Benefits of Not Retwisting Locs

benefits of not retwisting locs
Retwisting locs provides your hair with a well-defined and neat appearance but it might be beneficial to not retwist your locs. Learn all about it here!

Hair is a very significant part of our body that people style in many ways.  Hairs are of different types including straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, and so on. Based on the hair type, the hairstyle also varies. People with straight hair go for some hairstyles while the hairstyles are different for curly hair people. Loc became a popular hairstyle for people around the world. The process involves separating the hairs into different sections while making them look well-defined and organized. But, some experts recommend not re-twisting the locs.

So, what are the benefits of not re-twisting the locs? The benefits of not re-twisting the locs are more than the benefits of re-twisting the locs. Re-twisting the locs may help you get organized and well-patterned hair but it has some disadvantages like damaging the hair and making them fall out as a result. The benefits of not re-twisting the loc include healthier roots, moisturized hair scalp, thicker and longer hair, and so on. You may see some incredibly positive changes of your own by not re-twisting your hair for a long.

What Does Retwisting Loc Mean?

What does retwisting loc mean

Retwisting loc refers to the technique that is used to maintain hair by re-twisting the hair at the roots. This is the method of twisting the hairs to maintain a uniform and neat appearance. The method involves separating the hairs into different sections. After that, the application of oil or any other product is done to re-twist or redirect the hair into a tight and uniform spiral.

This process is repeated every few weeks whenever new hairs are noticeable. This process involves dividing the hairs into different sections and twisting them in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. This is done to maintain the hairs and tighten their shape. Gels, oils, or waxes are used in this process to retwist the hair in a new direction. Some people retwist their hair every few weeks while others do it frequently.  Locs are so manageable and it saves your time to style your hair daily.

When you are done with re-twisting your hair, you might not think about other hairstyles. This process helps to keep your locks neat, well-defined, and tidy. It depends on the hair type and growth rate to decide whether you should re-twist your hair frequently or every few weeks. Retwisting helps tighten loose hair and promotes healthy hair growth. Re-twisting hair regularly may cause temporary benefits but can cause long-term damage to your hair.

When is Loc Re-twisting Necessary?

When is loc re twisting necessary

Loc re-twisting should not be done in everyone’s hair. There are some specific hair conditions when loc-twisting is required and can bring better outcomes.

When the new growth of the roots of the dreadlocks is seen, those need to be tightened for better maintenance of the hairs. The new growth of the roots is seen every 4-6 weeks. Loc re-twisting also becomes important when the locks get loosened and need to be tightened. Most significantly, loc re-twisting is done to make the hair manageable. As a result, your hair requires less maintenance and doesn’t require styling every day.

Why Shouldn’t You Re-twist the Dreadlocks?

Why shouldnt you re twist the dreadlocks

Re-twisting the locs can help you to organize your hair. It may make your hair more manageable and provide your hair with a pattern. But, re-twisting locs also has so many disadvantages. Some of the research suggests not to re-twist hairs and let them stay as they are.

If you re-twist the locs regularly, it may affect your hair and scalp. Your dreads may look okay but those get fragile and breaks easily because of re-twisting. When the hair follicles are damaged, your hair will be damaged and eventually fall out. Hair loss is the most common problem that happens with re-twisting your locs. The continuous stress on your follicle weakens the hair and you may face hair thinning over time.

You should not re-twist your loc as it can also cause scalp infections. Re-twisting your hair will reduce the moisture level of your hair roots and scalp. Protecting the moisture level of your hair and scalp is very important as it helps to reduce further damage to your hair. Dreadlocks are very important to prevent hair loss and hair thinning. The continuous pressure and stress will weaken the hair from its roots. So, there is the possibility that your hair into more trouble when re-twisting your dreadlocks. And this is why, you should not re-twist your hair.

12 Benefits of Not Retwisting Locs

Loc re-twisting requires using harsh chemicals that can damage your hair in the long run. So, if you don’t allow yourself to re-twist the locks, you are saving your hair from damage. Loc re-twisting has benefits along with some disadvantages. There are some benefits of not re-twisting loc. The benefits of not re-twisting loc are as follows-

Twelve benefits of not retwisting locs

1. Healthier Roots

Your hair roots will grow and breathe naturally when you do not re-twist the loc. Twisting your hair repeatedly can cause thinning, breakage, or bald spots. The constant tightening or pulling of the hairs damages the roots of the hair. So, when you do not re-twist your loc, the roots got the freedom and space to get healthy and strong.

2. Saves Time & Money

Re-twisting your locs is a labor-intensive process and it takes time to complete this process. It depends on the length and thickness of the hairs to decide how much time it will need to complete the process. When you don’t re-twist your hair, you save time, effort, and money.

3. Prevent Dryness

Retwisting your dreads exposes your scalp and causes dryness. When you retwist your hair, you don’t have hair to cover the area which ultimately causes dryness. So, the benefit of not re-twisting your loc is your hair gets stronger as your scalp remains moisturized. As you don’t retwist your hair, you prevent dryness of your hair and scalp as well.

4. Versatility

One of the most significant benefits of not re-twisting your hair is, you will get the scope to style your hair in different ways. You may style your hair differently without disrupting the shape of your locks. So, when you do not re-twist your hair, it allows you to look more natural, unique, beautiful, and versatile.

5. Saves Your Hair Roots from Constant strain

Re-twisting your locks keep your hair tightened and under constant strain which may cause hair damage and loss. The constant pulling and twisting of hairs may lead the hair to fall out and turn dry and grey. You may experience hair thinning or stress because of the continuous pulling of the hair. So, when you do not re-twist your loc, it saves you from constant strain.

6. You Don’t Have to Use gel or keep Locs dry

When you re-twist the loc of your hair, you require a lot of maintenance. As the locs get tightened, there is a possibility to get them loose. So, you need to follow different techniques to keep them twisted. Retwisting hair requires gel so that the hair doesn’t stick out. Also, you need to keep the locs dry. So, when you do not do re-twisting, you do not have to use gel or keep the locs dry to maintain them.

7. Increased Length

Re-twisting the locks will cause tension art the roots and allow your hair to break. When you do not re-twist your hair, it will get its freedom and pace. As a result, you’ll see an increase in hair length as they got healthier roots.

8. Gets You Thicker Hair

Retwisting the locs will result in hair thinning. When you retwist the locs very often, it causes root weakening and damage. As a result, it will also damage the scalp and hair follicles.  The benefits of not re-twisting loc are you can get thicker and strong hair.

9. Reduced Breakage

Another significant benefit of not re-twisting loc is, it reduces the breakage of hair. When you repeatedly twist your hair, it leads to breakage over time. When you do not re-twist your hair, it will allow your hair to grow naturally, promote strong and healthy hair and reduce the risk of breakage.

 10. Makes You Look Raw and Confident

Your natural locs and hair will make you self-confident. Having confidence in a raw look is the most significant thing about beauty. The self-acceptance you will have with your natural hair will make you raw and confident at the same time beautiful.

11. Easy to Moisturize the Hair Roots

As you re-twist your locks, it prevents the moisturizers from reaching the hair roots. This happens because the hair is twisted too tight and there is no space for the moisturizer to get into your scalp or hair roots. When you do not re-twist your locs, it remains untwisted in its base which helps the moisturizers to reach the scalp and hair roots.

 12. Mental Benefits

There are also some mental benefits of not re-twisting the locs. Re-twisting your locs may make you feel stressed as the locs are tightened. When you do not re-twist your locs, it gives you a sense of freedom. As a result, it will help you to self-care and self-love. So, this is one of the most significant benefits you can get from not re-twisting the locs.

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Results of Not Retwisting Your Locs

When you do not re-twist your locs, you may see some changes over time. Here, you may see what happens after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year.

1 Month

When you do not re-twist your locs for one month, you may experience your hair getting more voluminous and free-flowing.  As your hair expands and fills out, you may also see a natural look on your hair. Besides this, you may also notice a decrease in itching and scalp irritation. Within this time, your hair gets enough time to breathe and glow.

3 Months

When it is already 3 months, your hair will look more defined and textured. There will be a unique and beautiful pattern in your hair type and structure. The fizz and impurities from your hair will also be settled and make your locs more comfortable.

6 Months

You will experience significant changes within 6 months. Everything including texture, length, and locs will get changed. Another significant change you will see after 6 months is the length of the hair. As your hair gets the natural pace and freedom, it gets longer than before. You can experiment with new hairstyles with your long hair.

1 Year

One year is a very long time to see the changes of not re-twisting your locs. You will see changes in both the appearance and health of your hair. By this time, your hair will get thicker, longer, and more voluminous than ever. Your hair will get a natural look with your style and pattern. You must appreciate the benefits of not re-twisting your locs when you will see the incredible changes after a whole year.


1. Should I re-twist my locks every month?

In the early months of your hair-locking process, you should re-twist your hair once a month. Re-twisting every month will help to organize your hair in a specific pattern.

2. How can I make my locs grow faster?

By keeping your dreads healthy and dry, you can make your locs grow faster. Besides this, you may also use natural oils to make your locs grow faster.

3. Does hair grow faster with locs?

Compared to loose hair, locs are generally seen to grow faster. It is not true but it seems like your hairs are growing faster with locs.

4. Is Aloe Vera gel good for locs?

Aloe Vera gel contains moisture, minerals and so many healthy essentials. This can help your dreadlocks from drying out. Applying Aloe Vera gel to your dreadlocks will keep your scalp hydrated.

5. What are the benefits of wearing locs?

Locs are a protective and manageable hairstyle. Wearing locs can help you from breakage or drying out. The locs protect your hair from getting messy.

Final Thoughts

Re-twisting locs refers to the organization of locs in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. This process helps to tighten loose hair and makes them neat, tidy, and well-defined. Re-twisting the locs also has some disadvantages along with benefits. As a result, it is recommended by many to not re-twist your hair. Re-twisting locs is not recommended because it may damage your hair and make your hair fall out. The benefits of not re-twisting your hair include healthier roots, versatility, increased length, thicker hair, and so on. You may see the positive changes of not re-twisting your hair on your own after a specific period.

Key Points

  • Re-twisting locs is a maintenance technique to organize the hairs in a specific pattern and shape.
  • Loc re-twisting is required when your locs get loosened and they need to tighten to look neat and well-defined.
  • Re-twisting the dreadlocks will damage the hair follicles and reduce the moisture level of your scalp.
  • When you do not re-twist the locs, you will get healthier roots, versatile style, and thickened and lengthy hair and it will also reduce hair breakage.
  • When you do not re-twist your hair for a long, you can see incredible changes in the appearance and health of your hair.

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