How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner For A Natural Look : 8 step-by-step Instructions

Get ready to rock your next makeup look with these easy tips on applying liquid eyeliner for a natural look .

Our eye’s beauty is really important to us because our eyes become conspicuous at first sight, but not all the time; we can beautify our eyes perfectly. Using eyeliner is a common way to beautify our eyes, but using eyeliner in any way is not enough for that purpose. To flourish our eye beauty perfectly, we want to enhance the natural look of our eyes, and it is easy to do by using a pro-quality liquid eyeliner. Surely, you’ll be able to enhance the natural look, but you have to apply the correct color of eyeliner in the perfect way. Today, I will show you how to apply liquid eyeliner for a natural look, no matter if you’re a beginner or pro in applying eyeliner to your eyes.

What is liquid eyeliner ?

What is Liquid Eyeliner and Why Should You Apply

Liquid eyeliner is a makeup product for lining your eye, which you can use on the upper and lower lash line. The main feature of this eyeliner is that it is richly pigmented and comparatively darker. Due to so many advantages of liquid eyeliner, it is becoming popular among fashion-conscious people.

The purpose of all types of eyeliner is the same: enhancing the beauty of our eyes, but not all types of eyeliner are similarly effective for this purpose. To provide your eyes a fuller and longer look, using liquid eyeliner is really great. One of the advantages of liquid eyeliner is that it can ensure a bigger appearance of your eyes. And it’s neater as well in comparison with powder or pencil eyeliner. If you use pencil eyeliner, then it may cause a smudge. For all these things, liquid eyeliner is better for ensuring a natural look. And the look will last for an extended period because the staying power of liquid eyeliner is great.

How to apply liquid eyeliner perfectly and ensure a natural look?

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Perfectly and Ensure a Natural Look

Fashion-conscious people are concerned with how to apply liquid eyeliner for natural looking  . Actually it depends on how thoroughly you can apply the liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner will surely look natural and will flourish your eye’s beauty amazingly if you can apply it perfectly. Now I am going to show you step by step how you have to apply liquid eyeliner to get a natural look.

  1. Select The Right Type Of Liquid Eyeliner
  2. Apply Eyelid Primer
  3. Apply With A Steady Hand
  4. Draw A Dot Row Instead Of A Line
  5. Connecting All Dots
  6. Smoothing Out The Line
  7. Add Tail At Outer Edge
  8. Finishing Touch

1. Select the right type of liquid eyeliner

Before anything else, you have to choose the right liquid eyeliner which will exactly meet your criteria. Commonly there are two types of liquid eyeliners- felt tip and dip brush. If you want to draw thick or thin lines perfectly on eyelashes and want to ensure an eye catching cat-eye look, then felt tip liquid eyeliner will be great for you. Dip brush liquid eyeliner will come to you in a bottle, and you have to use it just like nail polish (dipping a brush in it). Choose the one which seems comfortable and perfect to you. To provide your eyes with a natural look (with eyeliner), choosing the right color eyeliner is a must, and you have to do it depending on your eye type, which I’ll show you later.

2. Apply eyelid primer

Usually, using the eyeliner comes after using the eyeshadow, but you have to apply eyeliner before putting mascara on your eyes. You have to apply eyelid primer first because it will let the liquid eyeliner stick in the right place for a long time. So, if you apply the primer, you may consider that your eyelids are prepared for applying liquid eyeliner.

3. Apply with a steady hand

One of the barriers to getting a natural look is that people can’t apply eyeliner with a steady hand. And that usually causes wavy lines, imperfect application, or something like that. To apply the eyeliner with a steady hand, you should keep your elbow on something like a table or anything in such a position that you can apply the eyeliner on your eyelid with a steady hand. Now keep a mirror in front of you, and usually, a small mirror is excellent for this purpose, as you have to keep notice of a very small area. A large mirror usually includes many things which will draw your attention, and thus eyeliner application may be hampered.

4. Draw a dot row instead of a line

If you draw single lines, they may be uneven or wavy that’ll seem artificial at first sight. To avoid the risk, you should draw a row of dots first on your lash line (upper). It is just for determining from where you have to draw the single line, so you should keep spaces among the dots. And, don’t draw so many dots there; just draw as many as you need to draw a single line perfectly, that’s all.

5. Connecting all dots

If drawing dots are completed on the eyelashes of both eyes, then you may start connecting dots. But you should not connect all the dots with a single stroke, and it’s difficult too. You just need to gently connect one dot with another; that will be effective if you can connect dots in the same way on the lashes of both your eyes. If you can do it perfectly, then there’ll be almost no chance of being wavy, and it’s the perfect way to ensure a natural look.

6. Smoothing out the line

If you find any break between dots on your eyelashes, then drag a thin line to connect dots smoothly. But, you have to do it with a steady hand. Otherwise, it is likely that you’ll not be able to do it perfectly. So, in this way, fill the space which seems broken to you and check again and again whether it is okay or not.

7. Add tail at outer edge

People using eyeliner commonly make a tail at their eyelid’s outer edge, and it can be made with all types of eyeliners. If you want to ensure a natural look, then you should keep this tail as small as possible. People love it because it seems like their lash line continuation, and due to this illusion, the overall look seems amazing. You may draw so, but keep in mind drawing a normal tail will be a bar to ensure the natural look, so try to keep it small.

8. Finishing touch

With making the tail, applying your eyeliner is almost completed. Now you should do a finishing touch. So, apply mascara and other necessary things which you commonly do while doing your eye makeup. If you see something wrong applying the eyeliner, you may use a full-bristled brush to correct the line. Any makeup remover is also helpful in this regard, so use any of those if you see something unusual.

An alternative way to apply liquid eyeliner for looking natural

An Alternative Way to Apply Liquid Eyeliner for Looking Natural

The ways mentioned above are ordinarily followed by people around the world, but this is not the only method that you have to follow. Rather, there are other methods to apply liquid eyeliner and that will also look natural, even at first sight. Now I’m going to show you an alternative method of applying liquid eyeliner, and in this way, the eyeliner application will also seem natural. In this method, you have to apply any cream based eyeliner first and then make your own liquid eyeliner with water spray and eyeshadow. It may seem a bit unusual to you, but it’s effective, similarly as an ordinary liquid eyeliner.

So arrange the necessary things first- make your own liquid eyeliner by spraying water in eyeshadow (must be of loose powder), and mix properly using any tool- it will look like a thin paste. And besides that, you need to have a heated up liner pencil (to make liquid) to draw the line over the lash line. Usually, people use lighter or tools like that for heating up because with such a tool, heating up the pencil is easier. But don’t draw the extremely heated liner pencil on your lash line; wait for a while after heating it up.

If all these things are ready, then start applying- first, apply a cream eyeliner and liner paste (thick) by using a brush, as usual. And drawing smoother lines will be easier for you with this method. Now you may apply the liquid eyeliner you made by spraying it with the powdered eyeshadow. So, draw the pencil which melted down into liquid on the lash line, and then check twice whether all things are okay or not. If you can do all these things perfectly, then you’ll surely be able to ensure a natural look with the liquid eyeliner you made.

How to pick the best eyeliner color for ensuring a natural look?

How to Pick the Best Eyeliner Color for Ensuring a Natural Look

Ensuring the natural look will be easier for you if you can choose the right color of eyeliner depending on your eye look. Here is how you can choose the right color of eyeliner based on your eye color.

  1. Blue eyes
  2. Hazel eyes
  3. Gray eyes
  4. Green eyes
  5. Brown eyes
  6. Red eyes
  7. Amber eyes

1. Blue eyes

If you have blue eyes, you may choose any liquid eyeliner of bronze, copper, golden brown, or similar colors. Some makeup artists suggest warm hues such as rusty orange liquid eyeliner, the best for people with blue eyes. Any of these colors of eyeliner will undoubtedly ensure a natural look if you have blue eyes.

2.Hazel eyes

If you have hazel eyes, then you may consider your eyes dimensional in the sense that you’ll be able to use eyeliners of different colors. But commonly, four colors of eyeliners- purples, cranberries, pinks, and burgundies are considered great for hazel eyes.

3.Gray eyes

If your eyes are cool gray, then vivid burgundy and warm brown hues will be great for you. For gray eyes, you may think of using eyeliner of rosy pink, burnished gold, dark red, sunset orange, copper, aubergine, wine-tinged purple, etc. color. Any of this will create a lovely appeal to your green eyes and flourish your eye’s natural look.

4.Green eyes

If you have green eyes, you may think of using eyeliners of red-based hues. However, Burgundy is considered the best matching color for green eyes, so you may use any liquid eyeliner of brown burgundy, moody burgundy, bright burgundy, or any shades of burgundy. It is well known that rich burgundy colors can superbly pop the look of green eyes.

5.Brown eyes

Makeup artists consider brown eyes neutral, and commonly they suggest emerald green, deep purple, etc. for brown eyes. But, if you want a subtle approach with your brown eyes, you may use warm gold. Even warm gold will be better for you if you want to ensure a brightening look of your eyes.

6.Red eyes

If, due to any medical condition or for other reason, your eyes become red all the time, or a mentionable period of a day. Then you may think of using red eyeliner with other red makeup products. If you do so, then it will reduce the red appearance of your eye, which will also be great for you.

7.Amber eyes

Amber eyes are comparatively rare, but there are many people who have amber eyes and use liquid eyeliner. Purple eyeliner will be a good pick for those people as this color can pop amber eyes. Besides that, you may also use super dark liquid eyeliner, especially if your eyes are a bit yellowish amber.

How to apply liquid eyeliner for a natural look: real life story

I started use eyeliner from a very young age but when I applied eyeliner on my eyes, it didn’t seem natural. Actually it was understandable at first sight that I applied eyeliner on my eyes. The reason was that the line I wanted to draw with eyeliner was not accurate that I understand today, but didn’t understand then. Another thing was that, I actually didn’t choose the right color and that played an important role. But I continued using eyeliner though the look was not perfect and desirable for me.
One day one of my cousins came to gossip with me because it was a holiday. After gossiping for some time, I raised the issue that the look of my eyes is not desirable to me though I used eyeliner and other necessary things. My cousin was a bit beauty conscious and got updated with all the new makeup products and ideas. Hearing all of this issue, she told me that my color choice and the way I applied eyeliner was not perfect. She told me that I should apply eyeliner in front of her, and I started preparing myself for applying eyeliner as usual. And when I brought out red eyeliner, she told me that this was not perfect for me because my eyes are brown.
But as I didn’t have another color I started applying the red eyeliner on my eyes. Seeing my applying process, she told me that it’s not perfect, and also told me that I should draw some dots with my eyeliner and then connect these dots, and this process will be helpful for accurately drawing lines on my lashes. And when she left my home, she told me that I should use deep purple eyeliner on my eyes in the perfect way and that will enhance my natural eye look.
According to her recommendation, at the afternoon on that day I went to a nearby super shop and bought deep purple liquid eyeliner and on the next day I applied this eyeliner on the way she recommended- drawing dots at first and then connecting all the dots, and check again and again weather all the things are okay or not. And, when my liquid eyeliner application is finished and I stand in front of a larger window then I get the point- the type of eyeliner does not matter just we need to choose the right color liquid eyeliner and apply it perfectly. After applying the liquid eyeliner in the way my cousin recommended, when I stood before the large mirror at first sight I understood that it looked natural. From then on, till now I use deep purple liquid eyeliner, when I go out.

Linda Rasmussen


1. How can I make the line accurate when I draw the line on my eyelashes?

You have to have a steady hand, so place your elbow on a table or anything like that at a perfect height. And then you may draw some dots on your eyelashes and after that connect all the dots, that’s all.

2. Can I use eyeliner or any eye makeup products if my eyes are red?

Due to some medical condition or for other reasons, you may have red eyes and it actually doesn’t matter. If your eyes are so, then you may think of using red eyeliner and other red makeup products on your eyes and that will provide you a natural look.

3. How to ensure a natural look by using any liquid eyeliner?

If you want to ensure a natural look or if you want that after applying a liquid eyeliner, your look will be natural then you have to choose the right eyeliner depending on your eyes and apply the eyeliner in the perfect ways.

4. What do I have to do if I do anything wrong in drawing lines using my liquid eyeliner?

Don’t leave anything wrong on your eyelashes because it will have a huge negative role on your overall eye look. If you have done something wrong then use any makeup remover or something like that and make the line as accurate as possible.

5. What is better for ensuring a natural look: powder eyeliner or liquid eyeliner?

If you can choose the right color eyeliner and apply it perfectly then surely you will get a natural look or it enhances your natural eye look. Using liquid eyeliner is always better because it can provide you some extra benefit that cream based or powder eyeliner cannot.

6. What can I do to get an illusion of bigger eyes?

For getting such an illusion, you have to apply a flesh-toned pencil to your waterline and a kohl (black is recommended) below the lash line. All the other eye makeup will be perfectly maintained, and all these things will be effective to create a big eye illusion.

7. What type of liquid eyeliner will seem amazing with my dark skin?

 If you have dark skin then you may try red or burgundy liquid eyeliner. This color of eyeliner is good for flourishing eye beauty of people having dark skin.

8. What are the benefits of using liquid eyeliners that are not possible to get by using powdered eyeliners?

Actually liquid eyeliner can sharpen your look and it looks so creative. Another thing is that the staying power of liquid eyeliner is really great.

9. Can I use liquid eyeliner if my eyes are sensitive?

 It actually depends on how sensitive your eyes are, but there are many liquid eyeliner which are safe for sensitive peepers. But if you think that using eyeliner will be risky then consult with a doctor first.

10. Can old women use liquid eyeliner, safely?

There is no such bar that older women should not use liquid eyeliner. They may use, and if they use liquid eyeliner for wrinkled eyelids that will be better for them.


Actually, what is the color of your eyes or what is the size of your eyes is not a matter at all if you can choose the right eyeliner for you and can apply it perfectly. Surely perfect eyeliner and perfect application procedure will provide you with a look that will seem natural. And if you can ensure a natural look by using eyeliner, then it will have an important role on your overall look.


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