makeup tips! How to use liquid, cream, and powder highlighters. “This makeup tutorial describes how you can apply your highlighter correctly. If you’re a beginner at Makeup and intimidated by the Highlighters, then recommend this video.

Here, Susan and her fellow makeup artist recommend how you can place your highlight without making it greasy. They’ll also break down different finishes and recommend products suitable for all skin types.

  • Laura Mercier Loose-setting Powder Glow
  • Trestique Starlight Powder Highlight Stick
  • Algenist Revealed Concentrated Luminizing Drops
  • Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Prism Cream
  • Rituel De Fille Rare Light Luminizer

How to contour?

How To Contour

Contouring will take your Makeup to the next level. If you already don’t know, contouring is all about snatching your face and giving more structure to your face. This will not give warmth to your face but will give you the shape you’re looking for. Contouring can be done in different ways, and you can always use products that are currently on trend.

But for the best makeup tutorials, we recommend something old but one of the easiest ways to contour. Here we recommend a video tutorial by CC Clarke Beauty titled “Contour Dos and Donts.” The makeup artist is well known for her lip tutorials and flawless base.

The way she applies her liquid contour can easily be recreated and applied even without a base like a foundation or a concealer. The contour placement is perfect for beginners, and the artist goes into detail with both her concealer and contour. And this is why this made it to our top list for contouring as the best makeup tutorials.

Referenced Products :

  • Rimmel Insta Contour Stick
  • Clinique Chubby Stick-01
  • Nyx Hd Concealer Wand
  • Kat Von D-shade+light
  • Maybelline Master Bronze And Contour

How to ‘bake’ your face?

How To ‘bake’ Your Face

If you don’t already know the term “baked your face,” then you’re really missing out on the trends in Makeup. With baking, you’ll be able to keep the Makeup on for a long time, and the face won’t get oily. Powders are used to set the cream products on fav, and it doesn’t let the face get shiny. And thus, the baking was initiated.

You can bake your face so the Makeup won’t move and get a flawless base. Baking is one of the most argued things in the beauty industry, as most artists consider baking a very heavy and unnatural way to do Makeup. And some recommend slight baking to make the Makeup last. But whatever the reason you like, baking is worth trying, so we recommend the OG of baking: Huda Beauty. She was one of the first beauty influencers to do the baking trick. The video of Huda Kattan is titled “How to Bake Your Face and Why You Have to Do It!”

Huda Beauty is one of the most renowned brands in the beauty industry, and we are hands down in love with her powders, especially her loose powder. So we highly recommend following the video to get the best idea of how you can do the baking on your face.

  • Huda Beauty Easy Bake Powder- Banana Bread
  • Huda Beauty Face Brush- Conceal And Blend 

How to do smokey eyes?

How To Do Smoķey Eyes

The smoked eye makeup tutorial look has been one of the most significant trends for the last few years. This is a look that will go with every getup, and this is the reason for every sultry eye makeup look. Smokey eyes are something of a gem. You don’t need to go with a heavy lip when you have very beautiful and gorgeous eyes. Currently, the smokey makeup look has been reinvented with glitter and shimmer.

But the basics of the look stay the same for everything. Here we are recommending one of the best makeup tutorials for smokey eyes, with more than six million views by An Knook. This nine-minute video is titled “Classic Black Smokey Eye Tutorial. She is a well-known name in the beauty industry and has used only some basic products for the sultry black eyeshadow look.

Smokey eye makeup looks are all about building up the products gradually. You can go for purple, blue, or any other dark shades as a base instead of brown for the Smokey eyes. Even with the black eyeshadow, you need to be very precise and soft-handed; all of these are recommended in the tutorial.

  • Smashbox Photofinish Lid Primer
  • The Balm-trimony Palette
  • The Balm-meet Matt(e) Nude Palette

Glass skin makeup look

Glass Skin Makeup Look

Glass skin is the new beauty trend in the industry. This is also known as the “fresh and dewy skin look.” If you want something that looks very fresh and hydrating, then this is the tutorial you should go for. For the glass skin makeup look, we recommend the best makeup artist for his best makeup tutorials on glass skin.

Paintedbyspencer is a very well-known name in the beauty industry, and his video tutorial named “glass skin, makeup masterclass” is something that is worth every attention. Most glass skin tutorials only come with long procedures for getting glass skin. But with this tutorial, you’ll get an instant idea of how you can get glass skin by using only a few products.

The artist is with you through every step and recommends why and how you should use certain products. You don’t have to reach out for the same products, but you can certainly alternate them and find things near you. So here we give you a masterclass on how to do a glass skin makeup look instantly.

Used Products :

  • Plexiglass Illuminator By Mybeautybrand
  • Shiseido- Synchro Skin Radiant Lifting Foundation
  • Jouer Cosmetics: Essential High-Coverage Concealer
  • Rare Beauty-soft Pinch Blush
  • One Size-translucent Setting Powder
  • D’alba-white Truffle First Spray Serum

No makeup, makeup look!

No Make Up, Make Up Look

This is one of the most grossing trends for the last few years and even in 2022. Different makeup artists and lovers have their take on the no or clean makeup look. This look is not about not using anything on the face but is definitely about using products minimally so that does their work without being very visible on the face.

For the Makeup loom, we recommend a video by Jourdan Sloane with a video titled “Clean Girl Makeup.” This tutorial includes only very nude products for the face and eyes that are perfect for anyone. You can change a few things from school to pants to get the best results.

Jourdan kept the whole routine simple, and you didn’t have to use many products. Just use enough so the face looks enough to get away with Makeup. The tutorial is long, but everything has been designed to be very subtle, and this is why we recommend it as the best makeup tutorial for the no-makeup look.

Product recommendations :

  • Nuface-peptide Boost Serum
  • It Cosmetics-cc Cream
  • Hourglass Primer, Concealer, Blush
  • Dermabland Setting Powder
  • Dior Lip Oil
  • Clinique-chubby Stick
  • Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Stick

Shimmery eyes makeup look

Shimmery Eyes Makeup Look

The shimmer in the eyes is perfect for summer and fall, and you can just put it on with every look out there. Here we are, including the best makeup tutorials on the shimmery eye look by Hindash, one of the leading makeup artists at the time. He created a summer glow makeup video titled “My signature summer makeup!”

The video is all about enhancing the natural features of the face and using an exact technique to create a beautiful look. All of the faces are kept at a minimum, and this is what we loved about it. This is the perfect blend of summer in your eyes. The shimmery eye look will go with every kind of eyeshadow out there, and you can just build it up to match your look.

If you think of summer glam, the first thing that comes to mind is very sunkissed and shines all over the face. With this look, Hindash concentrated the shimmer on the lid of the eyes. Even with the rest of the Makeup, everything is pretty subtle.

  • Nars-sheer Foundation
  • NARS Super Radiant Booster
  • NARS Radiant Cream Concealer
  • NARS Bronzing Powder
  • Mambo NARS Eyeliner
  • Palate NARS Afterglow Eyeshadow
  • NARS Powerchome Shock Em Loose Eye Pigment

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Makeup steps followed by the best makeup tutorials

Followed By The Best Makeup Tutorials

Here we’ll be including the makeup steps that we’ve gathered from all the makeup tutorials we’ve mentioned so far. This is just a small selection of our best-shortlisted makeup tutorials, and we’ve recommended the ones we thought would suit everyone. Here is the extended version of the makeup steps followed by several makeup artists and content creators.

  • Step 1: a primer
  • Step 2: Foundation
  • Step 3: concealer
  • Step 4: Contour
  • Step 5: bronzer
  • Step 6: blush
  • Step 7: eye makeup 
  • Step 8: Eyeliner
  • Step 9: Mascara
  • Step 10: Lipstick
  • Step 11: Apply lip gloss
  • Step 12: Finishing Spray


1. Who has the best makeup tutorials on YouTube?

Here we are listing our top five best makeup content creators on YouTube
Wayne Goss
Huda Beauty
Nikkie Tutorials
Robert Welsh

2. How can I teach myself to do my Makeup?

If you want to start doing Makeup on your own, we recommend going to the free shops before getting started, and that is by watching other people do their Makeup. Watching the best makeup tutorials on YouTube by watching best makeup tutorials on YouTube. Beauty gurus have included so much versatile information regarding Makeup that is perfect for every beginner. So, if you want to learn about Makeup, we recommend watching beauty tutorials.

Wrapping Up…

YouTube might be an old source to look up the best makeup tutorials. But still, it is the best place to spend hours. You can just search with “best makeup tutorials,” and it will give you details on every video that has ever been made on the planet and uploaded to YouTube. Make sure to stick with recent trends, as there is some change every year. Makeup tutorials are supposed to be informative, helpful, and a confidence booster, among everything else. You need to find the makeup tutorials that suit your needs and that you’re comfortable with.

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