Is Charcoal Bleach Better For Your Hair?

Is Charcoal Bleach Better For Your Hair

You might want hair bleach when you want to change your hair color or make it trendy. It’s a special chemical that can lighten or remove your hair’s natural color. To keep your hair healthy, it’s important to use bleach carefully. One new trend is charcoal bleach, which includes charcoal in the bleach to make your hair lighter. Activated charcoal is a porous substance that is popularly known for its absorption power of impurities and toxins.

When used in hair bleach, it can help minimize damage and improve hair health during the bleaching process. So, Is Charcoal Bleach Better for Your Hair? If you are planning to transform your hair but are concerned about the potential drawbacks of charcoal bleach, don’t worry! I will help you to find out if it is a safer and more beneficial option for your hair compared to normal bleach.

Is Charcoal Bleach Better for Your Hair?

Is Charcoal Bleach Better For Your Hair
Is Charcoal Bleach Better For Your Hair

Bleaching in general is not good for hair as it functions by opening the cuticle. Charcoal bleach is an exceptional type of bleaching that is not harmful to the health of hair. Activated charcoal present in charcoal bleach results in a more blackish shade to the powder by balancing out the yellow or orange undertones. It also provides hydration to the scalp leaving it healthy and shiny at the same time. By working as a shield, the charcoal bleach gives protection to hair as well as hydrates it properly throughout the process of lightening. Again, the activated charcoal in the bleach purifies the scalp and hair. It targets hair that is prone to being oily and greasy and inhibits the growth of extra sebum to produce a voluminous effect. It through confining dead skin cells from the scalp absorbs oil and gives hair relief from discomfort.

Charcoal bleach is better for your hair. It will act beneficial for oily or grease-prone scalps. Those who are struggling with the texture, and volume of hair and facing difficulties in balancing it should try it out. If you want to cleanse your hair in a way that uses a natural approach which is powerful too, then go for charcoal bleach. Though charcoal bleach offers numerous benefits, you must be cautious while using it as it has some potential drawbacks.

Lastly, whether charcoal bleach is better for your hair or not may vary from person to person. The experiences of different people might be different. After analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of Charcoal bleach, you can easily find out whether it is better for your hair or not by experimenting on your hair.

Understanding Charcoal In Hair Care

There are both benefits and drawbacks of charcoal bleach in hair care which you need to understand in detail. Being an eco-friendly product, charcoal bleach can balance the tone of hair along with cleansing, purifying, and detoxifying the hair. But, you may face discomfort on the scalp and several short-term and long-term risks due to the use of charcoal bleach.

Understanding Charcoal In Hair Care
Understanding Charcoal In Hair Care

Benefits Of Charcoal Bleach

To maintain healthy hair, it is necessary to protect it from Heat, chemicals, pollution, and other breakdowns which you can do with the help of charcoal bleach. There are lots of benefits of charcoal bleach.

  • Provides Deep Cleansing: This type of detoxifying product contains charcoal to give the hair a chance to reset. As it helps in drawing out oils and dead skin cells away from the scalp, it is beneficial for hair that is oily, grease-prone, and hair that is weighted with product buildup.
  • Balance Of Texture And Volume: Charcoal bleach gives your hair a unique and cool neutral tone, unlike regular bleach. Its advanced formula surrounds the hair strands to give a hard shell. It holds a complete balance of texture as well as moisture to result in a suitable texture of hair. It adds volume to your thin, flat, and itchy hair.
  • A Simple Process: You will find some charcoal bleaches which are possible to use without a toner. So, the process being simple is tempting to those who prefer a simple process of bleaching. It is possible to get a unique lighter tone that applies only one session, unlike regular bleach which applies multiple sessions.
  • Hydrates And Moisturizes Hair: Charcoal bleach can hydrate and moisturize the hair, unlike regular bleaching which can be harsh on hair. As a result, the hair becomes healthy, soft, and shiny outlook.
  • Purifies Hair And Scalp: Due to the presence of activated charcoal in charcoal bleach, your hair and scalp get purified from harmful mud and extra oil and grease. It inhibits the growth of extra sebum by targeting hair that is oily and greasy. The bleach confines dead skin cells from the scalp and absorbs oil.
  • Gives Relief From Discomfort: The activated charcoal in charcoal bleach has many benefits for hair health. Using charcoal bleach on hair gives you relief from discomfort like itchiness, crankiness, etc. It also helps to minimize your dandruff.

Drawbacks Of Charcoal Bleach

Although there are a wide range of benefits of charcoal bleach for the hair, it also has a few drawbacks.

  • Short-Term And Long-Term Damage Issues: Charcoal bleach can remove the natural oils and proteins from hair that maintain hair health. It can cause short-term issues including burns, swelling, and hair damage. Again, constant bleaching can cause long-term issues like damage to the hair fiber which results in the breakage of hair making it thin with fragile strands.
  • Causes Irritation And Damage: Charcoal bleach is a combination of hydrogen peroxide, charcoal powder, and other bleaching agents that act together to lighten your hair. As it uses chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, it has the chance to cause irritation and damage to the hair. The chance even increases if you use it in excessive amounts or are not careful while use.
  • Causes Hair Loss: Hair loss becomes normal after bleaching due to genetics, hormones, heat, sun exposure, hair products, etc. The high pH levels in bleach cause hair loss disrupting the healthy hair balance. The frequency, duration, and strength of the charcoal or other bleaching agents used determine the regular hair loss.
  • Appears To Be Extremely Dark: Charcoal bleach can appear to be extremely dark and cause problems in seeing how evenly it has been applied to hair. As a result, it becomes hard to understand the period of leaving the product in the hair.

Charcoal Bleach Vs Normal Bleach

Charcoal Bleach Vs Normal Bleach
Charcoal Bleach Vs Normal Bleach

1. Ingredients and Process

Normal hair bleach relies on strong chemicals like hydrogen peroxide to remove the natural pigment (melanin) from hair. It undergoes a chemical reaction known as oxidation to lighten the hair color.

Charcoal bleach incorporates activated charcoal and a Charcoal Sugar Complex into a professional hair lightener. It uses a special process that combines the lightening power of charcoal to lighten hair color while maintaining hydration and hair structure.

2. Damage and Gentleness

Normal bleach is known to be harsh on the hair. It can lead to issues like dryness, breakage, and loss of natural shine due to its strong chemical nature.

Charcoal bleach is often considered a gentler alternative to normal bleach. It is believed to reduce some of the damage associated with traditional bleach.

3. Resulting Hair Color

Normal bleach can result in hair having a light yellow tint after the lightening process. This tint is the natural color of keratin, the structural component of hair. Some gold or red residual colors may still be present.

Charcoal bleach aims to achieve a different lightening effect using the power of charcoal. It may leave the hair looking healthier after processing, and the Charcoal Sugar Complex may contribute to a unique result.

4. Variety of Uses

Besides hair, normal bleach is commonly used for various household and industrial purposes due to its powerful bleaching properties.

Charcoal bleach, while primarily designed for hair, may also have applications for teeth and skin treatments.

How Long Do You Leave Charcoal Bleach On Hair?

How Long Do You Leave Charcoal Bleach On Hair
How Long Do You Leave Charcoal Bleach On Hair

There are claims that charcoal bleach stays on hair for a long period compared to regular bleach products. It is because of the presence of collagen which gives a nourishing effect on the hair. As a result, you can get a lighter tone in a single session. The hair turns out to be long-lasting and healthy as well.

The mild and gradual lightening process of charcoal bleach lifts hair to 10 levels. You can leave charcoal bleach on hair for up to 90 minutes longer on the hair than the usual maximum processing time for normal bleaches which is 20 to 30 minutes. Finally, you should use a balancing shampoo and conditioner for washing the hair and allow it to dry.


1. Does charcoal remove hair color?

Charcoal is not a substitute to remove hair color. It only lightens hair color instead of completely removing it. Again, as charcoal can cause excessive dryness, it might be very damaging. For that, you may use a deep conditioner after using charcoal.

2. What bleach doesn’t damage your hair?

The bleach which is done with low-volume developers doesn’t damage your hair. Low-volume developers result in weaker bleach, which is comparatively less damaging to your hair. A 10- or 20-volume developer might take a longer time to get effective results but it will help to cause less damage to your hair.

3. What is the least damaging way to lighten your hair?

You can lighten your hair in the natural ways as natural bleaching agents are the least damaging ways to lighten the hair. For that, use apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, chamomile tea, cinnamon, and honey. These can naturally lighten hair in the most delicate ways with minimum to no damage.

4. Does bleach damage dark hair?

Yes. Bleach can damage dark hair. For black or brown hair, only one round of bleach would not result in bright blonde hair. But multiple bleaching sessions can help to get a lighter shade which would cause too much damage to the hair.

5. How do I know if my hair is healthy enough to bleach?

When the hair absorbs water in less than 10 seconds, the hair’s cuticle gets compromised and the strands are extremely damaged to withstand bleach. Again, for an extremely flexible feeling of hair when it gets wet, you should wait before going through any procedures as it may result in breakage.

Final Thoughts

Regular bleach is harmful for hair while charcoal bleach is not. Charcoal bleach has turned out to be very popular nowadays due to its powerful cleansing ability and non-harsh approach to haircare. It has been specially formulated to improve the number of hair color levels while also neutralizing and purifying yellow and orange undertones and producing precise blonde results. This bleach can also be used as a deep-cleansing agent to strengthen hair and gently soothe itchy scalps. It protects hair and hydrates it throughout the process of lightening. If you have oily or grease-prone scalps or have difficulties balancing the texture, and volume of your hair, Charcoal bleach will be better for your hair. So, it will be an excellent choice that uses a natural approach and is powerful and effective too. But as it comes with some potential drawbacks, be careful while using it to avoid those.

Key Points

  • Charcoal bleach is a type of hair-lightening product that includes activated charcoal in the bleaching formula and results in a more blackish shade by balancing out the yellow or orange undertones.
  • Charcoal bleach is a detoxifying product that provides deep cleansing, and balances texture, and volume. It provides a unique, cool neutral tone, hydrating and moisturizing hair, purifying hair and scalp from harmful mud and extra oil and grease, and providing relief from discomfort.
  • Charcoal bleach can cause burns, swelling, and hair damage due to its combination of hydrogen peroxide, charcoal powder, and other bleaching agents. Its high pH levels disrupt hair balance, cause hair loss, and appear to be extremely dark.
  • Charcoal bleach is not harmful to the health of hair and is better for hair especially if you have oily or grease-prone scalps or you are struggling to balance the texture, and volume of hair.
  • Normal bleach in combination with melanin in the hair removes hair color through a constant chemical reaction by oxidizing the molecules present within melanin while Charcoal bleach uses charcoal’s lightening power by adding a Charcoal Sugar Complex to professional hair lighteners.
  • Charcoal bleach lightens hair to 10 levels and can be left on the hair for up to 90 minutes longer than the 20-30 minutes processing time of normal bleach.
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