What Eye Shadow Suits Brown Eyes? 6 Best Color Suits for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are beautiful but they have their own unique challenges when choosing an eye shadow color. Find out what colors suit them best!

Appearance of our eyes is important to all of us as it can have a great impact on our overall face appearance, but in some cases we can’t find the right product based on our eye color. If you cannot make up your eyes with the things that your eye color requires then it will not be helpful for flourishing your eye beauty. Rather than will create a negative impact on your overall face look. Sometimes people with brown eyes cannot find something effective to use on the skin surrounding their eyes. But there are a good many eyeshadows which suit brown eyes perfectly if you can rightly use them.

In this article, I am going to show you what eye shadow suits brown eyes, and all the related issues. If you have brown eyes then this piece of article will be surprisingly helpful for you as with the guidelines shown here you’ll be able to beautify your eyes with perfect eyeshadow even at your home.

Why do brown eyes matter in selecting the perfect eyeshadow for you?

Why do brown eyes matter in selecting the perfect eyeshadow for you

If there’s more melanin in your iris back layer, then it’s considered that you have brown eyes. Usually we use eyeshadow matching with our eye color otherwise the eyeshadow will not flourish our eye beauty which is the main purpose of using eye shadow. So, not all types of eyeshadows are for all types of eyes, rather one eyeshadow suits several eye colors. That is doubly applicable in the case of brown eyes due to the nature of brown eyes, if your goal is to pop. If you use any eyeshadow which doesn’t suit brown eyes then it will spoil your overall face beauty, and that’s why beauty experts give importance to choosing the right eyeshadow for brown eyes. Choosing the right eyeshadow may take your time & patience, but surely the selection process is worth taking time.

Consider some issues to know- what eye shadow suits brown eyes?

Consider some issues to know what eye shadow suits brown eyes

To select the right eyeshadow for your brown eyes, you have to consider some common factors, and if you can consider those factors perfectly then you’ll be able to enhance your eye beauty with the right eyeshadow. Now I am going to share what are the factors by considering which you’ll be able to choose the right one for you.

  1. Eye Color
  2. Skin Color & Undertone
  3. Hair Color

1. Color of your eye

It’s the most important thing that you should consider before choosing the eyeshadow- what’s the shade of brown eyes? If your brown eyes are a bit darker then you may choose an eyeshadow with a warmer tone. Why? The reason is that warmer toned eyeshadow can perfectly brighten dark brown eyes. If your eye color is otherwise that means a bit lighter then you may choose dark eyeshadow as this will be perfect for your eyes.

2. Your skin color and undertone

To choose the right eyeshadow you should know your skin undertone no matter whatever your eyes are- brown or otherwise. Not only the eye color, it is important to consider the skin color and undertone surrounding your eyes. So you have to rightly consider your skin color and shade within your skin color (skin undertone). For a cool hue skin tone, you should use ivory or taupe eyeshadow, and you should use these as blend bases. But if your skin tone is a bit warm then you may consider beige or mauve eyeshadow as these are of brown or pink shades. Now come to the point of neutral skin tone- for this skin tone combination of different eyeshadow colors might be the best pick for you.

3. You should not ignore your hair color

It may sound a bit odd, but it’s true that hair color is important to know what eyeshadow will suit your brown eyes. As hair color is important to flourishing your eye beauty, you should consider your hair color before selecting the eyeshadow for you. If your hair color is dark, then warm eyeshadow will be a good pick for you. And, if you have light hair, then you may think of using cool eyeshadow, and this will be suitable for complementing your natural hair brightness.

What eye shadow suits brown eyes for meeting your criteria?

What eye shadow suits brown eyes for meeting your criteria

For your brown eyes not all the eyeshadows will be well suited. But an interesting fact is that as a neutral color, with any eyeshadow color, your brown eyes will virtually suit. Now come to the point- why we’ll pay heed to choosing eyeshadow for brown eyes if all the colors will suit with brown eyes. The reason is that not all the colors will make your eyes pop; in other words, not all the colors will make your brown eyes look good. For brown eyes, commonly, beauty experts suggest gold, matte brown, purple, grey, or mixed color eyeshadow. Though brown eyes can handle lots of eyeshadow colors, these colors can pop the brown eyes look in an excellent way. Now I am going to show you which one among these four will meet your criteria.

  1. Golden eyeshadow
  2. Grey eyeshadow
  3. Matte Brown
  4. Purple shades
  5. Green and black eyeshadow
  6. Blue eyeshadow

1. Golden eyeshadow

Golden eyeshadow is the best for those people having brown eyes who want to make their eyes easily conspicuous in an event or feast. It is well known to all that flecks of yellow and gold pigment is the one of the important and mentionable features of a good many brown eyes. And that’s why golden eyeshadow might be the best pick for brown eyes.

And, when a person with brown eyes goes under the direct sun with golden eyeshadow on the skin around the eye, then it will sparkle, which looks so amazing, and that’s an extra benefit of golden eyeshadow. Even at night, that will also look beautiful if any person with brown eyes goes under heavy lights when golden eyeshadow is on the eye skin.

You don’t have to use the true golden color exactly, rather if you use any similar color like rose gold, copper, bronzer, or something like that, that will be enough to flourish your eye look. To add a dramatic look you should use a darker shimmer with the gold eyeshadow that will surely enhance the golden look.

2. Grey eyeshadow

Grey shades might be the best pick for warm brown eyes, and it is well-known around the world. The reason is that usually cool metallic shades can superbly enhance the look of brown eyes.

And, for an amazing contrast, you may think of using cool-toned grey, that’s surprisingly effective for meeting the criteria. It’s also the right answer for those who search the question- How to do smokey eye shadow of grey color? If you have smokey eyes (classic), then dark grey will be perfect for you, that means depending on your eye nature you have to select the grey eyeshadow.

To get some extra benefits you may add neutral brown with your grey eyeshadow. Even some beauty experts suggest using eyeliner pencil or shimmering silver shadow to beautify your eyes further. Even if you want to make your brown eyes neutral smokey, that is also possible by using grey eyeshadow. In that case you just have to use brownish grey eyeshadow on your brown eyes.

3. Matte Brown

If you want to intensify your brown eyes, then using matte brown shades will be great for you as this is of almost the same color as your eyes. And really it will be more than enough to provide your eyes with a counterintuitive look. So, if you like an intense look then matte brown will be the perfect option for you.

But this is not the way for creating contrast, and if you need to do that (creating contrast), then you have to choose the brown shade that is exactly opposite the color of your eye.

Suppose, you have dark brown eyes, then you have to use light brown shades for creating contrast. And, you know, creating contrast is a great way to pop your brown eyes perfectly.

4. Purple shades

Thanks to the contrasting color, purple is an amazing option for brown eyes. Even if you want to make your eye color conspicuous among your face makeup, then using purple shade on your brown eyes will be the right option. If you like a flattering eyeshadow color, then the right answer is purple. There are various shades of purple, like striking violet, soft lavender, or so.

Not all types of purple shade are good for your brown eyes all the time. Suppose, for daytime events light purple shade is the best pick. On the contrary, to go anywhere at night, dark purple shades are the right option.

If you want to get a monochrome look with purple shade on your brown eyes, that’s also possible. Plum applying after the using purple shade is superbly effective for creating a monochrome look. Even smokey eye look is also possible here, and to do that you need to smudge black and purple shadow. Apply the smudged shadow on the outer corner of brown eyes, that’s all you need to get smokey eyes.

5. Green and black eyeshadow

For people who use eyeshadow for all the seasons, green is the right answer to them. An important thing about the green eyeshadow is that it suits well with brown and dark eyes.

Green eyeshadow suits anyone with brown eyes, so you may choose your favorite one- subtler sage green or darkish green. To brighten up your brown eyes, you may use green color and for getting an extra look you may add black with that.

To ensure a dramatic look you may use shimmer or glitter on green and black eyeshadow that will flourish under direct sunlight or under heavy light at night.

6. Blue eyeshadow

Like black and green, blue eyeshadow is good for brown eyes, and you may use this with your brown eyes all the year round.

Light blue will surely be a good match with your brown eyes, but if you want to pop your brown eyes, then navy blue will be the best for you.

And, it will also make your eyes conspicuous if you use glitter or things like that and go under sunlight or any heavy lighting. Like green eyeshadow, you may add any other shade for your eyes while you’re using blue, if you want to.

Applying two eyeshadow to pop your brown eyes

Applying two eyeshadow to pop your brown eyes

To pop eyes, using different shades by blending is not new and for all types of eyes, this method works better. And for brown eyes, it’s also a superb option that you may try. But that doesn’t mean you’ll use the eyeshadow which is not recommended for brown eyes. Though most of the eyeshadow color goes well with brown eyes, not all of those can pop brown eyes well. So, try to use the shades among what I have recommended here for brown eyes.

As your eyeshadow color should be matched with your face makeup, so, you should do that after completing your face makeup. To ensure a uniform transition of two different colors, you should start blending two selected colors from your eye-middle. Actually, there’s no hard and fast rule that you have to choose a certain color with a shade.

You may choose based on your liking, but if two colors don’t match, then it will not be good for your overall eye look. So the best way is to search online for the eyeshadow blending and take a repeated look at the image of people who used blended eyeshadow. Taking a look at those, you should select one which blended eyeshadow that looks attractive to you, and you have to choose two colors accordingly.

You may follow the other way- selecting two colors by yourself, if you have a good hand in choosing the eyeshadow color. But if you’re new in this field, then you should not think of choosing two colors by yourself.

At first you need to select your eye crease on your eyelid, and to do that you should halfway the eyes and then pull up the lid. Then apply the base color (one shade that you want to blend) on your eyelid, and to do that you just need to swipe your brush with which you’re applying the eyeshadow. But you should not apply the base color above your eye crease if you want to ensure a perfect look. Now take the second one, which should be a bit darker than the base color, and apply the second color on your eye crease. In this way, you’ll be able to ensure a deep look or shadow illusion.

What eye shadow suits brown eyes: real life story

By birth I have brown eyes and it was not problematic for me because I was not used to maintaining makeup regularly. But, when I entered the job arena, I started to maintain makeup regularly because of my job nature. And it was quite difficult for me to choose the eyeshadow due to my brown eyes. I actually didn’t understand what eyeshadow would pop my eye appearance, and I also didn’t have enough time to research this issue. So I contacted one of my senior colleagues who was an expert on this issue and she suggested that I used purple due to my brown eyes. And I started using that but I was not satisfied with the look.

And, then I started searching which one might be the best pick for my brown eyes. And one day an article on the benefits of eyeshadow blending drew my attention, and there was a solution for brown eyes too. It suggested green and black eyeshadow as this blending can be helpful to get a bright look. Whenever I saw this, I was busy with my office work so I couldn’t manage the necessary time to buy necessary makeup items. But, after two days there was a holiday and on that day I bought all the necessary makeup items and from the next week I started using black and green eyeshadow. And to ensure a dramatic look I also use glitter besides the black and green eyeshadow. When I first used the eyeshadow, I went to the senior colleague who suggested that I use purple eyeshadow. And after seeing my look with black and green eyeshadow she also recognized that this look is better than the previous look when I was using purple eyeshadow.

Betty Martin


1. What should I have to consider before selecting an eyeshadow for my brown eyes?

Not all eyeshadows for brown eyes will be suited for you though you have brown eyes, that means not all types of brown eyes friendly eyeshadow will pop your eyes. To choose the perfect one for you, you have to consider your eye color, skin undertone, and the color of your hair.

2. Which eyeshadow will be the best for cold, and neutral skin undertone?

Ivory or taupe eyeshadow will be well suited for people with cool undertones with brown eyes. And, for those who have a neutral undertone, a combination of more than one brown eyes-friendly eyeshadow will be the best.

3. Why is hair color important to choose the right eyeshadow for my brown eyes?

Because not all types of eyeshadows will match with all types of hair color. Suppose cool eyeshadow is good for brown eyes and darker hair color, such cool eyeshadow will not match well with other types of hair.

4. Does eye color have any importance in selecting eyeshadow? 

Of course, brown eyes doesn’t mean just one type of eye; rather there are subcategories like lighter brown and darker brown. Warmer eyeshadow is for dark brown eyes, and on the other hand, dark eyeshadow is good for light brown eyes.

5. How to do smokey eye shadow if I have brown eyes?

If you have brown eyes and if you want to provide your eyes with a smokey look then grey hues is the right option for you. With grey eyeshadow, you may use shimmering silver, or things like that if you want to add some extra to your look.

6. Can I use the same purple eyeshadow all the time?

You should not do that because the same type of purple eyeshadow cannot pop your eyes in the day and night. During daytime, light purple shades look good, and during nighttime, you need to use a bit dark purple shades.

7. What do I need to do to ensure a sparkling look for my eyes?

For a sparkling look, you may use glitter, and this works with all types of eyeshadow no matter whether you have brown eyes or not. And, golden eyeshadow is the best option in this regard, as it can make your eyes more conspicuous under lights.

8. Is it possible to intensify brown eyes by using any eyeshadow?

Yes, it is possible by using eyeshadow and you have to use matte brown eyeshadow for that. Matte brown eyeshadow is good for this purpose and for ensuring a counterintuitive look.

9. How to do smokey eye shadow by using purple?

You may ensure a smokey eye look by using purple eyeshadow, for this purpose you have to smudge black and purple eyeshadow and apply it on your eye’s outer part.

10. Which one is perfect for brown eyes- light blue or navy blue?

These two eyeshadows are friendly to brown eyes, but to pop your brown eyes, navy blue will be a good pick for you. Light blue will enhance your eye beauty, but navy blue will do better.


You don’t need to think excessively about what eye shadow suits brown eyes, because a good many eyeshadows suit brown eyes. The eyeshadows that I have mentioned here will surely pop your eyes, just you need to know how to choose the perfect one for you according to your eye color, hair color, and skin undertone. Just consider these issues for a while; certainly, you’ll be able to get the desired look for your brown eyes.

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