Is VO5 Good for Your Hair?

Many people remember using VO5 shampoos when they were young. But was it always good for your hair? Let’s find out!

If you ask people what shampoos they used when they were younger, you will find that VO5 shampoos are common for a lot of them. They will distinctively remember the smell of VO5 products from their youth. This is because VO5 was one of the first affordable shampoo brands which established their popularity back then. But nostalgia can often be something that makes people only think of the good times. So is VO5 good for your hair?

Many people might remember that VO5 helped them have softer hair and solved problems with dry or oily hair. But since then, the haircare industry has made many leaps in both innovation and technology, especially in terms of the ingredients used. While it might be good for some, VO5 is not meant for all hair types, especially those that have natural hair that has coils, kinks, or curls. So let’s see if VO5 still holds up with today’s standards and if they are actually as good as people claim them to be as they once were!

What Makes VO5 So Special?

What makes vo5 so special

If you ever wondered what the VO in VO5 stands for, then you aren’t the only one. Many people have always wondered about what individual letters mean. This is in fact what makes VO5 so special and the answer lies in the ingredients!

VO5 stands for 5 vitamins and 5 oils that are used in all of their products! The makers of VO5 stand by the effectiveness of their products because they use these combined 10 ingredients in all their products.

So let’s see what these ingredients are:

Vitamin CSunflower seed oil
Vitamin B5Mango seed oil
Vitamin ESweet almond oil
Vitamin B3Rosemary leaf oil
BiotinChamomile oil

These are carefully blended together in each of their products which is what makes them so special but why is that? Let’s take a closer look at these ingredients before we look at the other ingredients present in their shampoo.

The vitamins that are included in their shampoos provide numerous benefits for the hair! Vitamin E helps to provide nourishment for the scalp to help with blood circulation and help moisturize it. Many people are concerned with the sun and its effects on the skin but forget that hair can be harmed too! That is why the vitamin C in the shampoos can help give protection from UV rays. For hair growth in particular, biotin, vitamins B5 and B3 help to give thicker, stronger, and more moisturized hair!

Just like with vitamin E, sunflower seed oil helps with the nourishment of the scalp. Combine that with mango seed oil, then you get a combination that readily fights dandruff from your hair. The almond oil in VO5 shampoo helps to smoothen the hair while also providing it with a soft texture that most people will be familiar with, which can also help with frizzy hair! Rosemary leaf oil soothes scalp inflammation while chamomile helps with split ends.

These are just the common ingredients found in all their products, be it shampoo, conditioners, or pomades. However, there are other ingredients to consider as well.

Closer Look at VO5 Ingredients

Closer look at vo5 ingredients

Even though VO5 has these ingredients in all their products, they don’t make up the whole product. There are other things that are added to the list that are not so good. So let’s take a closer look at the other ingredients in VO5 products, particularly for shampoos.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

The detergent ingredient that is present in most shampoos, sodium lauryl sulfate is responsible for cleaning the dirt and oil from the hair. The other thing that it does is create the foams that you expect from shampoos. However, the problem with this sulfate is that it strips the hair of all of its natural moisture and oil. This creates problems such as dry hair and gives it an overall brittle and weak texture.


Ask anybody that used VO5 shampoos, they will tell you about the wonderful smell that it gives off! The smell is the most defining part of the shampoos from VO5. However, these fragrances are artificially created and contain up to 100 different ingredients to create the smell you might be fond of. Some might not be harmful to the hair, but most are and that is a problem for natural hair.

Sodium Chloride

If you ever wonder how a shampoo gets its thick consistency, it’s because of sodium chloride, which we know more fondly as salt. The problem with salt is that it dries up the hair really fast, another thing that natural hair does not like.


Dimethicone, or collectively known as silicone ingredients, is the reason why shampoos leave behind a silky and smooth texture to the hair. However, the silicone left behind in the hair strands can cause the hair to have buildup to occur which causes the pores of your scalps to get clogged.


The two main preservatives that VO5 uses are methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone. While these are good to help the shampoo good for a long time, the problem is that these are known to cause allergic reactions. These can be really bothersome for some people and makes it hard to say it is good for your hair.

Only saying that a product is good or bad depending on just the ingredients is not enough. That is why I have personally sought out the best VO5 products on Amazon and had to try them out for myself to see if it is actually good or not! So here is my short review of each of these products I found.

1. Alberto VO5 Strawberries and Cream Shampoo and Conditioner

The Alberto VO5 Strawberries and Cream Shampoo and Conditioner was something that I was not expecting at all. The smell was really nice and they had the strawberry essence down to the tee. Although I would say that the smell felt a bit artificial and was particularly better from the conditioner than the shampoo. However, the product itself was not really up to the mark. I would say that this is perfect for shorter hair than longer natural hair. It was also perfect for oily scalp, just not for long hair as I would say it can make split ends even worse.

2. Alberto VO5 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Squeeze Clarifying Conditioner

The Alberto VO5 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Squeeze Clarifying Conditioner was exactly the clarifying shampoo you are looking for. It can rid of even the toughest of dirt and oil from your hair. However, that comes at the price of really, really dry hair! It felt like my hair was stripped of even the moisture. My hair didn’t feel all that refreshed and it hurt to comb the hair afterward.

3. Alberto VO5 Extra Body Shampoo and Conditioner

The Alberto VO5 Extra Body Shampoo and Conditioner does exactly what it says, giving the hair the body and volume that you are looking for. Granted it was a bit drying, but if you were to use it every 3 days or so, it will work wonders for your hair. Pair it up with a hair oil and you can counteract the dryness from the shampoo and conditioner.

4. Alberto VO5 Conditioning Hairdressing

The Alberto VO5 Conditioning Hairdressing gives your silver and gray hair a great shine and helps give your hair relief from split ends. However, for natural hair that has coils and kinks, you might want to avoid this product as it was not meant to help with that. It can give fine and straight hair a great hold but not for more textured hair it won’t do you much good. It is really good for already dry hair and helps to remove static and frizzes.

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5. VO5 Hot Oil Therapy Moisturizing Treatment

The VO5 Hot Oil Therapy Moisturizing Treatment is great for fuller textured hair that needs deep moisturization to help regain hydration from deep within the cuticles. I have not used it many years ago like other people but from what I have heard and read online, this does not feel like the same product people have used before. From my use, it felt average. It does its job but the moisturization did not last very long.

6. VO5 2-in-1 Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

I do not like 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. I would say the same for the VO5 2-in-1 Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. It does not feel like my hair was either cleaned or conditioned. It strips the hair from all of the core things that it needs and I would advise against this and all other 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners.


1. Does VO5 use sulfates?

VO5 does have sulfates in their shampoos and hair products that leaves your hair feeling very dry afterward.

2. Does VO5 shampoo have silicone?

VO5 used to use silicone in their products but they are moving towards more products to include less silicone to help protect your hair.

3. Is V05 good for curly hair?

It might add volume and give it a fuller look but it dries your hair too much and your curls will hate the split ends that you get from them.

4. Does VO5 shampoo have protein?

VO5 2-in-1 Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner has soy milk protein. However, using it too much will leave your natural hair more damaged than before due to too much protein.

5. Is VO5 shampoo paraben-free?

Most VO5 shampoos and their other products are paraben-free but you would have to look at the ingredients to confirm that.

Final Thoughts

As a final verdict on the VO5 products, I would have to say that it is really drying and not suitable for natural hair at all! It will strip out the moisture from it along with the essential oils that your hair has and cause it to become very dry and straw-like. Maybe all those years ago the VO5 was the perfect product that helped your thicker and fuller hair as a kid. However, the formulation would have definitely changed and caused the products to become less than ideal for natural hair and wavy coiled hair. Out of all the VO5 products I have tried, I would say that they indeed smelled really nice but felt really artificial and chemical in smell. Overall, I would say that VO5 is not good for your hair.

Key Points

  • What makes VO5 a special brand is that they use a blend of 5 vitamins and minerals in all their products which have their own benefits.
  • However, these benefits when combined with other more harmful ingredients like sulfates and fragrance can leave the hair feeling very dry.
  • Almost all of the popular hair products from VO5 have a really nice smell and are good for dry hair, but it leaves natural hair feeling really dry.
  • Overall, other than the VO5 Hot Oil Therapy Moisturizing Treatment and Alberto VO5 Conditioning Hairdressing, all the rest of the VO5 products are not good for your hair, either natural hair or permed hair.

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