Why Do Barbers Insist on Pushing Hairline Back?

Why do barbers insist on pushing hairline back
There can be many reasons why barbers insist on pushing the hairlines back, but you have nothing to worry about. Pushed back hairline is not going to be permanent.

Have you also faced a stubborn barber who doesn’t want to listen to you and insists on doing your hair according to their preference? Well, everyone has faced these types of issues with their barber at least once. Barbers sometimes like to do experiments on your hair against your will. Sometimes they do great and sometimes messes up. A pushed-back hairline can take a huge time to grow back, and you might not like the new hair-growing process as well.

Then, why do barbers insist on pushing your hairline back? There can be several reasons why your barber wants your hairline to push back. It might also be for the betterment of your hairline in the long run! So let’s delve into the matter to solve all the questions you have regarding this matter.

Why Do Barbers Insist on Pushing Hairline Back?

Why do barbers insist on pushing hairline back
Why do barbers insist on pushing hairline back

Different barbers can have different reasons why they insist on pushing your hairline back. Such as-

  • If your hairline is uneven, your barber might insist you push back the hairline to create a more aesthetically pleasant look.
  • If your hairline is receding, then they might suggest you push back the hairline to have a precise cut.
  • If you have oily hair or scalp issues, your hairline will appear more laid back than it actually is. In this case, your barber might do a push-back hairline.
  • If they want to give you a specific haircut and that requires pushing the hairlines back.
  • Sometimes, it can be an accident from your barber as well. If the barber does not have steady hands, any movement can lead to an accidental haircut. Out of which your barber might insist on pushing your hairline back.

Will The Pushed Hairline Grow Back?

Will the pushed hairline grow back
Will the pushed hairline grow back

Yes! You do not have to worry if your barber pushed back your hairline way too much or without your permission. Your hairline will grow back, although it might take some time. How fast will your hair grow back depends on the age, genetics, health condition, and overall growth of the hair. Your hair can grow up to 1 inch a month, but it is if your hair has better growth. It can take even more if your hair growth is minimal. If you are suffering from any disease and taking any medication or suffering from stress, your hair growth will slow down even more.

How to Grow My Pushed-Back Hairline Faster?

How to grow my pushed-back hairline faster
How to grow my pushed-back hairline faster

If your hairline is pushed back by your Berber, and you do not like that at all, there is nothing you can do instantly. You have to wait patiently before you can again have the original position of your hair. To grow your hairline faster there are some tips that you can follow.

  1. Oil Your Hair: If you want faster growth of your hair, nothing can beat oil application. Take any oil according to your preference. I would suggest rosemary and argan oil, then add an equal amount of castor oil to it. Castor oil can do miracles when it comes to new hair growth. Apply this every day in your hairline at least 1 hour before shower and see the difference in a month.
  2. Massage Your Hairline: massaging can be another way to have faster growth. After oiling your hairline, massage that area for 5 minutes in a circular motion. It will circulate blood in that area and make the hair grow faster.
  3. Take Supplements: If your hair is not growing enough, you can take supplements that will ensure that your hair is growing enough. Specifically, a biotin supplement can help with hair growth and you can see a visible difference after 15 days. You can also take vitamins and other nutrients if you are lacking.
  4. Hydrate Your Hair: Use less shampoo and more conditioner on your hair. More shampoo can strip away all the natural oils of your hair, and make your hair dehydrated. Try to condition your hair more often to make your hair soft and use an essential oil afterward to lock in moisture after shower.

These are some of the ways to grow back your pushed-back hairline faster if you do not want to deal with that for a longer time.

What To Do If Your Barber Unexpectedly Push Back the Hair Line?

If your barber pushes back your hairline without your permission, do not freak out at once. Just tell the barber to stop and address the concern. Tell him what you like and don’t like about the cut he is doing. If they can fix the problem let them, do it. If they can’t, there is no going back. You have to wait for a few months to grow your hair completely. If you do not like the barber’s job at all, you can ask for your money back. If that is not possible, avoid going to that barber again. To prevent this sort of miscommunication the next time, discuss the issue with your barber beforehand. Show them a picture, if you can, of your desired haircut, and tell them if you have any preferable hairline or not.

How To Cover Up the Pushed-Back Hairline?

How to cover up the pushed-back hairline
How to cover up the pushed-back hairline

If your barber has done a very bad job at pushing back your hairline, and you want to hide that, you can go for these options-

  1. Lower Haircut: By lowering your hair cut you can somewhat cover the pushed-back hairline. When the hair will start to grow, it will be less visible if all your hair is shorter in length.
  2. Be Bald: If you do not like your hairline pushback at all, then you can choose this option. Then all of your hair will grow at the same time and the pushed-back hairline will not get any additional attention.
  3. Cover Your Head: If you want to do nothing and wait for the hair to grow, you can just cover your head with a cap or scarf whatever you want. It may take several months depending on the growth level to grow out the hair with a decent length. Cover up your pushed-back hairline until then.

Can A Barber Help Fix Your Hairline?

If you have an uneven hairline, a barber can fix it by pushing your hairline back. Barbers can push back the hairline with their precise hand strokes. Also, if your barber did a hairline that you did not like, you can always go back to another one to get it fixed. An unexpert barber can mess with the hairline. So, for a precise haircut, go to an expert whom you trust. Show them a picture of exactly what you want. Barbers will use a razor or trimmer to create that look for you. They use techniques like fading the sides of your hair, so the hairline can look more natural. but remember that fixing or relining the hairline is not a permanent solution. Your hair will grow back in the hair follicles creating the hairline you have naturally had.

How To Fix a Pushed-Back Hair Permanently?

How to fix a pushed-back hair permanently
How to fix a pushed-back hair permanently

If your barber insists you push back your hairline every time you go to the salon, probably you have an uneven hairline. If you also want to have an even-out hairline permanently, there are some solutions that you can opt for. Such as-

  1. Hair Transplant: A hair transplant is a method where the doctor implants hair taking from your backside into the front side. This can give your deciding hairline a fuller and finer look.
  2. PRP Therapy: PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy is a procedure where doctors take a little amount of blood from your body. After separating the platelet from the blood with a centrifuge machine, the platelets are injected into your body. This repairs the hair follicles and stimulates the hair growth.

These procedures can be very costly and most of the time they are not covered by insurance. Talk to a specialist before going for any of these treatments.


1. Is it bad to push back the hairline?

No! A pushed-back hairline can hold you back for a short while, but your hair will grow eventually. Just give it a little bit of time and patience. But when it comes to receding hair or balding scenarios, then it will be a case of concern. Talk to the dermatologist for a possible solution.

2. What to tell your barber if he insists on pushing back your hairline?

If you do not want your hair to be pushed back, and still the barber is insisting, then tell the barber to stop. If he can’t give you what you want then tell him respectfully that you cannot get a service from him if he goes on insisting. You do not have to force yourself and think you are already in their salon and you cannot go back. Not necessarily that is the case. Your own preference should be given the first priority.

3. Does the hairline grow back naturally?

If the hairline is done by your barber, then the hairline will come back naturally. But if you are facing a natural receding or extreme hair fall at your front, then you might need medical treatments and medication to solve that problem.

Final Thoughts

Whether you like a pushed-back hairline or not, when your barber insists on doing something to your hair, you become paranoid sometimes. you do not know why they are suggesting that or if the look will suit your personality. Barbers can insist on pushing back your hairline for various reasons. It can be your uneven hairline or oily and wet hair. but once you cut the hairline, it will take at least 1 month to grow back. If you can deal with that growing process for some time, you can agree with the barber. But if you do not want to push your hairline back, tell your barber directly. But if the barber has messed up already, keep your calm. Ask them to fix it. If they can’t, deal with it with patience. Your hair will grow out just like before.

Key Points

  • Your barber may insist on pushing back your hairlines for your uneven hairlines, oil, and wet hair, to fix receding hairlines, to give a specific haircut, or by accident.
  • Do not agree with them if you do not want them, even if they insist.
  • The pushed-back hairline will grow after some time, deal with it with patience.
  • You can take several measurements to grow back to your hair faster or make your hairline permanent.
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