Can White Girls Get Box Braids?

Can white girls get box braids

People from all over the world get different hairstyles. Recent hairstyle trends have witnessed a powerful wave of change, embracing diversity and breaking away from traditional norms. One such hairstyle that has gained both admiration and controversy is the box braids which originate from African and African-American culture. Once considered a cultural symbol, box braids have now gone beyond boundaries and found their way into the mainstream, captivating the hearts of individuals from all walks of life.

Among the many questions sparked by this evolving trend is the debate regarding wearing box braids. So, the question comes: Can White Girls Get Box Braids? While some argue that cultural appropriation is a genuine concern, others view it as a chance to celebrate and unite diverse communities through shared experiences and fashion choices. Let’s explore all the answers related to White girls getting box braids from this article!

Box Braids Explained

Box braids explained
Box braids explained

Box braids are a popular hairstyle where the hair is divided into small, square-shaped sections and then braided. These braids can be created with synthetic or natural hair extensions, depending on the desired length and thickness. Box braids are known for their versatility, as they can be styled in various ways and often last for several weeks with proper care. The hairstyle has roots in African culture and has become a prominent fashion statement worldwide, celebrated for its protective and low-maintenance qualities.

Box braids have a rich history and culture which everyone should be respectful of. During slavery, only blacks got box braids carrying certain messages or language. While at present, it is not confined to blacks only. People of any culture can get box braids. The length or type of their hair doesn’t matter much. But for any medical condition of your scalp or extremely fragile hair scalp, it is better not to get box braids.

Can White Girls Get Box Braids?

Can white girls get box braids
Can white girls get box braids

There are some complex views regarding this hairstyle. Box braids is popular among various ethnic groups. Also, many cultures co-exist in America. In general, the box braids hairstyle is perfect for any White girl with appropriate hair length and texture. White women can benefit from Black hairstyles in both a financial and non-financial sense while protecting themselves from the negative effects and biases associated with them. From this point of view, White girls can get box braids hairstyle. If the White girls get box braids with proper respect to the African culture and gain enough knowledge about the history of box braids, it would be all right. While people of other cultures may get offended when they see their hairstyles being used by people of different cultures as a trend. So, some opinions suggest that it is culturally inappropriate for White girls to get box braids.

Preparing to Get Box Braids as a White Girls

Box braids can make you feel uncomfortable while doing your daily activities. Also, it is very difficult to handle the box braids in the morning. Following are the preconditions for White girls to get box braids.

  1. Plan the Schedule for Installation: The installation period of box braids is a minimum of 8 hours. So, plan the schedule for the day accordingly.
  2. Plan the Hair Care Routine: Plan the hair care routine and select the preferred color of box braids.
  3. Fix Baby Hair with Gel: Fix the baby hair with the help of gel or redo braids as those hairs ruin the neat and clean hair look.

10 Amazing Box Braids Hairstyles for White Girls

Box braid is not only a single hairstyle, it has variations. Let’s look at the 10 amazing Box braids hairstyles for White girls!

1. Blonde Braids

Since blonde hair has always been linked with white girls, it is natural to believe that those with naturally blonde hair will choose blonde box braids. The blonde braided look is common among many white girls when they first try box braids. Choose pre-stretched braiding hair in the ideal blonde tone for a natural result. Blonde braids are a good choice if you prefer to keep your hair open. To make the combination more eye catchy, try out this look if you have dark hair.

Blonde braids
Blonde braids

2. Blonde Bun

As box braids already have excellent volume, a hairstyle that incorporates braids into a bun is always admired. As a result, when the bun is completed, it appears considerably fuller than our normal buns made with our natural hair. Making a lovely top bun with your hair after getting box braids is one of the simplest hairstyles. When you’re doing something and don’t want your hair to get in the way, you can avoid hassles by doing this. The bun helps to manage hairstyle throughout the day and appear lovely.

Blonde bun
Blonde bun

3. Half Up Top Bun

This look complements white girls with short box braids equally well for formal and casual settings. It doesn’t take much, and the outcome will undoubtedly surprise you. For a traditional half-up hairstyle, we always favor the top bun because it simultaneously looks cute and stylish. It’s very easy to create a half-up top bun with box braids. Simply divide your braids into two halves, and then create a basic bun using the strands in the upper section. The rest of the braids in the lower area will flow smoothly while this bun sits nicely on top.

Half up top bun
Half up top bun

4. Bob Box Braids

Bob box braids is the perfect choice if you prefer a simple yet fabulous hairstyle. White girls get this hairstyle to gently flow above the shoulders which is also very minimalistic. The bob box braids can nicely shape your face. it is very easy to create and thus you can easily go out with this hairstyle.

Bob box braids
Bob box braids

5. Side Shaved Pink

Side shaved pink is a popular hairstyle of bold colors. It was exclusively for men but women too try this at present for channeling inner energy with the help of hair. This fashionable side shaved look is for you if you enjoy using bright, strong colors to enhance your hair. So, if you want to try a stylish and exciting hairstyle, go for a side-shaved pink with lovely box braids in the middle.

Side shaved pink
Side shaved pink

6. Three Color Ombré

This hairstyle is a combination of 3 hair colors in a single hairstyle. If you’re considering a box braided hairstyle and enjoy playing with color, go for a three-color ombré. A three-color ombré often consists of black, brown, and blonde. While black, purple, and white turn out to be a fascinating color combination for the fun-loving girls out there. Just choose the appropriate braiding hair of the perfect shade to get a three-color ombré box braid look. So, this would be a perfect hairstyle to attract attention, so give it a try!

Three color ombré
Three color ombré

7. Casual Double Buns

Casual double buns are like the half-up top bun which is both casual and tricky. The hairstyle is quite simple, it just needs two hair ties, and you can complete it within a few minutes. It will give you a cooler appearance. Regular dark base colors are fine but the use of colorful hair ties adds fun to the hairstyle. Many White girls have used this hairstyle occasionally. So, you can add a hint of colors like pink, purple, or colors like that for your box braids.

Casual double buns
Casual double buns

8. Blonde Ponytail

Box braids is a versatile hairstyle, so it is possible to make a ponytail very easily which can rock on any kind of occasion. A blonde ponytail is an excellent hairstyle option since ponytails are an everyday hairstyle. It is one of the easiest ways to style the box braids and transform those into a beautiful ponytail. Doing it the first time may leave you with difficulties which will gradually turn out to be comfortable. As a result, you will get a large and voluminous blonde ponytail.

Blonde ponytail
Blonde ponytail

9. Ginger Braids

If you have red hair, you can style it in many excellent styles. While there are options if you don’t have natural red hair too. For that, select a pre-stretched braiding hair with ginger shade. Then you will get red hair within a few hours. So, with the help of ginger braids which is similar to regular box braids with red hair, you can rock the style perfectly.

Ginger braids
Ginger braids

10. Low Bun

Top buns are very popular and common with box braids for its elegant and voluminous look. While the White girls can try out sleek low buns on their natural hair with a little effort which turns out to give you a gorgeous look. It leaves you with a bold and lovely hair look. Also, this hairstyle is perfect for any formal or casual occasion. So, if you haven’t still tried it out, give it a try!

Low bun
Low bun

Positive Sides of Box Braids for White Girls

As it is possible to get braids for White girls, there are some positive sides to getting the hairstyle.

  1. Is Low Maintenance: The hairstyle is low maintenance. Very limited accessories are needed for taking care of the braids. A silk or satin bonnet is necessary to cover up the box braids during the night. You also need to wash those if you see any buildup has accumulated at your roots.
  2. Is Versatile: The hairstyle is one of the most versatile and protective hairstyles. You can try several hairstyles with the box braids. For example, an updo, low bun, high ponytail, or any other style.
  3. Gives A Break: Frequent washing and styling may cause damage to your hair and you may become tired. Box braids offer your hair a break. If you get this hairstyle, you will have no worries about what to do with your hair everyday.
  4. Gives Protection: Braided hairs get protection from the sun, wind, and other harmful elements. If you want to access to your hair, it won’t be possible without taking down the braids which makes less styling and less breakage. For damaged hair, the possibility to damage more will decrease because of having box braids. So, box braids give protection to your hair from manipulation and the outside elements.

Cultural and Damaging Factors For Why White Girls Cannot Get Box Braids

While White girls can get box braids, other opinions say that they cannot get the particular hairstyle. A lot of factors determine why White girls cannot get box braids. 2 types of factors, such as cultural and damaging factors can contribute to White girls not getting box braids.

Cultural Factors

The cultural factors due to which White girls cannot get box braids are explained.

  1. Merely a Hairstyle of Personal Choice: Box braids reflect African culture. But White girls consider box braids as a hairstyle of personal choice only. For them, it is a hairstyle which you can easily wash away or remove.
  2. Endurance of A Lot of Trauma: After freedom, many Black people stopped to get box braids out of shame and mourning. They have endured a lot of trauma by breaking ties with their cultural symbol. Black women have passed a traumatic history of trying to destroy and erase their personal and cultural identity connected to their natural hair since they are not given this privilege.
  3. Not Complementing One’s Aesthetic: There is nothing wrong to wear Black hairstyles when they complement one’s aesthetic and also have the option to forego the stigma attached to them when that aesthetic is not regarded as acceptable.
  4. Trivialize the Identity and Culture of Blacks: The hairstyle trivializes the identity, culture as well as symbology of Black people. It can also play an additional role in the history of colonization where Whites would take away from Blacks without credit or asking for permission.

Damaging Factors

The damaging factors due to which White girls cannot get box braids are explained.

  1. Naturally Finer Hair: If you have naturally fine hair, there is no need to get box braids on it. Because fine hair is thinner than typical, it breaks easily. To make sure that you have fine hair, take a hair strand and then rub it between your thumb and index finger. You have fine hair if you can’t feel a hair strand between your fingertips.
  2. Dyed or Bleached Hair: If you have dyed or bleached your hair, there is also no need to get box braids. Virgin hair is more resilient than color-treated or bleached hair since the chemicals used to change your hair’s color also cause harm to the hair shaft. Once chemical damage has been done to your hair, it becomes fragile and more likely to break.
  3. Excessive Hair Fall: If you have excessive hair fall, it is better not to get box braids. Because during that stage, trying out braid hairstyles could make the problem worse.


1. Do box braids work on Caucasian hair?

Yes. Box braids don’t cause damage to Caucasian hair. The precondition is that the hair parting should hold the number of hair extensions added. An addition of 8 to 10 packs of extension hair to the natural hair will take extra time for getting used to it.

2. Do box braids look good on everyone?

Yes. Anyone who wants a simple and low-maintenance hairstyle should try box braids. Anyone with enough long hair who wants box braids will be able to create this hairstyle whatever his or her hair texture. As it will need time, you have to be prepared to put several hours into it.

3. How long do box braids last?

Box braids are semi-permanent. The hairstyle last somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks. 6 weeks should be the maximum time you keep your box braids on hair and 2 months should be the absolute maximum time to keep your braids on hair.

4. Do braids help your hair grow?

No. Braids don’t help your hair to grow. It is because hair growth is influenced by factors like genetics. On the other hand, lifestyle-oriented factors like diet and levels of stress may result in the thinning and breakage of hair. So, no hairstyle can act as a factor to promote hair growth.

5. What are the disadvantages of braids?

Too much twisting of the hair strands will weaken your follicles and make the tresses more likely to break off. Another related factor is that if you have very large or long braids, they may weigh you down and eventually hurt you if you can’t tolerate the size.

Final Thoughts

Box braids hairstyles have deep roots in African culture, while today it is not confined to blacks only. White girls can also get this hairstyle. White girls with long hair are more commonly seen with this hairstyle. They can try out the 10 amazing box braid hairstyles like blonde braids, blonde bun, half up top bun, etc. It is an ideal hairstyle for those who want to have an adventurous hairstyle journey making it bold and interesting at the same time. Some opinion also reflects box braids negatively. 2 types of factors cultural and damaging factors determine why White girls cannot get box braids.

Since box braids is a hairstyle with a strong cultural or historical connection to black people, White girls can get it by paying proper respect to the African culture and gaining enough knowledge about the history of box braids as well. They can rock this style anytime anywhere!

Key Points

  • Box braids are a popular hairstyle where the hair is divided into small, square-shaped sections and then braided. It has its roots in African culture and has become a prominent fashion statement worldwide, celebrated for its protective and low-maintenance qualities.
  • Black people may get offended when they see their hairstyles being used by White people as a trend. But, in general, the box braids hairstyle is perfect for anyone with appropriate hair length and texture, so from that point of view, White girls can get box braids.
  • Box braid hairstyle is low maintenance, versatile, and gives a break to hair and protection from environmental factors as well.
  • The blonde braided look is common among many white girls when they first try box braids. As blonde hair has a connection with white girls, people with naturally blonde hair will choose blonde box braids.
  • Some of the cultural factors due to which White girls cannot get box braids are that it is merely a hairstyle of personal choice, endures a lot of trauma, doesn’t complement one’s aesthetic, and trivialize the identity and culture of blacks, etc.
  • Some of the damaging factors due to which White girls cannot get box braids are having naturally finer hair, dyed or bleached hair, or excessive hair fall, etc.
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