Can You Paint Over Press On Nails?

Can you paint over press on nails
Like natural nails, press-on nails can be painted over, but the difference is painting on natural nails have a risk of damage, while paint-over press-on nails won’t.

Nails are common body parts that everyone has. Do you know these nails can simulate your beauty and confidence? Yes, it can. Healthy nails are the dream of every girl. They love to paint their healthy nails over and over again to look more confident and attractive. The color of the paint attracts everyone’s attention. But painting over and over your natural nails has the risk of damaging them. So, you can choose artificial nails for yourself.

Among all artificial nails, press-on nails are very trendy now. This category primarily includes acrylic nails that are ready to use. You just have to glue the nails to the top layer of your natural nails. It can help you make a strong layer on your nail that protects your natural nail. Where some of them are already painted while others are not. Sometimes it happens like this: you don’t like the print of your nails. Then how can you get your favorite paint for your pressed nails? This is a common thing that people usually do. So let’s explore all things press on a nail and if you can paint over it or not!

Can You Paint Over Press on Nails?

Can you paint over press on nails

I already told you that press-on nails are one type of acrylic nail that we just have to attach by applying pressure to the top of our nails. And acrylic nails are one of the most popular types of nail art. But not every press-on nail paint is what we wanted or searched for. And also, it’s so hard to get the type of painted nails we expected. There is a chance of getting your expected nails only by painting or customizing your nail art. But can you do that, which is a common wonder?

And the answer is yes, you can. Not only that, but you can also reuse your press-on nails. Press-on nails are also easy to remove from natural nails. You can cling your press-on nails to your natural nails in many ways, like with nail tape, nail glue, sticky tabs, and acrylic powder. These help your press-on nails stay longer. After clinging them to your nails, you can now start painting. If you are uncomfortable with this, take a toothpick and some adhesive. Now put the toothpick into the adhesive and cling the nails to the adhesive. In this way, you can also paint your press-on nails.

The Procedure of Painting Over Press on Nails

You can paint your nails in two ways. One is painting before application, and the other is polishing after application. I will tell you these two painting procedures to give you a happy painting experience.

Painting Before Application

Painting before application
  • Choose the perfect size for your nails: It’s a mandatory option that you have to follow if you want attractively painted nails for yourself. Because if you don’t choose the right one, it won’t fit on your nail perfectly, and you will also face many difficulties. If you’ve already found your perfect size, then keep it for painting; don’t mix it up. If you are trying to buy a full pack of nails, then it will also be good for you. Many of the press-on nails can be found on a size chart. If you find one, remember your nail size; it will help you save time.
  • Attach Your Nail With a Cotton Swab: Now it’s time to attach your collecting nails to the cotton swab with the help of a strip of tape or with an adhesive tack. Now give it some time to attach. If you do not have a cotton swab, you can also use a toothpick instead. You just have to press your toothpick into the adhesive.
  • Now Paint: If your nail is already attached to the stick, then you can start painting your nails with the color you choose. To prevent clumping and apply the polish evenly, you just have to start painting from the side first, then back to the front. You can customize and paint your nails as you want.
  • Give It a Rest to Dry: Once you have completed your painting on your press-on nails, now you just have to gently place your nails in a safe place on a smooth surface to dry. Now, for a while, let them dry. If you want to make it more attractive, then you can use some interesting designs and some fun on your nails. To make the painting harder, let them stay in the cold water.
  • Apply a Second Coat: It’s unnecessary, but if you want bold color, you can coat your nails again with nail polish. After 2 minutes, when it is totally dry, you can apply nail polish because it can be damaged if it isn’t totally dry. Now, as before, just keep it on a flat surface.
  • Apply a Top Coat: Once your painting on press-on nails is dry, you can apply a top coat to it. The top coat will help you to seal the design you create on your nails and also make an extra protection layer on your nails from problems like fading, scratching, and chipping. Also, make your nail polish last a long time.

Painting After Application

painting after application
  • Prepare: Before starting painting, you have to prepare your nails and other nail painting products. The first thing you should have to do is choose the perfect fit for your nails. Then you have to choose the color of nail polish you need for painting, the base and top coats, and products that will help you cling your press-on nails to your natural nails. Now the last thing is to polish your nails and clean them with some alcohol wipes to create a smooth surface on your nails.
  • Attach press-on Nails: It’s time to attach your press-on nails on top of your natural nails. You can use many methods, like nail tape, nail glue, sticky tabs, and acrylic powder. After attaching your press-on and natural nails, you now have to hold them together for some time to develop their connection. 10 seconds are enough to seal them together. Now polish the press-on nails to give them a proper shape.
  • Paint Your Nails: After completing the attachment, you should have to start painting your nails. Paint them as you wish. You can add more colors and glitter to your nail painting because it will give them an attractive and unique look. Remember one thing: you have to make your first layer as thin as you can.
  • If you want a deep, gorgeous color, then you can apply it again, but first, you have to wait to get them dry. After that, you can apply the second coat if you want.
  • Let Them Dry: While the painting process is complete, you have to keep your nails safe until they are dry. To give this process a quick result, you can use ice-cold water. By keeping your nails in the icy cold water, you can make your nail polish harden quickly.
  • Give It a Top Coat: To give your nail painting a long life, you can use top-coated polish on your nails. It will help make your painted nails glossy and give them a long-lasting effect.

These two procedures will take a total of 24 hours to cure.

Top 6 Benefits of Painting Over Press On Nails

There are several benefits to painting over-pressed nails. In this part, I will talk about the top 6 benefits of painting press-on nails.

  1. Customization: Press-on nails come in a limited range of colors and designs. So, it’s really hard to find your favorite one. By painting over them, you can choose the perfect colors and designs for your nails. You can match them with your regular fashion. Its first benefit is that you can personalize and customize your painting on your stick-on nails.
  2. Cost-effective: When you are painting your own nails or customizing them, it becomes cost-effective. Because if you get them in a salon, it will cost so much. So, by using press-on nails, you can generally get the polished look of salon nail art at home without spending a lot of money.
  3. Easy to Apply: Press-on nails are so easy to apply to your nails. You can paint these nails before and after applying them. To get paint on press-on nails, you don’t need any special skills or tools. So, it is a practical choice for those who are still beginners in nail art.
  4. Reusable and Temporary: As we all know, these fake nails are not permanent. You can easily remove them from your nails at any time. And also try another one or repaint the existing one by changing the color. So press-on nails offer you versatility and flexibility to change your nails look whenever you need.
  5. Fast and Convenient: If we think about traditional nail polish application, then we can compare that instead of traditional, press-on is quite fast and convenient to apply. It won’t take the same drying time as nail polish on natural nails because this is made with a non-porous material. It can save you time and effort when you need an emergency nail makeover.
  6. Protect Your Natural Nails: Painting over press-on nails allows you to make a strong layer on your natural nails to protect them from harm. Because the chemicals in nail polishes can harm your sensitive nail skin areas by staining, dehydrating, and weakening them. Press-on nails help protect your nails.

Remember that if you don’t take good care of your painted nails, they can fade quickly. So, to keep your press-on nails long-lasting, take proper care of your nails. With the right care, your painted press-on nails can be a lovely and transient way to get attractive and personalized nails.

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Tips to Protect Painting over Press on Nails

You are putting a lot of pressure on yourself to give your nails an attractive look by painting over press-on nails. After putting this much pressure on them, it must be obvious that no one wants to get disgusting-looking nails on them. So, to keep your nails as attractive as they are after painting, you have to keep them protected. To protect your painting over press-on nails, you have to follow some tips, and the tips are:

Tips to protect painting over press on nails
  • Apply a base coat: Before painting, you can use a base coat that helps to create a smooth surface on your nails and gives you a smooth and attractive look.
  • Use a high-quality nail polish: Always choose a high-quality nail polish to use on your nails. In this way, you can get high pigmentation and durability.
  • Layer with thin coats: Rather than getting thick coats, always try to apply thin coats. Thinner coats will dry more quickly and are less likely to smudge or peel. Give it proper time to dry: After applying coats and painting, you have to wait a bit for it to dry. But if you want to give it the proper time to dry, then give it 24 hours. It will be safer to protect your nail art from any kind of damage.
  • Avoid excessive water exposure: Press-on nails are generally water-resistant, while paintings are not. It means that excessive water exposure can damage, weaken, or peel the paint. To protect your press-on nails or their painting longevity, avoid water as much as you can, and if possible, wear gloves while using water.
  • Be gentle with your hands: To protect your pressed-on nails, always be gentle with your nails. It will protect your nails and their paint from unusual damage. Instead of using nails, you can also take help from tools; this will also help you with problems like scratching, fading, or peeling.

If you can properly maintain all these tips, then your press-on nails are going to look gorgeous, and they will also last a very long time, which you were not expecting.


1. Is it acceptable to paint over previous nails?

Yes. You can. You just have to remove nail polish with nail polish remover and then start painting because previous paintings can make your polish look different from the color that you are using.

2. Is using soap harmful for my press-on nails? 

Using soap and water has the risk of harming your press-on nails. So, avoid using soap as much as you can if you want to keep your nails painted for a long time.

3. How do I remove my press-on nails?

To remove your press-on nails, you can use warm water. Keeping your press-on nails under warm water can help you remove them. This is known as the quick way to remove fake nails. And you can also remove them by mixing nail polish remover and water together.

4. Can I use super glue on my nails instead of nail glue?

You can use superglue instead of nail glue. But there is a risk from the chemicals in the super glue. It can also burn those areas. So, it won’t be a good idea to use super glue instead of nail glue

Final Thoughts

People are using press-on nails very much to change their nails’ look and give them an attractive look. So, it’s obvious that you can paint over pressed-press nails. We can paint a press-on nail before and after applying it to our natural nails. You just have to follow some procedures to get beautiful painted press-on nails. Painting on press-on nails has several benefits, like customizability, cost-effectiveness, ease of application, and being reusable, fast, and protective. To protect the beauty of your press-on nails, you have to use a base and top coat, high-quality nail polish, and thin coats, avoid water exposure, and maintain your activities.

So, painting over press-on nails is an easy and fast method for nail art. If you are willing to get it today without any hesitation.

Key Points

  • Getting paint over press-on nails has become a trendy fashion nowadays for those who love to art their nails to make them look attractive.
  • There are two types of painting procedures you can use. One is painted before application, and another is painted after application.
  • Paint-over press-on nails are beneficial because of their customization, cost-effectiveness, ease of application, reusable, speed, and protection.
  • To protect your press-on nails, you can apply a base and top coat, high-quality nail polish, and thin coats to avoid water exposure and maintenance activities.

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