Why Does My Hair Clump Together?

When the hair sticks together creating an uneven volume and texture, it is known as hair clumping. Let’s explore the reasons or factors why the hair clumps together.

Hair is an important part of our body. There are different types of hair including straight hair, curled hair, wavy hair, and so on. People are using different haircare products for making their hair healthier. Besides this, people are also dyeing their hair or taking different treatments that are bringing a transition in their hair. People became very conscious of their hair as it makes them different and presentable. As a result, they are using different products and taking varieties of hair treatments.

So, why does my hair clump together?  Hair clumping is very commonly found in people with all types of hair.  There are so many factors available behind hair clumping. Among these, one of the most significant factors is the natural hair type and texture.  Some people’s hairs are naturally more prone to clumping. The other factors responsible for hair clumping include chemical treatments, split ends, lack of moisture, product buildup, and so on.  Address the issues and follow the tips properly to prevent your hair from clumping together.

What is Hair Clumping?

What is hair clumping

Hair clumping means the state of hair when the hair sticks together instead of staying separate. The texture, and pattern of your hair are the important factors here. Hair clumping makes the hair look lifeless and greasy. Most of the people’s faces and hair clumping together. Even if you have straight hair it might cause the clumping issue as well and you’d be end up wondeirng why does my straight hair clump together?

When the hair sticks together in groups or clusters, it creates an uneven volume and texture on your hair that is hair clumping. So many factors including genetics to environmental factors are responsible here. Hair products can create buildup on the scalp which is the most common cause of hair clumping. Moreover, when your hair is hydrated, it is very common for you to experience hair clumping. Some hair types are more prone to clumping than others. For example- fine hair is more prone to clumping than thick hair.

Hairs That Are More Prone to Clumping

Some hairs are more prone to clumping than others. For example-people fine hair experience hair clumping more than other hair. This is because the strands of fine hairs are smaller and more delicate than the others. This makes it easier for the hair to clump together.

Especially, clumping is seen among people who have curly or wavy hair. Because curly or wavy hair is drier than straight hair. Hair clumping can be caused by a variety of factors including dehydration, hair types, product buildup, and so on. Among them, hair types are one of the most significant factors that cause hair clumping.

10 Reasons Why My Hair Clump Together

Well, hair clumps together is a common issue seen among people with all types of hair, especially curly or wavy hair. There are some significant reasons behind hair clumping.

Reasons why my hair clump together
  1. Damage or Split Ends: Hairs that have already been damaged have a rough texture that makes them clump together. So, you need to regularly trim and take care of your hair to prevent split ends and hair clumping.
  2. Natural Hair texture: People with curly or wavy hair have a different hair texture that tends to clump naturally. The texture or curl pattern of your hair forms clusters that lead to clumping.
  3. Hair Grown longer than Its limit: When your hair gets too longer than its limit, it causes hair clumping. This happens especially with people with curly hair.
  4. Chemical Treatments: Treatments like relaxers, perms, or hair dye can change the structure of your hair. As a result, your hair gets more prone to clumping. Treatments such as bleach or hair relaxers damage the hair and cause hair clumping.
  5. Lack of Moisture: Dry hairs are more prone to clump together. Dry hairs lack moisture and it requires oils for smoothness. When your hair gets dry, it becomes more prone to clumping and tangling.
  6. Hair Maintenance: You need to maintain your hair regularly by applying shampoo, conditioner, and oils.  Moreover, you need to take good care of it. If you don’t maintain your hair properly, your hair may start to clump together.
  7. Medical conditions: Some medical conditions such as eczema, scalp psoriasis, and fungal infections can affect the health of your hair and scalp. So, it will result in hair clumping together.
  8. Improper Hair Care Techniques: If you brush your hair aggressively or use the wrong brush. This can lead to hair clumping. So, use proper hair care techniques and tools to avoid hair clumping.
  9. Product Buildup: Hair care products like gels, creams, shampoos, and conditioners create buildup on your skin. The buildups make the hair clump together. The product buildups not only lead to clumping but rather it can also make hair loss.
  10. Dehydration: Dehydration is another major cause of hair clumping. When your hair gets dry, it makes your hair more prone to clumping. So, keeping your hair moisturized with conditioner or hair oil is important to avoid hair clumping.

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How to Stop Your Hair Clumping?

To know how to stop hair clumping together here’s the set of tips for you to follow:

  • Cut the excess hair: cut the hair from where your hair starts to clump. This may help you to stop clumping and make it easier for you to style your hair.
  • Try using detangling brush: after showering, detangle the areas of your brush with the best detangling brush.  This is an important step that helps to stop hair clumping. Start from the end of your hair when detangling.
  • Hair care routine: a good hair care routine is required in preventing hair clumping. Use the right products for your hair and avoid using excessive amounts of products. Otherwise, it can create product buildup and lead to hair clumping together.
  • Try braiding your hair before going to sleep: when you braid your hair in a specific pattern, your hair will be separated into segments and aligned in a shape. This is an effective method to avoid hair clumping.
  • Silk scarf: wrap your hair with a silk scarf to avoid hair clumping. The silk scarf will help you to keep your hair smooth and prevent it from getting tangled.
  • Apply a conditioner after the shower: applying a leave-in conditioner after the shower will help reduce the hair clumping of your hair.
  • Silk Pillowcase: A silk pillowcase is also an effective way to prevent hair clumping. It is a smooth material that detangles your hair and prevents it from clumping.
  • Hair Stylist: If you are facing continuous hair clumping, go to a hairstylist. She may help you to find the right products and maintain a hair care routine that will prevent your hair from clumping.


1. How do I keep my hair from clumping together?

Using lightweight hair products like gels and creams can keep your hair healthy. But, when you use heavier gels or creams, it will lead your hair to clump together.

2. Why does my hair clump together after shampooing?

It happens because of porosity. If you have high porosity hair, they will stick together and make it difficult for you to style your hair.

3. How often should I wash my hair?

Generally, you should wash your hair once or twice a week. But, if you have taken any chemical treatments such as perm, bleach, or relaxers, you can wash your hair less than once a week to avoid hair breakage or split ends.

Final Thoughts

Throughout this article your query about why does my hair stick together has been discussed in sequence. The hair sticks together in groups or clusters and it looks lifeless and greasy. It also creates an uneven texture and volume on your skin. Some hairs are more prone to clumping. For example- fine hairs are more prone to clumping than thicker hairs. The major reasons for which hair clumping is seen are damage or split ends, chemical treatments, lack of moisture, dehydration, improper hair care routine, and so on.  Following the tips and tricks may help you prevent or stop hair clumping.

Key Points

  • When your hair sticks together instead of laying separated, it is called hair clumping.
  • People do not like hair clumping because they make the hair lifeless and greasy.
  • The type of hair is one of the most significant factors behind hair clumping. Some hairs are more prone to clump. For example-fine hairs.
  • Some other significant reasons are damaged hair, chemical treatments, lack of moisture, product buildup, and so on.
  • You can stop your hair clumping by following the tips like cutting excess hair, using a detangling brush, and so on.

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