Chinese New Year Hairstyles : Discover the Trendiest Hairstyles

Chinese New Year Hairstyles
Looking for a fresh and festive way to ring in the Chinese New Year? Check out these 10 beautiful Chinese New Year hairstyles!

Well, the lunar new year is one of the most important days in Chinese calendars, and this year it’ll be on January 22nd. The Chinese New Year is often referred to as the “spring festival” as spring is on the horizon. With the Chinese New Year come different festivities; most people will just dress up and stroll around the neighborhood. The streets are all decked out, and so are the people. The day will mark the end of the winter and traditionally will be held on the 15th day of the year.

They are held according to the new moon, and thus these are also called Lunar New Year. Chinese New Year was all about sound and red clothes. And that was something from the myths of the beast Nian. But most often, the Chinese New Year is somewhat associated with fashion; for us, it is high fashion. Many cultural references have been associated with this day over the years, and there have also been different myths and dos and don’ts. In this article, we are all about hairstyles during the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is widely celebrated in Asia, and several festivals are held that day. From fairs to spring festivals to games, there might be nothing that is not present. And it’s also a perfect way to meet new people. And for most girls, the Chinese New Year is a very big dilemma as they have no idea what to do with their hair. And FYI, you cannot wash your hair for the lunar new year, and this is one of the superstitions for the day.

But still, there were several hairstyles to do during the day. In this article, we are all about modern and easy Chinese New Year hairstyles. Every year, almost two billion people across countries will come and celebrate the Lunar New Year. Not only the Asian communities in the world but also the communities who live in different parts of the world are very much into the lunar year. And all of them will gather and celebrate good fortune and prosperity for the coming year.

And for the honor of the new year, you might want to jazz up your hairstyle and get some things done. But for that, there is no need to go to a salon; just do it at home. The Chinese New Year celebrations are mostly held for the whole week; there is no need to panic; we have you covered. Here we’ll include some of the easiest hairstyles you can crack in a sitting.

What are the hair superstitions for the Chinese New Year?

Well, the most common superstitions for hair in Chinese New Year are that you cannot wash your hair and cannot get a haircut. In Mandarin, the word “hair” (fa) has the same pronunciation as “faces,” which means “to become wealthy.” So it is believed that if you cut or wash your hair in the first year, you are washing away the good fortune. So this is not something you should do on the very first day of the new year. The new year is all about prosperity and good fortune, and washing your hair will not let that happen.

And for the haircuts, it is believed that cutting your hair in the lunar new year will bring misfortune to your uncles. So most people will get their hair cut before the new year starts.

Chinese New Year hairstyles 2023

Now that we have established that you cannot cut your hair or even wash your hair on the Lunar New Year,  the best way to present yourself will be by toning your hair properly. Here we are including some of the hairstyles for the Chinese New Year.

  1. Half updo
  2. Sleek pony
  3. Tousled top knot
  4. Sleek back
  5. Low bun
  6. Classic braid
  1. Double buns
  2. Middle-parting low pony
  3. Classic Chignon
  4. Side braid
  5. Braided bun
  6. Bubble ponytail

1. Half updo 

Half updo

Well, this is the easiest hairstyle to follow, and you will only need a rubber band. You can even add some accessories to your hair to enhance the look. First, take up all of the hair from the front and do a ponytail on the back. Let some hair down on the front to frame the face. And then, add your hair accessories to the back of the pony. These hairstyles will suit everyone, from long hair to short, and are one of the easiest to do.

2. Sleek pony 

Sleek pony

The previous one had the right to be a bit messy, but for the next hairstyle, you can just go for the very easy one. Take up all of the hair and do a ponytail. But to add more flair to the look, you can start with the flat iron. Straighten all of the hair and make a sleek pony. You can add gel or oil to the hair to make sure it does not move.

3. Tousled top knot

Tousled top knot

These are one of my favorite hairstyles, as they are the easiest to do. When you don’t have time, and you have to rush, then these will be the perfect go-to. This is a modified version of the half-updo. First, gather 1/3 of your front hair pieces and make a messy bun on top of your head. Let some of the hair pieces fall around the hair and face, and you’re done. For more appetite, you can even curl the ends of the hair.

4. Sleek back 

Sleek back

When you haven’t washed your hair but still want the hair to be open, this is the perfect hairstyle. The most important thing with this hairstyle is the gel on the hair. You can start by back-combing the hair and then just put some gel on the hair. We recommend the hard gel. And keep it to the 2/3 part of the hair, or the whole look will feel a bit messy. A sleek red lip will be perfect with such hairstyles.

5. Low bun 

Low bun

Well, this is not something new, and this is the most common hairstyle with a red lip. Part your hair in the middle and take all of the hair into a ponytail. Then wrap the hair around the pony and make sure to use another tie over the bun. When using hair ties, make sure to use ones the same color as your hair. And lastly, add some accessories to the bun, or just keep it chic and simple. These are truly classic Chinese New Year hairstyles.

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6. Classic braid 

Classic braid

If you are contemplating wearing dangly earrings or even a heavy neckpiece, keeping the hair in a closed form will be better. And what is better than a classic bun? Start by taking all the hair behind you and tying it in a high ponytail. Brush all of the hairs from the back and tidy them up with a hair brush. And for the next part, start braiding your hair like you normally would, going all the way to the ends. Now secure the braid with an elastic band. This hairstyle is perfect for those with long hair.

7. Double buns 

Double buns

Well, this sort of bun is nothing new for Chinese New Year’s hairstyles, and almost every teenager has done it. But you can really bring forth the hairstyle by putting accessories on top of the buns. Start by parting your hair in the middle, and then do french braids on each side of the buns. And do your low buns behind and below each ear. You can use a red ribbon in the buns or just use red clips. Either way, this will be a very sleek and classic hairstyle. Oh, and let some of the hair down in the front frame of the face.

8. Middle-parting low pony

Middle parting low pony

And for the next hairstyle, we love the low pony. These will be perfect when you want to highlight the accessories in your hair. First, start by parting your hair in the middle, and then take all of the hair and tie it in a low ponytail. And for this hairstyle, you can also start by straightening your hair, and this will make the hair sleeker. Use a rubber band color close to your natural color and tie them properly. Use any of the accessories you want on the front or back. This will look good with any traditional outfit.

9. Classic Chignon 

Classic chignon

Nothing screams more loudly than a classic chignon in the new year. You might want to dye your hair with the stylist’s help or just use a chignon bun for the hair. You can do several versions of the simple hair bun, but we believe in keeping it classic. Do a side part on the hair first, and then do a small low ponytail on the back. Now use the chignon bun to tidy up the hair. You can wear pearl or stone accessories with this sort of bun, and they are the definition of classic.

10. Side braid 

Side braid

These hairstyles are perfect for those with medium- to long-length hair, and you don’t have to worry about making it perfect here. Rather, the imperfect braids will look chic. Start with a side part in the hair and do a side braid by taking all of the hair to one side. Do a messy braid and let the hair fall from the chic parts. These will go perfectly well with a casual outfit for the Chinese New Year’s hairstyles.

11. Braided bun 

Braided bun

And for the next part, we have the braided buns; these are very easy to do, and the messiest part of the buns is more appreciated. Side part your hair and do a french braid on one part of the hair. And then secure the braid with a hair clip or Bobby pin. And then, take all of the hair and do a low bun. You can braid the hair for the bun and then do a low bun. Add some hair accessories to the buns to make them chic.

12. Bubble ponytail 

Bubble ponytail

With this sort of hairstyle, they are very easy to do, but they are a bit time-consuming. The bubble braids have been all over the place this year. To do the braids, take up all of the hair, fluff up the hair on the front, and tie them up in a ponytail. And for the next part, instead of braiding the hair, keep adding rubber bands to the hair until the end of the braid. And lastly, fluff up the middle pieces in between the rubber bands. This will give more of a bubble look in between the braids.


1. What are easy Chinese hairstyles?

Low chignon buns and double buns are the most classic and easy Chinese hairstyles.

2. What are the traditional Chinese hairstyles?

Here are some of the traditional Chinese hairstyles:
1. Braided buns 
2. Stitch ponytail  
3. Baby buns on the front
4. Mid-parting chignon buns
5. High bun 
6. Buddha bun 
7. Cobra bun 
8. Hammer bun 
9. Bubbled side pony
10. two braids, etc.

Final Thoughts

Chinese New Year is all about vibrant clothes and red looks. For the hair, you can keep it simple or just add some accessories that will bring light to the face. A red hat or other artificial head accessories should work just fine. But make sure that the hair is all tidied up, so you don’t end up looking like a mess. Even though it is January and Winter, you can still tidy up your head to ensure you don’t get sweaty from drinking and walking. Classic hairstyles can be kept for the last day, but for the other days, take a different approach and try new things for the Chinese New Year.

Key Points

  1. Every year, about two billion people from various nations gather to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Not only Asian communities across the world but also groups from all over the world are very much into the lunar year. The most popular superstitions regarding hair in Chinese New Year are that you cannot wash your hair or have a haircut.
  2. Make a ponytail with all of your hair. To add extra flare to the style, begin with the flat iron. Alternatively, collect a third of your front hair pieces and create a sloppy bun on top of your head. Allow some hair pieces to fall around the hair and face, and you’re finished.
  3. Part your hair in the center and pull it all up into a ponytail. Wrap the hair all around the pony and place another knot over the bun. Or make a side part with your hair and then a little low ponytail in the back. Use the chignon bun to neaten up your hair.

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