Can a White Person Use a Hair Relaxer?

can a white person use a hair relaxer
A hair relaxer is a hair cream that is used by people with curly or wavy hair but it is mostly used by black people.

Hair is a very important part of our body.  Hairs are of different types and it varies from person to person. This is a great indicator to differentiate one person from another. Some people may have straight hair while others have curly, wavy, or coily hair. At present, there are different products or treatments available to change your hair or color them. As a result, people are transforming their hair from curled to straight and vice-versa. A hair relaxer is a hair product that is used to loosen or break the natural curls and straighten your hair.

So, can a white person use a hair relaxer? Hair relaxers are designed to straighten or soften your hair. This has not any connection with race or skin color. Though most hair relaxers are marketed toward ethnic hair, people with white skin can also use hair relaxers. It depends on the need and requirements of the person along with which type of hair they desire for. Skin colors don’t matter when using a hair relaxer or using any other straightening lotion.  So, this is obvious that a white person can use a hair relaxer.

When to Use a Hair Relaxer?

When to use a hair relaxer

Hair relaxers are designed to straighten out the curly hair. People with extremely curly hair desire straight hair. As a result, they go for hair relaxers. Hair relaxers are used to loosen the natural curls or straighten curly hair. The chemicals used in this process help to break the curls and make the hairs look straight.

This is a lotion or cream that is used by people with curly hair. The lotion or cream contains ingredients that help to straighten your hair by relaxing the natural curls permanently. Some people have extremely curly hair and an electric straightener may not be enough for their hair. Chemical hair relaxers have a record of breaking the most stubborn curls too. The most common chemical used in hair relaxers is sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate, and sodium thioglycolate. The chemicals used in the hair relaxers break the disulfide bonds and bring the hairs to a straight pattern. Hair relaxers are not designed as race-specific or gender specific. The most common types of hair relaxers are.

  1. Lye relaxers: Sodium Hydroxide is the main ingredient of Lye relaxers. Sodium Hydroxide is very effective in straightening hair within a very short time. This relaxer is best to use in mild to rough hairs. These hair relaxers are best used in people with stubborn natural curls.
  2. No-Lye Relaxers: The main ingredients of Lye-free relaxers are Lithium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, and Guanidine hydroxide.  The No-lye relaxers are moldier than the Lye relaxers. Calcium hydroxide is one of the main ingredients of Dye-free relaxers. This is a good choice for people who face scalp irritation with Lye relaxers.
  3. Ammonium Thioglycolate Relaxers: Ammonium Thioglycolate Relaxers are not that much effective in straightening the hair. These relaxers are not that recommended as they are not strong enough to relax the tough or most stubborn hairs. This is recommended for people whose hair is not that much wavy or curly.

It depends on the condition of the hair to choose a relaxer that is best for you. If your hair has very stubborn natural curls, go for the Lye relaxers. But, if you have stubborn curls and scalp irritation, you should go for the No-Lye relaxers. And When you have a little wavy or curly hair, you can choose the Ammonium Thioglycolate Relaxers.

Can a White Person Use a Hair Relaxer?

Can a white person use a hair relaxer

Using a hair relaxer doesn’t require any specific race. People from any race can use a hair relaxer when needed. The hair relaxers are designed for everybody including white, black, or mixed colors of people. In most cases, hair relaxers are marketed toward ethnic hair. But, this doesn’t mean that it won’t work for white people. People from any race can choose their desired hair relaxers if needed.

White people can use hair relaxers in the same way the other ethnic groups do. People including Caucasian, African, or Asian hair or any other hair type can use the hair relaxers if required. Here, hair texture plays a very major role in selecting your hair relaxers. Your skin color or race is not that important if you have curly hair and you want to make them straight or manageable.  A hair relaxer is a lotion or cream-based product that is very suitable for straightening curly hair.

There are no hair relaxers designed for only Caucasian or Asian or African hair. The hair relaxers come in different strengths and none of these relaxers are designed for any specific race. Many people including black, white, or other races desire silky or sleek hair. Skin color doesn’t matter as hair relaxers are designed to soften the hair. The hair straightening lotion or hair relaxers can be used by any person who requires straight and smooth hair.

Side-Effects Of Hair Relaxers

Besides straightening the hair, hair relaxers may cause harm to your hair. Here are some side-effects of using the hair relaxers.

Side effects of hair relaxers
  1. Hair Breakage: Hair relaxers can gradually make your hair weak and brittle. You may face frequent hair breakage because of using relaxers. The harsh chemicals used in these products can make your ponytails thin and increase hair breakage than usual.
  2. Scalp damage: Relaxers can also cause severe hair damage and scalp irritation. If you have scalp conditions like psoriasis, eczema, or seborrheic dermatitis, you should avoid using a hair relaxer. Sometimes, people without these hair conditions also face itching, chemical burns, or scalp damage.
  3. Dryness: Chemical relaxers can absorb the natural oil or moisture from your hair. As a result, your hair will be dry and it will require more moisture. So, if your hair gets extremely dry, hair relaxers may be responsible for this.
  4. Follicle Inflammation: Hair relaxers can also cause inflammation in the hair follicles. If you find your hairs are thinning, that may be because of the follicle inflammation.
  5. Hair Loss: Using Lye relaxers can cause frequent hair loss. The relaxers cause damage to the scalp and your hair. As a result, you may face scalp irritation and permanent hair loss.
  6. Life-Threatening Conditions: Research shows that lye relaxers can negatively affect your overall health. Some hair relaxers may cause cancers, reproductive issues, mental issues, heart disease, and so on.
  7. Burning: The most common side-effect of hair relaxer is, it burns the scalp. Some may feel a burning sensation when the hair relaxers are applied to the hair. The burning sensation may come from the scalp, neck, or forehead.
  8. Unbalanced Scalp PH: Hair relaxers contain ingredients that may change the PH of your scalp. When the PH level gets unbalanced, it may cause irritation or itching to your skin and further will lead to hair loss.

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Benefits & Drawbacks of Hair Relaxers for White People

White people may use the hair relaxers like other people. But there are some benefits and drawbacks of using these relaxers for white people.


  • Hair relaxers are very easy to apply and it take approximately 15 minutes to apply in your hair. After applying relaxers, you can wash it with shampoo or conditioner.
  • Within a few minutes, you can get your permanent straight hair. Using a hair relaxer can be a good choice for people with curly hair who desire permanently straight hair in a very short time.
  • Hair relaxers can be the best way to get smooth and sleek hair. People with extremely natural curls can get their desired smooth, shiny, and sleek hair in this process.
  • Hair relaxers make your hair more manageable and help you to style your hair easily. After using hair relaxers, your hair will get softer and more susceptible to tangling. As a result, it will be easier for you to manage or style your hair.


  • The hair relaxers eliminate hair curling. That means you cannot reverse your hair unless you use straws, rollers, etc.
  • You must visit the saloon every six to eight weeks. Your hairs are not straight forever. Rather, there will be new hairs and those need to be relaxed and straightened. So, when new hair grows, you need to straighten those hairs too.
  • Hair relaxers affect the chemical makeup of your hair and further will weaken your hair. The risks may vary depending on the hair type of the individual.

Dos and Don’ts of Hair Relaxers for White People

There are some dos and don’ts of using hair relaxers for white people. They must follow these precautions to get their desired hair.


  • Go to an experienced hairstylist for applying hair relaxers to your hair. There might be some risks in using hair relaxers by yourself at home. For avoiding complications or risks associated with it, go to an expert for your hair straightening treatment.
  • Use petroleum jelly around your hairline so that the relaxers do not get into the skin outside your hair. It will prevent your eyes and skin to get in touch with the solution and cause irritation.


  • Don’t go for a hair relaxer if your hair is bleached or colored with henna. This may cause damage to your hair and may lead to split ends, and hair breakage, brittleness.
  • Avoid brushing or scratching your hair before using a hair relaxer. This may cause irritation or itching on your hair scalp. If you brush before using a relaxer, it may also form tiny micro-abrasions on the scalp.


1. Can relaxed hair go back to natural?

Yes, relaxed hair can go back to natural it has been chemically treated. Your natural hair will eventually grow after you use a relaxer. The newborn hairs will come out in a completely natural process.

2. How long does relaxed hair last?

Your relaxed hair may last for 6 to 12 weeks that depends on your hair growth and personal preferences. Some people’s hair growth is too fast and relaxed hair doesn’t last too long for them.

3. Is relaxed hair healthier?

Any chemical treatment used in your hair may never bring you healthy hair. Likewise, the chemicals used in the hair relaxers won’t make your hair healthier.

4. How can I soften my hair without a relaxer?

You may follow some natural ways like oil treatments for softening your hair. Oils like coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, and some others can be used to soften your hair without a relaxer.

5. Can I relax my hair a day after washing it?

You should not wash your hair with shampoo or conditioner for at least one week before applying the hair relaxers. This may cause damage to your hair.

Final Thoughts

Hair relaxers are designed to loosen natural curls or straighten curly hairs. An electric straightener may not be enough for treating extremely curly hair or stubborn hair. In those cases, the hair relaxers are used to straighten the hair. There are so many types of hair relaxers available and people can choose according to their hair type and desire to get their hair. Like any other group of people, white people can also use a hair relaxer if they want to straighten their hair. Hair relaxers are designed to smooth or soften your hair. So, race is not important for getting a hair relaxer and making your hair straighten.

Key Points

  • Hair relaxers are used to break the curls and make the hair straight and smooth.
  • This will bring an effective result for people with extremely curly or stubborn hair.
  • People from any race can use hair relaxers as they are not designed specifically for some groups of people.
  • White people can surely use hair relaxers if they have curly hair or if they want their hair to get straightened.
  • There are both benefits and drawbacks of hair relaxers. So, white people should be conscious of the pros and cons before going for this treatment.

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